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Chris Stuckmann reviews Tom and Jerry, starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Pallavi Sharda, Rob Delaney, Patsy Ferran, Ken Jeong. Directed by Tim Story.


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Feb 26, 2021




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Nita Sault
Nita Sault Day ago
Right on review. It was horrible
Audrey Seybold
This movie made me sad
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger 3 days ago
Nearly a decade after the Smurfs was released, and still nobody have learn their lesson yet
Greg Woodard
Greg Woodard 3 days ago
One word- RUINED
O R 5 days ago
After disagreeing with 2 of your reviews I was really curious to see if you would say this movie was good even though it wasn't, luckily you came through and was honest ...F is a little harsh but at the same time ....yea lmao can't disagree with anything that was said however I give the animators an A+ like someone said they did the most work and got paid the less and shouldnt be grouped together with this failure it wasn't there fault or job to make the script
Mike E
Mike E 5 days ago
'These birds routinely remind us of what is going on with the plot--I'm not exaggerating.' - Chris was exaggerating. The birds only show up twice and both are shown in the review above. Once at the beginning to set the plot and once in the middle when there is a transition to explain why suddenly we are at a wedding.
Tiffany Skinner
Tiffany Skinner 6 days ago
i thought it was a good movie i'm 21. i grew up watching it too. it wasnt that bad. could you write a better script?
Pogchamp 6 days ago
I fell asleep watching it, that's how boring it is
Lydgendary 7 days ago
Tried to watch this but had to turn it off after half hour.. so so boring
xCAMLx 7 days ago
people were employed and got paid is the best compliment this movie can get.
Godless Playtime
Godless Playtime 7 days ago
penguin slider573
All they had to do was get them to beat the shit out of each other for 90 minutes in fun and creative ways that would make you laugh, or at least that's why I watched it.
Richard Hernandez
The fact that they tried to give this movie an adult plot is fucking enraging, the whole point of Tom and jerry is the simplicity in the havoc they make, no fucking need for a “real plot”
Anthony Gentile
Anthony Gentile 9 days ago
Huge Turd
Shobesen Works
Shobesen Works 10 days ago
It was a crappy cash grab. Cinema is dead!
PapaNuggets 10 days ago
Me reads title: Me after 3 minutes: Chris hates it
starskie96yt 10 days ago
didn't know it was coming or came out
Sexy Mongrel
Sexy Mongrel 12 days ago
They should do the Sonic style CGI instead of cartoon
Gzamo 12 days ago
I’ll never understand how an actresses/actor of the stature of Chloe accepts to work in movies like this.
Jeremy JJ
Jeremy JJ 12 days ago
Fire shirt bro
Eddy coOl- sama
Eddy coOl- sama 13 days ago
your channel was recommended on a website. so this is the first review i watched on your channel. totally disagree with almost everything you said in your review. i loved this movie and you gave it an F!? i dont want criticism of what goes on behind the scenes, i only want good front-end. i certainly dont care about philosophical ramblings about "kids' well-being". i dont care if other movies follow a similar formula. the problem with most critics is that they are too concerned with HOW the film was made rather than the end product and thats understandable because they know the work done behind-the-scenes. guess i wont be following your channel.
Blue Manta
Blue Manta 8 days ago
@Eddy coOl- sama but that's the entire point of being a movie critics, they watch a movie and they form their own thoughts on it, it isn't about what you think about the movie because critics can hardly give two shits on what your opinion is on the because it's what you think about the movie, and not everyone is going to share the same thoughts as yours. And what the hell are you even on about, last time I checked this hardly ever said anything about the behind the scenes crap just the actual quality of the movie and how it questions audiences intelligence
Eddy coOl- sama
Eddy coOl- sama 8 days ago
@Blue Manta I already know that! that's why i rarely take critics' advice. but there lies the problem, they shouldn't be recommending movies if they are unwilling to put themselves in the average movie-goer's shoes who is only concerned with the front-end product. behind-the-scene and technical analysis is the realm of award shows like oscars etc. and it should remain their realm only. this thing is the reason that we often see movies bashed by critics, only gain a huge cult-following later. there's really no human recommendations out there that solely give advice based on front-end product.
Blue Manta
Blue Manta 8 days ago
Uh, hate to break it to ya but that's not exactly how criticism and opinions work
arthurcurry2003 13 days ago
My 7 year old LOVES theTom And Jerry movie, he’s seen it several times. So the movie is brilliant. My son is the target audience. I saw it with him, and wife and older kids and we loved it. We had a good time. THAT is a successful movie. What a US-firstr says, good or bad, it doesn’t matter.
Craig Robert McDowall
I appreciate they tried to go old school with the animation. But it REALLY doesn’t fit. Now if they had an excuse like Rodger Rabbit with Toons living with Humans. That’d explain it. But nah, they’re just in that animated style for nostalgia.
Craig Robert McDowall
I mean, they look like they belong in a video game.
L W 14 days ago
Who's still using cartoons in films in 2021? 25 years after Toy Story?
Making something from nothing
At least this Smurfs could talk so it was at least better than two creatures that can't talk doing small skits like who thought this was a good idea
Making something from nothing
@Blue Manta I'm saying for a full length movie at least the Smurfs could actually interact and you can make a movie about them that's 2 hours long but Tom and Jerry's was made for TV and was about the physical comedy and not really enough substance to hold on for 2 hours because it was perfect where it was not trying to make films of it unless you change the characters
Blue Manta
Blue Manta 8 days ago
Tom and Jerry talking isn't really the point of Tom and Jerry, it was all just about physical comedy rather than verbal comedy, which this movie completely missed
MetalCrash 16 days ago
the woman who plays that bell girl is terrifying weird looking
Glamrock Freddy
Glamrock Freddy 16 days ago
You should review Netflix’s The Dig.
The This Guy Experience!!!
Dude I couldn’t finish this movie in one seating. My fiancé and I said we would watch Snyder cut in two days. We flew through most of the Snyder cut in 1 night and had to pull ourselves away from the tv to get some sleep. Our daughter and I watched this crap and barely could get past the first 20mins and had to turn it off watch Static Shock and went to sleep. Finished it Sunday again I had to watch it because we started it Saturday. It was a chori to watch
The This Guy Experience!!!
I said when will Hollywood finally get FaceTime right
Mark Eichler
Mark Eichler 16 days ago
Really an F. Oh gee , what a surprise!!!
Santiago 5to 2da Franco
If this movie failed a bit like The Smurfs and Yogi Bear, i pray to God that the Live Action movie of Wallace & Gromit doesn't make a big mess to the characters or story.
Jonas King
Jonas King 16 days ago
Yeah it would be really difficult for me to care about any of these people.
Charles Wind
Charles Wind 17 days ago
Your use of profanity shows your lack of knowledge of the English language.
Maniac Bob
Maniac Bob 17 days ago
They should have taken the Sonic route or at least Angry Birds
mykryos 17 days ago
I don't know who paid you to give this review, but Tom and Jerry had a lot more screen time then mentioned.
Blue Manta
Blue Manta 8 days ago
And I don't know who paid you to write that rubbish but Tom and Jerry were like side characters rather than serving purpose to the actual plot
Mark Charles
Mark Charles 17 days ago
This looks like the ultimate click bait movie. Glad I have the classic cartoons.
7:11 As well as the animation, voice acting and is the mainstream comeback of Tom and Jerry.
6:08 But The Smurfs (which is produced by Sony Pictures Animation) was based on a series of comics made in Belgium that is in English for "Les Schtroumpfs" (Like The Adventures of Tintin), while Tom & Jerry is the newest live-action movie based on a cartoon and produced by the Warner Animation Group.
1:13 This was just a series of animated short films that were released in theaters worldwide between 1940 and 1967 by MGM.
Ayara 81
Ayara 81 18 days ago
Hollywood stopped caring about kids years ago.
Vinez 18 days ago
You guys missed the message in this film( love , fun , and a moral lesson in the end) stop being salty. Because you too can’t even do good on your US-first video editing but you dare criticise this film..
Adventure With Eric Cochran
Jason Mc
Jason Mc 18 days ago
As a 90s kid I was hoping this was going to be at least an okay movie to laugh at but I guess not.
classic guess productions
i think the movie is amazing and even if it has some bad scenes remeber this movie was made in 2021 and it has a good message at the end and it takes alot of money to animate some parts btw this is my opinion s you might have a diffrent one
classic guess productions
@Blue Manta yeah now that i think about it you are right about the friendship part since tom and jerry never became friends again in the movie
Blue Manta
Blue Manta 8 days ago
@classic guess productions telling the truth, maybe but at the same time not really, but friendship? Nah
classic guess productions
@Blue Manta it was friend ship and tell the truth i think
Blue Manta
Blue Manta 8 days ago
What exactly was the message may I ask?
Crystal Sharee
Crystal Sharee 18 days ago
i think sonic is better because that is a REAL kids movie not the cartoon be quiet the whole movie.
Crystal Sharee
Crystal Sharee 18 days ago
i did not watch it but if they teach kids how to lie that is not okay and i think that the trailer was not cool at all for 1 sec.
0:33 It is the first live-action movie adaptation of a cartoon that got released in the 2020 decade with the last being released in the 2010 decade is Dora and the Lost City of Gold (based on a modern cartoon).
karen hall
karen hall 20 days ago
Having seen the trailer several times and being bored just by the trailer, I don't think I'll be watching this movie.
Drew Fleet
Drew Fleet 20 days ago
This wasnt even worth reviewing
David Morales
David Morales 20 days ago
Mann in my opinion I think this was a solid movie. Fun overall to watch, sure it’s not a great movie but it was a nostalgia trip. There were subtle references to past Tom an jerry bits from iconic episodes and movies. Good handful of cast that didn’t over do the acting. Animation was smooth and effects that went along with the chaos scenes helped with the tone. Plus the Editing was awesome with the pacing going on just enough so you wouldn’t feel tired of watching. Only negative I would say was some characters not having an arch in the movie. You can cut a few out and the short storyline would still go on. The movie really isn’t about a story just for pure spirited kids to enjoy.
updraft heaven
updraft heaven 21 day ago
it's a movie for children. im 100% sure they're gonna love this movie just like how we loved cliche cartoon movies back then
Jason Arvizu
Jason Arvizu 21 day ago
I really didn’t like that Chloe girl
Wynndogg 21 day ago
I didn't hate it
Michael Brent
Michael Brent 21 day ago
I used to watch Looney Tunes,Tom and Jerry,Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventure, Captain Planet,Freakazoid And Ozzy And Drix as a kid and they were my Childhood! Thought it was Ok!
Derick Dove
Derick Dove 22 days ago
The problem is nobody can hand animate the shit like they use to and when you spend that much time drawing you spend an equal amount of time making sure it’s actually good beforehand.
Rohan Amor
Rohan Amor 22 days ago
The animation for Tom and jerry and the uses of animation from classic original are ok but the rest, from story, characters all the way to soundtrack are all totally not compatible with this cartoon.
Isiah O'Merreighn
Isiah O'Merreighn 22 days ago
She was terribly annoying.. And she's a bollocks actress.. the music was terrible. Plot was bollocks.
Dan The Movie Man
Dan The Movie Man 22 days ago
“Struggling” implies that they tried. They didn’t try.
Roshill 22 days ago
Given their Tom and Jerry's thing. I think they did an alright job. And I didn't like the smurfs at either. What can we even expect from them a heart warming story ?. Slap stick comedy? I don't think what ever they do with this IP is going to fail in the general public's eyes. I just accept it as it comes didn't have high expectations had a few giggles and recommend it to a family or two that's it. Sure there was tons to improve on it but, we got a start let's hope it's only up from here.
Andrew Ker
Andrew Ker 22 days ago
I thought it was hilarious when they were advertising apple products. Like hbo max and warner brothers are literally advertising for apple, who has their own streaming service. They’re advertising for their streaming service competitors😂
Melancholic Wallflower
I feel like they shouldve given Tom & Jerry a more real life look like how they did the chipmunk movies.
Michel Manders
Michel Manders 23 days ago
The female lead actress is lying & sneakin' to get the job... and thats alright?... a few minutes later they make a statement about gender nutral stuff... hmmm.. and that prince actor has no charisma
bilbebop 23 days ago
One of the guys there looks like he's trying too hard to look like john cleese.
Andro Cyber
Andro Cyber 23 days ago
They don't care about kids anymore never!! They just wanna sell but lucky me i didn't watch it because i know how trash it's just by watching the trailer
beennamedIcy 23 days ago
ChilianaJones 24 days ago
So all the animals in that universe are toons?
j 7
j 7 24 days ago
Movie was lame, just like the girl I took to go see it with.
epicgamer 24 days ago
NOBODY movie review
Love your t-shirt!
expetriat 25 days ago
Audience score on RT is at an 81%. People are such dumbasses.
thebionicledude 25 days ago
Dog shit movie
Ark_0 _Bat
Ark_0 _Bat 25 days ago
I haven't watched it but hearing this review... it's bad Shame I was actually happy it was coming I mean I got the old movie with Robin that one was great
Blessed Demon
Blessed Demon 25 days ago
I cant believe yall actually like this dumbass cartoon...i always hated tom & jerry since i was a kid smh
Zhanknight_777 25 days ago
I turned it off after 15 minutes. Got boring
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 25 days ago
So you’re saying the simpsons movie takes place in New York City?
toast mcgee
toast mcgee 25 days ago
These types of movies seem like a laundering thing. He should do reviews of movies that were known to be money laundering schemes.
N N 25 days ago
The characters of Tom and Jerry will still be in out hearts for ever❤️❤️❤️❤️
Koda Wolf
Koda Wolf 26 days ago
YumiYuna 26 days ago
Good thing i didn't watch the movie.
Amber Simms
Amber Simms 26 days ago
Pro corporate/capitalistic undertones being taught to kids maybe?
Jashan gaming
Jashan gaming 26 days ago
I liked it Cuz the first scene with chloe i laughed my ass off
Obiki Projects
Obiki Projects 26 days ago
My only question is: Why does every new animated movie have to include "the floss" dance?
magnuslord 26 days ago
I feel bad for kids these days if this is what is being made for children present year.
Ph@tMantv 26 days ago
The only thing worth watching in this film is Chloe's legs.
Michael Ford
Michael Ford 26 days ago
The dark hair girl looks like a Mr. Bean deepfake
William vazquez
William vazquez 26 days ago
Has he done a “Goonies” review? I watched it about a year ago and it was pretty stupid and not what I remember as a kid. 😂
Jesse Moore
Jesse Moore 26 days ago
This movie made me want to punch faces... like everyone. Men, women, children, old folks, their dog etc... It was so punishingly bad. From the constant need to remind us that it's soooooo hip and happenin and so very 2021 with product placements, fads of the week, and social media garbage, to the reason why Tom and Jerry were chasing each other ON TOP of everything you said... like, when you find out that Jerry is a gigantic dickhead antagonist, it stops being funny. Did we really need a reason? Cat vs. Mouse, it's nature, nuff said. I gave up the moment Tom started singing in auto-tune at a piano like some John Legend reject. The music in it was cringe, somehow they thought Tom and Jerry needed hip hop, pop, radio fluff to be all swagilicious for the tik tok generation. Like, congrats you dated your film that will become out of style and irrelevant in like a year. If it was any more dated, they woulda added fidget spinners to the mix.... They had Tom do the floss dance.... THE FUCKING FLOSS!! The movie is top to bottom ASS.
zohar wolf
zohar wolf 27 days ago
Roger rabbit still the best
Tattoo Quin
Tattoo Quin 27 days ago
Wtf is up with the film industry
SAMURAI 27 days ago
This movie is pure 💩
Rose Roberts
Rose Roberts 27 days ago
Hate it all you want everybody I think this movie is pretty good and yes, I CAN see why people don't like it but for me this movie was a blast of a good time Its not amazing no no it's far from being amazing it's just another charming and sweet movie based on childhood cartoons On a 1 to ten scale it's like somewhere.....hmmmm you know what SCREW it- 7.4/10 The only bad thing about this movie is thicc Jerry DAMM BOI HE THICC-
Steffan Blanco
Steffan Blanco 27 days ago
Thought you’d rickroll us and do Justice League instead Because that’s the movie people saw when they clicked to see T&J
zZiL341yRj736 27 days ago
This movie feels so awkward.
Ashbasher22 NERD
Ashbasher22 NERD 28 days ago
When I heard people say they are glad this movie is doing successful while Raya and the Last Dragon is failing at the box office, it makes me sick to my stomach as it shows they are far too biased against Disney to see real art created by talented animators, writers and directors. Raya and the Last Dragon is a masterpiece and deserves to succeed in such a way as it has a unique look you cannot replicate in any film. Tom and Jerry 2021 is a cynically lazy cash grab from money hungry suits that it makes the 1993 film look like The Iron Giant and Soul combined, I knew this film was going to be bad from the first trailer alone. I have a major grudge towards society for not recognising art when it's so very well made and had so many months worth of effort put in the work films like Kubo and the Two Strings, Zootopia, Raya and the Last Dragon, The Iron Giant, The Secret of NIMH, Inside Out, In This Corner of the World and Klaus has amongst so many amazing movies that just happened to be animated then lumping all animation as a 'genre' that ticks me off to my very core. And this is coming from a huge fan of the classic Hannah Barbara cartoon shorts of the iconic cat and mouse duo, because their comedy was spot on with focus, pacing, editing, comedic animation, timing and characterisation. It was purely solid gold. I kindly of hate how we are still living in a society where cashgrab nostalgia makes money far more than beautiful works of filmmaking art, whether animation or love action.
asmronly24 28 days ago
I saw the trailer and knew from the get go that this was going to be fucking terrible.
Noob F2P Fgo
Noob F2P Fgo 28 days ago
Yes!!!! I was waiting for your review on this !!!
Jayanth Kumar
Jayanth Kumar 28 days ago
I don't know why Hollywood makes these live-action/animation hybrid movies. They never work. They should have made an animated film instead. You can totally make serviceable Tom and Jerry movie. Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars and Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry are direct-to-video, low budget films, yet they are extremely entertaining.
Neraly Aly
Neraly Aly 28 days ago
I love your videos!
1:42 played by Tim Story himself
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