Top 10 Movie Moments That Broke the Internet 

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These scenes drove fans crazy! For this list, we’ll be looking at various scenes from the 2010s that went viral and broke the internet in some capacity. Our countdown includes "Interstellar", “Avengers: Endgame”, "The Wolf of Wall Street", and more! Which scene do you remember most fondly? Let us know in the comments below!
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Feb 28, 2021




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WatchMojo.com Month ago
Which scene do you remember most fondly? Let us know in the comments below!
Ritchie Chester
Ritchie Chester 22 days ago
How about John Wick. I once saw him kill 3 men in a bar, with a pencil. A fucking pencil.
DEVANK GULATI 23 days ago
Stairway Dance -Joker
Isaac Altman
Isaac Altman Month ago
The high ground you fools
Mysterio Month ago
You forgot Bully Maguire
jeremie colleen oÑa
@Olle Selin e
Akshay singh
Akshay singh 2 days ago
Number. 10 - interstaller! Ayk
Stephen Priest
Stephen Priest 4 days ago
I remember logging onto US-first and Adam Driver appearing in a Meme going "Everyday I wake up!" repeated over and over with a stunned 😯 Scarlett Johansson looking on. Now I know what that was about. Thx Watchmojo. Now if "Let them fight!" followed that meme.
Prabhat Bhandari
Prabhat Bhandari 6 days ago
I am the captain now
Tabela Skade
Tabela Skade 11 days ago
Where’s “what’s in the boooox”
The Adventures of Kylie
I am getting bored watching these top 10 videos ngl.
Nonoa Sailo
Nonoa Sailo 20 days ago
Leo is not the finest he is one of the greatest.
Kevin Underdown
Kevin Underdown 21 day ago
These moments didn't seem to break my part of the internet as it's been working for a long time with no problems.
PurpleTrix 21 day ago
The easiest example......... Ralph breaks the internet!!!!
DJ Ledward
DJ Ledward 21 day ago
I'll never forgive myself for not watching Interstellar when it was released in theatres. As a Nolan fanboy, this is high treason. I got the chance to watch the movie in IMAX last year, but it couldn't give myself justice since I had already seen the movie like 500 times already. The years of messages scene tho always split me in two. Damn Nolan, Zimmer and McCougnahey! 😔😭 Interstellar is one of my favorite movies of all time, along with every other film Nolan has written and directed. ❤🙌
Ritchie Chester
Ritchie Chester 22 days ago
How about John Wick. I once saw him kill 3 men with a pencil. A fucking pencil.
Kirby 79
Kirby 79 22 days ago
Psychokiller Gaming
Heath ledger's joker has more iconic memes too
DEE 304 Arghyadeep Mahato
The fight scene in that rotating hallway in 'Inception'..... I think u should have include it....
KuRaMa1904 23 days ago
I was looking out for The Matrix, kinda sad it didn't get in.
Shubham Negi
Shubham Negi 23 days ago
لبن زبادي
لبن زبادي 26 days ago
The JOKER’s song 🗣✅
Do Ma
Do Ma 26 days ago
I am coming from the future and telling you that (put snayder's justice league movie in this list)
Ellen_Trim _Dance
Ellen_Trim _Dance 27 days ago
What about Thor returning to Wakanda?!
Joel Davis
Joel Davis 27 days ago
ahhhh no bird box? that movie has an insane amount of memes.
Aditya Krishna
Aditya Krishna 28 days ago
Christian bale climbing the PIT in TDKR was gold.
Bobo P
Bobo P 29 days ago
No matter what he’s in I will always see JK Simmons as Shillinger from OZ. Brilliant actor.
Logan Hegna
Logan Hegna Month ago
What about the plethora of memes that came from Django?
Vedant Prasad
Vedant Prasad Month ago
Lol, Wait for the RUMBLING.
Santiago Ramirez
The honorable picks were better then a lot of the other movies on this list”. that’s just me though 🤷🏽‍♂️
Zeek1K Mobile
Zeek1K Mobile Month ago
You forgot Wakanda Forever that was legendary
Kyle Spencer
Kyle Spencer Month ago
Where the hell is Kim Jong getting blown up in a helicopter in the interview
Rishad Ahmed
Rishad Ahmed Month ago
10. Interstellar (2016) 9. Parasite (2019) 8. Marriage story (2019) 7. Joker (2019) 6. Get out (2017) 5. Whiplash (2014) 4. A star is born (2018) 3. Mad max: fury road (2015) 2. Wolf of the wall street (2013) The revenant (2015) X men days of future past (2014) Mission Impossible: fallout (2018) Hereditary (2018) Captain Philips (2013) 1. Avengers: end game (2019)
16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan
Ive seen them all
Angelica Wenman
Angelica Wenman Month ago
The relieved bell cytologically zoom because fired optically terrify afore a temporary pain. legal, tasteful bathroom
Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar Month ago
Guys you forgotten kgf
Ignacio Anduaga
Ignacio Anduaga Month ago
WAIT... no Liam Neeson Phone Speech from Taken ???? C'MON !
Casey Hood
Casey Hood Month ago
Hereditary changed me completely! I slept with the light on that night.
Alayah Brunson
Alayah Brunson Month ago
Y’all forgot the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood meme where Leo is pointing at the T.V
Jewett Hill Photo
“This is Sparta!” was one of the first memes I can recall. Not the best, but it for sure broke the Internet.
Vicente Santos Vasquez
this is sparta????
Caio Falcão
Caio Falcão Month ago
Puts Godzilla in the right beginnig but doesn’t even make an honorable mention.
OV20 Month ago
What about when Spiderman disintegrates in Infinity War? That meme was everywhere!
Szuflix 16
Szuflix 16 Month ago
Movie Moments That Broke the Internet 1. HELLO THERE
Peter Stephens
Peter Stephens Month ago
Love joker dance on joker
senait h
senait h Month ago
Nr one was so clear . But its really amazing
Rajveer Singh Choudhary
Thanos snap deserve it more
Rajveer Singh Choudhary
The quick silver scene was copied from "Futurama" when fry drinks too much caffeine
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil Month ago
Any of the scenes in The Dark Knight trilogy.
Yahia Shehata
Yahia Shehata Month ago
sooooo...... 2019 movies broke the internet
mark west
mark west Month ago
ok boomer
diane ridley
diane ridley Month ago
That song bored into my left ear as if it were from "Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn". The earworm like no other.
Shaikh Taufik Hasan Arko
bring me Thanos is the one for me....
Charlie Patterson
Alternate Title: Top 10 Movie Moments That Have Been Memed Into Oblivion
Riley Whalen
Riley Whalen Month ago
I knew Joker scene was going to be here but I thought it was the “why so serious” quote.
Rafi Sk. Sadat Yasir
Yoni Marlow
Yoni Marlow Month ago
If Avengers Assemble isn’t number 1 I will unsubscribe from WM
Yoni Marlow
Yoni Marlow Month ago
I’ll take the snap too
Sans My guy
Sans My guy Month ago
Every time it says to click the bell i tense up because i think number 1 is south park
ozwolf01 Month ago
Need to do a top list of most profitable films, no adjusting for inflation, just by ratio of budget to box office. Probably two lists, 20th century and 21st so far.
Fletcher Hawkesby
The “time in a bottle” scene isn’t actually that original. It was directly inspired by the energy drink scene from Over The Hedge
ultimatum Month ago
Get out had a bugget of only 5 million really!!!😮
Florian Fachet
Florian Fachet Month ago
Is that the guy from Gameranx as narrator?
Liza Wake
Liza Wake Month ago
Marty Wiggins
Marty Wiggins Month ago
M.C.U Makes Cinema Ugly How about making real life Hero movies not Fake ones
Richard Falcon
Richard Falcon Month ago
Another moment that should have broke the Internet, Captain America wielding Mjolnir.
Gene Sanford
Gene Sanford Month ago
i thought 1 of these moments were worthy ,the others...i guess people will watch almost anything and think it was good.
Dzenana Huseinovic
Every scene of Fury Road is a phenomenon, frame to frame.
Playlist4Ella 5 days ago
Dzenana Huseinovic
I always wonder if everyone's insane with The Star is Born. Mediocre is the best this movie can be done. The song is vomitable, cheap melodramatic.
Md Sharukh
Md Sharukh Month ago
Tiago Leal
Tiago Leal Month ago
Wakanda forever???
game shocker 2.0
You guys forget bird box, that movie sparked the bird box challenge
Gergő Szabó
Gergő Szabó Month ago
Joker>all of MCU
Aku Munyonga
Aku Munyonga Month ago
You Should make video of Thanos best quotes .... or movies best quote that leave goosebumps
Antonio Figueroa
None of these came even REMOTELY close to "breaking the internet". Get real.
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller Month ago
This video fails y’all forgot to even mention Rogue one Vader’s hallway scene
Dawson Gross
Dawson Gross Month ago
what. about. the. bee. movie.
Cody Lee
Cody Lee Month ago
I love INTERSTELLAR and the honorable mention of CAPTAIN PHILLIPS!
Alfred Marcos
Alfred Marcos Month ago
Leo should have won more Oscars.
Marnerbroman Month ago
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones Month ago
Tony Stark had to be number 1. Fantastic list
Ronald Romo
Ronald Romo Month ago
Get out was trash
James Month ago
I’m guessing what’s in the box is the first
Marc Picardi
Marc Picardi Month ago
The Time In a Bottle scene is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time! I remember instantly loving it the first time I saw it.
Simon Bush
Simon Bush Month ago
Nothing can break the internet
darrell metcalfe
Get out was straight garbage
darrell metcalfe
Did anybody else know next to none of these?
Chelsea18 Month ago
The movie Get Out came out during a time where horror/suspense films we’re becoming lackluster. Love that movie
Silvererkun_ Month ago
What about any harry vs Voldemort
Imran K
Imran K Month ago
you get what you Fn deserve was more chilling than iron man's snap, endgame was shit
Mario Puyat
Mario Puyat Month ago
The Interstellar and Avengers: Endgame ones are so funny and cool, I’m embarassed I never knew of them. But happy I do now.
Ari Hess
Ari Hess Month ago
yeah the snap both of them is still emotional and mind blowing every time even the 9287429347th time
Kevin M
Kevin M Month ago
“Everyday I Wake Up.”
Albert Londais
Albert Londais Month ago
Joker has got to be one of the worst movies I paid to watch. I even walked out like 30 minutes before it was over.
Jeetu Kotai
Jeetu Kotai Month ago
Perfect choices. Well made video.
The Caped Crusader
They missed Bird Box
chiffon fairchild
Martha from batman v superman.
BatFan1 Month ago
I had two different scenes from Endgame as #1 , either Cap wielding Mjornil, or finally saying "Avengers...Assemble!"
Gianna Reeves
Gianna Reeves Month ago
Adam Driver’s acting in Marriage Story literally gave me goosebumps.
Victoria Yarish
Victoria Yarish Month ago
Number one is Leo with the whiskey glass in Django! Somebody dropped the ball!
The Villains Talk Show
Marcus Wallin
Marcus Wallin Month ago
The Deadpool leak. Broke the shit out of the interwebs. Way more than the snap as I recall. And it basically made it into the movie, so it should count
Playlist4Ella 5 days ago
Joskae Tuicolo
Joskae Tuicolo Month ago
Prajjwal Tiwari
Prajjwal Tiwari Month ago
Thor arriving in wakanda should've been in the honourable mentions and I think internet was even more crazy about all the heroes getting erased.
Jayant Rajotya
Jayant Rajotya Month ago
4:30 My favorite of all time
Alessandro Damiani
2 words: WAKANDA FOREVER (R.I.P. Chadwick "Black Panther" Boseman)
Megan Mendoza
Megan Mendoza Month ago
Idk why but I HATED the song they used for the Joker stair dance.