TRYING THE PKM IN WARZONE SEASON 2! Ft. Nickmercs, CouRageJD & SypherPK 

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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Scripted 8
Scripted 8 2 hours ago
Wish there was a way for Jack to shut the fuck up
XIIIRog 5 hours ago
Jack was right
I never stopped using the PKM. It's an AMAZING weapon for mid and long range. It has such easy recoil to control and hits hard enough to deter snipers and burst users.
Cody Spaight
Cody Spaight 2 days ago
Jack was right
caleb fromm
caleb fromm 2 days ago
I like how Tims giving us the finger at 0:48
CivalLuke 3 days ago
jack was right
Trinity Ciampanelli
I use the pkm bc I love it bc how much ammo at holds and how far u can shoot it it’s my all time gun
Mista Fistya Sista
best verdansk ever cuz kevin 🙂
arth0470 arth0470
The ammont of love Tim shows for his kid is adorable. He’s so cute
David George
David George 4 days ago
I like the PKM way better than the Bruen (post-nerf) personally. Way more dmg.
Myster Fluffy
Myster Fluffy 4 days ago
Ngl watch Tim every few months didn’t realise how old his kid is holy I remember hearing the news Alexis was pregnant time flies man
Andrew herndon
Andrew herndon 4 days ago
How many times he gonna say its a banger? Lll
Kevin Chavez
Kevin Chavez 5 days ago
Are we just going to ignore the fact that Tim has lately been pooping the fuck of
cArDi PERKS 5 days ago
I run the pin with the lc10
DabBum710 ree
DabBum710 ree 5 days ago
john7470 john7470
Poor courage 3 kills
Oberyn Martell
Oberyn Martell 5 days ago
Jack was right🤣
Nikki 5 days ago
Trying the PKM in season two, mostly looks like he plays shotgun only... xY
Gumoweuszko 5 days ago
Hehehehehehehey i must tell you something i have the best finn setup that lets you not have recoil 1 xrk m309 stock 2 xrk longshot 3 tac laser 4operator foregrip 5and mono supressor
zekie 6 days ago
did he say i have daddy and a bad attitude
Hashim Abrar
Hashim Abrar 6 days ago
Try the rpd
Melissa Alverio
Melissa Alverio 6 days ago
Bunker for the in the rebirth island is. 3434567
Diego Andres Chacon
Mi friend uses the pkm and almost every game he is on a heater
L 7 days ago
Fat yelling dumbass
Jesse Hamilton
Jesse Hamilton 8 days ago
Tim: “Sypher, I need you!” Sypher: “I know man!” Also Sypher: *doesn’t help*
OZZY_IZ_DARTH YT 8 days ago
Holy chicharrones
CodyMBB 8 days ago
Man, I'm at the gym trying so hard not to cry laughing at Kevin yelling " VER DAAAAAAAAAANSK" lmmfao dude. So funny
da don
da don 7 days ago
u not at the gym u Fat bith
Zesty Lyfe
Zesty Lyfe 8 days ago
I dm on Snapchat Richardpp20 if you interested in sugar daddy
C.D.C 9 days ago
That Kevin VERDANSK was legendary
Muhammad Abdullah
the PKM is a monster i have been using it since day 0
Domenic Avellino
Domenic Avellino 9 days ago
Scott Porter
Scott Porter 10 days ago
I saw a tiktok... trying to expose you... for HAcks .... sheeeeet. you loooked SUSSSY ahahah
Jack Mainwood
Jack Mainwood 10 days ago
Westie’s pkm is the best one in my opinion
Sniping God
Sniping God 10 days ago
6:28 this made my heart melt
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 10 days ago
I can't tell if it's the PKM that slaps or that shotgun.
jamal rollins
jamal rollins 10 days ago
Been using this gun since the beginning...I call it my big bertha 😏 this mf melts even without a site on it... Put that 200 round drum on it = team killa 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Robert Mau
Robert Mau 10 days ago
Love Kevin’s vvvvvvrrrrrddddoooooonnnnnssssskkkkkk
Trevor Gottron
Trevor Gottron 10 days ago
“Jack was right” 😂
Liam 10 days ago
at what point do you use the PKM?
theRealR3KT Lucky
theRealR3KT Lucky 11 days ago
He's gotten so big🥺 time flies bro
DOUBLE 07 11 days ago
Why is everything a banger 😂😂😂
Hunter Spencer
Hunter Spencer 11 days ago
Tims shotgun glass is broken as fuck
Tristan Dobson
Tristan Dobson 11 days ago
Jack: I was right!!! Also Jack: 3 Kills, basically a waste of money because he kept dying and getting rezed
Alejandro 11 days ago
Ur kids cute tim love yalls vids keep up the good work ❤️
Kevin Reyes
Kevin Reyes 11 days ago
Ayo Kevin is the goat! For assisting with the intro
Jaycrazy 11 days ago
Anyone else excited for when his boy gets older so he can play COD with his boy. I would love that.
DJ Lee
DJ Lee 12 days ago
jack had 3 kills
ChooChooKG 12 days ago
Owen Tufto
Owen Tufto 12 days ago
Can you try the ram 7 pls
Clabobambam 12 days ago
Thank God aug and ffar got hella nerfed
Tanner Hamilton
Tanner Hamilton 12 days ago
I think your son should do the voice for Kevin. That'd be adorable.
Santiago Avalos
Santiago Avalos 12 days ago
I automatically liked the vid when Kevin did the verdanske
Lydia Lumley
Lydia Lumley 12 days ago
aye, grau still pretty good. I'd def say it's still kinda in the meta category. i got 16 kills with the grau and ffar today
Axel Stiffarm
Axel Stiffarm 12 days ago
Late af using pkm smh
Andy Brasher
Andy Brasher 12 days ago
Kevin does a better verdonsk than you lol
Jon Mat
Jon Mat 12 days ago
"today instead of an aug, i'm going to carry a PKM on my back while i use the gallo."
Jigster Pineapples
Jigster Pineapples 12 days ago
Hell yeah the PKM slaps, most slept LMG in warzone and multiplayer fr.
Jigster Pineapples
Jigster Pineapples 12 days ago
Hell yeah the PKM slaps, most slept LMG in warzone and multiplayer fr.
Jon Mat
Jon Mat 12 days ago
PKM is fire.
Arturo Rangel
Arturo Rangel 12 days ago
Kevin's v e r d o n s k earned a like from all of us
Fuck You
Fuck You 12 days ago
Timm you look like a C4 ahhahahahaah
Yonkus the Bonkus
Yonkus the Bonkus 12 days ago
It’s so fun to spray the pkm off a truck or heli like it’s a campaign mission.
jBownz j s n
jBownz j s n 12 days ago
Jack was right.
stephenpaddy 31
stephenpaddy 31 12 days ago
A bunch of grown men bullying 12 year olds online is now entertainment. Who'd have ever forseen this future lol
Jesbest Jesbest
Jesbest Jesbest 12 days ago
Come on a US-firstr already made this video
Reuben Dutt
Reuben Dutt 12 days ago
jack was right
Rory Caracciolo
Rory Caracciolo 12 days ago
Video about PKM *gets every kill with shot gun*
7 10
7 10 12 days ago
Timmy brother wrong build on your pkm trust me mono, the middle barrel, snatch grip, rubberized grip tape and vlk but the tpose reticle trust me way way way better still aims as fast as the tac laser but with the added recoil control the gun is unreal
Fabian Rodriguez
Fabian Rodriguez 12 days ago
Wait..... did you hear me out on the Kevin doing the opening?!
Ethan Poole
Ethan Poole 12 days ago
I've been rocking the pkm since season 4 😳
Motivation4Life 12 days ago
literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true stay safe and have a wonderful day (:
John Gasso
John Gasso 12 days ago
NiC Mercs and Swagg HACKERS if I see them they getting slapped
Nicolas Rivs
Nicolas Rivs 12 days ago
The PKM is my go to laser
gabor varadi
gabor varadi 12 days ago
u are to old man
Laurence Barnes
Laurence Barnes 12 days ago
How did Tim forget the guy in his building? LMAO
MoodyNickMusic 12 days ago
Tim smacked this game 💯
STLsniperpro 12 days ago
Jack was right ;)
STLsniperpro 12 days ago
when tim flips off the guy he knocked out of air though XD
J7R 12 days ago
Tim’s the only guy that would drop shot an afk player
PabloSanchez89 12 days ago
It’s ironic they’re bitching about TTV sweats and rose skins
George Darby
George Darby 12 days ago
“dude was cracked” ... see’s killcam, the guy was crouch walking round a corner at 1mph 😂😂😂😂
Jaden Burd
Jaden Burd 12 days ago
tim use the last barrell on the pkm. the longest one barely helps recoil and youre so much faster with the heavy
Og Skrilla
Og Skrilla 12 days ago
Tim only uses the shotgun because it takes no skill...Smh
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers 12 days ago
I'm leaving the like and comment for kevin. You blew that shit up bro!
Emiliano Hernandez
Emiliano Hernandez 12 days ago
Im_TrASh 12 days ago
Everyone give a clap for Kevin’s powerful VERRRDOOOOOOOOOOONSK 👏👏👏👏👏
Gustavo Aguileraa
Gustavo Aguileraa 12 days ago
Bru the pkm is underrated, it’s basically the bruen ngl
Postmanpat 12 days ago
love your games sey hi to all ur frends love them too
GoSPAM907 Gaming
GoSPAM907 Gaming 12 days ago
Must be nice to get free kills from stream snipers 🤦🏽‍♂️
Phillipa Georgiou
Phillipa Georgiou 12 days ago
you should try drop the tac (give away your position) and go no stock. And tbf you dont need the vlk with it it beamswith iron sights. so swap that out for sleight of hand.. or bigger ammo
Phillipa Georgiou
Phillipa Georgiou 12 days ago
from this you look competent, but on nics videos, hes always buying you back.
Royal_ JT
Royal_ JT 12 days ago
Jack was right
dubsteppppppppp 12 days ago
Was Jack afk? 👀🤣
Daddy longleg
Daddy longleg 12 days ago
Jeez I remember when Brew was first born we’re getting old boys
Kian Byrne
Kian Byrne 12 days ago
Kevin taking US-first over
Emile Tureaud
Emile Tureaud 12 days ago
Tim you were frying out there 🤙🏼
Ebite Onyx
Ebite Onyx 12 days ago
Jack was right
Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor 12 days ago
27 kills with the spas 4 kills with the pkm but the pkm slaps
Silent Kidrobot
Silent Kidrobot 12 days ago
paralyzed eggs
paralyzed eggs 13 days ago
Jack was right
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