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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
devarsh borsadiya
devarsh borsadiya 12 hours ago
Tommy supremacy
Nathan Vibez
Nathan Vibez 14 hours ago
Tommys at 8 mil how is that fair
Noah Davidson
Noah Davidson 19 hours ago
australians call it macca’s also Macdonalds was founded in australia so were right
GyroGaming 22 hours ago
Thumbnail clickbait
Bryce L
Bryce L Day ago
You guys call McDonalds "Mac"Donalds? We Pronounce it a "Mick"Donalds so Mackys doesn't make sense to us. (Plus there are restaurants here called Macky's already so it adds to the confusion.)
James Corden
James Corden Day ago
blake flippen
blake flippen 2 days ago
Some make 10.24 a meme
Adrian Bisutti
Adrian Bisutti 2 days ago
You should react to anime on your channel, I am sooo happy that you are getting into anime!!!
Dj Corella
Dj Corella 2 days ago
I bet talia is the funniest at parties *cough cough not at all she a stiff lol cough cough*
OnlyWhiffs 2 days ago
StealthKV 2 days ago
Why did Simon cut out the TikTok in 13:42 about gas and Mac Donald’s
iron Gollum
iron Gollum 2 days ago
Okay we call gasstations and gasoline gas becaues evan thoe in it natural state its a liquid it turns in to gas to fuel your car and what do gas stations do the give us that liquid that turns into gas and you guys call it petrol caues it's a name. We did it chemically right by naming it that and ni know not a lot of people know that so you Don't realy get the answer but there you go
Raymond 3 days ago
Planting trees in Africa?????! Mann we chilling in the Jungle over here, Bossman keep your money or cash app me still!!!
Niels Cremer
Niels Cremer 3 days ago
Talia is so damn cute it's ridiculous
Vibe 3 days ago
Yo Displate is actually dope. Going to college next year and I'm definitely decorating my walls with their stuff
Garth Mcpherson
Garth Mcpherson 3 days ago
You have Instagram
Bentley Harris-Leaupepe
16:38 whos going to get smaked WHOS GOING TO GET SMAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
? 3 days ago
Why did they cut out the American ask British a question
Don’t you guys just love that for all the try not to laugh challenge the thumbnail is always of a girl dancing or wearing practically nothing 😂
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro 4 days ago
how did "goals" get 176 likes 😐
jedo 92
jedo 92 4 days ago
i got in to anime here we he haku and hunter bruh
The tiktoks are so loud
FE4R Purgee
FE4R Purgee 4 days ago
Sorry I have to do it. It's "Hunter Hunter"
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 4 days ago
Luv how Talia's name is the only word written in small letters in the Title😂😂
TC 4 days ago
I just finished Hunter x Hunter!! Is this a sign to get a poster? 😂
Lola Stringer
Lola Stringer 4 days ago
His sponsorships are soooo good!!!
Mustafa unal Yildiz
Pov: you dont have 10 million subscribers and you see a diamond play button
AnthonyMahoneyYT 5 days ago
What a gentleman he gave her his chair
Keltas Tomusasa
Keltas Tomusasa 5 days ago
Why do you name it try not to laugh even though you laugh at everything?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 5 days ago
Simon bringing back KSIMON and providing with INSANE amount of potential meme templates. Man's serious
Baltic Comrade
Baltic Comrade 5 days ago
Ayrシ 5 days ago
13:14 got some balamori crap going cant lie
Ayrシ 5 days ago
lig ma
lig ma 5 days ago
YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THE PS5 JOKE, that music was a Barbie song that was In a toy phone most kids had when opened that song played
Mesram Jungu
Mesram Jungu 5 days ago
GusBus Shmurda
GusBus Shmurda 5 days ago
10:34 💀
DEVIL Hi 6 days ago
Tommy is going to beat you to 10 million
Fin K-D
Fin K-D 6 days ago
13:15 now try cycling up that hill. they did it on GCN
Wilma Peart Gaming
Nearly there 9.33Million
Joel Kizito
Joel Kizito 6 days ago
"Some of your money goes to planning trees in Africa" We have trees goddamn it Simon
Doctor Capacitor
Doctor Capacitor 3 days ago
Better america
Nidhish Narang
Nidhish Narang 6 days ago
He has 8 million
YasarArts 6 days ago
13:46 I just clocked she was asking what the word "Innit" means, not what's in the fish and chips
Gus LeBlanc
Gus LeBlanc 6 days ago
Tommyinnt Vs Miniminter
Kuzey Koçaş
Kuzey Koçaş 6 days ago
Tommy is 8.08 now :D
Cassie 6 days ago
Simon bringing back KSIMON and providing with INSANE amount of potential meme templates. Man's serious
Charles Martin
Charles Martin 6 days ago
That one with the kid and his shadow 😂
Gifter Mf
Gifter Mf 6 days ago
the fact that he read Re: as R E
YT Swiinny
YT Swiinny 6 days ago
They call it a gas station because petrol gas is emitted from the petrol
Gaius Nolan
Gaius Nolan 6 days ago
Tommyinnit is better
e.fraser 2 days ago
Gaius Nolan Gay
Gaius Nolan
Gaius Nolan 2 days ago
@e.fraser no u
e.fraser 5 days ago
Cassie 6 days ago
For the gaz part they call it gaz because it’s not the liquide that goes in the motor it is the fumes so (gas)
Eddie Holmes
Eddie Holmes 6 days ago
What’s Simon doing with 40 gallons of lube
Aakash 6 days ago
talia has 50 different haircuts every week
ENMA 6 days ago
Damm her grandmother living her life
Ruthvik Shetty
Ruthvik Shetty 6 days ago
Tommyinnit is catching up
Lewis95xp 7 days ago
Didn't even make it past 0:40
Jacob Gmail-User
Jacob Gmail-User 7 days ago
e.fraser 5 days ago
- watches tommyinnit 🤡
SLEEPING CAT 6 days ago
@Martial I mean tik tok is the cringiest thing on earth
Martial 6 days ago
Tommy fanboy calling someone else cringe 😂
SLEEPING CAT 7 days ago
James Richards
James Richards 7 days ago
13:43 is just amazing.
Marshmello Family
Where is all my fellow Mellos At >>>>>
Josh Griffin
Josh Griffin Day ago
Nay shut up
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 7 days ago
Simon bringing back KSIMON and providing with INSANE amount of potential meme templates. Man's serious
Ana 7 days ago
sooo.. is the dog happy or is there something wrong indeed?
JustSaying 7 days ago
ngl I just went and bought 4 anime displates. I'm easily influenced by ads
Nytro 7 days ago
We don’t call it gas bc it’s a gas, we call it gas bc it’s short for gasoline.
Lewis Rowley
Lewis Rowley 7 days ago
I mean he could have lowered the volume of the Alexa device. His hand was there... Moron
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 7 days ago
Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of simon but i think tommyinnit is winning this one...
Marek Noreau
Marek Noreau 7 days ago
For the gaz part they call it gaz because it’s not the liquide that goes in the motor it is the fumes so (gas)
John Kramer Wide putin
6:25 such toy phones wit weird ring;phones are damn popular in India
JAVIER JONES 7 days ago
YOU NEEDA PUT "with girlfriend" for more views
ŤEΠI 7 days ago
Me who lives in africa and bought a display Oh they planting it in my background
Xxfox Games030
Xxfox Games030 7 days ago
Who talia?
Cameroncxc 7 days ago
I'm from Africa , we ain't getting no trees
shougun 34
shougun 34 7 days ago
What are the looking at 3:49
Japanese Wap
Japanese Wap 7 days ago
I was about to buy the posters but THEYY ARE SO EXPENSIVE AND I LOVE ANIME
Raf 7 days ago
POV: you came from tiktok
Bruh 7 days ago
Bruh, 4:59 vocals hit different.
Suvarna Das
Suvarna Das 7 days ago
Stop promoting tommyinnit if u really want the W...
Dennis Tillmann
Dennis Tillmann 7 days ago
Pls react to Sidemen Animation-Among us 3 from Rogue Speedgod
comman man
comman man 7 days ago
Did he move into his new house
AlphaT0S 7 days ago
Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of simon but i think tommyinnit is winning this one...
Bezy 7 days ago
Stop hating tommyinnit
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 days ago
they’re so perfect
Nate Young
Nate Young 8 days ago
It’s a gas station not petrol or something
Natho 344
Natho 344 8 days ago
Simon btw super mainstream purposely puts the alexa there for mroe entertainment
Jayla Y
Jayla Y 8 days ago
I’m kinda offended when he said it’s stupid America call’s it gas stations
Jayla Y
Jayla Y 5 days ago
I know
e.fraser 5 days ago
Its true though
QT Knockout
QT Knockout 8 days ago
Title tiktok sketch talia My brain:tiktok with Tesla
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 days ago
i know the song in that ps5 from wish, it is ben ten in the sri lankan language and i have a Ben ten watch that has the same sound in it
JayWolfie :D
JayWolfie :D 8 days ago
I saw a Killua and deku poster... I am now having a great day 🤣🥺
Adrian Cruz
Adrian Cruz 8 days ago
50000 thousand sorry but still
Adrian Cruz
Adrian Cruz 8 days ago
You might actually lose
Adrian Cruz
Adrian Cruz 8 days ago
Is been two weeks and tommy made 500000 and you only got 30000
Tyler Branch
Tyler Branch 8 days ago
That valorant kid probably experienced so much squeaker bullying...
WxnterChill 8 days ago
AAAAAYYYYY my guys Simon coming into the anime Community my guy got one suggestion watch naruto and black clover
Wasil khan
Wasil khan 8 days ago
Guys don’t let miniminter get to 10 mil let tommyinit so we could clown him on reddit
Comment Bot
Comment Bot 8 days ago
Ngl I think he is trying to hard to beat a literal 17 year old, he did click bait to beat him
not a pan
not a pan 8 days ago
YASSSSS SIMON✨✨✨watching anime YASSSWWAASSS suggestion- attack on titan :)
Fin 8 days ago
That sub and bell ring animation saying he only at 8mil just a bit behind
Babooba Vader
Babooba Vader 8 days ago
Ong super
Da Real Grufi
Da Real Grufi 8 days ago
Tommy's gonna beat u
Ryan Mallon
Ryan Mallon 8 days ago
Everyone knows why the thumbnail was a chick wearing a bikini
literally no one here
i know the song in that ps5 from wish, it is ben ten in the sri lankan language and i have a Ben ten watch that has the same sound in it
Devil Man
Devil Man 8 days ago
We still click baiting In 2021
Dan boiii
Dan boiii 8 days ago
Tommyinnit is just better sry Man U gotta step up ur game to catch him
Element _Snipez05
Gas stations are called gas stations because gas can be an abbreviation of gasoline.
KSI is not funny...
Oh No.... 😂