True Facts: Deception in the Rainforest 

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Mar 4, 2021




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zefrank1 Month ago
Please take a minute to go and check out David Weiller's channel: us-first.info/more/bKqmkO1RNRsK8uwX8rUZtQ
Mandy Leppert
I will probably never get to meet you, which is a shame, because we would fit. You know when someone asks you, "What's your type?". I've never really had an answer before because everyone is uniquely different. And how you mesh with another is not as easy as what looks good on paper. But I can safely say now that if I had a type... it would be you. But as I said before, I will probably never be fortunate enough to test my theory and see if I could ignite a spark of interest in you the way you have done for me.
Nad Senoj
Nad Senoj 8 days ago
No one, is as funny, and educational, as you sir. I appreciate your face!
Moldy Cheese
Moldy Cheese 13 days ago
NovaStar3 24 days ago
I’m so glad you came back.
Miss Moose
Miss Moose 28 days ago
Wow! An amazing channel! Thank you!
Lore Master
Lore Master Hour ago
How the hell does a plant mimic something. Like, it's not like they have eyes. Yet they got the damn color right. God damn what the hell is going on here.
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill 4 hours ago
goddamnit i love you
Draco Raptor
Draco Raptor 7 hours ago
He sounds like Tier Zoo but he doesnt make it look like runescape
scott jones
scott jones 8 hours ago
πŸ˜‚ the dog in the bee suit πŸ˜‚
pyrointeam 8 hours ago
zefrank makes learning about nature fun like no other. -Albrecht Einstein (who is dead)
Richard Bielut
Richard Bielut 8 hours ago
Bro, what is it with you and critters doing their business...sicko lol
jokes aside this might be the most incredible nature footage ive ever seen
TONEakaSHOW 11 hours ago
God was having a good ole time when he was creating the rainforest... Might need to be drug tested lol
Trowa71 13 hours ago
"All warfare is based on deception." ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Jeremy Seely
Jeremy Seely 15 hours ago
6:58 wait that's a pupper, bamboozled again!
Ba Ri
Ba Ri 15 hours ago
How do I go about finding out if ive found a new species of insect? Who do I call in Australia?
Lintyfreakinpokets 16 hours ago
Jerry pls
Chezmeralda 18 hours ago
"this mimicry was named after -insert name of scientist here- ... Who is dead"
Kim Chi
Kim Chi 19 hours ago
Jerry is the true star of this channel.
RnG_Turboflash 19 hours ago
What’s interesting is the paint on battleships and other naval vessels during world war 1 and 2 followed the same type of pattern of camouflage talked about at the beginning by using false edges and contrasting colors
Aurkus23 20 hours ago
Seeing insects make me itchy and paranoid but, these vids are too funny and addictive.
Hairyurinal 20 hours ago
There’s a camouflage predator... among us
Tyler Gearey
Tyler Gearey 21 hour ago
Can you tell me what the very last bug was at 9:40 with the "whipped cream" on its back ?, I assume that was a parasite or fungus, really interesting.
Kristen JustKristen
"It can CaMoUfLaGe!"- Soon to be eaten park ranger from Jurassic world.
Andrew Animations
Andrew Animations 21 hour ago
The world is built on plagiarism
Toa Arcan
Toa Arcan 21 hour ago
Shout-out to the Margay, a species of mostly arboreal cat that has learned to mimic the distress calls of baby monkeys, so it can lure in and eat the parents.
Aaron Unite
Aaron Unite 21 hour ago
6:59 found a dog.. I win πŸ€—
What is up my fellow Americans
Predator: **predates** Prey: **does a hide** Predator: "Lies, deception"
MindHunger 22 hours ago
Remember when the rain forest used to be called the jungle?
S 22 hours ago
My question is how does a plant know how to mimic butterfly eggs......I don't need sleep I need answers
Betsy Winterman
As a visually impaired person, I knew what I was getting into. Difficulty level: 100. No regrets.
Nicole Codi
Nicole Codi Day ago
Please do a video about Betta fish
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
I love the way you say "Who is dead" after all the biologists names, as if camoflage didnt work for them lmao! Jerry cracks me up too! I would have never noticed the dog in the yellowjacket...thought it was a wasp!
Ben Lindsay
Ben Lindsay Day ago
5:45 ... the hell?...
sebastian sorsa
sebastian sorsa 2 days ago
Damn Jerry
Shriyansh Ranjan
Shriyansh Ranjan 3 days ago
7:18 Looks like the evolution of Eevee irlπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kimberly Martinez
Could you guys please make a video about the Bunny Harvestman Spider!? Please
Sarthi Malavalia
Sarthi Malavalia 3 days ago
So the internet these days
Sarthi Malavalia
Sarthi Malavalia 3 days ago
Why is this so edgy
Luci de Andre
Luci de Andre 3 days ago
In the rainforest, some of your roommates’ dietary restrictions means their diet might be limited to you.
Jon 3 days ago
I discovered Zefrank because of my anthropology teacher who had us watch his videos for homework.
RAJU S K 5 days ago
Camera πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The Dog in bee costume xD
blauemadeleine 5 days ago
Made my day! Brilliant.
DULUX 5 days ago
Darkstate 6 days ago
behh-biz and hidey-holes are my favourite pastimes.
Angela Hepp
Angela Hepp 6 days ago
That brown frog at 2:10 is beautiful
weilim10 6 days ago
The title of the classical piece in these videos is "Air. Un Peu Vivement" composed by Georg Telemann... Just in case someone else is wondering... because stupid Shazam doesn't work on classical music too good.
Rollie Ray
Rollie Ray 7 days ago
but was henry walter baits eaten by wild life in a rainforest because he failed at mimicry? or was he the king at it and died of old age!? see these are the questions we need answers to!
Jessica Arlow
Jessica Arlow 7 days ago
Can you please include where these animals and insects are found in the world? Its the only thing that could possibly make these better. Love your videos ❀
Phage ling
Phage ling 8 days ago
I neeeed these videos censored so I can use these in my classes!!! Although it wouldn’t be as funny, so maybe not.
crewcutter2030 8 days ago
rule 34, so there is a porn version of things in the rain forest?
Ash J
Ash J 8 days ago
8:41 what am I looking at?
Filthy Gaijin
Filthy Gaijin 8 days ago
Never thought I would get a rule 34 reference in this channel. Nice
Aether gbln
Aether gbln 9 days ago
You cant spell dardanus without anus
Gin T
Gin T 9 days ago
Thumbs up for saying adaptations instead of evolution πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Vikvik .Quesadilla
Vikvik .Quesadilla 10 days ago
So when do we get the full version of Aristotle's Super Dead?
LazarusStr 10 days ago
This video is so amazing, and hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Martin Palomino
Martin Palomino 11 days ago
Even dog can mimic bees, and we will never realize it again.
xGammaGreenx 11 days ago
This is who Cell is based off of
Phil Stiles
Phil Stiles 11 days ago
So nature is a hor with a genetic swiss army knife of deception. Well said sir, well said!
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy 12 days ago
So short story evolution isn't real and things that are similar probably have a similar design and likely aren't very different at all and genetic design can appear very much similar to other things that are completely different animals meaning those designs can be contained within an animal regardless of how much someone wants to believe it wasn't there before just because they had never seen it before they discovered the animal to begin with....
run 12 days ago
Bee dog
paopsps 13 days ago
Me at the end of the video : Wait ... MILDRED ?
Fish and moths: No! You can't just somehow see where I am without seeing! Dolphins and bats: Haha echolocation go brrr
TheFurriestOne 14 days ago
Nature is very dirty, there are creatures doing the dirty all around you, all the time! (some are even inside us!)
Reb Ling
Reb Ling 15 days ago
Why do I think of certain humans I know while looking at nature's mimicry?
Kirstine Erielle Belen
This is why I'm so envious of European woodlands. My country only has rainforests with a bunch of creatures that could either kill you or you might accidentally bring home because it made it's way into your shirt.
Chaylar 15 days ago
Nature is a whore with a vacuum.
GippyHappy 15 days ago
This is exactly why I am terrified of the outdoors. You accidently touch a tree branch and realize a spider the size of your face was there all along, then you're running and trip over a snake that looks exactly like a vine and fall face first into some kind of horrendous living pile of worms. A leaf winks at you. And then a bird poops on you...but it was actually a caterpillar. Nightmare fuel.
Sara Zabuski
Sara Zabuski 15 days ago
Please do an episode on volcano snails πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™! By the way you are amazing and me and my family love what you do!
Michael Skyland
Michael Skyland 16 days ago
If all these people who name bugs are so smart... why are they all dead?
Dean Smith
Dean Smith 17 days ago
"Nature is a whore with a vacuum." Perfect.
Muhammad Afiq
Muhammad Afiq 17 days ago
Having a fear of butterflies isn’t helping me watch this video
Donald Family Farm
Donald Family Farm 17 days ago
Omg he mentioned Rule 34. "If it exists there is porn of it."
Brandy Fleury
Brandy Fleury 17 days ago
Did you just call out rule 34....lmao
Seagully 18 days ago
I’ve always wondered, if some animals mimic an animal that is poisonous, why not just be poisonous yourself? Duh
Pants 19 days ago
Mimicry is cool!
Al Aok
Al Aok 19 days ago
I'm a terrible predator. I can't even find half the camouflaged animals in the video
jellofuel 19 days ago
1:45 Your only defense against a predator like that is getting to the choppaaahhhh
Raymundo Austria
Raymundo Austria 19 days ago
I hope this man keeps doing this
B R 19 days ago
Your channel is what I needed in my life! Thank you for all your work. Subscribed😍
giorno triestino
giorno triestino 20 days ago
0:01 Italy: maybe I'm a rainforest
Margit Hammer
Margit Hammer 20 days ago
I like tuttles.
Arin G.
Arin G. 20 days ago
Humans: Nature is so peaceful πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• Nature to everything: MOVE. THE F*CK. ON-
miral r
miral r 20 days ago
airyus Wood
airyus Wood 21 day ago
Man I love it when you say bebies it's funny shti
sj97inr4 21 day ago
The Mighty Monarch!
Super MT
Super MT 21 day ago
Super MT
Super MT 21 day ago
Dante 21 day ago
4:50 That moth totally just took a poo.
AFR 21 day ago
Just in case anyone is wondering about the background music, it should be the Aria of the Overture in Em from Tafelmusik by German composer Georg Philipp Telemann.
Marisa Terry
Marisa Terry 21 day ago
wait so are the P. dardanus butterflies like lab puppies where the parents can be one color, but the kids can be any of the possible colors they come in?
mr mushroom
mr mushroom 21 day ago
Its like r34 wat?? Excuse me?? I didnt see no sonic porn jumpin around
Frankie Valdez
Frankie Valdez 22 days ago
So glad you put to boobies song in here
Skyler Chatham
Skyler Chatham 22 days ago
The best hiders in the rainforest are the friends we made along the way.
Another thing I realized; these critters a lucky they aren’t a staple of human diet (or even a small part of it). That mimicry stuff doesn’t work too well on us, and we can find ways around poisonous skin (Poison Dart Frogs were those shiny bright colored frogs you saw).
Fun fact: there are rainforests in the mainland United States. It seems wild to me, because I usually think of Southeast Asia or South America when I hear β€œrainforest”. Little did I know we have them spread out in America. From the Sun Belt to the Appalachian Mountains.
Zakk Bryant
Zakk Bryant 22 days ago
That bird hid it's beak so good
Anthonystuff1 22 days ago
Evolution disbelievers, explain this
Ralph Landi
Ralph Landi 22 days ago
That was truly the most dangerous one third of a snake that I have ever seen πŸ˜‚
Resurrection Refuge
Even though my biology teacher (who is dead) taught me this, I am grateful to watch all of this amazing video footage. Thanks for putting it all together, zefrank1 (who is alive).
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 22 days ago
I can comprehend how an animal's tongue gets longer to reach its certain food source it requires, from centuries of stretching it and stretching it. Or the same with a giraffe growing a longer neck because it needed to reach higher and higher into a tree because it consumed everything that was easily reached at the bottom... but how can its appearance change? If humans tried to clench and force ourselves to change appearances, the outcome would just be centuries of humans sharting
Ray 23 days ago
1:07 I'm pretty sure you just had me staring at tree bark
Jai 23 days ago
"Who's not dead, but going by the last two I'd be worried" 🀣
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