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Feb 21, 2021




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Comments 100   
Jak3_the_God Hour ago
Hey tim where do you find these tik toks for your guns ? Because now im curious love your vids man
Justin Norwood
Justin Norwood 2 hours ago
Drop the optic and put slight of hand
W0nder1ng_ R0N1N
W0nder1ng_ R0N1N 2 hours ago
Finally someone appreciates my favorite gun
Matt 5 hours ago
use to run the finn with disabling rounds, they had no chance lol
Kaleb 6 hours ago
Lmao Tim's add before the video,"whys my mom like that zukenie so bad". Lol
Lil Flame
Lil Flame 8 hours ago
I’ve been shitting on people in wz with the Finn for a longtime
Stevenson Moses
Stevenson Moses 9 hours ago
Where's Nicki 2 socks
juan campos
juan campos 10 hours ago
Switch the tac laser for the citadel stock, that's your laser beam 100%
Warzone Brothers
Warzone Brothers 10 hours ago
Come to my channel for real gameplay not this sweaty rose stuff with the same guns every game cuz the only guns you can use is meta easy trash #FuckNickmercs&TimTheFatman
Deaks RS
Deaks RS 11 hours ago
Real talk zlaner had your back and was walking you through with a sweet soothing voice, "its okay tim, take your time to plate while I fight this team for you."
Johnny gregorio
Johnny gregorio 15 hours ago
Z laner is a rat 👎🤭
Brandon Durocher
Brandon Durocher 15 hours ago
The Finn is honestly ass. It takes 40 bullets to kill someone but cause it shoots fast it doesn’t take that long to kill. Imo bruen is still it wit lmgs
Joshua Reynolds
Joshua Reynolds 17 hours ago
Please use the m91 and bullfrog! Been trying to get nick to do it for months lol
xavien goddard-walker
im subbed
Blake Counts
Blake Counts 18 hours ago
He doesn’t have blue dot
Humid Candy
Humid Candy 22 hours ago
the vlk-3.0 optic with the t-pose site on the finn makes a pretty good difference.
Clowny-McGiggles 22 hours ago
It has a good iron site actually. I use it without a laser and it rips still.
Humid Candy
Humid Candy 22 hours ago
the vlk-3.0 optic with the t-pose site on the finn makes a pretty good difference.
Blizzy Vicious
matix10104 Day ago
Slide of hand, ditch the laser!!!!!
AxtrlxV- Day ago
Charlie Thomson
just subbed bro keep it up ur vid just make me happy dont forget to say VERDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNSKKKKKK
Sak 20012019
Sak 20012019 Day ago
Take the tac laser off and run the commando.
Epicness Jaber
does your fortnite support a creator still work
Viking Dev
Viking Dev Day ago
Tim's playstyle has gotten way more aggressive over the last couple months and it's working for him.
MagicPanda YT
was I the one that made every one made with the fine after this um yay
RK 29
RK 29 Day ago
Fucking Z always calling shit out 5 times. say it once. we all have ears
Ray Hare
Ray Hare Day ago
Can u talk probably
Ray Hare
Ray Hare Day ago
Y are u a penguin
MUT FAN Day ago
is that huskers guy gay?
Percaholic Day ago
That thing really is a fucking laser gun. Shit has like almost no recoil and a super high fire rate. What a beauty 🥵🙏😘
Neo Day ago
The Finn just isn’t it
Jay Murray
Jay Murray Day ago
The best "VERDOOOONSK" are the heavy metal ones... Those just hit different
Grellison Day ago
That things ttk is atrocious
Brian Seburg
Brian Seburg Day ago
Wrong scope Tim.
I wanna die 1
Blake Eason
Blake Eason Day ago
How does this thing shoot so fast
JAGG Day ago
tim was playing with nick's best friend huskerrs😂
Frank WithTheDank
When did tim become a god?
James Ready
James Ready Day ago
I need your teamates coms omg
JapanWarrior Gaming
What's the Loadout for the Finn that Tim is using
Reactionz Day ago
Dude the Finn shots faster then me when I turn the lights off and sprit up the stairs bc of the monster
Black Beard
Black Beard Day ago
Kevin hasn’t been slapped in a while
snøwy & cøld
Wrong barrel
Crylo Day ago
I have used this build since I got gold on the FINN and Tim is barely finding out about it
Touge Evo
Touge Evo Day ago
Anyone else feel betrayed on Docs behalf that Zlaner was playing with Timmy?
Matias Rojas
Matias Rojas Day ago
I have been grinding on the Finn but havent seem to unlock the Lazar is this ok
Mikey Crawley
I’m running mp5 with pkm and it’s pretty nutty can’t lie
Ryan Braff
Ryan Braff Day ago
Tim just bitched that kid up in the guge
Jay_ YT
Jay_ YT Day ago
Can u try out the rpd I think it’s actually a bit good
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Day ago
How does Tim have all attachments I only have 5 I don’t have laser etc
Ronan O'Connell
Tim take off the laser and put on slight of hand. I've been using this since it came out and I've tested everything from the chainsaw to my current build. And I can safely say that it is S tier
Cayden Brewer
Cayden Brewer 2 days ago
Tim I think this build would be very good if you had blue dot swap the tac laser for 100 round belt. (Obviously it’s up to you though) I’ve used the Finn for a long time and it’s very fun in mid rage engagements
meizver 2 days ago
I haven't had a contraband contract in my life and Tim sees one and ignores it, I was furious...
meizver Day ago
@Ryan Walker I thought there were 4 guns that you could get from contrabands
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Day ago
@meizver ya but they never update it. I wish they would cause every time I see one it’s the same gun.
meizver Day ago
@Ryan Walker I would have grabbed it just for the blueprint
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Day ago
Contrabands are good to grab when you need a lot of money quick. Like if you need to buy your team back. Other then that it attracts to much attention when you are waiting for the heli to show up. Bounty’s are the way to go
Liam Acosta
Liam Acosta 2 days ago
Bro I swear I already had this build but with ranger foregrip 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 2 days ago
The only reason why warezone is relevant is because of the youtubers
Matt Lazar
Matt Lazar 2 days ago
Do you ever stfu about stopping power
Eric James
Eric James 2 days ago
This gets me hyped to play, Everyday I watch you Tim, and when you play with my twin and face artist Kane man, Love it bro. You two work well together. Get it haha
Matthew Gallaher
Matthew Gallaher 2 days ago
Use the VLK and stock ammo. Slower fire rate but it's much easier to land shots consistently which is important with 75 rounds and a semi slow reload.
werepireghost 2 days ago
my god that is insane
Sherronte 2 days ago
Y’all can’t lie this “VERDAAAAAAAAAANKSSSSSS” hit different
Jesus Manzo
Jesus Manzo 2 days ago
All Tim does is steal other people’s kills
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean 2 days ago
Dont use corp holo sight when you dont have blue dot tim
alex Jones
alex Jones 2 days ago
I think you spelled laser wrong Tim
J4c0b7 2 days ago
It needs a bigger mag or fast mag
DredShadow 2 days ago
Yay Tim is proud of me 😌
Gabriel Gamez
Gabriel Gamez 2 days ago
Someone has to do a compilation video of Tims best VERDANSK
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 2 days ago
Bruh I’ve been using this exact build since it came out
Dakota Korson
Dakota Korson 2 days ago
I would try it without the fire rate mag, its not as fast but its way more accurate
Aidan Pain
Aidan Pain 2 days ago
nah we need the normal supporting cast not these dudes
samy lopez
samy lopez 2 days ago
Not subbing just here when NICKMERCS, Swagg or cloakzy haven’t upload a video yet. 👍
Doomzday 2 days ago
I like the Finn with the advantage long barrel way more shoots slower but hits harder. But close range the adverse barrel shreds. Mid to longer distance I’ll use the other barrel give it a try Tim
Finnegan Jackman
Finnegan Jackman 2 days ago
Tim gets a contraband and a red key card. Continues to leave them both
kyle jones
kyle jones 2 days ago
Also vlk is better on that
kyle jones
kyle jones 2 days ago
Funny Tim I have been running this all season
Jojo Velasquez
Jojo Velasquez 2 days ago
That's so lit playing with Kane Brown XD. like WHATTT
kyle parker
kyle parker 2 days ago
If you play 0.00005% less sweaty you can just use the big magazine and never worry about reload with lmg's.
Mr. Yoink
Mr. Yoink 2 days ago
Imagine 2:54 mins into the vid and tim still has 1 kill
WorldWide NickEnt
i’ve been using the Finn for a long time now, it melts!
jimmy presley
jimmy presley 2 days ago
F F Finnn
Fatha Rudy
Fatha Rudy 2 days ago
The “VERDAAAANSK” is gettin shaky Tim
RatchetHondaracing 22
What headset you rockin tim
Plz kys
Plz kys 2 days ago
Half the vid is jus him reloading😂
Damyan Vargas
Damyan Vargas 2 days ago
We need to use the origin it murders
ZataraTMM 2 days ago
You already did this build timmy, not from a tiktok though, remember *finn it to win it* *finn to win* jokes w nick
ZataraTMM 2 days ago
@Ann Griswold i remember because the finn is my fave gun sence it came out, and i still yell out those things to my team mates when we win
Ann Griswold
Ann Griswold 2 days ago
Omg i forgot about that haha
Tunami 33
Tunami 33 2 days ago
I got you a them notifs big Timmy
Franklin Urquilla
Nick keeps on calling you Timmy the fat man in every single video lol
Charlie Burke
Charlie Burke 2 days ago
happy to be able to watch this during stream BANGER
Shane Whitman
Shane Whitman 2 days ago
I’m so confused on how Tim is able to throw his c4 half way across the map but I can even make mine in a second story window???
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Day ago
If you get a running start you throw it further. If you get a running start throw the c4 and jump literally right after you release the c4 it goes even further
Austin Griff
Austin Griff 2 days ago
Hmm seems like the recoil is easier to manage on key board mouse with that adverse barrel
Christian Vascot
Christian Vascot 2 days ago
I love to see you play with Zlaner! Kid is a beast! Good to see hard work pay off
Xo Rip
Xo Rip 2 days ago
Khalil Rivera
Khalil Rivera 2 days ago
I want them to nuke verdansk just to see what he says
Cole Reinoehl
Cole Reinoehl 2 days ago
XxDirkhaDirkhaxX 2 days ago
Tim, TRY THIS PELINGTON CLASS! Wrapped Suppressor Combat Recon Barrel Axial 3x Fast Loader Field Tape Grip
Maurice Essie
Maurice Essie 2 days ago
It has no recoil if u dont use advers
Luv Dragon
Luv Dragon 2 days ago
Lol I all ready know this lmg can be set up to have no recoil
SuS PLayZ 2 days ago
The finn sounds like mr krabs walking
Steven Cain
Steven Cain 2 days ago
Yooooo love you’re playing with Zlaner. Dude is insane you should do more vids with him and Huskers
Nick Rhoades
Nick Rhoades 2 days ago
Slight of hand on the Finn change my mind