Top 10 Rom-Com Characters Who Deserved Better 

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These rom-com characters deserved so much better. Our countdown includes "Legally Blone," "Sex and the City," "My Best Friend's Wedding," and more! Which rom-com character do YOU think deserved better? Let us know in the comments!

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Jan 25, 2021




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Alyona Kolosova
Alyona Kolosova 14 days ago
I don't get this list. Half of the characters got a good ending! Louise from SATC got a fiancé and that dreadful bag (btw, why the lines are cringeworthy?), Paulette got a good guy and a baby... And Summer doesn't belong here. You should have put more characters like Karen on it. Someone who got their heart broken and really deserved better. There are so many of them!!
Audrey Lai
Audrey Lai 18 days ago
Astrid!!!! T^T
veteranJMacfan 19 days ago
I actually (haha) thought the Joni Mitchell boxset was a great Christmas present. It showed that he paid attention during a previous conversation and reasoned it would be something she would have liked. Had it been any other Christmas where he wasn't cheating with her, it would have been the perfect thoughtful gift.
trupti999 19 days ago
Omg the love actually one 😭😭😭 I wept when she broke down
Realms Media
Realms Media 20 days ago
Summer wasn't a MPDG tho.
Jared Quinney
Jared Quinney 21 day ago
O.M 22 days ago
Chrissy 22 days ago
I read Something Borrowed thinking it was going to be at least interesting. The book was so bad. The main characters were unlikable and just wasn't a good read. Ethan was my favorite character and I always felt he deserved better.
Meg Haas
Meg Haas 5 days ago
Did you read the sequel? Something Blue? I liked that one better.
Tiara Averhart
Tiara Averhart 22 days ago
Unpopular opinion Laura Jean doesn't deserve any better than what she is asking for. I was rooting for her we were all rooting for her and she let us down. So no, you lie with dogs and get up with fleas and don't go running back in part 3 neither
andrewthezeppo 23 days ago
Astrid is my favorite character, such a beautiful woman and a complex character
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli 24 days ago
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 25 days ago
Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim vs The World deserves better
Jessica Victoria Carrillo
Riley and Jane deserved better
RespectMyThickness 26 days ago
How does Summer deserve better she ended up marrying someone she was in love with
Shrutika Anand
Shrutika Anand 26 days ago
Eh. Something Borrowed is 🤮
Adriana Wolf
Adriana Wolf 26 days ago
I see love actually, I'm in!
אילת קאהאן
Andrew from Sweet Home Alabama didn't even get an honourable mention?!
Willed Power
Willed Power 27 days ago
Maisie Glowacki
Maisie Glowacki 27 days ago
Omg I’m so in love with John Krasinski!! So glad Ethan was on this list he deserved way better 💜💜
Sarah Tann
Sarah Tann 29 days ago
john and lara jean shouldve ended up togther, the book makes them so much cuter and peter is an ass
Julie Skrobot
Julie Skrobot 29 days ago
I can't watch Sweet Home Alabama anymore once I realized how unfairly Patrick Dempsey's character was treated. He was nothing but loving and supportive and she just leaves him for her problematic childhood "love"???? What the heck???
glamournerd 29 days ago
You forgot Patrick Dempsey’s character in Sweet Home Alabama. All I remember about that movie is how he was a nice classy guy and totally got the shaft without deserving it while Melanie is a horrible person.
Gary Malpeli
Gary Malpeli 29 days ago
Very surprised Patrick Dempsey’s character from Sweet Home Alabama did not make it on to this list. Not even an honorable mention. He was one of the first characters I thought of when I saw this list.
Katjesss 29 days ago
I would've taken Ethan! I mean it's John Krasinski😍😍😍
Amy Adams
Amy Adams 29 days ago
Trevor Matthews from After we Collided. Dude was perfect and home girl went back to the emotional broken abusive boyfriend
A J 28 days ago
Never saw the movie but I loved Alex Meyers's review!
Cara DiFiore
Cara DiFiore 29 days ago
Def Astrid from crazy rich Asians because she didn’t deserve to be with that asshole and she’s too good for him
iinookie 29 days ago
I feel bad for Astrid, like she did all of that just to get her husband to cheat on her, she even hid all her new jewellery so he can feel more worthy, jerks like him doesn't need a women like her
Haedyen Lee
Haedyen Lee 29 days ago
Klaus Hargreeves, Ben Hargreeves,
Rebecca Murphy
Rebecca Murphy Month ago
Ducky from Pretty in Pink will always be the original who deserved better (to me anyway)
Melissa Clark
Melissa Clark Month ago
Sweet Home Alabama Andrew Hennings
WillowProxy Month ago
Um no, Summer is fully the bad guy in 500 Days of Summer. How you ask? Yes it was bad for Tom to become friends with benefits knowing Summer didn't want a relationship and it was equally as bad for Summer to enter into that knowing Tom had feelings for her. Bad on both their parts, but not long after their "breakup" they are both at a party and Tom sees Summer wearing a WEDDING RING! Which means she was cheating on someone else while she was fooling around with Tom. SUMMER IS THE BAD GUY!
Stephen Sykes
Stephen Sykes Month ago
In Legally Blonde the Musical, the final song shows Paulette singing about what all happened to her. - “And me, I think I'll find my way And hey! I married Kyle! And now we have two kids And one more on the way And we live out in Worcester I bought a new salon We also feature dog grooming Here! Take a couple cards!”
Stephen Sykes
Stephen Sykes Month ago
We love a queen getting what she deserves
Marc Picardi
Marc Picardi Month ago
I love Something Borrowed, but part of me wishes Rachel and Ethan had ended up together.
xeromorris Month ago
Ducky from pretty in pink should of been on this list
xeromorris 28 days ago
@Taylor Styles except thats whats its actually labeled as, “romantic comedy”. So it is a rom-com.
Taylor Styles
Taylor Styles 29 days ago
But pretty in pink isn’t really a rom-com
Kitty van Dijk
Kitty van Dijk Month ago
I want a Crazy Rich Asians sequel solely so I can see Astrid get her happy ending. Whether it's with another partner, or just her being fabulously single, she deserved so much more.
Kitty van Dijk
Kitty van Dijk 29 days ago
@jeden75 YES! I am very glad to hear that :)
jeden75 29 days ago
I believe they were in pre-production before the pandemic, but they are planning to make movies out of both of the sequel novels so there is happily more Astrid to come!
Janine Leffler
Janine Leffler Month ago
I feel bad for Karen!😘
Ryan Appleton
Ryan Appleton Month ago
Between Legally Blonde and Cinderella Story, Jennifer Coolidge has the best lines. "I'M TAKING THE DOG, DUMBASS!"
emrence janes
emrence janes Month ago
My best friend’s wedding also deserved better as well.
emrence janes
emrence janes Month ago
Something Borrowed deserved to be rewritten, it wasn’t the acting at all. It was the writing. No just no. The characters deserved better.
Anna Miles
Anna Miles Month ago
I'm surprised Marco isn't on the list, Elle did my baby so dirty🥺.
Rio Toews
Rio Toews Month ago
To be fair to Peter.....Lara Jean has always been in love with Peter according to the books. He was more in the books than just what people do him justice in the movies
Jess. Isabel
Jess. Isabel Month ago
I don`t watch Romantic Comedies because they are unrealistic but where`s the respect and the female empowerment ?
Luana Thibes
Luana Thibes Month ago
Summer shoudn't be on this list. She got nice things, a nice life, probably a nice husband. The hate/misunderstanding she gets is from the viewers. In the movie universe, everything seemed fine with her. We just don't get to see it that much because the movie is from Tom's point of view.
WillowProxy 26 days ago
I agree she shouldn't be on this list, but for different reasons. Summer is actually the bad guy. There is a scene set shortly after their "breakup" where Summer is wear a wedding ring at a party they're both at. That means she was cheating on someone else with Tom, but Tom didn't know. So yes she deserves all the hate she gets.
Sumalya Chakraborty
one of my favorite moment from Love,Actually.
Natalia Alfonso
Natalia Alfonso Month ago
That LV bag Carrie give Louise from St. Louis looked like it had a disease. Hahaha. I remember I had taken a bunch of people to see the movie for my birthday that year and aside from the movie in general being pretty crappy compared to my beloved show, I laughed out loud at that bag. It looks like it has pimples or boils all over it.
Lily Meadows
Lily Meadows Month ago
Honestly, the father in 10 things I hate about you
Ocfan207 Month ago
Wrong Tom in 500 days of Summer was the one who deserved better.
Theresa Rodriguez
I don’t agree with the To all the Boys part when they talk about Peter spending time with his ex and him not telling Lara. It wasn’t his secret to tell even to Lara so I don’t blame Peter at all for that.
Sairi Month ago
Well Paulette Bonafonte did find an awesome guy. I mean, breaking his nose sealed the deal.
J T Month ago
artisticgirl1059 7 days ago
Yes it is.
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Month ago
Cldnt agree more with #1.
Vikki DC
Vikki DC Month ago
Uuuuuuh...(the honorable mentions) OK
Freddy Molina
Freddy Molina Month ago
Good video
Jessica Cheramie
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Archie Simpson
Archie Simpson 20 days ago
Ooh another unwarranted non sequitor proselytization. BEEP BEEP ZOOM!!
Justin Eves
Justin Eves Month ago
very very great fun list I like it a lot great job mis mojo one of my very favorite list ever
Anna G
Anna G Month ago
The one Karen we can sympathise with
Ocfan207 Month ago
That joke is old.
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
Kimberly’s family was amazing to Julianne. They treated her like an old friend.
Marge Garland
Marge Garland Month ago
If you do one for musical characters, one that would definitely belong on the list, is Joanne. Her loyalty is rewarded by constant cheating.
Mr Nightmare
Mr Nightmare Month ago
Marco from kissing both 2
Sully23 Month ago
Mark Reynolds from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, my heart ached for him but I will say it was one of the most realistic and most satisfying breakups in any romantic movie I’ve seen thus far!
CrazyPowerGuy Month ago
I loved astrid
joshua melgar
joshua melgar Month ago
any partner that did nothing wrong and had their S.O ripped away from them
Say Month ago
Cyclops, Lon, Prince Edward, pretty much all characters played by James Marsden
Cora George
Cora George Month ago
Plz do a Video on the worst movie adaptations “Cough cough” Percy Jackson “cough”
Cora George
Cora George Month ago
About 80% of movies based on books are disappointing
misstaylahmaree xx
Vampire Academy would definitely be on the list too! The books are amazing with incredible character development and relationships and the movie is just urgh so disappointing
Andrea West
Andrea West Month ago
C O Month ago
Karen (Emma Thompson in Love Actually) lost all my sympathy when she chose to stay in a broken marriage without any indication that she was insisting on therapy, etc.
Becca Leonard
Becca Leonard Month ago
Thank you for speaking up for Walter!
BULLSEYE- Month ago
I still feel for john ambrose
Grace Howell
Grace Howell Month ago
"I can't make you something you're not" - ooh, BURN.
dietdrpepper15 Month ago
Kimmy ALSO had to drop out of college to follow her dumb new husband around his job?
Lauren Kaminski Islander
I would have The Notebook on there!
Kristal Month ago
Paulette did get better. At the end of the movie you see she married that hot UPS driver she had a crush on and is pregnant. Summer got better too. She marries a guy she really loves and she no longer has to see Tom. It all worked out for her.
andrewthezeppo 23 days ago
Paulette never felt like a tragic character to me, she was a queen and ray of sunshine! She was a good person and got a happy ending!
WillowProxy 26 days ago
Summer was also a cheating bitch. There is a scene set not long after their "breakup" where she's wearing a wedding ring. Meaning Summer was cheating on someone else while she was doing her thing with Tom. Summer is the bad guy, not Tom.
Willed Power
Willed Power 27 days ago
She moved to Ireland in the musical.
Alana Pagliarulo
I’m sorry, but Lara Jean and John Ambrose are soulmates
Helen West
Helen West Month ago
Riley definitely deserved better. So did Abby. They should date.
Disney65Fan Month ago
Me Emilia Clarke as in every rom com so far her lovers die.
Lucas Gray
Lucas Gray Month ago
Thank you for adding Riley.
Pinefr0st Month ago
Paulette Bonefonte FTW. Jennifer Coolidge is amazing and deserves more screen presence.
Pinefr0st Month ago
@Mona's sick of your BS lol
Mona's sick of your BS
Monicah dah-ling - it's Ah-mandah cah-lling 😅
your muse
your muse Month ago
Summer from 500 days of summer is and was never a manic pixie dream girl!! its so annoying when people keep referring to her as one, when the writers+directors have clearly stated that she isn't one, and is in fact a total opposite of it!
Cliff Bushin
Cliff Bushin 29 days ago
She is only one from Tom's point of view only because Tom projects that on her without her consent. The audience sympathized too much for Tom and Joseph Gordon Levitt had to point out Tom's faults.
Deyha~ Month ago
THANK YOU!!! I was scrolling and looking for this comment.
Jakub Zalewski
Jakub Zalewski Month ago
Ohhhh, love actually always makes me cry like crazy
The Rogue Educator
Suggestion: TV characters who deserved more closure before the series ended :)
TheRapper10000 Month ago
Twitter fans are not real fans. Also Abby just wanted to keep her private life private.
Fred Month ago
While it's more of an action blockbuster, Melissa, Bill's fiance in "Twister," was one classy lady.
Cupcake Queen
Cupcake Queen Month ago
In the Something Borrowed book series, Ethan and Rachel are just friends and Darcy falls in love with him in the sequel, even naming her sons after him.
misstaylahmaree xx
I need to get these books. Have been looking for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger. One of my all time faves 🥰
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad Month ago
Between You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle, Meg Ryan is the queen of playing a woman cheating on her significant other and having audiences still root for her. lol
I mean I watched Addicted to Love quiet often and it's still entertaining even though all 4 main characters are horrible in different ways. And you kind of root for her destorying her ex' life together with Matthew Broderick's characters.
Serene Selkie
Serene Selkie 22 days ago
And in real life too... ;) *cough* Russell Crowe *cough*
Rose Justice
Rose Justice Month ago
When Emma Thompson gives her “would you stay...” line and her voice cracks, I lose it. Every. Single. Time.
fanofpink Month ago
Paulette did get a better guy. She married the UPS guy and had a daughter named Elle.
Queen Shocka
Queen Shocka 29 days ago
Exactly what I was about to say. My #1 fave off this list.
misstaylahmaree xx
“I’m taking the dog... Dumb ass!” She was amazing 🥰
Flutterbutt225 Month ago
thank you!! she absolutely did not belong on this list, she got everything she wanted!
fanofpink Month ago
@NJ Moonfrost 614 that too!!!!
NJ Moonfrost 614
And she got her dog back!
Philis Phil
Philis Phil Month ago
Was legally blonde a reference in Ariana Grande thank you next
Swara Kotamraju
Swara Kotamraju Month ago
I dont think so but many mean girls references were there.
Hussain Ahmadi
Hussain Ahmadi Month ago
Jennifer Coolidge is a terrific actress. She deserved more screen presence in everything she acted in like Legally Blonde, American Pie, Austenland, and even Friends
Lauren Kaminski Islander
I love her!
Layla Month ago
These were so sad
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Month ago
Please make a list of Broppy moments, please make a list of Broppy moments, please make a list of Broppy moments, please make a list of Broppy moments, please make a list of Broppy moments, please make a list of Broppy moments, please make a list of Broppy moments, please make a list of Broppy moments...
Millou Pillou
Millou Pillou Month ago
Seriously love actually is one of my favourite films i literally never get bored of watching it. She deserved so much more ❤️❤️
Annalisa Beery
Annalisa Beery Month ago
But in legally blonde Pollet ended up getting married and having a baby with the UPS guy. Often the bad experiences in life can teach you something about life or your self that'll help you be better to get the good. If she didn't confront the dick she might not have had the conference to go after the guy she wanted.
Peter Schadenberg
The everyman who wants the great-looking lady.
Daniel Jbaily
Daniel Jbaily Month ago
Daniel Jbaily
Daniel Jbaily Month ago
@candi0826 I'm not against romantic comedy movies, I'm against Netflix being bad at making these movies, romantic comedy movies and sitcoms are amazing but they were ruined by Netflix, and the kissing booth is one of them
candi0826 Month ago
@Daniel Jbaily romantic comedies were made for females with females in mind. Most males do not like or do not Gravitate towards them that’s all I mean. My husband would never sit there watching the kissing booth or any of the romantic comedy Netflix movies, don’t take everything so personal.
Daniel Jbaily
Daniel Jbaily Month ago
@candi0826 you literally don't know anything about my life how tf do u even know my demographic
candi0826 Month ago
These movies are not made for your demographic so watch things that are.
Alexa Daniela Hernandez
As much as I love Alan Rickman. His character on Love Actually made me so angry. Karen I’ll beat him up for you.
Emilia Wilson
Emilia Wilson 17 days ago
Ambarvanye Stelly
Yep, Karen deserved the #1 spot. All he had to do is give HER the necklace, and left his subordinate alone.
wojtek szast
wojtek szast Month ago
Sting Rey
Sting Rey Month ago
man i loved my best friend's wedding. it might be one of the most realistic rom-coms ever. if you show up to a wedding to profess your love for the bride or groom. they are not going to just drop everything to run off with you.
Carl Silver
Carl Silver Month ago
Karen from Love Atually for sure
Carl Silver
Carl Silver Month ago
These characters really deserved better
my valentine :)
Views 357K
my valentine :)
Views 357K