Tip Chocolate Hacks With Balloon 

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Mar 26, 2021




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Satisfying Cakes
Satisfying Cakes 18 days ago
💖 💖 Thanks for watching my video If you wanna watch more, you can subscribe my FANTASTIC CHANNEL: us-first.info Thank you very much !!!
Erica Acharya
Erica Acharya Hour ago
Ximena Fro
Ximena Fro 5 hours ago
Porque no ablas
Kinara Azzahra
Kinara Azzahra 7 hours ago
Take out with full credits to start this entry. Wan ist me and my heart Will go west
kanmani keerthi
kanmani keerthi 7 hours ago
Super 💞
andriss luna
andriss luna 9 hours ago
Malak زهرة الأحزان
بتجننننن ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Taqiyya Bahiij
Taqiyya Bahiij 38 minutes ago
Marce Monreal
Marce Monreal 39 minutes ago
Marce Monreal
Marce Monreal 40 minutes ago
SATRIA GARUDA BIMA X 57 minutes ago
Samuelleni Alexandre
Você lavou esse balão não é
Shen Yai
Shen Yai Hour ago
The ballons should be clean because all the ballons has a glitter on it...
PSA Agronegócios
PSA Agronegócios 2 hours ago
I Love cake
Alejandra Ramos
Alejandra Ramos 2 hours ago
Que calidd
Sandro Menezes
Sandro Menezes 3 hours ago
Gostinho de balão ksksk
عباس غسان
عباس غسان 3 hours ago
Noor e Emaan Poonawala
Never do this you never know what germs are inside the balloon
Elise Luzuriaga
Elise Luzuriaga 4 hours ago
Wow 🤩 cool
Eliana Canchari
Eliana Canchari 4 hours ago
Antito Rios
Antito Rios 4 hours ago
Inry Hernadez
Inry Hernadez 4 hours ago
Diego Romero
Diego Romero 4 hours ago
Me encantó 😘😘😘😘🎂
fofinha Ju game pk xd Julia isa
Aghju amatu a ricetta chì aghju fattu è hè stata assai brava congratulazioni 😊
猫好き 4 hours ago
Mine rond
Mine rond 5 hours ago
Hay que sabroso 😋❤️
Ayesha Merrydeath
Ayesha Merrydeath 5 hours ago
Mmmm. condom flavored junk food
Kiddye 5 hours ago
safe 👍
marinette 5 hours ago
عبد الحميد
Mariana Contreras
Mariana Contreras 5 hours ago
Jajaja ntc
Mariana Contreras
Mariana Contreras 5 hours ago
sonounmaschio -AOT
sonounmaschio -AOT 6 hours ago
Era un globuli rosso di cioccolato
adriana aponte
adriana aponte 6 hours ago
Que chebre 😂
Trinity Mukbang girl
JanelinaBellarina 6 hours ago
i dont know why i feel uncomfortable with this because of balloon
Ольга Митител
Беее, у шоколада потом будет вкус шарика🥴😒
kanmani keerthi
kanmani keerthi 7 hours ago
Super 💞
NATHALY Silva 7 hours ago
Amigo seu vídeo
Manny the ninja 161
Destiny Jackson
Destiny Jackson 7 hours ago
That's nice
Иван Стержнёв
سجى Vh
سجى Vh 8 hours ago
واو حبيت الطريقه💖😍✨😋
سوسه 8 hours ago
Nopa Hopa
Nopa Hopa 8 hours ago
ᴍᴀᴛɪ嫠 8 hours ago
Do u rlly think that someone is going to make that useless
علي سيف
علي سيف 8 hours ago
اكلي حلو لله جيد❤️❤️
diyana elsanti
diyana elsanti 8 hours ago
itu di oven
Elizabeth Chávez dgb
Berta Polonia
Berta Polonia 9 hours ago
Brittany Readus
Brittany Readus 9 hours ago
I made some before and it was good but for rosen i had it on my brthday
Dhruva Divya
Dhruva Divya 10 hours ago
Plz don't do that...... making for balloons material etc
Fidel Gonzalez
Fidel Gonzalez 10 hours ago
Eso es falso
Giselle Beltran
Giselle Beltran 10 hours ago
Giselle Beltran
Giselle Beltran 10 hours ago
Ева Олейник
Это прикольно но в нутрь шарика добавляют парошок для футболистов
Veronica Campuzano rico
Hadjer Stare
Hadjer Stare 11 hours ago
Abigisvdh Ōkami
Abigisvdh Ōkami 11 hours ago
Name is music pls
Paula Fernández Montiel
POV: El castroso de clase es alérgico a las frambuesas
Nick Hodges
Nick Hodges 12 hours ago
Mmmn,the taste of balloons.
Shina Yabes
Shina Yabes 13 hours ago
scam 😂
Lee Taulier
Lee Taulier 13 hours ago
Sa doit être trop bons
Mike_217 14 hours ago
No hagan esto es tóxico
Blessy Jerusha
Blessy Jerusha 14 hours ago
Anyone knows what is the background music's name ?🤔
Suci Laila
Suci Laila 14 hours ago
Wis ora iso
face palm
face palm 14 hours ago
Ight imma get my therd hand out to cut the rubber real quick
baba baba
baba baba 14 hours ago
بتمنى الاشتراك بالقناة وشكرا
Muter Bolim
Muter Bolim 14 hours ago
Woudnt it melt?
When you realize that balloons have something sprayed in it and your chocolate thing is gonna end up tasting bad
Iman Banaei
Iman Banaei 15 hours ago
Movie Mania
Movie Mania 15 hours ago
tatti hay yarr😂😂😂😂
Kena Felis
Kena Felis 15 hours ago
عصام زلازل
عصام زلازل 16 hours ago
İrem Çoban
İrem Çoban 16 hours ago
هيام الجبورية
والله حلوو راح اجربه
Light Smoke
Light Smoke 17 hours ago
I like chocolate why you didn't eat it?...hehe I want to eat chocolate
Mohammadsaiful Anam
Mohammadsaiful Anam 17 hours ago
Enak apa ndak...
Ηλέκτρα Δουλή
Am i the only one who tought she gonna make a stress ball?😂
Sujar Aditya
Sujar Aditya 17 hours ago
EinieN J
EinieN J 17 hours ago
Cute! ♥️
Luís Silva
Luís Silva 17 hours ago
Have you ever smelled a balloon?
Nifa Risma
Nifa Risma 17 hours ago
عبدالله الحريري
Ання Мультики
Maria Das grasa
Maria Das grasa 18 hours ago
eu amei
Vildo XViil
Vildo XViil 18 hours ago
wait ls even the balloon clean?
Shree Ramya
Shree Ramya 18 hours ago
Fitriani Achmad
Fitriani Achmad 19 hours ago
Why you don't use flex tape it's so good bung 😆😆
skadoosh 19 hours ago
Yep taste like rubber
Mahi Mahrotra
Mahi Mahrotra 19 hours ago
CANAN YAZICI 19 hours ago
Welcome to cancer
Mazlan Ahmad
Mazlan Ahmad 19 hours ago
Um puasa!!😂😂
Lelia Lazaro
Lelia Lazaro 20 hours ago
Wow ang ganda 😊😊
Thanh Bui
Thanh Bui 20 hours ago
mayeth tejero
mayeth tejero 20 hours ago
Trixie 7❤️💘💗💝💖💓💞💕🧡🧡💛❤️💚💟💟💜❣️🤎🖤🤍🙊✌️🤝👍🤙
Hg Oo
Hg Oo 21 hour ago
Anadhya S
Anadhya S 21 hour ago
Looks delicious 😍
Ly Sa
Ly Sa 21 hour ago
최여진 22 hours ago
직원:54만원 결제 도와드리겠습니디 손님~^^ ???:그러게 내가 국밥이나 먹으러 가자했지?!