Trolling the ADMINS of Star Wars RP 

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Feb 21, 2021




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Soup 8 days ago
Lick an sooob if u enjoy
Gaming Texter
Gaming Texter 9 hours ago
@Harley Mosley I am him
Gaming Texter
Gaming Texter 9 hours ago
Yo im crewman matthews, if you don't believe me click my channel and click the bo4 video
[REDACTED] 2 days ago
One of my favorite videos
commander_matrix 2 days ago
Iick and sooooobed
Legolas 117
Legolas 117 2 days ago
I laughed so fucking hard
Jackplays 55 minutes ago
Wait soup lives in my state
LightShadow Hour ago
I died laughing
Chris Zissler
Chris Zissler 2 hours ago
Had to download just incase i dont have wifi within the next 30 days
Tyrant 4 hours ago
Omg no way I’ve waited many moons for this
harns is dead
harns is dead 8 hours ago
this killed me 😂😂😂
Coppapown Channel
Coppapown Channel 9 hours ago
Oh wow I found the American rendition of Stimpee
Gaming Texter
Gaming Texter 9 hours ago
Im crewman matthews
Gaming Texter
Gaming Texter 11 hours ago
Ay yo im on a famous youtuber video
Helliox 12 hours ago
Every Gmod RP server ever: admins and mods abuse their power and get salty over newcomers having a good goofing around.
Nay Naggers
Nay Naggers 13 hours ago
Love the outro
billyjoe jimbob
billyjoe jimbob 16 hours ago
Adrian Olvera
Adrian Olvera 17 hours ago
1950s police brutality colorized
Colin_Russell 17 hours ago
He should have done a space balls reference
Not_yo_boy_roy 18 hours ago
Jareif the creator
Jareif the creator 18 hours ago
Hey soup, for future reference when you get gagged you can just type "+voicerecord" into the console and it will allow you to talk again.
ECook013 Day ago
Funniest rp video I’ve seen 🤣
Sir Sklee
Sir Sklee Day ago
god tier content
John Lopez
John Lopez Day ago
9:23 dude had dying “ooouu” “ouuu”
half eaten tortilla
soup you needa get an aim bot of some kind for gmod
Sleepyhead 795
Holy shit mathews caught the smoke hahaha
Jacob Guenther
This made me reinstall gmod so i can go play on this server 😂😂
danky vapey
danky vapey Day ago
we need more zezaks
Malikai 213
Malikai 213 Day ago
Love your new outro and im no longer embarrassed to watch your videos without headphones
That Guy Named Nick
🤣 “all I asked was how to holster my fucking gun.” - “God fucking dammit Mathew.” 😭 I'm dead
what game is this and how do i play it
Jonah Weigel
Jonah Weigel Day ago
Why is it, at least in the RP servers I've joined, that the IC's are always the voice of reason? And then the Shocks/501st are, uh, not exactly the best, to put it kindly.
K9 Revenge
K9 Revenge Day ago
remi fs
remi fs Day ago
holy shit this video is amazing
Lane was pretty chill
The Donut
The Donut Day ago
What is this called?
Jakob Grey
Jakob Grey Day ago
That server sucks.
golden games
golden games Day ago
When they started screaming in prison was the funniest shit
SethGaming 5000
I love that admin saying basically “fuck it I hate this server to so please RDM” LOL
Green OOZ
Green OOZ Day ago
Do a video with beepteebops hes so funny
sim pi
sim pi Day ago
Gillzy 2 days ago
I say Bradon should make a US-first channel. That would be awesome
half eaten tortilla
very nice thumbnail, people might say “oh 30 minutes is too long” i promise you soup, 30 minutes is perfect for me thank you
Swrvz 2 days ago
It's funny to see on I used to play on
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 2 days ago
The attack of the storm troopers
Zachary Stanford
Zachary Stanford 2 days ago
Weiner Nugget
Weiner Nugget 2 days ago
I laughed so fucking hard my parents woke up and yelled at me
Gabe Yaherr
Gabe Yaherr 2 days ago
The good ole days
Saarebas Adaar
Saarebas Adaar 2 days ago
What's that game??? Gotta go f**k some sh*t uuuup!
City Maker 1234
City Maker 1234 2 days ago
Me being from south carolina seeing the intro
LethalRiceMan 2 days ago
awesome thumbnail
Adolfo Saucedo
Adolfo Saucedo 2 days ago
soup fans should storm a star wars rp server
Dr. Amygdala
Dr. Amygdala 2 days ago
this is so good
Joe Caporale
Joe Caporale 2 days ago
What’s the game called?
CT-7567 2 days ago
I’m definitely subscribing. I haven’t laughed like this in years.
Luxter 2 days ago
Andrew Dalton
Andrew Dalton 2 days ago
soup you at fort mill or. clover
Maddox Merritt
Maddox Merritt 2 days ago
Are you from South Carolina???
Corte Papel
Corte Papel 2 days ago
How convenient this video is posted as I watched another US-firstr trolling RP servers
AKS_Mageman3668 2 days ago
Is this vr chat?
DJ MCGRIDDLE 2 days ago
I’m learning so many new words
High Duck
High Duck 2 days ago
play with lane if you could
Tha Infamous
Tha Infamous 2 days ago
goated video
Takeru Busujima
Takeru Busujima 2 days ago
My fucking eardrums...
Gravy 3 days ago
I plan for the next 2 months to try gain the highest rank I can in a Star Wars rp server and then let someone fuck about on the account any takers?
Sultan 3 days ago
8:00 “They done killed my dang- *fart*
Nigger Man
Nigger Man 3 days ago
This is one of the funniest Star Wars rp vids you’ve ever made
The WolfKnight
The WolfKnight 3 days ago
My name is also Lane. It made things really weird when my parents walked in while Soup was talking
akaRustyyy 3 days ago
Server is trash me and the homies always troll here
Hentai Hokage
Hentai Hokage 3 days ago
Astronaut 1: Wait its all South Carolina Sus Astronaut 2: Always has been *Shoots him*
AdmiralFeesh 3 days ago
Quality content right here.
microwc 3 days ago
ive watched this video like 5 times its true art
Stuff stuff
Stuff stuff 3 days ago
Well that's fine i only got one second till i am out 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dark Horse
Dark Horse 3 days ago
Fuck crewman Matthews
An Alien Life
An Alien Life 3 days ago
When he said "lane gimmie a run of the ship" and I looked up so fast cus my irl name is lane lmao
gotdang 3 days ago
I saw your steam avatar and said "Osama Bon Jovi" in popcorn suttons voice in my head.
iJug 3 days ago
You gave me the load volume warning and for some reason my brain didnt process it...
kyuubi 3 days ago
This is too funny 😂😂
Haydon Parker
Haydon Parker 3 days ago
Please scream in more of your role play videos. It gets boring here in Huntsville Alabama. Hearing another southerner scream is music to my ear. I really appreciate the work you do on this channel and I hope you can afford a Rolls Royce or a Ford F650 someday
Seagle 2000
Seagle 2000 3 days ago
Fun fact: I went on the server and hung out with edgy, I asked him if he knew about the video and rp’d so hard he wouldn’t acknowledge what US-first was
Seagle 2000
Seagle 2000 3 days ago
Also if your in this server, try saying fuck the 501st it’ll work out
august baptiste
august baptiste 3 days ago
Outro song
EliBoT 3 days ago
SSGSS Gogeta
SSGSS Gogeta 3 days ago
I couldnt have laughed more
august baptiste
august baptiste 3 days ago
These RP Vids are the best
Zachary Guarino
Zachary Guarino 3 days ago
gmod admins should be burned at the stake
Fusco 3 days ago
Bruh these admins are power hungry bitches
Jude Gibbs
Jude Gibbs 3 days ago
the original skittle
Oh cool we live in the same state
TRASH BOI 3 days ago
I’m surprised people actually still play on Star Wars rp after jameski’s vid
Team Epic Gamer I Gaming Channel
what game is this i want to starta rebelion for you soup pls respond
Thomas Folan
Thomas Folan 3 days ago
Jake Sanders
Jake Sanders 3 days ago
This is about as good as the second coming of jesus
Nugz 3 days ago
"You might get hurt just a tiny bit" *dies*
Do Med
Do Med 3 days ago
The amuck mint inherently rub because potato peroperativly complete into a judicious duckling. healthy, three supply
Nicholas Connaughton
What is this game called? And where can I find it?
Drlong Penis
Drlong Penis 3 days ago
I just love the abundant error signs everywhere.
Random Music Man
Random Music Man 3 days ago
In a galaxy far away soup messed with admins again
colton dunn
colton dunn 3 days ago
more starwars plz
alex shivers
alex shivers 3 days ago
This is peak content
Cillian Harris
Cillian Harris 3 days ago
U should raid the server with ur discord
Birdie McFlap
Birdie McFlap 3 days ago
24:08 this is the first earrape I've ever found funny
greg jschulze
greg jschulze 3 days ago
some of those guys were such massive snowflakes lol i can hear their jiggling mountain dew Dorito double chin from here
fergo 3 days ago
Aww you got player dissed? What a pussy
Brass Monkey
Brass Monkey 3 days ago
Being from South Carolina, the intro was amazing
Snow Man
Snow Man 3 days ago
You taxin on ads