Tom Brady - Seven Rings (Original Bored Film Documentary) 

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This original documentary takes a look at the incredible journey of the GOAT, Tom Brady, and his road to his seventh ring. After decades of dominance in New England, the greatest QB to ever do it switched teams. The doubters were plentiful, the skeptics were loud...but the Goat has a way of silencing his critics in spectacular fashion.
Voice Over By:
Andrew Scott
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Feb 18, 2021




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Joseph Vincent
Joseph Vincent 14 days ago
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Billy Bob
Billy Bob 20 hours ago
Great video thank you very much
I am alive.
I am alive. Day ago
Very well done.
kevin kelly
kevin kelly 2 days ago
@Luka Vukmirović but he’s 1-4 in NFC Championship Game
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 3 days ago
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 3 days ago
Terence Bud Crawford Joe
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Alex Paz Hour ago
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Alex Paz
Alex Paz 2 hours ago
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Why? 2 hours ago
To all the goat Brady haters I say: keep hating so he keep winning!!!! Cause that's what drives him to it.
David Thompson
David Thompson 4 hours ago
Thee one time Brady had weapons like he does now on the Buccs they were "the most rediculois catch ever" in Super Bowl history from going 19-0. He won a Super Bowl with Gronk and Edleman... And no one else. Now with Evans, Godwin, Brown, Gronk and Fournette... Plus an off-season?!?! Good luck rest of the league in 2021...
G and B Playz
G and B Playz 4 hours ago
Week 5 was my favorite outta the whole season😂😂 tom couldnt tell what down it was😂
kiero1236 6 hours ago
The sad mob is fickle and full of lifetime losers. Tom Brady is a legend, and always will be.
edgar dalad
edgar dalad 9 hours ago
lmfao that actual footage of Gladiator was great
Jermari Young
Jermari Young 10 hours ago
My boy Tom Brady said Fuc* that we got to go out there and we gotta hit them with new flows
김다희 11 hours ago
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Wim Doeterniettoe 11 hours ago
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david kahil
david kahil 12 hours ago
the only home game was the superbowl, lol
Brent Carroll
Brent Carroll 13 hours ago
Goat no question
Josh Guo
Josh Guo 13 hours ago
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matt waldman
matt waldman 13 hours ago
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Scott 13 hours ago
I listen to sport commentators when I want to feel smart.
billy fatbowe
billy fatbowe 15 hours ago
MAXIMUS MAXIMUS.....MAXIMUS,,,,,🥊🥊🥊😎😎😎💰💰💰❤️❤️❤️🏆🏆🏆
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers 16 hours ago
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Aaliyah Pitts Soccer
Aaliyah Pitts Soccer
MEC 470
MEC 470 16 hours ago
A GOAT named Comeback.
zicky0705 17 hours ago
Tom Brady: Wins 8th ring Joseph Vincent: Aw shit... here we go again
Susan Carter
Susan Carter 17 hours ago
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sam wang
sam wang 17 hours ago
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Andrew Wark
Andrew Wark 18 hours ago
Dude is a legend in the sport of football. May as well name the trophy after him when he calls it a career.... in 10 more years.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 20 hours ago
Great video thank you so much
Rajon Rondo Fan #9
Rajon Rondo Fan #9 21 hour ago
I will never forget when people screamed “ the nfc is harder welcome to the nfc Brady” and he actually made it look easier than the AFC 💀
Mbuso Nhleko
Mbuso Nhleko 22 hours ago
Thank you Joseph Vincent. Amazing content! Always entertained by your videos.
Mbuso Nhleko
Mbuso Nhleko 22 hours ago
Thank you Joseph Vincent. Amazing content! Always entertained by your videos.
John Daley
John Daley 22 hours ago
Now the ball is in Bill's court. Let's see what he can do without Brady.
Deland Smith
Deland Smith 22 hours ago
Do frank gore career highlights
made bymonkeys
made bymonkeys 22 hours ago
"whos that clip-clopping over my bridge"? "Tom Brady".🐐 "Oh, ok then... Carry on".
Xeph 22 hours ago
omfg!!! all hail football jesus!!!
ty pig
ty pig 22 hours ago
Gotta say 6 rings was the best out of all these videos. Still great though.
Tony Richard
Tony Richard 23 hours ago
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Cinco Wardlaw
Cinco Wardlaw 23 hours ago
You have to do devin white
Tom Brady
Tom Brady Day ago
3.7 Xavier
3.7 Xavier Day ago
I’m ready to run through a wall now
Brent Carroll
Show my Professor Roger the Leprechaun Carroll this channel
izuki moti
izuki moti Day ago
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Teed Epefanio
I laughed when the media dissed Brady, last season. Im a Giants fan, so im listening to this media do EXACTLY what so many teams and fans do wrong, regarding Tom Brady... they underestimate him.. this man just turned Tampa Bay on, as if he installed the switch, himself.. respect!
Moj wed Zas cegu
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Michael Hartman
Let's go!!! 🐐 Status!!
Matty Bean
Matty Bean Day ago
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Khairul Fadzly A. Karim
The more you say he couldn’t do it the more he wants to prove he can.
red pablo
red pablo Day ago
Simply the best sports video creator on youtube! Im really only a bball and mma fan, but i watch all his videos due to the quality and entertainment value! With that being said, JV, can you do me a favor? with the videos that span different timelines /events, can you put the date or round of the play offs or seasons every time the timeline changes? I get confused with the different timelines since im not familair with the events aside from the nba and ufc. THanks and keep up the great work!
Jimmy Logan
Jimmy Logan Day ago
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SSS 789
SSS 789 Day ago
The anti Brady media was conned by Brady.
Joe Apples
Joe Apples Day ago
U should do a documentary on stipe mioic next if he wins his rematch with Francis
Forest Monstre
Tom Brady has the World Record for the # of people he made look stupid, and # of people he made look stupid more than once.
Brent Bridgeman
I think I heard some Avatar: The Last Airbender music in there. Or something that sounds very similar. 29:03-29:13
Drop Kick Murphy00
Hows about that Bucs O line boys. F7cking stellar. So tight
yen pham
yen pham Day ago
He is a few plays from having 10 Super Bowl wins.
Thanh Thai
Thanh Thai Day ago
Are most sports fanatics gamblers? Saw a commercial for personal loan at the beginning of the video. SPORTS+ALCOHOL+GAMBLING= DEADBEAT
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Day ago
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King Tupai
King Tupai Day ago
kevin crittenden
Everytime they say tom Brady is washed up, it pisses him off and gets him another ring
Believe it or not,it will be THE NEXT ONE
There's a lot of G.O.A.T ,but this guy is GOD
Davante adams and Jaire
Joseph Boadu
Joseph Boadu Day ago
Surely deserves all those rings. Never cheated in those Superbowls.
Get this man to 1 Million subscribers!
chris chaps
chris chaps Day ago
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Literally Shaking
17:48 BOOM! Perfect Timing!
Stinkz Day ago
How long does it take to make these?
Christian Compton
All his magic powers comes from making out with his adolescent son who doesnt want to.
Tom Cappelletti
Do Stefon Diggs!!
Kevin McPhatter
I love the flagrant 2 audio clips they threw into here, if you know you know
Moralin Esca
Moralin Esca 2 days ago
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i love TB, i'm just sad that i have to wait at least 6-7 years at least for his HOF induction. that is gonna be a great day.
Brenton J
Brenton J Day ago
no you wont. i say he retires in 2 or 3 years. Possibly takes 1 more ring and becomes a first ballot HOF. With his record as a player and status, they have do put him in right away. They will have him doing talk shows and appearances and speeches for years to come. last ceremony will be the one where they name the MVP or Lombardi trophy after him
Official Absent
Official Absent 2 days ago
At this point the NFL should rename the Lombardi Trophy to Brady Trophy
Lit youngin
Lit youngin 2 days ago
You should do the rock
Geo Brell
Geo Brell 2 days ago
do kevin garnett pls
JOSIAH PERRY 2 days ago
Since the movie Godzilla vs Kong is coming out could you do a vid for both of them if possible ???
forkofyork 2 days ago
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Moralin Esca
Moralin Esca 2 days ago
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klopez202 2 days ago
This man is a legend, we are witnessing history. Lets not be surprised if he wins another!!
beine tun weh
beine tun weh 2 days ago
imagine making this superbowl about him hahahah best wr core the best d and one of the best o lines
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Day ago
@beine tun weh you got wiped Chump move on
beine tun weh
@Trev Mac 6 losses 12 ints only in regular season middle of the pack kid get it
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Day ago
@beine tun weh Middle of the pack QB you said? 32 teams in the NFL and Brady was tied for 2nd in TD's passes with Wilson *40* 2 more than Mahomes . Number 1 in the playoffs *10* finished the season with 8 wins in a row and he had The Bucs so far ahead in some games they ran the ball on 2/3 plays in the 4th quarter. How's that for middle of the pack?
beine tun weh
@Trev Mac but thats not the season thats the playoffs funny how you try to pad his stats because he played thhe season like a middle of the pack qb
Trev Mac
Trev Mac 2 days ago
@beine tun weh To an absolute undisputed 100% certainty - Brady finished the entire 2020 season with 50 TD's/15 INT's and just under 5900 yards passing - and Super Bowl MVP -first QB in Super Bowl history to throw for 3 TD's in the first half and complete at least 80% of his passes (First Half) perfect QB rating of 145.5.. Bye Bye Nub skull
JayCao Racing
JayCao Racing 2 days ago
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Dee Wallace
Dee Wallace 2 days ago
Tom Brady is my favorite #1 quarter back I love this guy is so incredible lets go champ
Jake From State Farm
Tom Brady = The Lord of the Rings.
Calvin L Deakins
Calvin L Deakins 2 days ago
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Luke R.
Luke R. 2 days ago
Nearly every time I think he can't get it done, he makes me look foolish. I don't think we'll ever witness another career in NFL history that is as awe-inspiring, unprecedented, and fascinating as Tom Brady's.
ezekiel Von lichenstein
This is another great video but it's missing something, the awesome music
Deon Spann
Deon Spann 2 days ago
Get this man to a million subs
marylain69 2 days ago
Chuck Norris had a child had he put up for adoption cause nobody wanted him, and his name is Tom Brady.
claudiu ivaniuc
claudiu ivaniuc 2 days ago
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AlisonAslondrea WenderyAva
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Trouble Follows
Trouble Follows 2 days ago
Tom brady .......lord of the rings
Bennie Leija
Bennie Leija 2 days ago
Medicineisbleach 2 days ago
We need one on sonny liston
D Conaway
D Conaway 2 days ago
Too many ads
football world
football world 2 days ago
Please! I don't want a part 3 of this
Hồng My 900K Vào Henho24h xyz
03:31 Chỉ cần anh nói yêu, em sẽ bám theo anh suốt đời. 😪
Hồng My 900K Vào Henho24h xyz
03:51 Trước khi gặp được anh thì chẳng có ai, sau khi gặp anh thì không muốn có thêm ai nữa 😒😓
Zion Newkirk
Zion Newkirk 2 days ago
All these videos of vincent's I've watched, and I'm just now realizing he's narrating them!🤣🤣
Andrew Cook Jr
Andrew Cook Jr 2 days ago
Brady is lord of the rings! Lol
Zion Newkirk
Zion Newkirk 2 days ago
What were Brady's stats this past season?
Keith Ingram
Keith Ingram 2 days ago
Great video. Thanx
nick N.
nick N. 2 days ago
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