Travis Barker’s Ex-Wife Reacts! 

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Travis Barker’s ex-wife, Shanna Moakler liked a shady comment on social media about his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

Then, Da Brat slams Bow Wow’s latest album. She claims the streets may call it “snitchy.”

Plus, Tory Lanez dragged on social media for bald spot on his head.
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Feb 19, 2021




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Taelor Goss
Taelor Goss Hour ago
Side note: da brat and her girlfriend look like sisters. Just saying...
MWM25 Hour ago
Consuelo Ramirez
I disagree , depression , breakups etc makes good music . I think Kanye will be good again . he just needs a good women. someone who loves him for him inside and can help him be who he was again.
Tobee 2BeesCleaningService
Shanna was a piece of work. Always has been and will always be. 🤷🏼‍♀️
G Marie
G Marie 14 hours ago
I can just imagine Norman sitting listening to Bow Wow's album with a notepad and pen taking notes so he can go report all the tea to Wendy 🤣
Lulu Chacón
Lulu Chacón 15 hours ago
I love what u say about kourtney
rhonda levin
rhonda levin 16 hours ago
Of course hes not...hes not taking his meds...
rhonda levin
rhonda levin 16 hours ago
Absolutely...anytime u can ride on a kardashian coattail u ride it!...
rhonda levin
rhonda levin 16 hours ago
Please he will get bored in a ny minute....🤭🤣
Erikka Juvonen
Erikka Juvonen 19 hours ago
I just noticed the Wendy doors look like the Wonder Woman logo lol..and btw every single artists known to man has a song about someone..They say to write what you know..
Nikita Luna
Nikita Luna 21 hour ago
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Samantha Flynn
Their friends have been friends forever as well as Kourt and Travis too. He has been on KUWTK a few times.
Tammy Saj
Tammy Saj Day ago
I love Shanna I used to watch The Show.
Diana Patricia
She has a cosmetic brand and some acting
Ndapewa Iipinge
Yeah Wendy keep it straight like it is what it is and we move one. Love her show all the way from Namibia 🇳🇦
Stacy Nandalall
Wendy why u need a man to be happy
Stacy Nandalall
No to mike
jay Ngubane
jay Ngubane Day ago
Ugh honestly I want Norman's job. 😭😭😭
nothabo mgwisi
Erica Mena is married to safaree aka nicks Minaj ex
Carla McIntyre
Shana Moakler needs to be quiet. Even liking a social media comment makes her look desperate. Anything for a little press? Or maybe it's just plain old jealousy.
H R Day ago
Even guys hate snitches✌️
Steve Roby
Steve Roby Day ago
So is he wearing a wig?
Steve Roby
Steve Roby Day ago
Guys do gossip alot,I had 2 straight Male roommates who talked so much smack worse than females
YouTube breaks The 1st amendment
Travis ex is irrelevant
Lauren Farrell
How you doiiin
Kristi Mack
Kristi Mack Day ago
I thought he said Erica didn't make the cut?!
AJ Radical
AJ Radical Day ago
Erica Mena is married to Safari. She has not been with Bow Wow in years. I think that was an error Wendy that you stated on your show.
Veronica Servin
I would love mike for Wendy
Liah Washington
Bow Wow talks to much. Period.
Skenet Shine
Skenet Shine Day ago
Wierd she havent mention mansons exes trouble
Merry Anne D
Merry Anne D Day ago
Sounds like a hater to me. Kourtney is a lady’. Shana is a irrelevant, ex playboy cover girl that no one talks about anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jellow Misses
Jellow Misses 2 days ago
There's not a song about ciara
Jellow Misses
Jellow Misses 2 days ago
There's not a song about ciara
Denean Gray
Denean Gray 2 days ago
I think kourtney is the only normal one from the Kardashians
Melanie Jarrett
Melanie Jarrett 2 days ago
Or Travis is saying "my body is broken. I am tired. She is loaded"
Olive Branch
Olive Branch 5 hours ago
Travis most definitely has a higher net worth then Kourtney 🙄
M C 2 days ago
Noone cares about Kourtney and that family. How about bigger tea, like the whole AROD cheating scandal with Madison. JLO has said that they have done counseling. The street chatter is getting louder.
Tina B
Tina B 2 days ago
I would think anyone would be sad if there marriage is ending unless you never truly loved the person in the first place 🤷🏽‍♀️
Lashah Evans
Lashah Evans 2 days ago
DJ half time he doesn't know what she's talking about
Chance Collins
Chance Collins 2 days ago
What's up with all the awkward pauses ...
michelle Hawkins
michelle Hawkins 2 days ago
Bow wow to dam old for this crap. This some kids table BS lol🤣🤣
michelle Hawkins
michelle Hawkins 2 days ago
You go Wendy😘 I purchased your movie I was laughing and crying you told your truth no those haters can move on. Then I binged Death by Gossip loved it! Don't hate the player hate the game😄May God continue blessing you with success.
Eunice 2 days ago
Oh my word, I'm looking for my Mike, no ex wife, no children 🤒🤒🤒🤒 and successful
Dannielle Ward
Dannielle Ward 2 days ago
Wendy u look beautiful as always ❤️❤️❤️ and I’m with Wendy on this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
S Kai
S Kai 2 days ago
Kim now has access to Anna Wintour, Vogue, Met Gala, top-level European designers...she abandoned him not because he cheated but because he is a burden coz of his mental health. So...why would she need him?
shanny2be 10 hours ago
All because of Kanye
The Pixie Files
The Pixie Files 2 days ago
Poor Wendy. She doesn’t even realize that she’s being used because she makes people uncomfortable and that’s what they’re marketing. People are making fun of her around the world and she’s very sick, clearly...
moontjemo 2 days ago
Now, that man looks like a good date for Wendy. She would feel like a queen, as she should.
Karmen Houston
Karmen Houston 2 days ago
Wendy none of them are your type keep searching all them are a waste of time i think you even no that
Lisa Brown Smith
Lisa Brown Smith 2 days ago
👋 Wendy ! How are you doing??? Now to Mr West ! Since when as "Grown season humans are considered CRAZY for omitting truth in his personal life/journey/ experience annnd may I add us older/seasoned souls can relate , however people choose to not live in their truth.. Saying that ! Nooo hun Mr West isn't CRAZY, He is living in his truth, and that my friend is rare in this lies and fairytales life social media ect/life has allowed people to see truth as CRAZY , because that's rare.. Shame on all whom judge that to be again CRAZY.. Oh but people tend to live according to others in how they may view/value you.. Mr West., stay true to yourself and whom you truly are.. Its not crazy!! Its living in your truth annd may I add once doing so , that type of "PEACE" is priceless 👌.. I SEE YOU WINNING. WITH SELF..
Michelle J
Michelle J 2 days ago
Kiyah Talise
Kiyah Talise 2 days ago
Wendy’s team needs to start correcting her in the moment.
Kiyah Talise
Kiyah Talise 2 days ago
Wendy’s team needs to start correcting her in the moment.
Niquay Sutherland
Kanye’s music went bad when he got with Kim
Filomena Nfomo Obama Mangue
Anybody can write about anybody...but don't put names. Its not OK for girls or boys to do it. And also, you may not have heard, but Selena and Taylor DO get critisized for writing about their exes on several occasions.
Jsmum 2 days ago
Suzanne looks gorgeous!
Eb Knowsitall
Eb Knowsitall 2 days ago
Shana and Travis had one of the original reality shows. Loved their wedding when it was on back in the day. She was really likeable, too bad it didn't work out for them.
Raelyn Osborne
Raelyn Osborne 2 days ago
Noooo kourtney get back with Scott and have one more baby
Ashley S
Ashley S 2 days ago
Wendy tell the truth about Method Man you snake! 🎗️
Ashley S
Ashley S 2 days ago
Wendy you are a human trap house...
Linda Lowther
Linda Lowther 2 days ago
dont count kanye out yet. i know 2 people who cured their bipolar disorder with fecal transplants. lots of new stuff coming. he might not have to take those mind numbing meds forever. and he is a musical genius. he can be on top again. maybe leaving the kardashians will help his mental health.
Shara Brooke
Shara Brooke 2 days ago
How dare you say that Kim will be fine but Kanye's life will be more difficult? I am so sick of this judgmental world we live in. Kanye is going to he fine and why don't we pray for him and wish him well instead of bagging on him... like he hasn't been struggling with his mental health anyway?!!!
Mamma Bear
Mamma Bear 2 days ago
That's not a down grade for Travis!
Roseanne Pryor
Roseanne Pryor 2 days ago
Wendy give Mike a chance! Give all those guys a chance! You never know? I still like that guy from NY, you know the one who didn’t shave or primp? Don’t remember? But...now is your time! Try them all out! 🤣. This is your time...life is too short!
Wendy needs to do a bachelorette type show I'd watch that! These men are not for my Wendy she's on another caliber...
SMoore Insanity
SMoore Insanity 2 days ago
As long as it’s true he can tell his truth
Melissa Sokalski
Melissa Sokalski 2 days ago
WAITTTT Wendy get the news right. The comment was on Shanna's social media..not Kourts! Shanna is living her best life!! looking more beautiful than ever with her own boo!!
Zamba Rau
Zamba Rau 2 days ago
I'm in my late 40's and never married and no interest (two kids). Nothing weird about that. I know LOTS of women that never married.
shanique joe
shanique joe 2 days ago
Oh this a throw back?
Yvonne Michelle
Yvonne Michelle 2 days ago
You are so creative and have inspired me on my own channel..Love your work.
Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf 2 days ago
Sounds like the Kardashian media machine is at work. Kanye may not be sad at all.
Robyn Lane
Robyn Lane 2 days ago
I dont think Wendy is a keeper if not for her money she has emotional issues Kelvin caught her young in her 30's now she's fully cooked and wounded , these men wont stay unless there's pay off in some way , so much for bashing the Bachelorette when she's doing basically the same....Get your bureau to go harder Wendy , Torey Lanez is being shown more and more innocent of Megs lies as the story unfolds so yes.......ALLEGEDLY , Kanye is ill and it will be hard for him to overcome this loss , very difficult .
Barbiella Smith
Barbiella Smith 2 days ago
Wendy can u have a look at my channel iv been covering some hope topics....think u will love it xxxx
Mondè 2 days ago
people's source was kim
Mondè 2 days ago
wendy stop sucking up to the kardashians u know no one wants to have kim but u cant say it now that they threatened you.
Virginia Douglas
Virginia Douglas 3 days ago
Melinda A Walker
Melinda A Walker 3 days ago
I like Mike,Wendy. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He's stylish and got soul! 😍😍
Miss Meredith
Miss Meredith 3 days ago
I love watching Wendy pretend that she knows about that news she's talking about lol
Charlotte Stevens
Charlotte Stevens 22 hours ago
Haha, IKR! I still love her though 😂💗
Melanie Allen
Melanie Allen 3 days ago
Through sickness and health Kim k...
Jayme Lee
Jayme Lee 3 days ago
Wendy way off on alot of her fakes i mean facts !
Miriam Gennuso
Miriam Gennuso 3 days ago
People just watch the Kardashians to see how super rich people live . I can't imagine any other reason
Abdey bebe
Abdey bebe 3 days ago
Back when they had their reality show, Shanna was just way too lazy, no joke, on every episode they would show napping in the middle of the day while the kids ran around wild. Her Ex Travis Barker would leave & be back and she'd still be sleeping. Seriously it was pretty depressing especially for her to had been around that it wasn't cool, or right at all. The editors of the show would show Travis busy working, Then would 🤦‍♀️purposely just to show Shanna sleeping all day not doing nothing she a bum
The Voice Of Wisdom
Haute Lexy
Haute Lexy 3 days ago
My top 3 picks will be Tyrone, Julian and Mike 👍🤩🥰
Haute Lexy
Haute Lexy 3 days ago
I like Mike uh uh, red flag for never been married though but I will give it a try Wendy, good luck 😍
Filipe Pedro
Filipe Pedro 3 days ago
wendy getting dry!
Deborah Hardaway
Deborah Hardaway 3 days ago
I'm starting to think the team is giving her wrong news on purpose.Wendy have somebody check an verify the news.How hard is it to Google it.Somebody could be shading you to make you look unprepared
infringedblue 3 days ago
Wendy will do ALLLLLL this just to end up with the Chiago guy LMAO! You can already tell that's her fave!
kavika marie
kavika marie 3 days ago
Bow wow should talk bout the men he been with too 👀
viv Hernandez
viv Hernandez 3 days ago
Shannan or whatever her name is must have gotten played by travis cause shes acting bitter. Kourtney kardashian is never a downgrade. Nice try tho 😁
SanioraDuc 3 days ago
Kanye should leave her and start making music again like he used to. Idk why he married her in the first place. I don't mean to bash them but the Kardashians leave a bad taste in my mouth, they aren't nice people. I get all that Kim is doing but still. She contradict herself alot.
Goldniz 3 days ago
Why are people even talking about little bow wow... He's just trying to show he had girl so childish be a man and look to the future you have a daughter for god's sake.
Toy Toy
Toy Toy 3 days ago
One thing I can say is that every man who is a runner up for the love ❤️ of Wendy looks a hellvah lot better than her ex Kalvin doo rag hunter
Dana Benson
Dana Benson 3 days ago
Im sorry but Kourtney's personality is why she can't keep a man. Kourtney is beautiful but she is snobby and very judgemental. I don't wish her bad luck, but I don't see anyone trying to stay with her as long as Scott did. I give her and Travis a year. As for Kim and Kayne, it is unfortunate, but really for the best. Kim doesn't need to marry again, just date.
Lindsay Saunders
Lindsay Saunders 3 days ago
Shaddd lame AF lol I’m sorry! I’m not here for it.
Nique Ness
Nique Ness 3 days ago
Wendy referring to Erica as his fiancee sent me 😂. Is she serious?
Genevieve Leduc
Genevieve Leduc 3 days ago
How about trying this Bow Wow et al. INTEGRITY: 1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility. 2 : an unimpaired condition : soundness. 3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided : completeness.
Nicole Perrelli
Nicole Perrelli 3 days ago
Mike Is Not gor her at all He cute 🥰
Queenie Crenshaw
Queenie Crenshaw 3 days ago
Lil Bow wow is so lame. Nobody going to even listen anyway. Smh
Marvee Sirleaf
Marvee Sirleaf 3 days ago
C'mon wendy, u gonna bring confusions into Erica n Safari home.!!😳
yeah-I said it
yeah-I said it 3 days ago
Shanna does look great, I used to love her and Travis show on MTV I think it was called Meet The Barker's .
honeybee19892 3 days ago
Love the dress Wendy
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