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Tim Allen shares his private garage containing a diverse car collection of hot rods, customs, sports cars, and even a @Tesla! Some celebrity garages only have new cars, but Tim is a genuine hot rodder and enjoys building cars and driving fast. On this two-part tour, you'll see all of Tim's cars and including the famous LT5.
Tim is an American actor and comedian. He is known for playing Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement and Mike Baxter on the Last Man Standing. Tim also voices Buzz Lightyear in Pixar's Toy Story!
Watch Pt. 2 here: us-first.info/player/video/ldKUp6RoqaurhYk.html
0:00 - Intro
2:13 - 72' Bronco
3:04 - 71' VW
3:19 - Volvo P1800
4:17 - F100 built by McLaren
5:09 - LT5 Impala
8:00 - Chevy 409 Bubble top
8:40 - Ferrari 330 GTC
10:15 - Pontiac GTO Ram Air 4
11:26 - Ford Custom
12:35 - Studebaker Sleeper Cab
14:30 - Ford RS200
16:51 - Mustang GT350R
18:15 - Ford GT
20:23 - Shelby Cobra

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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
Derick Samuels
Derick Samuels 8 minutes ago
Tim Allen came up off the cocaine game
Matthew Mcdonald
Freaking awesome!!! M249, arsenal AK-47, Thompson sub, and possibly a Bravo Co M4!!! Love the cars too.
Calebzim Zim
Calebzim Zim Hour ago
Man it’s good to see him, he looks well
Everything Maintenance
Want the same thing all these celebrities have? Buy a nice daily driver that you enjoy then visit car lots and walk around looking at the cars even test drive a few once in a while, and you have exactly what they have without spending all the money LOL. What a waste of money all them cars that just sit around to look at LOL.
Everything Maintenance
Another look at what I own by another famous person. What they don’t own is salvation. None of this matters, they are storing up their treasures on earth and will lose the kingdom of Heaven. So said to see this tragedy.
Santa Claus has quite the collection! All jokes aside those are some beautiful cars and I’m glad he takes good care of them, and drives them
meme myselfandi
One of the few celebrities that dosent disgust me
Leonard Janda
Leonard Janda Hour ago
Keep up the great videos 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
drydocked1967 2 hours ago
Ole Cocaine Tim, bet he's glad he didn't get the prison sentence they put on some people for trafficking a pound or two of cocaine.
Brett Smolski
Brett Smolski 2 hours ago
Pretty impressive for an ex cocaine mule.
Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras!
Hey Mr. Allen, didn't you have a house for a while off of Nazareth in Kalamazoo?
Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras!
I had a 73 convertible for a while, but the color of Kermit the Frog. Got lots of attention.
S K 4 hours ago
Some people have way to much money while so many others suffer.
daniel howard
daniel howard 6 hours ago
So he complains about things being boring. Which is funny because I am bored so Im out.
daniel howard
daniel howard 6 hours ago
ok hes on the 3rd car. He complains too much.
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings 10 hours ago
Awesome informative Video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙌🙏
Barbermilton 10 hours ago
This was kinda weird to watch and then the voice over was like OK ?? Was he drunk?
jeffsmithist 11 hours ago
Wonder what battery tender he has hooked up to all the cars?
John Ehteshami
John Ehteshami 12 hours ago
The GT350 R mustang what year is it?
thermite345 12 hours ago
Kwt800 6axe
Kwt800 6axe 13 hours ago
I love Ford GT best ride I had a v6 turbo
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 14 hours ago
And I remember working with Tim in Ann Arbor when we were doing comedy at the Main Street Comedy Showcase...he sure has come a long way!
Biggus Doggus
Biggus Doggus 14 hours ago
WOW What a career with some rough spots. And just an awesome collection. What an exciting fun and fulfilled life you have had my man. Enjoy.
Ashton905 15 hours ago
Haha.... Blurrs Volvo license plate. Next scene not covered up 🤦‍♂️
Ray 15 hours ago
Loving the cars, but let's see those rifles in the back room.
Brian Fox
Brian Fox 15 hours ago
I made auto paint color matches back in the 80’s- 90’s for Richard Carpenter of the Carpenters with his late sister Karen, i was taken on a private tour of his garage by his right hand man Richard one day in santa fe springs Ca. It had me almost in tears ‘ green with envy ‘ the colors had to be perfect as he entered car shows. From what i remember his collection was bigger then Tim’s, not to take anything away for this great and very funny man. But i could be wrong.. love ya Tim 🙂😁
213eddy 15 hours ago
Kevin H.W. Crabbe
Kevin H.W. Crabbe 15 hours ago
Yes I love this car you have there
Paul Strunc
Paul Strunc 16 hours ago
Amazing collection
Bob Gil
Bob Gil 16 hours ago
I wish I was Tim Allen. Living the life.
MrSuperSativa 16 hours ago
I hope Elon sent him the fastest Tesla ever made in response to this video 😂
David Gartrell
David Gartrell 17 hours ago
I saw Tim driving a 4 door Porsche in LA traffic. I was pretty sure it was him then I saw the Michigan plates which confirmed my suspicion.
Defenstrator 18 hours ago
A very interesting collection. Some genuinely interesting pieces, not just a list of rich mans toys.
Greg Brown
Greg Brown 19 hours ago
my God, the sound. Terrence Malick would have left those clips on the cutting room floor.
Paperbag1124 19 hours ago
holy moly that joe pesci impression was spot on
Denzel Lewis
Denzel Lewis 20 hours ago
What are the wire's running to the cars
Jason Ablah
Jason Ablah 20 hours ago
This man has great taste 👌
25 Cent
25 Cent 20 hours ago
The added sound bytes sound like garbage 😅 he seems bored of the people he is with
John Burke
John Burke 20 hours ago
*I thought Tim had a collection more comparable (at least in terms of numbers) to Jay's ... guess not.*
mcaleerjm 20 hours ago
4:30 in and all he's done is complain. I've seen enough.
Jim R
Jim R 20 hours ago
I thought I would see the SHO Taurus he drove in the first Santa Clause movie before he became Santa Claus. I bet most people didn't even notice it was an SHO. But I did because it looked exactly like my 1989 gray SHO which is the first year ford made a Taurus into an SHO. I just thought it might be from Tim's collection and he snuck it in the movie. Oh well. Now I kind of wonder who owned it.
james harris
james harris 20 hours ago
nice Bendpak lifts
danmobile 21 hour ago
All those cars and the Tesla is right by the door... cause it's the best to drive daily. But man that RS200!
Pete Raybon
Pete Raybon 21 hour ago
Thanks to Peterson Automotive Museum for filming and showing and Thank you Tim for allowing it. The fact that you tell the backstory on each to include your wifes samples, made go from cool to Great, not a guy with money that bought stuff to say you have it or collect dust, but a reason and passion for each.
C G 22 hours ago
Never give up.... Never surrender!!!
Money for Nothing
Money for Nothing 22 hours ago
Let’s look at the guns
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis Day ago
Tim is very critical. Lol
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Day ago
I like those big JBL speakers.
Ed M
Ed M Day ago
Are the extension cords going to some of the cars for battery chargers? You don’t need block heaters indoors.......
Violet Costello
Man you suck Jay Leno shows us the inside of his cars and takes his time
The Carrera GT and Paul Walker reference had me in my feels... Tim Allen is a TRUE enthusiast
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne Day ago
Tim i been a fan since you began your career. And I will be a fan for life. Your pretty much the only actor comedian I am not boycotting.
Jeremy H
Jeremy H Day ago
Tim Allen is no different then any other drug dealer in your town, Makes me sick how money changes how people see other people.
Troy Oliver
Troy Oliver Day ago
Love the honeycomb wheels on that GTO. Sweet collection Tim!
Michael Mace
Michael Mace Day ago
Detroit might be the last big city where you can definitely make a lot of money in real estate. I grew up in Philly & it makes me sick every time I think about all of the houses I could have bought for a $1. In the 80s & 90s there were so many abandoned houses in Philly that they practically giving them away. The city doesn't make any money on abandoned house & the money it costs to board them adds up. Today you could sell a house that's literally falling down for $100,000+ if it's in the right location or $35,000 in the ghetto. The housing boom has brought a lot of New Yorkers into Philly, which sucks.
Elle Yarbrough
How. Beautiful. This must be heaven.
Michael Mace
Michael Mace Day ago
Tim Allen is proof that anyone in America can work hard & become successful even if you're a criminal. His Bio is really very interesting & he's a good american.
Random Guy
Random Guy Day ago
sounds about white
Greg Wanner
Greg Wanner Day ago
Hard to listen too. Kind of loses his train of thought and drifts off all the time.
dyarom Day ago
Impressive ! Nice Car Collection:) Thanks for sharing with us Tim. You are one of my favorite actors:) Love You :)
Chris Townsend
The bronco is the best one!!
Chris Townsend
I’m going to Say to you buddy what I did to jay the butt hole lenno !!!!! What is your legacy going to be????? I was on tv and now I have lots of stuff and cars???? Do you help anyone or anything???? It’s sad that you have so much and you will be remembered for what??????
Mick Orchard
Mick Orchard Day ago
Are you fuckin kidden ...a classic example of American greed & excess, bloody show off, don't choke you .....TOOL
Hollow Dog
Hollow Dog Day ago
Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole Day ago
Ran into Tim and Jay when I worked at Universal - cool cars
mr fam
mr fam Day ago
I want that Ford. That’s my dream car rs200 Tim if you ever get rid of that car make one fans dream come true.
David Paul
David Paul Day ago
Imagine all the clothing and food he could have supplied the needy, and saved himself. This is your consolation, Tim.
Ahsan Mohammed
Why blank out the plates? Kills the esthetics.
Bob Rossack
Bob Rossack Day ago
Beautiful cars but i also love the "tommy gun", and is that a minimi or an m60 or what on the windowsill behind the GT40 ? This bloke is one of the only people who associated with hollyweird, that i can still respect and appreciate, as being a real person and an honest bloke. May he have many, many years more, to enjoy the rewards of his success and hard work. I also want to thank him for some very enjoyable and funny viewing. Be safe and well mate. Bob. Australia
Rocky Milano
Rocky Milano Day ago
Yeah great ! I'm looking for a cheap pot to piss in.
Colin D
Colin D Day ago
Good taste in cars too.
gary tumara
gary tumara Day ago
Tim, I believe you & I may have raced each other when you were driving your buddies gto conv. It was on Woodward south of 8 mile. After we raced we pulled into a parking lot to B.S. If it was you & your buddy, that conv. was from Royal pontiac and it was a 480 cubic inch motor. I was in a 65 442, light blue with white painted top and the side 442 emblems were removed. I also had a 480 cubic inch motor with tri-power & ram-air hoses going to my outer headlights. We raced twice from a 28 or 30 mph roll. We were dead even both times. We both had a good laugh as neither of us could believe how fast the other car was. If any of this sounds familiar I would agree that conv. was fast.
Robert The Professor Jacques
I was hoping to see the Taurus “sho”
Robert The Professor Jacques
I see a gun collection in the background 18:33
Chuck Neil
Chuck Neil Day ago
It's like somebody cut him off at the end.
Cooking With Mrs. Car Mob
Love Tim Allen and that hes from our great state Michigan. He is just a normal guy that made it big but still acts like your next door neighbor. I loved those Impalas and they def were VERY QUICK .
Andrew Vincent
Hey, get woke, like Jay
Mark Gayik
Mark Gayik Day ago
It sickens me that a RAT IS ALLOWED TO FLOURISH
C Carson
C Carson Day ago
I can only dream, thanks for the tour.
Benjamin Coleman
This is fucking great! Thank you
Captain Flatbed.
Definitely a amazing cool garage would love to walk around and see it firsthand
James Low
James Low Day ago
love the "toys" in the room behind the silver ford GT car 20:00
david james
david james Day ago
The more I watch Tim ( All-en) , the more I enjoy listening to you Brthr, Amen David James West, a Christian man
Nam 68
Nam 68 Day ago
Awesome , Thanks
Steve Day ago
This was great
VCR Time Machine
20 years ago I though Home Improvement was dumb, but now that I'm almost 50 it and "Last Man Standing" are a couple of the few shows that I actually watch.
Rodney Bissell
Paul Walker wasn’t driving.. And they were going Far too Fast on an Uneven Road... NO WHERE Near the fault of the Car!! I Love Tim Allen but you’re Wrong about how Porsche handles, Sorry STILL one of your biggest fans.. Seen Tim Three Times in Concert in Michigan 🤣🤣 Fantastic Shows
Chuck P
Chuck P Day ago
Alexander Karp
Yeah, we get it. You're rich AF and can buy whatever toy you wish. Congratulations.
dttheemperor Day ago
Argh argh argh argh
Roberta Christeen
j got more cars than you
steveobarnes Day ago
Tim "two kilos" the tool man taylor
Rendog Day ago
Great collection Tim, I'm a big fan love from Chicago ♥️💪💯💯💯💯💯
Jonathan Jones
While that was boring😴 great cars tho
Randell Brown
I thank God for you Mr. Allen.
Anthony Ruiz
Anthony Ruiz Day ago
Why do they got extension cords coming out of them?
chase c
chase c Day ago
Damn he's getting old...
D. Parrish
D. Parrish Day ago
Tim they are engine's!! Motors are the term for electric motors!!!
Yellowdog Welding, William
You mean I have electric motors on my boat? What does OMC stand for then? You should send an email to Merriam-Webster and tell them they are wrong too!
Anthony V.
Anthony V. Day ago
Wow he has a "basic" awesome car collection.
I think Tim should’ve had Jay Leno describe his cars for him Tim doesn’t seem to have too much enthusiasm. Kind of feels like a Petersen Museum is a pain in the ass for coming over to Tim’s garage and Tim is frustrated that he has to show them around.
Carl Jamison
Carl Jamison Day ago
Tim learned to tell jokes in a Michigan prison . If he made the other prisoners laugh he would not have to take their dick .