Top Warzone Players Live! 10,000 Wins W/ 2HYPE 

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May 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
WyGuy800 11 days ago
3:34:18 why did it have to end
Shane Brogan
Shane Brogan 28 days ago
Thanks buddy ok I’m
Tyler Schoon
Tyler Schoon Month ago
Bro y’all should play gta
CJ 22
CJ 22 Month ago
Who else is watching this in 2021?
Po bask and Skate
Po bask and Skate 2 months ago
Br3ndo Vlogs
Br3ndo Vlogs 2 months ago
Ik y’all saw Jesse drink an empty bottle 😂😂
Adam Diesch
Adam Diesch 2 months ago
haq469leq ;pip'feb
haq469leq ;pip'feb 2 months ago
The reflective visitor naturalistically fold because colombia adversely clap beyond a disgusting passive. unequaled, rebel condition
Sportislife416 Sweat
What’s up 2hype
Sportislife416 Sweat
What’s up 2hype
Emery Crowe
Emery Crowe 2 months ago
Jesses M4A1 is making me gag 😂
Christian Cutillo
Christian Cutillo 16 days ago
9 month ago
Bot Restocks
Bot Restocks 2 months ago
51:39 got sniped by a streamer squad that plays in front of 10k
Kalel Ganteng
Kalel Ganteng 3 months ago
On3Wav 3
On3Wav 3 3 months ago
Who’s watching this after iman and jesse broke up😞😞
Cody Hanlon
Cody Hanlon 3 months ago
Bro Jesser is the goat
Cody Hanlon
Cody Hanlon 3 months ago
Jesser is the goat
Cody Hanlon
Cody Hanlon 3 months ago
Yes sirrrrrrrrr
Cody Hanlon
Cody Hanlon 3 months ago
Bro you are lit at this game
luwen hu
luwen hu 3 months ago
Whatch your full stream when you started then when you after when you went live
Treyswrld 3 months ago
Jester what is that hdr class my guy😂
luwen hu
luwen hu 3 months ago
How is his videos trending and the other members don’t really get trending videos
NovaFN 3 months ago
It’s so weird seeing people not slide cancel lol
Javien Rivera
Javien Rivera 3 months ago
yo jester is the goat ong #2HYPE is the goat
Teh reel munkee
Teh reel munkee 4 months ago
This keeps me entertained during class at my home lol
bubbaYT 4 months ago
Shout out to the ones who doubted me, they keep me laughin'
Shadow Jaguar
Shadow Jaguar 4 months ago
T t
Caidan Burchett
Caidan Burchett 4 months ago
KaRrAtTi1 KiLLa
KaRrAtTi1 KiLLa 4 months ago
Sheena Terry
Sheena Terry 4 months ago
Play more Minecraft in fortnite juicer with Zack
Manny Moocah
Manny Moocah 5 months ago
Who else woke up to this😭
Marcos Gaming
Marcos Gaming 5 months ago
KiNg Jay
KiNg Jay 5 months ago
KiNg Jay
KiNg Jay 5 months ago
Lol no😤
Brody Carges
Brody Carges 6 months ago
Only warzone no fortnite
TheLosSantos Boys
TheLosSantos Boys 6 months ago
TheLosSantos Boys
TheLosSantos Boys 6 months ago
Dat lit
TheLosSantos Boys
TheLosSantos Boys 6 months ago
Lukus Devore
Lukus Devore 6 months ago
Top war zone player your a good story teller
LegendaryFlame11 4 months ago
Lol he's a god tho
Kyson Hines
Kyson Hines 6 months ago
War zone hard no cap but it fun
Flick Boxed u
Flick Boxed u 6 months ago
If you stream snipe jesser your a bum
Jacorey Smith
Jacorey Smith 6 months ago
U slow jsr
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 6 months ago
The war zone squad
AJ Christoffer
Teachers rings and The any a the door be was The no my car a my a a lot my my body room room a Notifications’’’’ Brent there even in
Flow 2K
Flow 2K 6 months ago
why does this live stream have one million views
Can y’all all do a fortnite stream
Gaming With Jayshawn
2:01:05 is it me or did that sniper that Jesse have disappear
Dryden Goehner
Dryden Goehner 6 months ago
Does lesser play on PlayStation with keyboard and mous?????
crap 6 months ago
Félix Melo
Félix Melo 6 months ago
min 52:47 ... dang...
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 6 months ago
Jesser: I got my settings right Also jesser: changes his controls right after
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 7 months ago
Zack do be having the n-word pass doe😳
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 3 months ago
Zack is black.
J-mitch2023 2k
J-mitch2023 2k 7 months ago
He is black😂😂😂
Bryce Hartman
Bryce Hartman 7 months ago
Hey jesser huge fan
MaV MaV 7 months ago
carmella saxton
carmella saxton 7 months ago
carmella saxton
carmella saxton 7 months ago
carmella saxton
carmella saxton 7 months ago
Xilk 7 months ago
Do a team bulled in 2k20
ʙᴇɴᴢ 7 months ago
Why does it say fortnite
Mr Oleary
Mr Oleary 7 months ago
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer 7 months ago
Shoni F
Shoni F 7 months ago
Aim bot Jesse
Savage The Rap God
Savage The Rap God 7 months ago
Kyshunna Porter
Kyshunna Porter 7 months ago
whats up
Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen 7 months ago
Braylen Kammer
Braylen Kammer 7 months ago
Nuvrt 8 months ago
War zone
Georgio Adams
Georgio Adams 8 months ago
jesser you inspierd me to stream
King A
King A 8 months ago
The mmonly trmrmtmmtmtmtmmtmmtmttmtmtmmmtm
Camden Martin
Camden Martin 8 months ago
More war zone
Kaelyn B
Kaelyn B 8 months ago
ryan 8 months ago
man has fortnite in the description
Dannydid531 YT
Dannydid531 YT 8 months ago
Tell LSK to change his grip to a commando for grip and itll take his recoil down to none
Baylor Varner
Baylor Varner 8 months ago
He got killed by fresh
Grape_ Filet
Grape_ Filet 8 months ago
.6 k/d
Cool Basketball kid23
My bday is tommorow
Vincent Santoro
Vincent Santoro 8 months ago
Yo you goated all of you keep it up
Fn Klips 13
Fn Klips 13 8 months ago
Whatch your full stream when you started then when you after when you went live
Alan & Robyn Carby
Alan & Robyn Carby 8 months ago
Show us your classes
Ace 8 months ago
Lowkey taking my time watching this on/off for 2 days and I'm only at 1:08:35...I'll finish it some day 😂
PD0T 9 months ago
Jesse I fw u but u play dumb as fuck 😂😂😂
Nick Moeckel
Nick Moeckel 9 months ago
Braden Barrett
Braden Barrett 9 months ago
Sky block Minecraft needs To come back
Chorez 9 months ago
that veganteacher
that veganteacher 9 months ago
Laela Gray
Laela Gray 9 months ago
zach had me dying bro 😭
Hunter's tiger pride LSU
All that munching was pissing me off
Stanley Guest
Stanley Guest 9 months ago
10k wins really!!!!
Parker Allen
Parker Allen 9 months ago
What is lsk twitch
Mayson Roberts
Mayson Roberts 9 months ago
Bruh lmao, they win and zack turns gangster.
Dorian Hanzok
Dorian Hanzok 9 months ago
Do nba 2k park
the kidz
the kidz 9 months ago
It took me hours and I realized it was 3hours
Hobbs Dunne
Hobbs Dunne 9 months ago
Is a 0.86 k/d alright. Ik it’s not good but is it completely embarrassing.
StanleyTheGamer 9 months ago
More warzone
ItsJustJay 9 months ago
Paxton Bellboysavage31
More call of duty
Brian Vislosky
Brian Vislosky 9 months ago
Jesser take a tictok if u saying reeeeeeeeee , pls it would make me happy
808hawaiian 9 months ago
took 3 hours and he said light work tf 😂
Beamz_ Clapper
Beamz_ Clapper 9 months ago
Kris made me smile the whole stream
remy 9 months ago
I would love to see the squad do GTA
Steven Fong
Steven Fong 9 months ago
jesser play gta
Vader 24
Vader 24 9 months ago
3:02:16 is the win
Jeremiah Clark
Jeremiah Clark 6 months ago
M. Mom Om
Jeremiah Clark
Jeremiah Clark 6 months ago
Jeremiah Clark
Jeremiah Clark 6 months ago
M. O mmm o moo mmm moooo. Pomo
Jeremiah Clark
Jeremiah Clark 6 months ago
Mm monologue non
Jeremiah Clark
Jeremiah Clark 6 months ago
Mommm o mmm o mmm on bonobo k. M
Aaron Ciciarelli
Aaron Ciciarelli 9 months ago
Jesse, you popped off that first game
JayD Gaming
JayD Gaming 9 months ago
Haven’t even watched and I’m sure that Cash sold
Noah Webb
Noah Webb 9 months ago
Zack: I need a sandwich Me: Me too bro