Turning the Fake iPhone 11 Pro Into a Real One.... #Shorts 

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This was not the best use of time..
Thank you for watching!
Tools Used: amzn.to/3r9gibN
My Blue Mat: amzn.to/37vGW6V
Heat Gun: amzn.to/2WqDi84
Check us out on Instagram: phone.repairguru
Or on TikTok! : www.tiktok.com/@phonerepairguru?source=h5_m
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 99   
cool man
cool man 46 minutes ago
Its a cool project but it looms like a bomb
CriticalMass 4 hours ago
The next level of ShrekPodding it
Seth The Beat Machine
Homie flat out Dankpods'd this one. It's missing some tape but I still love it.
ItzJustLust 7 hours ago
Omg he's so pretty
Osker Jones
Osker Jones 8 hours ago
Your my favorite US-firstr
Filipe Pinheiro
Filipe Pinheiro 11 hours ago
Have you ever heard of the ship of theseus
N Siamthang Thanga
N Siamthang Thanga 11 hours ago
I don't really think that you repair it
Edwin Michael C. Quiboloy II
If you ever need a blood transfusion, this man can do that with engine oil and you will still live.
Vendor Doge
Vendor Doge 16 hours ago
Everyone owes him a new iPhone
Shabeer Hussain
Shabeer Hussain 21 hour ago
I would like to see you add a bigger battery on to the iPhone 12 Pro
Isn't that like steeling because the fake one is cheep
let's make some sense of this
Its the shrekpod of iPhone not gonna lieu though dankpods would have been the first
Phyllis Jackson
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Vxde Day ago
Walmart josh connects
Ot4ku_Fididu Day ago
ShrekPhone ! Please collab with DankPods
Alexis Horton
I didn’t expect you to look like that..
GodNightmare Kaneki
Dam u look cool asf
RealRyan Day ago
I would’ve prefers the fake, lmao
paulo sadiri
paulo sadiri Day ago
Hey bro!! can you repair an Asus?
187 ner
187 ner Day ago
U a cool guy i like ur videos
theemptyqueue null
Send it to Dank Pods as it’s the new Shrekphone
THOMAS MILLER 2 days ago
Me Just Vibing to the music in the background
ASH BOT2000 2 days ago
Face reveal or have I already done that ?
Tio Daev
Tio Daev 2 days ago
Can an iPhone still make call after bypass and is it fixable
D. Plummer
D. Plummer 2 days ago
He is one of the coolest guy around 👏🏾👏🏾💯💯
Proper English
Proper English 2 days ago
That fake iPhone better than my original 🥺😹
W Morley
W Morley 2 days ago
I wanna see an Android phone turned into an IPhone
Chintu Saroha
Chintu Saroha 3 days ago
Phone repair guru which platform is better: YT OR TikTok Phone repair guru kindly reply!👍
Matthew Larose
Matthew Larose 3 days ago
Why when i put my phone on speaker The mic stops working ??...can u please help me out ?
My thoughts: iPhone isn't even compatible with iPhone how should that even work
SixSilverStones Gaming
It’s the iPhone version of the ShrekPod from Dankpods lol
NicK516 3 days ago
Why are you wearing a mask indoors
Hammy Xp
Hammy Xp 3 days ago
How is it fake if it works just like a real phone I have the iPhone 12 mini how do I know if it’s fake
El Ever
El Ever 3 days ago
Are you from Canada?
l0k0 3 days ago
Joe Biden Official
why hindi?
Adarsh C Janeesh
Adarsh C Janeesh 3 days ago
Sir plz give me an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy 🙏🙏🙏
ios Crafter
ios Crafter 3 days ago
This result is worth it Big LOL 😆😂🤣
Voldus TH
Voldus TH 3 days ago
śumaK YT
śumaK YT 3 days ago
And now, the scammer is typing to you like: "give me the MY phone BACK!" And you will send him the phone, like he did... that will be SWAAAAAAAG!
Dani Howell-Lester
Erika Lee
Erika Lee 3 days ago
No crunch, I love the crunch
Erika Lee
Erika Lee 3 days ago
You are so cute. I love those curls!
I hate me Too
I hate me Too 4 days ago
What’s his shop
Curly hair 👨‍🦱 loveeeeee ittttttt 💗❤️
Gabriel Teixeira
Gabriel Teixeira 4 days ago
So he is basically making a counterfeit counterfeit iPhone. People buy it thinking it is a counterfeit iPhone, but it has a real iPhone inside 🤯
Samson Faleti
Samson Faleti 4 days ago
Have you ever repaired and iPhone Se
Samson Faleti
Samson Faleti 4 days ago
Didn't know he was this cute😊
Gavin Lebish
Gavin Lebish 4 days ago
Is it possible to make an iPhone XR an 11?
MaxBass Slayer
MaxBass Slayer 4 days ago
Bro why you hide your face? With facemask
Milta Gaming YT
Milta Gaming YT 4 days ago
pr0xZen 4 days ago
Dude get yourself a different soldering iron. You can get T12-compatible irons and stations for $20 these days, good STM32-based one with an oled screen for $30 including an iron, and the chinese T12 cartridge knock-offs are almost as good as the Hakko originals for $3-4 a pop. Having the heating element cast together, right _into_ the business end makes a huge difference when soldering. And you can change tips without waiting for them to cool, as long as you hsve something heat resistant to grab the tip with - because the iron itself doesn't get hot. But arguably even more important is seriously shortening the distance from grip to tip. This is much of the trick to microsoldering too. There are many good handles out there, but even the T12 9501 "clones" on Ali and ebay for $10 are great (get the 5-pin ones, they have a motion sensor enabling sleep mode if your station supports it), the distance between your finger grip and the hot tip end is less than 50 mm. This also enables you to rest the side of your palm on the table while working, navigating the iron with just your fingers, decoupling most of the small shaking that transfer out from the larger muscles in your arms and shoulders.
A lonely ghost Shadow
Kind of a mess let me know what you guys wanna see next øk dr suess
Dinis Vieira
Dinis Vieira 4 days ago
omfg u are ✨cute✨ i mean ✨💙♥️CUTE AS A FUCK♥️💙✨
gc ek
gc ek 4 days ago
put a real lcd with no chin on the fake 😁
Deepthi Madhurya
Deepthi Madhurya 4 days ago
You should use a real iPhone screen not Modify the the screen
qwerty Freolo
qwerty Freolo 4 days ago
Pre pahingi naman ng cp mo nakatambak lang oh. Ninakaw kaC cp ko nakikigamit lang ako sa gf ko.hayss
Fast Fest
Fast Fest 4 days ago
It's My First Time To See Your Face😳
I will forever appreciate the effort of hemcracks on IG for keeping all his promises...
James Mikel
James Mikel 5 days ago
The recommendations from *MOVINGCYBER* on IG can not be over emphasized. I had to check him out he is legit..
James Mikel
James Mikel 5 days ago
The recommendations from *MOVINGCYBER* on IG can not be over emphasized. I had to check him out he is legit..
Blankyplayz 5 days ago
What do I do if my call is not working it just says call failed and it doesn’t let me put on speaker and I can’t hear
Shamsu Shamsu
Shamsu Shamsu 5 days ago
How do put the seal?!!!!!! Show us a video!!!!!! Phone repair guru!
Kenneth Scott
Kenneth Scott 5 days ago
To even attempt that in itself is legendary . Top marks
Brayan lucas
Brayan lucas 5 days ago
I tried to fix my phone but the battery start to smell weird what should I do
Aman Khan
Aman Khan 5 days ago
RJ Potato
RJ Potato 5 days ago
Madrimious 5 days ago
Holy badazzle I saw his face
VAK 7L 6 days ago
i waiting long ver
xs 6 days ago
*Tim Cook is requesting access to your location*
Leggo MyEggo
Leggo MyEggo 6 days ago
ManmadTC 6 days ago
How much would it cost to have u replace the charging port on a samsung galaxy s3?
James 4 days ago
You can contact him on Whats_App +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9
T Pose Scout
T Pose Scout 6 days ago
Do you repair ps4 slims? I want to know so maybe i can send mine to you
James 4 days ago
You can contact him on Whats_App I don't know if him will do that because what him did for me is my phone iPhone xr him helped me fix it +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9
Gema Whittaker
Gema Whittaker 6 days ago
May I just say your hair is AMAZING
Isabella Susko
Isabella Susko 6 days ago
I didn't expect him to be so cute tho...
Prometheus SpK
Prometheus SpK 6 days ago
I have a s9 and water went inside thr phone when i took it to the shop he said the phone is dead i am still hoping if the phone can be fixed or not didn't take it to other shop or samsung it self
Philemon Eldho
Philemon Eldho 6 days ago
Pls fix my iphone6s display plsss I beg you
Klara 6 days ago
cyberpunk 2077 phones be like:
Kochi Todoroki
Kochi Todoroki 6 days ago
Lmao can i get one?
Arep Danial
Arep Danial 6 days ago
repair more phone make more vids come on :(
Phone Repair Guru
I will :)
DrArieft Farhan
DrArieft Farhan 7 days ago
I love you men
xCarzon 7 days ago
First time I’ve ever seen what he looks like
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 7 days ago
Its real tho
Mr. Skidosko
Mr. Skidosko 7 days ago
Shrekphone 11 pro
Naycolle Stephens
How do you do this stuff
mousie much
mousie much 7 days ago
Dang, this is my first time bearing u, and thought u had like short black hair, with a hoodie, but ur voice is still really nice and im not judging ur looks, they just looked different than i imagened, u look really cool!
Arturo Sanchez
Arturo Sanchez 7 days ago
Lighting port into USB c
faze fire
faze fire 7 days ago
Veronica Rachev
Veronica Rachev 7 days ago
Oh my god you are absolutely beautiful we need to see your face more often
Mahid Khan
Mahid Khan 7 days ago
Maybe make an I phone that you can charge with a Samsung charger 🤷🏾‍♂️
Mahid Khan
Mahid Khan 7 days ago
Sick that you actually tried
Roshan Sonu
Roshan Sonu 7 days ago
I want to change my iPhone xr to iPhone 12 how much does it cost? Plz try to reply me 😅
christian cedeno
christian cedeno 7 days ago
:dankpods has entered the group chat
Silent_shadow YT
Silent_shadow YT 7 days ago
Face reveal?!?!
Toma Tomperi31
Toma Tomperi31 7 days ago
Why was it iCloud locked????
Jarkko Palola
Jarkko Palola 7 days ago
George Sepetadelis
IPhone 13 be like.....😂😂
Caroline Ford
Caroline Ford 7 days ago
The only ASMR I listen to is his voice.
Simon Janssen
Simon Janssen 7 days ago
Where can i get an LCD temperature controller