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Apr 22, 2021




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Louise Gaming Vlog
Louise Gaming Vlog 3 hours ago
Di po ako natawa☺🙄
FuNNy AniMalS
FuNNy AniMalS 4 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/abisaqqrp6iYgHk.html 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Macky Eugenio
Macky Eugenio 4 hours ago
I love this vid
GRズ PIKACHU 4 hours ago
,य्य ब्ब्ब्ज
Chhipeko Popcorn
Chhipeko Popcorn 4 hours ago
You shouldn't play with camels, it might break your neck or skull.
Tosb Müdür
Tosb Müdür 5 hours ago
Yeison Alegría
Yeison Alegría 5 hours ago
es muy chistoso
Abraham Escamilla
Abraham Escamilla 5 hours ago
charie mae alfante
charie mae alfante 6 hours ago
joan hinostroza
joan hinostroza 6 hours ago
Fernando Tupas
Fernando Tupas 6 hours ago
Nade Misassi
Nade Misassi 6 hours ago
Pardis Bartar
Pardis Bartar 6 hours ago
Gabby Gabbs
Gabby Gabbs 7 hours ago
Not funny you are the worst parents in the world
Animation Entertaiment
Leafeng Wei
Leafeng Wei 7 hours ago
Where is the fooking SHARK ?
Dhayne carl Liwanag
wow its great
liana ferreira
liana ferreira 8 hours ago
Iᴛᴢ ғʀᴏsᴛʏ ʙᴇsᴛɪᴇ ɪs ᴊᴀʏ Dʀᴀɢᴏɴ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ
When the dinosaur was alive back then was was so scary 😧
ka mi
ka mi 8 hours ago
Super, super tare, cel mai amuzant video
Shelby Gent
Shelby Gent 9 hours ago
Is that Get that kid I swear to God
Pong Putra
Pong Putra 9 hours ago
Juana De Leon
Juana De Leon 10 hours ago
mayj24 10 hours ago
That was so funny and cute
mayj24 10 hours ago
That was so gummy and cute
Bridget Buchan
Bridget Buchan 11 hours ago
Monkeys be like little humans are just dumb lol
Bridget Buchan
Bridget Buchan 11 hours ago
Little man screams then saves the toy 😂
mehdi ltaief
mehdi ltaief 11 hours ago
مشواادب الدكتور
Savage the budgie
Savage the budgie 11 hours ago
( : ] )
Funny animals world
Funny animals world 12 hours ago
Parthenon Holding
Parthenon Holding 12 hours ago
Maria Yasmin
Maria Yasmin 12 hours ago
الثعلب loes
الثعلب loes 12 hours ago
على ار ض على فصحى لسة
OSMANLI TARİHİ 12 hours ago
Nov. Not. Nov. Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss
natashia scruggs
natashia scruggs 13 hours ago
This video was so dumb I couldn't even laugh
Liana Samaan
Liana Samaan 13 hours ago
محمد ساىز
محمد ساىز 13 hours ago
Venugopal Namireddy
Venugopal Namireddy 13 hours ago
1:08 did she get the phone back?
The MuneChild
The MuneChild 13 hours ago
if "leave me the F*** alone" was an animal
Inacia Soares
Inacia Soares 13 hours ago
That Potato
That Potato 14 hours ago
Honestly these kids be running back to the safety of their parents but there is a 99.99% change if one of these animals escaped these parents would have no clue of to fix it
Qamar Ali
Qamar Ali 7 hours ago
HARI PRASAD 8 hours ago
Ltk RFFFTTTTTNNB par yr day e
Ella games
Ella games 14 hours ago
The way the polar bear was dancing 🤣🤣🤣😂
Racha Faracha
Racha Faracha 14 hours ago
ص ط،ةئكلك رزق c hgyui ةئةئة ةتش ط طفا
Omar Alarcon
Omar Alarcon 15 hours ago
La 🍫
Viktor i Helena Raicevic
Hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂
Deysi Cardona
Deysi Cardona 16 hours ago
Es fbmvm blusas h
BrutalRiotGirl01 16 hours ago
On 2:16 I honestly think that elephant handler told the elephant to spray that man with his stick (trick) as low key shade, he annoyed him lol
Đạt Minh Hồng
Đạt Minh Hồng 8 hours ago
@Ana Montiel urango r
Ana Montiel urango
Ana Montiel urango 16 hours ago
Hola yo me llamo katia luna me gustas
Ana Montiel urango
Ana Montiel urango 16 hours ago
Hola como estas yo soy de argentina y tu de que pais eres y tan vien me llamo katia luna Hola nena y me llamo Catalina Hola Me llamo cachivache
Ana Montiel urango
Ana Montiel urango 16 hours ago
Hola como estatas
Ashish Chamlingg
Ashish Chamlingg 16 hours ago
The chicken or turkey was a wonderful part made me laugh😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
BrutalRiotGirl01 16 hours ago
Lol lil girl was almost going to hesitate with her father sticking his hand in the fake gator enclosure, to her its real, she did so well in a scary situation.
Raigan Tachibana
Raigan Tachibana 17 hours ago
The goriilas in these vids are always at the point they tired of the nonsense that happens daily to them.😂
manieswar tummala
manieswar tummala 17 hours ago
Senem Mülahim
Senem Mülahim 17 hours ago
Noemi Camacho
Noemi Camacho 17 hours ago
Ali Emre
Ali Emre 17 hours ago
So good♥️
Jessie Zhu
Jessie Zhu 17 hours ago
Man I fell bad for those kids but so funny
Account Innofresh
Account Innofresh 8 hours ago
Jakir Hossin
Jakir Hossin 17 hours ago
SIVARAJ SANGEE 17 hours ago
Good night
Tevin.s2 17 hours ago
Kids legg tá mys other mikeesfa ledds
caroline seymour
caroline seymour 17 hours ago
LoL 😂
Sanjida Akter
Sanjida Akter 17 hours ago
0:62 I play roblox
Ngọc Ni Nguyễn Thị
Dont toch the animals
Jobin Thomas
Jobin Thomas 18 hours ago
blue velociraptor almost gave her heart attack
Fun Fun Fun
Fun Fun Fun 19 hours ago
Angel Sánchez
Angel Sánchez 20 hours ago
Qgyh.fdkñlkj k hardware v,i
من انا
من انا 20 hours ago
1:03 l just want play
Nan Mo Mo Lwin
Nan Mo Mo Lwin 20 hours ago
Is so funny
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Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie 21 hour ago
Ali Rida
Ali Rida 21 hour ago
Trisha Shah_0614
Trisha Shah_0614 21 hour ago
Many of the kids were teasing animals especially the wild ones and the parents instead of stoping them were encouraging them to tease the animals !! That’s so sad 😞
Noodle Lord
Noodle Lord 16 hours ago
@Trisha Shah_0614 and that’s all
Noodle Lord
Noodle Lord 16 hours ago
@Trisha Shah_0614 some were looking at them
Trisha Shah_0614
Trisha Shah_0614 17 hours ago
@Noodle Lord Well they were provoking the animals and aggravating them..
Another One
Another One 18 hours ago
I'd love those a-holes parents in a cage, being taunted. Folks think society accepts all parents as 'responsible', which is a crock of crap. Look at kids now ... it's sickening.
Noodle Lord
Noodle Lord 18 hours ago
How were they teasing them
MORGAN SXM 21 hour ago
Les péroné c'est à Saint martin
karuppiwei 21 hour ago
Remya Sunil
Remya Sunil 21 hour ago
mi264u 21 hour ago
Ema Dili
Ema Dili 21 hour ago
Dante Parra
Dante Parra 21 hour ago
2:47 tu debefate 🏞
Aina Arsyil
Aina Arsyil 22 hours ago
Rifara 2020
Rifara 2020 22 hours ago
Esmee van been
Esmee van been 22 hours ago
Score rigolo à mourir de rire😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Edchay phone
Edchay phone 22 hours ago
I like your video
MULTIFD 23 hours ago
0:16 more like “shoo’ed” you away 💀
Наргиза Куттубаева
Наргиза Куттубаева
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yh y
yh y 23 hours ago
jesus judgement day coming soon! revelation 22.12 Behold i am coming soon! my reward is with me. i will give to everyone according to what he has done.
Raido Kaimer
Raido Kaimer 23 hours ago
Jesia Louise
Jesia Louise 23 hours ago
The bear tho.... 🤣🤣🙂
Mikail Saladin
Para binatang ini risih melihat manusia
Rashmi Raghuvanshi
Achha himat he to tiger se
Salomi cheeda
So funny 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Alma Alikenova
Какие безответсвенные родители ,😵
ايلان المحمدي
Sarunas Bulota
Vaikai verke
Poppy Koch
Poppy Koch Day ago
There are a lot of a$$holes out there who think that tormenting animals is fun.....It's NOT - you are just a$$holes!!!
sunita singh
sunita singh Day ago
4:05 animals be like :- get out of here this is my place.
Amna Ali
Amna Ali 18 hours ago
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Another One
Another One 18 hours ago
No, they be like, "Get the hell outta my way, I've gone crazy being a taunted prisoner my whole life."
Fun Fun Fun
Fun Fun Fun 19 hours ago
Leslie McCormick
Don't feel sorry for any of these people.
Rajni Mishra
Rajni Mishra Day ago
Angel VIbas
Angel VIbas Day ago
k A//l D
Angel VIbas
Angel VIbas Day ago