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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Pug Boy swagger09
Pug Boy swagger09 24 minutes ago
It looks like an Egg
Garden- Pom
Garden- Pom 36 minutes ago
I’m sooooo sad u lost the trivia! U DID FOOCKIN GREAT! They didn’t put u up against Ninja and just wow! I was rootin for ya tho. Same with Dream, Preston, and Jaiden Animations.
The Cow Cow Studios
The Cow Cow Studios 44 minutes ago
Kolton Koetter
Kolton Koetter 57 minutes ago
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve Hour ago
Miss the every day upload 😞
Green Weeb
Green Weeb Hour ago
tik tok i am a clock and i have a co** -LAZAR BEAM
KingOfPandas Hour ago
Play tabs if there’s nothing play
StealthySeth 511
Lannan's reaction when the dude jumped at tv while playing VR. 😂😂😂
Raymond Melendrez
Use code lazar been in the item shop
StealthySeth 511
"Macaroni with the chicken strips"
Is it me or im in the bath rooom watchinghim lol
StealthySeth 511
Jayden Dodson
Jayden Dodson Hour ago
Sam Santos
Sam Santos 2 hours ago
Lazarbeam: that looks like a watermelon Me: IS D-TOWN COMING BACK PLEASE MINECRAFT
Everything iNoah
Everything iNoah 2 hours ago
Go to mark robers live stream on April 30th and donate for his kid who has autism. Please it would mean a lot to him😃
fortnite jarvis
fortnite jarvis 2 hours ago
Kid on trampoline: did you say macaroni and the chicken strips uhhhhhhhhhhhh Flyers to space sees 9999999999 macaroni and chicken strips
Zayvion Henry
Zayvion Henry 2 hours ago
That t-rex after 9 months 🤰🏻🤱👶
Caleb Rose
Caleb Rose 2 hours ago
Lazarbeam, you are great and all... but can you upload more
رایان اتوکش
Why do you look like modest pelican
Jaden Slater
Jaden Slater 2 hours ago
Hi lazarbeam
Citlaly Mendoza
Citlaly Mendoza 3 hours ago
Am boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
Marreo Jones
Marreo Jones 3 hours ago
its feash the ferecken boss hes the ferecken boss
the best fortnite players is us
Laser beam you a f### you uploaded in 2w you f######
X ZEROX 3 hours ago
5:27 NOT THE PHONE!!!!!!????
Pog The last clip imao
Erica Lewis
Erica Lewis 3 hours ago
Lazar play more mine raft mineraft huge update
Salud Vivian Montoya
Dont roast me or you become an egg head
the yeetersons
the yeetersons 3 hours ago
The funny part is when you watch his face react to the vid and it just cracks me up
Hassan Emara
Hassan Emara 3 hours ago
Lazarbeam can you please notice me I’m a big fan
Hi'im Poop
Hi'im Poop 3 hours ago
Is deep fake
Christina Nicole
Christina Nicole 3 hours ago
i betcha he got another strike
MrBear 4 hours ago
0:07-0:13, tick-tock, im a clock, and I have a (CHICKEN NOISE), mate I'm a modern day m&m
Romelia Hidalgo
Romelia Hidalgo 4 hours ago
That does not look like a happy face it’s more like a depressed face
Noah Ingram
Noah Ingram 4 hours ago
Go back to minecraft!!!
Dalson Eversole
Dalson Eversole 4 hours ago
this girl in my class named Kimberly called my sister ugly and made fun of my dead dog
Mohamed sharif
Mohamed sharif 4 hours ago
you are such a bot you sound like when you flush your toilet
Gianni Suarez
Gianni Suarez 4 hours ago
Lazar can you help me with a win on fortnight
Kaden Blank
Kaden Blank 4 hours ago
Fun fact it’s very rare for a person to be able to cross only one eye. But I can do it without having to look at my finger
Alden Boulerice
Alden Boulerice 4 hours ago
0:12 mate I am a modern day m&m/eminem
Vicky Sandoval
Vicky Sandoval 4 hours ago
out home Alabama 1.00
James Matthew
James Matthew 4 hours ago
what the fuck 18 mill now
Kai Papa
Kai Papa 4 hours ago
on fortnight
Kai Papa
Kai Papa 4 hours ago
laser beam you are the best youtuber ever you mey not read this but if you can do memes plese
Noah Lewis
Noah Lewis 4 hours ago
1:14 I showed this to my dad he laughed so hard
Kiley Dickens
Kiley Dickens 5 hours ago
Bria Barnes
Bria Barnes 5 hours ago
Hey mate I know are use your but can you give me a shout out Bria barnes
Random Skeleton
Random Skeleton 5 hours ago
At times he kinda looks like Robert Downey
Brian Renteria
Brian Renteria 6 hours ago
Go to 2:02 for the best joke
MastrBuildr 6 hours ago
i forgot who lazarbeam was
the nugget terminator
He's nearly the most subed youtuber in asstrialia he just needs to beat a kids toy channel
Mason Bergman
Mason Bergman 6 hours ago
Hey lazar can u start a hardcore world
stavros hehe ツ
stavros hehe ツ 7 hours ago
can you do random crap friday?
László Szammer
László Szammer 7 hours ago
Tiksis toksis these ppl are toxisis
Yang Zhang
Yang Zhang 7 hours ago
Plz can you upload more I love your vids.
banned acc
banned acc 7 hours ago
Lazer do another fortnite Olympics
4MontereyCA 7 hours ago
Dude, that guy going door to door just for you .He needs to be happy because bro, you are his inspiration !!
Lonerr B4six
Lonerr B4six 8 hours ago
0:33 mk be like
Jonte 8 hours ago
6:49 indian editing time!
Hermelindo Merida
Hermelindo Merida 8 hours ago
It the guy from fortnite 😱
Controllxr 8 hours ago
Billy Walsh
Billy Walsh 8 hours ago
Levi Baxter
Levi Baxter 8 hours ago
Lannan your bored look at this funny pic
Major Coconut
Major Coconut 8 hours ago
Hey mr beam, since there’s not much content or anything else to look at, maybe you should take a trip down memory lane and look at old gaming vids and find some ideas. Just a idea for future vids. Lov your vids, YEET!
josbel fernandez
josbel fernandez 8 hours ago
Sonny Valentine
Sonny Valentine 8 hours ago
U are the best
robin bill
robin bill 8 hours ago
1:52 I mean
robin bill
robin bill 8 hours ago
3:15 Same person?
Michael Hebert
Michael Hebert 8 hours ago
i subscribed
Daniel LaBelle
Daniel LaBelle 9 hours ago
6:57 the fart lmao
Owen Randazzo
Owen Randazzo 9 hours ago
space pickle
space pickle 9 hours ago
Hi csn you add me please because I am lonely JK but I love you r videos my fortnite name is waffle ma
Sean Thayer jr
Sean Thayer jr 9 hours ago
Once lazarbeam was streaming and I was in the shower watching
Taps lock
Taps lock 9 hours ago
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh yay money
Badlandsman Master
Badlandsman Master 9 hours ago
hey lalanon we want boddy and your dad in a trio
QIZ- Xyfixe
QIZ- Xyfixe 9 hours ago
please break the grapplebows
Pulsepower 9 hours ago
2:58 I can't tell what's funnier the tiktok or his face 3:26 I'm surprised he didn't say yeet Plz see this: 3:30 And this: 8:28
JUDE SMITH 10 hours ago
upload more videos pls
Azad Plays
Azad Plays 10 hours ago
Lazarbeam I got a mullet
Ethan Jack
Ethan Jack 10 hours ago
Play Subnautica Lazar.
YaYeetamus 10 hours ago
Who wants him to bring back weird subreddits and poly bridge
Chris Cass
Chris Cass 10 hours ago
Now down to the mitey laser beam also known as lanen
Blackish_mode542 10 hours ago
Avar 10 hours ago
Don’t say a bad word
Chris Cass
Chris Cass 10 hours ago
From the top make it drop from the top make it drop from the top make it it drop
ChordR2 Productions
ChordR2 Productions 10 hours ago
Jayden Moore
Jayden Moore 10 hours ago
the way lazerbeam reacts to the second one lol
Shezrick Spiteri
Shezrick Spiteri 10 hours ago
Lazarbeam you are the best
TalaPlayz 10 hours ago
you are a party pooper
Ganesh Balack
Ganesh Balack 11 hours ago
The hair cut video the after result made him look like rock lee
Austin Sinden
Austin Sinden 11 hours ago
I’m bored to
itx ahad
itx ahad 11 hours ago
5:00 rip
Lee Foskett
Lee Foskett 11 hours ago
ChickenTit 11 hours ago
Nice upload schedule, where’d u get it
DemonX-_-ClipZ 11 hours ago
New subscriber
Evan Wilson
Evan Wilson 11 hours ago
you heard the man he's now EminEm
Split Vision
Split Vision 11 hours ago
Yesssss I love tik took Made you click XD
Slayer123 11 hours ago
You should make I am bored videos please
JJman 12 hours ago
Lazarbeam add me to your Friends list in Fortnite my name is Jon flame 213
Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson 12 hours ago
Who remembers when he first started his career
Big Nig
Big Nig 12 hours ago
TIKTOKS best videos