Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3 

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Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates


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Oct 13, 2020




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VaultZone 4 minutes ago
The join tip helped me the most thanks!
Cheemed Hams
Cheemed Hams 25 minutes ago
Finally some good tips!
Harry Schinas
Harry Schinas 51 minute ago
You can still sabatage at cams if you open up the sabatage menu first and then walk up to the screens
User Name
User Name Hour ago
2:06 is wrong. In the 4th part that you made you said you can go on the sabotage map before entering that location.
Ronit Srivastava
Plzz make of pubg
2:03 not true. as imposter you can open sabotage task before going near security, then move to security panel, and then sabo something
Affan Syed
Affan Syed 2 hours ago
I did align engine trick but my all crewmates suspected me as i didnt went to lower engine.
Gavin Charron
Gavin Charron 2 hours ago
Great tips 👍🤟
ŤeçTønïc 3 hours ago
HK CREATES UNIQUE! 3 hours ago
Hey subotage can be done even you are near cctv or above vent. Just press subotage before and then walk on that location
ERIK RODRIGUEZ 3 hours ago
If you have a medbay scan don’t do the task this way if you called sis you will have your medbay scan to prove your innocence . Just in case if the person watching u do scan gets killed
Kyrll Lawrence Olmo
3:40 it's impossible the crewmate was in cams to see you coming in the upper engine, I know you can see the cctv was not blinking but it was suspicios
Sanyam Thakur
Sanyam Thakur 3 hours ago
2:15 Actually, it is possible if you had the sabotage map open up before hand
Joanne Windsor
Joanne Windsor 3 hours ago
If you press sabotage and walk close to the cans well in the sabotage menu other people will think you’re on cams
clash clan
clash clan 3 hours ago
Make some videos on codm that will be really helpful
Rumaehsa Bawany
Rumaehsa Bawany 3 hours ago
These tips and tricks helped alot
OMNI IMPOSTOR 3 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/ncyOjGligH-KgJs.html i a new among us animator
Py Dubs
Py Dubs 3 hours ago
2:12 here you used 0 IQ Becuz when ever i goes to security Before entering the security i open my sabotage menu 😂 then i stand near the TV lol Helpful tip for those who don't know
Balram Yadav
Balram Yadav 3 hours ago
Thanks bro Ur pro
IcebergMystery 4 hours ago
You sound like the fitness gram pacer test guy lel
Grace kassana
Grace kassana 4 hours ago
Thanks this tips helped me alot
Jack Ieong
Jack Ieong 4 hours ago
The thumbnail: polus The video: skeld
Fun Boy Anant
Fun Boy Anant 5 hours ago
Your tricks are amazing
Panathas on Linear
Panathas on Linear 5 hours ago
Innersolth: We must do the game a bit hard Clash Universe: This game is so easy
Jack Ieong
Jack Ieong 5 hours ago
3:18 i dont think it works on smart players
Pratik Kamble
Pratik Kamble 5 hours ago
Carl Daniel MarzaN
Carl Daniel MarzaN 5 hours ago
unless they memorize the vent locations
Galaxy gamer
Galaxy gamer 5 hours ago
I agree with if somebody is at secretary cams they can not be imposter but in a different video you explain how they could be imposter
エレン イエーガー Eren Jaeger
i became member but sorry i quitted..........
Fauzia Rizwan
Fauzia Rizwan 6 hours ago
1:55 Wrong if you open the sabotage thing first and then walk up to the spot on security or vent where it gets replaced the map will still be open i do it all the time and ppl think im crewmate cuz i couldnt have the sabotage button.
Gracee Lombardi
Gracee Lombardi 6 hours ago
Actually if you hit the sabatoge button then walk up it works
Addy Z
Addy Z 6 hours ago
This is going to be good using these moves on my friends lol
ROHIMIGAMING 6 hours ago
idea:make a tips and tricks to remember clash universe's tricks and tips.😁😁😅
FlyingMuffin690 6 hours ago
Tom was on cams he would've seen that he didnt go to reactor thro8ght the only corridor so he must've vented
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 6 hours ago
A fact: You are always sus.... But the legends are those who write too confidentally and make a random person act kinda sus 🤣
Khair1zq 7 hours ago
Bro your trick are op especially the lining the thing
Hamnanimator 10
Hamnanimator 10 7 hours ago
5:05 "I'm back bois" Them: *O_O*
Varoon Kher
Varoon Kher 7 hours ago
I know a trick Trick: while doing medbay scan if the crewmate moves in between the scanner will not go and stay on the body other players can see the green scanner too.......pls include this trick in part 4
XDR Gamer
XDR Gamer 7 hours ago
Any tips to get impostor? im sick of every time i join: *shhh*...*crewmate*
Kruzer Gaming
Kruzer Gaming 7 hours ago
Myth: in arena mode, if u have just respawned and then u fire with your gun, then u will lose your invincibility Works in any arena mode :)
WolfyStar 7 hours ago
PART 4!!
Dmanuel XD
Dmanuel XD 8 hours ago
No all of them will work tho, like the sabotaging tips. sometimes even u do the tips, some of people didn't care and keep walking straight not caring the sabotage
gg gamieg
gg gamieg 8 hours ago
plz add me as friend on pubg mobil
ANU DEB 8 hours ago
Second one i know it from myself
ANU DEB 8 hours ago
I do that everytime
smol brein
smol brein 9 hours ago
when u said the vent button replaces the sabotage button u r wrong . reason : only the impostoer has the vent button
lazze 9 hours ago
Your thumbnail make me to watch your video
Daniel Maruaniy
Daniel Maruaniy 9 hours ago
Your the best. Thanks 👍 ever send
Rafsan Habib
Rafsan Habib 9 hours ago
Kushtrim Retkoceri
Kushtrim Retkoceri 9 hours ago
U blow my mind
DAVID X 10 hours ago
good video i play among us too and u help me with tips thank u
SVR 10 hours ago
2:03 I believe this is partially wrong as you can press sabotage so that the sabotage map is open then stand next to the cams. The tip he gave does work if you can see that the camera is flashing red meaning that the person is using the cams. Also if there are 2+ impostors then the other impostor couldn't of done it so just keep that in mind.
Nani Oi
Nani Oi 10 hours ago
阮妍梁 11 hours ago
It does work. Thank you
I am A potato
I am A potato 11 hours ago
YO CLASH THERES A TIK TOKER STEALING UR VIDS AND PUTTING THEM ON TIK TOK AND REUPLOADING THEM TO US-first THEIR TIK TOK @ is tricksamongus and their youtube is us-first.info/more/Z82BtnY-lMfBETte5eNlog
ultra gamer
ultra gamer 12 hours ago
2:22 how is he is a cremate when he can vent
Skeleton YT 234
Skeleton YT 234 12 hours ago
2:01 300IQ
Xtend Mustabir
Xtend Mustabir 12 hours ago
3:08 I already got that trick
Iqbal MFA
Iqbal MFA 12 hours ago
Part 4 pls :)
TangyFruit 13 hours ago
Hey clash you can do call of duty mobile pro tricks and glitches
Dante Mercs
Dante Mercs 13 hours ago
The most place I die in is elec
Claire David
Claire David 13 hours ago
Fyhhcjj Fyhhjncxf
Fyhhcjj Fyhhjncxf 13 hours ago
Aditi's dance studio
3:11 I never drag I always click
annie kongsusee
annie kongsusee 13 hours ago
I play among us
Weirdo_ urmit
Weirdo_ urmit 13 hours ago
when you are in match and forget all tips and tricks le you : nooooooooooooo screaminggggggggggggg and kill randmoly anyone and get voteout
Prince Jaydhen Hilot
how can i get candy hat
Vpoints4Gaming 14 hours ago
Make content on brawl stars! I would love to watch it. Tips and tricks
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 14 hours ago
Ecoytho YT
Ecoytho YT 14 hours ago
So for the sabotage crewmate thing it’s not certain but very likely for them to be your cremate because if u press the sabotage button before u go onto a vent or in cams u could still sabotage. For cams if it is flashing red and they on cams yes, it is impossible because they are actually looking on cams
mochi - chan
mochi - chan 14 hours ago
3:12 I already do that 😌
Leland Voyles
Leland Voyles 15 hours ago
0:29 You can actually do this at any point, just swipe it, stop it for a sec, then continue swiping. Trust me, it actually works. I’ve tried it many times and it works.
Dagenelle Mitchell
Dagenelle Mitchell 15 hours ago
ha ha us-first.info/player/video/qLtoooGXdI6seXE.html
Jerry LeBouef
Jerry LeBouef 15 hours ago
Youre wrong about the cams one if you click the sabotage button and than walk up to cams your sabotage screen stays up and you can just act like your on cams
Nirajan Panthi
Nirajan Panthi 16 hours ago
Sir please explain the admin table
marianne tirador
marianne tirador 16 hours ago
Lock on this video
Gawade 16 hours ago
please part4
Beatrice Maxine
Beatrice Maxine 16 hours ago
this is awsome this really works thankyou so much for making this keep it up!!!
Shaurya Pandey
Shaurya Pandey 16 hours ago
shellwyn urriza
shellwyn urriza 16 hours ago
I really like the disconnecting one I think that one will help a lot
Harshit tiwari
Harshit tiwari 16 hours ago
Layne Blah
Layne Blah 17 hours ago
For the security and sabotage thing you can hit sabotage and keep it on the screen and then walk up to the cams it’s really that easy and not impossible
Kristoffer Lanze
Kristoffer Lanze 17 hours ago
Also want to add that opening the emergency button will also freeze the kill cooldown.
xBøbaTeaPłayzx UvU
There’s another way to swipe a card Swipe the card fast 3 times, some of you know this trick
Aergus Alan Garpa
Aergus Alan Garpa 18 hours ago
Its real all real im doing the addmin card its work
Peter Tse
Peter Tse 18 hours ago
thank you so much this help so much!
Chelsey 19 hours ago
The trick that you said where you can't sabotage when on security or the task in electrical does not work if imposter clicked sabotage before they walked up to it
Not NinjaGuardDog
Not NinjaGuardDog 19 hours ago
1:52 - 2:32 false bc the imposter can click savotage before going over that pecific area
Team Ritz
Team Ritz 19 hours ago
“The fitness gram pacer test”
Ariella Eliptico
Ariella Eliptico 20 hours ago
Omg because of your tips always win thanks
YAM playz
YAM playz 20 hours ago
Can you do pubg again pls
Kyoya 21 hour ago
4:03 again disagree woth that not only it ppl blame you already cuz you act sus than but also ppl will blame the player that wasn't with you so yh but most you get blame yourself woth no defence and you looking sus already same in storage
Kyoya 21 hour ago
2:56 i do disagree with this because it does work ppl go to right side but also they go around from bottom to left and around all the way to right side so ain't work or even if you do it in sec or reac ppl go there and see you or see body dead rather than go and do o2 or comms so
saurav gupta
saurav gupta 21 hour ago
Cookie and cream Aj
Hey clash your cideos are awesome
Xiaoxian Lin
Xiaoxian Lin 21 hour ago
no e
no e 22 hours ago
2:21 but crewmates can't vent
Retro 12 hours ago
@no e yeah, but its still useful on 1.
no e
no e 20 hours ago
Well that's if its a one imposter game, if it were 2 or 3 they could still be an impostor.
Retro 20 hours ago
And thats it. If that person would be an impostor then he would not be able to sabotage there, so if sabotage happens when someone is standing there he isnt an impostor.
Peachyon 22 hours ago
The fitness gram pacer text is a multi stage aerobic capacity test that progressive gets harder as it continues
•Danger Zone•
•Danger Zone• 23 hours ago
Me:impostster Me:hehhhhehe One sec:game ends Me:WWWWUUUUUUUT!!!😠🙄
El Ornitorrinco Volador
1:55 yes it can be because if they open the sabotage panel before they enter and sprint towards the cameras and pretend they are watching they still can sabotage
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I did the swiping card
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