Trying to Get a Temporary Tattoo Laser Removed 

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0:00 Legend
0:02 Determined Telemarketer - Bucket
1:16 Sprained ankle
1:32 New wheelchair
1:55 Rough tough wheelchair rider

2:08 Racing for pink slips
3:02 80th birthday celebration

4:15 Trying to Get a Temporary Tattoo Laser Removed
6:54 Fun april fools jokes
7:25 Sit down segways
8:15 School called
8:59 Applying temp tat

9:51 Sympathy friendship
10:18 Wheelchair kickball
11:13 Ride home
11:27 Unmatched skills


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Apr 5, 2021




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Vlog Creations
Vlog Creations 9 days ago
0:02 Determined Telemarketer - Bucket 1:16 Sprained ankle 1:32 New wheelchair 1:55 Rough tough wheelchair rider 2:08 Racing for pink slips 3:02 80th birthday celebration 4:15 Trying to Get a Temporary Tattoo Laser Removed 6:54 Fun april fools jokes 7:25 Sit down segways 8:15 School called 8:59 Applying temp tat 9:51 Sympathy friendship 10:18 Wheelchair kickball 11:13 Ride home 11:27 Unmatched skills
Sean Arens
Sean Arens Day ago
Thank you for doing this!!!
Th Viking
Th Viking 2 days ago
Go to a barbers and get a haircut then go sit back down in the same barbers and ask when it's your turn again ask for a different haircut
Puezous UN
Puezous UN 3 days ago
@Calum Kingery maybe if you do it at a bumper car place
Puezous UN
Puezous UN 3 days ago
@Vlog Creations I have an idea for a video putting price tags on people's cars at car dealerships when they park so they are confused if it is their car then try selling it to them for an outrageous price
deathmachinestar 5 days ago
Does anyone know in what video they are slinging the hose around like guys in gas station bathrooms do
Xeno 33 minutes ago
corona no wonder you have problems with it when i look at your beaches
Aaranya Sharma
Aaranya Sharma 2 hours ago
Didn't understand the title but still clickeddd
Tim-o Bear, The Claw Machine Guy
4:15 I love vending machines. So much, I bought one for myself to hold prizes :D
Dan Jones
Dan Jones 6 hours ago
That determined telemarketer prank is one of the most original and funny things I've ever seen!
John Lloyd
John Lloyd 7 hours ago
got a like after that first clip had me dying
Kaylie Forkas
Kaylie Forkas 10 hours ago
A HA HA HA HE SAID, Zumba tryna reach out to you bout your warranty lololol
DARK ONE 11 hours ago
2:03 ay shouts out to the homie who was ready to catch his mans if he fell 💯
Temito. 12 hours ago
I fell in love with the tattoo remover girl
Romance 13 hours ago
7:14 this is why men die earlier 🤣🤣
GORAKULA 14 hours ago
seriously love the "Dedicated Telemarketer" they're so fucking random and are so universal its hilarious. i dont think it will ever get old. the one where he swam to the boats was AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS he deserved better reaction from the people out there do it at a movie theater an interstate truckstop and make people think you've been tracking them for miles
Nando Fernando
Nando Fernando 14 hours ago
She was so sweet removing the fake tattoo
Petra Pinter
Petra Pinter 16 hours ago
People can always count on Ross and the crew to make people’s day better
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 22 hours ago
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Please get a tattoo of that exact same batman logo in the same spot, but go back to her again. LMAO
Arun ravi
Arun ravi Day ago
man just the video title makes me laugh.
John C
John C Day ago
When they made that old lady’s birthday better it really got to me 🥺
Them sitting backwards on the hoverboards 😂😂
Chad Nogskillen
I never, ever, get tired of the extended warranty joke.
Glass of Stupidity
Go to a palm reader with your hand covered in mud
0:51 though he was going to say "do have a moment to talk about our lord and savor Jesus Christ" 😭😭
La Jacob
La Jacob Day ago
The first part was gold 😭
Andrew Mosley
Can we PLEASE get a cRoss country tour vlog? Please? I’m not allowed in FL, super long story. But that would be amazing.
SuMbaJa q
SuMbaJa q Day ago
Imagine being famous with 0 clickbait
henry chandler
The car warranty thing is hilarious everytime 🤣🤣
Cole Sisler
Cole Sisler Day ago
7:45 I laughed for 5 minutes. This dude said “let’s play chicken” it’s such a small thing but it killed me
Neptune Day ago
The girl with the 80th birthday he was so wholesome right there cool asf
Paddy Whack
Paddy Whack 2 days ago
Go to a fancy hotel and call the front desk and tell them you can't find the poop knife. Ask them to send one up and see what happens.
Kienan Smart
Kienan Smart 2 days ago
You probably made that ladies day, who's birthday it was. That was the most wholesome thing ever dude! Way to have fun and prank people without being a total dickhead.
Mexican 89
Mexican 89 2 days ago
@4:03 That lady in the black one piece walking behind them🥵🤤😍🤗
Stacey Velazquez
Stacey Velazquez 2 days ago
laser tattoo removal is a bitchhhh
Tyler Owen
Tyler Owen 2 days ago
How'd that lady not get the joke
TurdFerguson Outdoors
When did they start hanging out with Ronnie from the jersey shore.....
LookAtThatDude 2 days ago
She’s such a sweetheart
SimplexJaMaCoB 2 days ago
What video are they talking about when cole is talking about his daughters principal calling?
Riccardo Mora
Riccardo Mora 2 days ago
I would at least listen to what benefits an extended warranty offers.
Andrew Chaffee
Andrew Chaffee 2 days ago
“Hey i saw you yesterday” That guy: *intense flashbacks*
Andrew Chaffee
Andrew Chaffee 2 days ago
Lisa916 Panther
Lisa916 Panther 2 days ago
Going to a tattoo shop to get a fake tattoo that you brought in is hella funny in itself 😂😂😂
1humanbeinq 2 days ago
her giggles
Hompyッ 2 days ago
"Let's play chicken" was the best part 😂😂😂
ׁ 2 days ago
Why was the beach so full? Has everyone got vaccinations in there already, or are the people in this place just really - how can I put it politely? - simple? 😅
Erti 2 days ago
yo, have the scooter in the middle of walmart, and pop a tire, then have a fake tripple A guy show up and change the wheel
megbn 2 days ago
these videos are funny but there’s no mask in sight :’)
J A K E 2 days ago
I need more “fixing things that arent broken” pranks
Landon Provancha
Landon Provancha 2 days ago
What are those hoverboards called?
Raja Samra
Raja Samra 2 days ago
bluepirate 2 days ago
This was a tuber forsure
MaxArceus 2 days ago
Florida people act like covid does not exist, either that, or these guys live in a parallel universe.
o 2 days ago
I mean they're doing fine over there. Florida never had any anti-corona measures and yet they still look better than most other states
evan ferree
evan ferree 2 days ago
You should do the same thing as the tattoo but with a fake mustache 😂 go and try and get laser hair removal on it lol
Ben Kempa
Ben Kempa 2 days ago
The bucket truck needs to be used more
West Del
West Del 2 days ago
Bringing Cole back was the best move of 2020!
Nikes Fake
Nikes Fake 2 days ago
“Let’s play chicken” had my dying
matt Lill
matt Lill 2 days ago
Cole is a fucking legend🤣🤣
Th Viking
Th Viking 2 days ago
Go to a barbers and get a haircut then go sit back down in the same barbers and ask when it's your turn again ask for a different haircut
ChaoticGod 2 days ago
you should get scared at people doing literally nothing
honey pot
honey pot 2 days ago
Idk kinda stinky
Jesus Rojas Art
Jesus Rojas Art 3 days ago
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Jean-François Cyr
@Alexis Rossles Me too
Carl Terry
Carl Terry 2 days ago
Alexis Rossles
Alexis Rossles 2 days ago
I just texted him now on what's app, hope he replies me 🥺
Yordanka Falcón sir.
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
Shalom Azubuike
Shalom Azubuike 2 days ago
Mathijs Russchen
Mathijs Russchen 3 days ago
Stand in line with Elliot and have Ross doing the wiggly pee dance. Have Elliot ask: Dad do you have to pee? R, No i dont have to! E, Are you sure Dad? R, Yeah and im not your dad Bonus point if you pee your pants right there and have Elliot go off on you like classic dad i told you so. Upvote so Ross gets to make this legendary pleas
Rickety_Ryan345 3 days ago
my favorite part was making that ladys day
AwesomeAce9000 3 days ago
You should go back to that McDonald’s and cone them again 😂
DarthClaytor 3 days ago
***Video Idea*** Go to a bar and say you got everyone a round of shots. Proceed to pull out actual shot needles and ask which COVID vaccines they want lmao
Arlo Ziolkowski
Arlo Ziolkowski 3 days ago
Go to the dentist but never take your mask off.
AKAimguppy _
AKAimguppy _ 3 days ago
Play a game of baseball on hover boards
Chris R Fares
Chris R Fares 3 days ago
ride a tandem bike alone.
hotdog ambassador
Florida is fucking insane
S0L0-_-PATEK 3 days ago
Anybody actually text her ??
Ricky Doucette
Ricky Doucette 3 days ago
You can tell that Eli is losing weight in his face. Good on him
Krzysztof Halajdziak
Idea: Get in a wheelchair and ask someone to help you get over the street, when you’re on the other side, stand up and walk away.
krystian lal
krystian lal 3 days ago
Sneak in GIANT food items in a grocery store and pay for it
Jordy Hammel
Jordy Hammel 3 days ago
Hey man! I’m sure this doesn’t matter to ya! But I know ya film during the week. I’m down in fort Myers beach. I love you mr videos. Duh! That’s what every fan would say. But I’ll be here till Thursday morning. If y’all get a wild hair up your ass come and hang out!! We will be here. Eating tacos and having a good time. Maybe some better food than tacos too!! Hit me up here or whatever. If interested. Find me on Facebook. Same name. I’ve always wanted to hang with you mother truckers though. It looks like a good time! I’m from wisconsin!!! Let’s have a drink.
Stanley Hudson
Stanley Hudson 3 days ago
You should write a check to pay for groceries
DeathGun 3 days ago
Buy a hawai pizza and ask why there is ananas on it and try to give it back
Leonidas 3 days ago
Can somebody from Florida or from the US and A in general explain to me how and why it seems to be a parallel world to where I live here in Germany. In this country here masks are obligated, we have lockdowns, a nightly curfew, you need negative tests and a appointment to go into other shops besides e.g. supermarkets etc. etc. Seeing so many people in one place without a mask seems so unreal and strange somehow, but I love it. I want this. What's going on??? Greetings from a nazi bastard
Hunter.. 3 days ago
bring all your workout equipment into an academy or some other sports store and rip a full workout
Vaughn Grubesic
Vaughn Grubesic 3 days ago
Returning something that hasnt been purchased
JayHypeYT 3 days ago
Asking famous people or anyone do they want a picture with you
ICE 3 days ago
Go to a Mc Donald’s drive thru, then order 100 chicken nuggets then pay for it after u pay and they tell you to wait while they prepare it just leave 😂 come back like 5-10 minutes after and say “oh I forgot the food” 🤣🤣
Matt Sans
Matt Sans 3 days ago
Cause a traffic jam at a golf course, because there is the hole in the way.
Keeton Schaff
Keeton Schaff 3 days ago
take a hairless cat or hairless dog to the groomers
Bob afett
Bob afett 3 days ago
Order a huge ass meal at a drive through and when they ask if you want sauce say no thanks I'm trying to watch my weight
The car extended warranty thing is the best
Monte Samuels
Monte Samuels 3 days ago
10:36 THE MF BUNT !
Kalven Wessels
Kalven Wessels 3 days ago
I doubt anybody important would see this but I have a prank idea: Get like a copy of your car key, and have a set of keys in the lock of your car door then one in your ignition so you can drive around with your keys in your door, and tell other people they have their keys in their door like you did a while ago.
Monte Samuels
Monte Samuels 3 days ago
All his videos just put the fattest smiles on my face. Go from shit mood to just happy.
B tip
B tip 3 days ago
Yo Ross 3ñ Telemarketer skits are bangers
D Rod
D Rod 3 days ago
Get a snow cone stand that says “No snow cones” and when people come tell then that there is no snow cones
Chana Krause
Chana Krause 3 days ago
Go to a (fertility) doctor and say you'd like to carry the baby this time for your wife because you read that men can get pregnant now.
Ki 3 days ago
*“should have let me put on makeup” come on now ..*
Kenneth Arnett
Kenneth Arnett 3 days ago
What did you do to twist it lol
Andrew Waybright
Andrew Waybright 3 days ago
Only people with good humor can like this 👏
You should hold a sign and right somthing that is super un readable and then get mad because they thought you were homeless
Nicole Kehew
Nicole Kehew 3 days ago
Along the lines of the extended warranty: Put on a Walmart vest and go find people in the parking lot and tell them “unexpected item in bagging area”
Jordan Teale
Jordan Teale 3 days ago
Asking the cashier to pay for the receipt I just signed
Moguri X1
Moguri X1 3 days ago
Go on a rollercoaster and pretend to pull loose screws from the seat of the person sitting next to you
SkyBlue VN
SkyBlue VN 3 days ago
You should put big tires on the scooter
Adam Byler
Adam Byler 3 days ago
Go through drive through n give them it back n say u don't want it (PLEASE)😔😔
Bathew 3 days ago
you should hire an electrician to fix your toilet or a plumber to fix your tv. i think that would be funny
joe mama
joe mama 3 days ago
Ask joggers with no dog if you can pet their dog
Marcus Leas
Marcus Leas 3 days ago
i wish i become like charles when i grow up
jacob mayo
jacob mayo 3 days ago
idea for video put a rickroll barcode and ask someone to scan it in a Walmart saying you couldn’t find the price tag
Kings Gambit - Rust Movie