Tips from the ER: Who is Katie 🤨 #shorts MuFKR.com 

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Apr 24, 2021




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Leon Wolfy
Leon Wolfy 50 minutes ago
Honestly I used to love my mom talking for me, I would have a mini panic attack when I had to tell them what was wrong, I would always look at my mom and say “mama” really quiet. Just so she would talk for me, lol.
SushiBushi Hour ago
Plot twist: The father's name is also Katie
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 2 hours ago
my mom did this everytime we would go to the doctor and eventually i had to see a counselor, the counselor dead ass stopped what she was doing, pulled a paper out of her drawer, wrote down a name and number on it, handed it to her and was like “here’s a number of a collegue who sees adults” my mom was like??? “she’s a teenager??” and the counselor was like “no it’s for you since you clearly want to be the one answering the questions and talking to me. you must want to see a counselor of your own. “
sugey79 2 hours ago
My mom gets mad at me for talking over her AND THEN SHE COMES ALONG AND DOES IT TO ME ALL THE TIME
ChoneDog 3 hours ago
Jayden Jefferson
Jayden Jefferson 4 hours ago
Train GRrrR
Train GRrrR 4 hours ago
Plot twist: she's mute
Shaylynn Vanderhoeven
Okay though I hate when people keep doing that it's so annoying ✨🗿
Deku Kitty
Deku Kitty 6 hours ago
Parent: "No way, not in my house!" Every medical provider ever: Press X to doubt.
Eri 7 hours ago
Sorry but that man sus
CookieCatLily 7 hours ago
Plot twist: The girls mute
MØ3M3Ñ 8 hours ago
This guy acted like my Classmate he is always annoying I keep defending him from being bullied And in WhatsApp when I need serious help in studies he sees my message and he don't reply I help him a lot and he is so attentive and talkative Don't Defend people who Get attacked
Sakura Saint
Sakura Saint 8 hours ago
Parents can be so annoying at the doctors, like when ever I try talk talk my mum always talks over me
melia 9 hours ago
Omg that's how my mom acts all the time
chat_plays Games
chat_plays Games 9 hours ago
Of he kept saying stuff for Katie ima just be like SHUT THE F%#& UP
Zoe G.
Zoe G. 9 hours ago
I would've already said that lol I would have said Is yoyrur name katie huh are you her. no? Exactly so shutup thank you now katie tell me how do you feel? Lol
briandra Martin
briandra Martin 9 hours ago
If the guy said yes it is i would die laughing
_Ceo_of_dumbass_101 11 hours ago
The face man 😳😐
bobwallett 16 hours ago
This one of those under pressure doctors then?
Serena 19 hours ago
Oml I hate when this happens
old book
old book 20 hours ago
Whyher father said no right arms???? Anyone know why
Roblox Sisters
Roblox Sisters 22 hours ago
I luckily don't have parents who do this, but since my anxiety causes me to not hear people very well I stay quiet, and that's basically my parents signal to answer for me
Lordcute g
Lordcute g Day ago
This is my dad with lol but it's okay cuz I have a really hard time talking to strangers
Allyssa Rodriguez
When fathers act like this:
This is like when I stutter and people say the word for me
zzthezebra Day ago
I don’t even bother talking to my family now. I’m mostly overlooked and ignored and cut off.
RocketWolfo7 Day ago
Eli Smith
Eli Smith Day ago
Normally it's annoying as hell to have a parent like Katie's, but sometimes it's good. When I'm in a lot of pain I have a lovely tendency to dissociate, and thinking about the most basic of things becomes incredibly hard. Recently I got two of my fingers chewed on by my electric hedge trimmer (they're fine now, 5 stitches, and my er doc was great, he listened to me when I said I could still feel them, and that's when I realized I'm pretty resistant to local anesthetic and other drs haven't actually used enough because I could still feel things in those cases), and processing any information and responding properly took me 10x longer than it should've, which meant I was sitting there for longer than I would have liked as I struggled to remember basic stuff that my mom ultimately ended up answering anyway because my responses didn't quite make sense. It can also be nice if you've got severe anxiety. But overall it makes things a struggle, especially when they're topics only the person needing attention will fully be able to answer.
Ailee’s Wild World
Imagine if then he says... “sir... my daughter is mute...”
Raven Thew
Raven Thew Day ago
joão gabriel pecktor neves
Oh god... don't need to be that rude... she could be shy or something
lexicat Day ago
I mean as a very anxious person my parents or partner have to talk for me because I can’t handle the stress of doing it myself
Chris Vonsweets
Every teacher when another student says the answer
RMA steph
RMA steph Day ago
I felt this on another level. Im a medical assistant. Enough said
Persephone Day ago
My thoughts exactly like yo can Katie talk pahlease
Celeste K.
Celeste K. Day ago
agender ash
agender ash Day ago
this is the kind of shit that would make me worry that there was abuse going on in a family
norma earley
norma earley Day ago
I hate when my parents do that lmao
Tooru Oikawa
Tooru Oikawa Day ago
The doctor talks to the patient instead of the parent to see whether or not the parent is lying about their child and their health/age. Gypsy blanchard is an example of how her mother, deedee blanchard, lied about her medical record for money and attention. The diagnosis that deedee had was Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
Jxmmed Day ago
Lmao I feel that like bro, shut up
Something similar to this happend to me in online class. Everyone kept on interupting me. All you could see id my microphone turning on and off the whole time.
joshua maynard
Bruh my dad is a two sided dagger on one hand he tells me and my brothers to go out more with girls but he tell my sisters to stay their ass's inside unless they want to be "whorish" his words not mine...anyone else have a father Like that?
Angelica Rodriguez
I work at a call center for an insurance company and I haaaaaaate when people do this. Especially when it's a policy holder's mom or dad who isn't on the policy, and their "child" is like 25. Can we not? Thank you.
Vivian Hyde
Vivian Hyde Day ago
So funny
BAiley Day ago
Milo Tableeo
Milo Tableeo Day ago
Lol this is how the teachers feel every fucking day
aleydev Day ago
plot twist : his dad's name is also katie
Starburst 2.0
Starburst 2.0 2 days ago
Omg this was me when I was meeting people with my step mom I was like hi I’m starburst and I like Anim- oh she likes BARBIES
Em Smith
Em Smith 2 days ago
Where the hell have you been 😳🍸👏👏👏👑
Keijay W
Keijay W 2 days ago
I would have said the same thing
LeoDaLion 2 days ago
Plot twist: The dad is Katie.
Aeo P
Aeo P 2 days ago
my mom is medically trained and asks me beforehand but I answer to the doctor again myself to nost questions, it's not as annoying when it's not many, and when she knows herself, but constantly being talked over is annoying to extreme levels
The Sarcastic One
I have worked in the ER this is so annoying!!!!
Hanan Driouchi
Hanan Driouchi 2 days ago
FondIsCraftYT 2 days ago
the reason why im not good at talking
idk- 2 days ago
I feel this deeply even if I don't work into the ER this has happened with me and my mom
K - ARMA 2 days ago
My mom does that shit all the time, it's not even just at the doctors, like I'll be getting a coffee with her, and I'll be trying to order, and she keeps saying okay, come on behind me while I'm looking at the menu and telling me to hurry up and finally just pushes me out of the way and orders for both of us. Bitch it's a Saturday and you're 40 something years old, where tf do you have to be so quickly? Sorry that turned into a rant 😂
funny parts
funny parts 2 days ago
JOSH 2 days ago
As a parent I hate this kind of parent theyre disgusting
The A&A Sisters
The A&A Sisters 2 days ago
Ok but i wish my parents did that for me...I always look at them before saying something and my mom's like:" idk how u're feeling, tell them urself." And I'm like "um.." *nervous laugh* I'm an extrovert.
Lenipoo 2 days ago
I wish my mom or dad would talk for me I hate talking to strangerss
Leigh Labris
Leigh Labris 2 days ago
This is the reason why I rarely let parents in the room with the px when I do their X-ray and/or Ultrasound.
Lyndi Lyons
Lyndi Lyons 2 days ago
Sparkles Rosary
Sparkles Rosary 2 days ago
So glad my mom encouraged me to be comfortable and confident when talking to any physician. She only says something when I have a hard time saying it, I tend to stutter and especially in serious situations. So I will give her a look that basically means I need a little help. Other than that, she stays quiet and has enforced this encouragement on my siblings too.
Hypetheog 2 days ago
Plot twist the fathers name was Katie
YoUr SaDnEsS
YoUr SaDnEsS 2 days ago
It's sad that there's actually parents and people like that
Blind Sighted
Blind Sighted 3 days ago
I exploded at my mom one day at the doctor's... She never spoke for me at the doctor's, again. It ain't hard kids, you ain't gonna die.
Tetsuro Kuroo
Tetsuro Kuroo 3 days ago
.....is Katie pregnant?
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres 3 days ago
Well my mother will let me speak up but I don’t want to
Teddylirious 3 days ago
Me. I'm Katie. Literally
Ave 3 days ago
I honestly couldn't be a doctor id all patients would act like this
Fulcrum 3 days ago
"Dew it!" - The Senate
Arey figriv
Arey figriv 3 days ago
My mom: This is my daughter ***** She'd been feeling sick for a Week now. Doctor: and ******* Is there a chance that are you ********? Me: N-- My mom: NOPE SHE ISNT! doctor: ma'am is your name ****** My mom: No BUT i work as a doctor! Doctor: Sorry fellow worker But your name is hers. My brain: that's correct Me: Im not *******
Diya Sharma
Diya Sharma 3 days ago
No one : My mum and doctor pressureing me to speak 😩
yami 3 days ago
I let my mom do that because of my anxiety
agnes 3 days ago
the pregnancy one annoyed me
Eupo 3 days ago
Omg a dad speaking for his kid wow what a mean person so evil omg how dare he 😱
Poet George
Poet George 3 days ago
Kora Ariel Pena-Sigler
(Don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it...say it) I'm sorry sir us your name Katie?
Gojo Stan
Gojo Stan 3 days ago
Literally when I go with my dad to the doctor
Metalhead Gamer
Metalhead Gamer 3 days ago
Morgan Doby
Morgan Doby 3 days ago
Your videos are my favorite.
Lilly Weaver
Lilly Weaver 3 days ago
Man in a family of anxiety disorders this is WHY we bring others with us to doctors appointments- it’s easier to explain someone else’s problems than be in the hotspot. Like, my father will talk for my sister, I will talk for my father, my mother will talk for me. It’s a great system IMO
Ben Jammin
Ben Jammin 3 days ago
Unrealistic. How many dads are in the emergency room with their kids and can remember that kind of information?
Cathleen Johnson
Cathleen Johnson 3 days ago
Omg i feel. Cause this is soo annoying
Ash BB
Ash BB 3 days ago
.. fr
chloe duncan
chloe duncan 3 days ago
I never knew other people didn’t like it when their parents talked for them like, I love it when my mom just says everything for me
may Agustin
may Agustin 3 days ago
if i ever go to a doctor imma make my mom do all the talking lol
juni ferles
juni ferles 3 days ago
Klepto Saurus
Klepto Saurus 3 days ago
Tiktok is cancer
ZaaraGames 3 days ago
I like my mom talking for me but when it's a foreign doctor and doesn't speak our native language I have to explain everything myself or just translate what she says
Chubby Prince
Chubby Prince 3 days ago
Yall want to speak for yourselves?? My annxiety was so bad that i had my mom say everything for me
•Frøsted Høney•
Bro I would actually like it if someone said everything for me cuz like irl I be like: a-and th-th-then we d-did- th-this an-and uh- I- uh- YE-YEAH- so th-that wa-was c-cool-
PsychoWolf 4 days ago
I can’t talk to anyone at the doctors except for a couple of people but only because I’ve known them for most my life.
「 Waffleri 」
「 Waffleri 」 4 days ago
Imagine they are both katie
kaylarl Nightrp
kaylarl Nightrp 4 days ago
This is literally why i have no clue how to talk with people at 19
Jake Montoya
Jake Montoya 4 days ago
This is why kids don’t wanna make their own appointments
Tub Bubbb
Tub Bubbb 4 days ago
I would say that the first time he answered for her after telling why they were there like “ahem. Did I say your name? No why are you answering?” Like if that actually happened, she’s 17 let her talk for herself- There’s probably grammar mistakes
Rubina Nafees
Rubina Nafees 4 days ago
My dad
kool aid
kool aid 4 days ago
that my mother every doctor’s appointment