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LilyUngu Art: us-first.info/player/video/etyHh6p8ZoCjhaM.html
DrewAngel JF Wattie: us-first.info/player/video/fN5sm4ieiq2rYYU.html
Bad Girl Crazy: us-first.info/player/video/mtidkpigloecmWA.html
Akira Hashimoto: us-first.info/player/video/qbKufHl2fpmhnqM.html
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Snowy Butterfly: us-first.info/player/video/m9uMe6aHnZ6VZXU.html
yumcheese: us-first.info/player/video/p9CGgnyrnoOcjps.html
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Noyaa: us-first.info/player/video/fJyCgIp3j3use4U.html
Kristel Noobie: us-first.info/player/video/d5Wdi5tfk5elqIk.html
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May 1, 2021




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Amelia & Filo
Amelia & Filo 13 days ago
I had to remove the actual pin to make myself clear STOP COMING AT ME SAYING IT’S “GANGNAM STYLE” It’s the song yes, but the TREND is called “Upa Tanasty”, so it’s not my fault alright? Thank you for understanding
Madina Dahir
Madina Dahir 6 hours ago
purpleberry plays roblox
@Louise Callan yuh 🤚😩✌💔💔💔💔
Brittney Coy
Brittney Coy 2 days ago
Louise Callan
Louise Callan 3 days ago
@purpleberry plays roblox OKAY
purpleberry plays roblox
Yah ppl✌😩💔
Michele Kirchaine
Michele Kirchaine 9 hours ago
How to kill luka: Become chloe
Bras Santos
Bras Santos 10 hours ago
Soba Todoroki
Soba Todoroki 19 hours ago
For anyone saying the thumbnail has me in it...
Sakura 23 hours ago
Amei 🥰🥰🥰💘💘💘💘
valheart 23 hours ago
Spread awareness : U might hate me and all but you don't understand how these trends ruin the gacha community, yes they may be addictive but the problem is people are becoming less original and more lazy, I could make one of these videos and it would only take me like five minutes while somebody else would be making this whole animation meme which took them 12 hours and the 5 minute video would get more views. It's so unfair.You're're breaking the gacha community please come back to our original selves. U don't understand how much this ruins the community. It's already falling and this is ruining it more. Especially Top 10 videos, you're just taking other people's videos and putting them into yours. I bet you don't even look for the top 10 memes, you just take random ones. Thank you.
Most of these trace art....
mama mama
mama mama Day ago
I like You Video that no like hair
Hanako_gacha Day ago
This is my song when i was a child but then it just turned into nightmares
《Akira Chanx!-》
By the way,what the song your intro name? please give me answer✖️〰️✖️
Lizeth Jaime
Lizeth Jaime Day ago
ahhh 😵
XxCloudyxX Day ago
Pin this please The meme is called upa Tanasty Because at the end it says upa tanasty at the end
[]Shy Muffine[]
1 word 6 letters C R I N G E I really hate these trends (My opinion)
Stella_wolfschan :3
How the hell did this get on my recommededs??!??! i just searched for roblox and this bullcrap popped up this is a damn kids game
✨ claritea ✨
Whats so bad about it? Literal cheerleader drawings lmao
Iness Bslimen
Iness Bslimen 2 days ago
Dis is just funny :>
・Chheng Sor・
・Chheng Sor・ 2 days ago
bruh my nickname was amelia- :u
Amanda Beltran
Amanda Beltran 2 days ago
Buelas dias
Amanda Beltran
Amanda Beltran 2 days ago
That means good morning in SpaNIsH
Carolyn Lucas
Carolyn Lucas 2 days ago
You guys are so stupid 🤦🏾‍♀️13578910
Luz Maceda
Luz Maceda 2 days ago
No me gusta tanto porque Hinata sale
Yami Perez
Yami Perez 2 days ago
Hai for teen
Jack Leslie
Jack Leslie 2 days ago
Ok..... why did you do this ..............
Хадижа Мадина
GrimKittÿ Študiôs
I don’t ship bakudeku for a lot of reasons 😂😂😂
ソフトキティ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
0:53 please the name of the song 💞?.
✨ claritea ✨
search it up lmao
Dedik Rudi
Dedik Rudi 3 days ago
Wow is meijik
AllenBreanna vidz
5:30 yea luka ain't a nosebleed boi type -~-
Phạm Hát
Phạm Hát 3 days ago
leraiwood 3 days ago
This is why I hate Jade🥲 i’m sorry Jade lovers
Liliana Abanto Lozano
zanrde 3 days ago
my pressure I'll die Man kkkkk my God
Fangle 3 days ago
“Upa Tanasty”
Alondra Fuentes
Alondra Fuentes 4 days ago
Stormy Fidgets
Stormy Fidgets 4 days ago
It’s oppen style but that can be it
✨ claritea ✨
Oppa Gangnam style*
Kathlyn Rose Billones
WOW👑💃🏼 Amazing
Lizzy rose Martinez
Fully and so the best time is to keep this in mind of some people kinda have fun for everyone that works well with my friends just don't like me to get some sleep over in his own life?
Beatrice Putri
Beatrice Putri 4 days ago
Oppa Gangnam style
Bos Kiki
Bos Kiki 4 days ago
Bos Kiki
Bos Kiki 4 days ago
Hannah London
Hannah London 4 days ago
do you thing i like this
Monica cadena
Monica cadena 4 days ago
En el intro algo no tiene sentido
Мірра Тручок
Kawai 😭💕
IFeelDead 4 days ago
How do i find the pose???
Jade Ebright
Jade Ebright 4 days ago
What is it Zach
Sinbad lagman
Sinbad lagman 5 days ago
Sinbad lagman
Sinbad lagman 5 days ago
Hi :> can I join da team :>
Dri N
Dri N 5 days ago
Louise Callan
Louise Callan 5 days ago
Hi I love your videos
damm vv
damm vv 5 days ago
The third one isn't that nice like they don't show much emotions
AXOTOL_ WGF 5 days ago
They rovine my childhood
Raibaru Fumetsu
Raibaru Fumetsu 6 days ago
Maggie L
Maggie L 6 days ago
Polska hi
gg foks
gg foks 6 days ago
ЭМ хаЛо '^` ЛюДи залаЙкайТе чОб эТИ подуМалИ что Я умный чел Ну Или Чо то УмНое написаЛ
Princess Joy Orosco
Lol the noise bleeding hahaha
Grape Cola
Grape Cola 6 days ago
2:08, look out, it’s a bunch of traced cheerleaders who are posing exactly the same
Jackel 6 days ago
Instead of using other people’s gacha life why don’t u make ur own that’s just rude I bet I didn’t ask for permission as well
.༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)( ・ั﹏・ั)( ≧Д≦)(´;︵;`)(´;︵;`)( ≧Д≦)( ≧Д≦)( ≧Д≦)(。•́︿•̀。)༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
Nailah Dottoro
Nailah Dottoro 6 days ago
francisca carvajal
Que cringe el 1 y el 2 xddd
Nav 6 days ago
Ginchinthang Ngaihte
I love urarakassssssssss!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Neko-chan Himi
Neko-chan Himi 7 days ago
Bia's Gacha love
Bia's Gacha love 7 days ago
I likes powerpuf girls meme
Bia's Gacha love
Bia's Gacha love 7 days ago
Aff, i hate miraculous
Ali Awan
Ali Awan 7 days ago
This is the first time that i saw a compilation that is only 10 parts like bro🙀
GACHA LILBEAN 7 days ago
It’s upa Gangnam style.
Giang Linh
Giang Linh 7 days ago
Jade Bavajee
Jade Bavajee 7 days ago
My name is Jade
Kakaroto Dragón ball
I like it keep going bc i love gacha
Nikorn Thanakaree
Lfkggk CD kcmmamgm see my Dr t
ßŗçŷ_łøŕ 7 days ago
Aoey blue thaiiiii
Shelina Willis
Shelina Willis 7 days ago
Yeah how
nombre roda
nombre roda 7 days ago
A mí me gustó más la que se tapaba los ojotos
Family Lee
Family Lee 7 days ago
I don’t know Spanish
ilikepizza 7 days ago
It's okay
Family Lee
Family Lee 7 days ago
I know the song cheerleader
Daelcia Navarro
Daelcia Navarro 7 days ago
María Isabel Valadez Peñaloza
• 𝗡 𝗘 𝗭 𝗨 𝗞 𝗢 •
You have spelled it wrong, it is "hopa gangnam style"
Anahi Lopez
Anahi Lopez 8 days ago
I heard if you say your favorite you tuber name 3 times you will get pin Amelia & Filo Amelia & Filo Amelia & Filo Abously not gonna work
Ambar-Juega !
Ambar-Juega ! 8 days ago
is Oppa gangnam style no Upa tanasty
ilikepizza 7 days ago
Read the pin comment
Julia Moszczyńska
Female Izuku 💚
ACNH Alyssaa
ACNH Alyssaa 8 days ago
STOP MAKING THESE VIDEOS!!! You are getting views and subscribers off of other people's videos. You have become monetized off of other people's videos. This isn't cool, nor flattering to the owners of the video. If you can watch 30 minutes of stolen tiktoks from random people, surely you can watch a 15 second clip by the original owner. Every video you make affects this community, and you should try to inspire people to make new videos, not put together a bunch of random videos by DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Copy and paste this in the videos that are like this. These are starting to become unacceptable and outrageous to the gacha community. Help the creators out.
Lillyrose Liaudaitis
I love ittttt
Cup Cake
Cup Cake 8 days ago
Bich the first one us powerpuff
Stupid Hoe
Stupid Hoe 8 days ago
I don’t ship ura and deku
황영숙 8 days ago
Xyrah Lein
Xyrah Lein 8 days ago
I like the first one it's the powerpuff girls
Them Haokip
Them Haokip 8 days ago
Them Haokip
Them Haokip 8 days ago
ayesha Ann garcia
no simp zone
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