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Friend to the show Ray J is here to share details his appearance on VH1 Couples Retreat.
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Seis B.
Seis B. 9 hours ago
Deanie Harris
Deanie Harris 13 hours ago
Ray j is a mess
CaapriceTube 23 hours ago
29:35 - 29:37 - That lady, lmao
Beverly Douglas
Beverly Douglas 2 days ago
I hope L.A. knows what he is doing.
loulou nana
loulou nana 3 days ago
Love me some Ray J❤❤❤❤❤princess love ...her name is everything😂😂😂
Avanti Sweetz
Avanti Sweetz 3 days ago
La is not gone tell his wife no how would he live that down 😂😂😅
Till Till
Till Till 4 days ago
Poor Princess is trapped I bet he owns her name too.
H H 4 days ago
RayJay is a buster
clarisa polk
clarisa polk 4 days ago
I've always considered Pebbles to be a knock-off Vanessa Williams. Her style back then, was so similar to Vanessa's style.
Sekina 5 days ago
Ray J is just rambling. His brain and mouth are social distancing. No connection.
Brittany B
Brittany B 5 days ago
Celebrity photobomb more like celebrity photoshop
Brittany B
Brittany B 5 days ago
Ray J stay on his bs 🙅🏾‍♀️😑
Ivan Shiyuka
Ivan Shiyuka 5 days ago
Ray J is handsome and weird.
Time After Time
Time After Time 6 days ago
Damn!!!!!! What happened to you face ? No secret girl we know that's a wig. You can't even run girl. You should be wearing a mask like Mike did
Sahil Goenka
Sahil Goenka 7 days ago
Can someone pls tell why there are new episodes coming in? Where's wendy? And when will she be back?
LatashaTrueHeart 7 days ago
1:36 in this episode is referring to The Wendy Williams Show on Sep 24, 2020 - "MOE to The... Brandy talks Reboot!" at 8:26
Elijah Magee
Elijah Magee 8 days ago
Not my godmother
Noface 9 days ago
Alexa a Capella
Alexa a Capella 9 days ago
Lmaoooooooooooo Ray J is a trip wtf
Slephora 9 days ago
“Prinky” 💀
Jack Mac
Jack Mac 9 days ago
That Suss DJ better figure out who's paying his wage! You don't disagree with your boss and embarrass her like that on live TV!
Daisy 10 days ago
That Ray J’s interview is so awkward you can tell both of them regretting the interview
Fruiity Pebbles
Fruiity Pebbles 11 days ago
Stop acting like Ray J is so fine cuz he is not..
JustFab Bermuda
JustFab Bermuda 11 days ago
Ray J is a mess!! But very charming, a true narcissist! 🤣🤣
Vegas 11 days ago
Eddie Murphy reallllly? These mf get out here and showboating these 🐇 like it's Easter. What a trader
STROBE 12 days ago
Wendy! I refuse to believe ANYTHING is incurable. You can do it! People have been diagnosed before with allegedly incurable things but they have healed! Miracles happen ❤💕💫
Taylor C
Taylor C 12 days ago
one of the biggest shows in the world!!! Thats our girl, Wendy!!! Love you!!! 🌎
T Cla
T Cla 12 days ago
How can you even listen to this demon inspired crap from this dumbo
Missy Bailey
Missy Bailey 12 days ago
RayJ🤔Obviously Mike Is not doing it for Wendy..
Mîlíøñ dòllæ pûßßæ
Dula peep
SoRena Dix
SoRena Dix 12 days ago
Wendy has a "thing" for Ray J! We see you, Wendy! LOL!
vibez missi
vibez missi 12 days ago
He is African what did Tamar expect? It’s a part of their culture!!!! Like seriously !!!
Yesenia Galaz
Yesenia Galaz 12 days ago
Why?!?! Does She Pretend LIKE HER mouth waters when u can hear the dry mouth😳?Why does she skipping THINKIN she cute 2Her chair,than say hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm? WHY ?At least she has stopped talkin&talkin bout what she eat🙄BUT I still got mad love for the show lol😘🙏
Ashli Thompson
Ashli Thompson 13 days ago
would really love to hear wendy's feelings on dmx
Chris LA
Chris LA 13 days ago
had not watched Wendy in a few days and Omg I miss her so much! its like she livens up my day! Thank you Wendy for being so awesome!
Elizabeth Chicos
Elizabeth Chicos 13 days ago
As a woman of a particular age I refer the men I see Gentlemen callers! I don't want a boyfriend! I want a gentleman how about you.?
Palesa Khalaki
Palesa Khalaki 13 days ago
I enjoyed the interview with Ray J
E Machete
E Machete 13 days ago
Future just letting all his kids being raised by other man?.. Women we need to do better, it's sad. You can't put all your hopes in getting pregnant to a rich man/ rapper etc..
E Machete
E Machete 13 days ago
Wow, the man from" Africa " really Wendy? .. His family probably didnt approve of her. We take our culture serious here, especially when coming to marriage cause you dont just maryy the man. You marry into the family.
Shuddup Ray J! I will never forget his performance at Whitney Houston's Funeral.😩
Sarah M
Sarah M 14 days ago
Was it just me or when I saw bow wow I thought of that movie lottery ticket when that girl wanted to get pregnant by him to be famous and have money well I guess it happened in real life
Sarah M
Sarah M 14 days ago
Ray j is a mess. Every question she asked he turned it around. Lol
I guess when it comes to Pebbles once a thief always a thief!!!! SMMFH
Is Pebbles the b**** 🤬that stole allll the 💰 from TLC??😡
3:53 I don't believe that for one second. I don't believe he's a millionaire. He doesn't sound like he's from Africa. On top of that people from Africa hold their self to a certain standard and he definitely doesn't do that he's all about the Damn Fame. Thirsty for it as a matter of fact!!
The old Wendy from the radio show would have asked Ray J if he was smashing Whitney.🤷🏾‍♀️ That's why we love you Wendy💙💙
If anybody believe that they're crazy this is all about publicity.
Ray j is such a joke to me. He makes me cringe!! He is not a man, you don't know how to be a husband, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how to be a. It pisses me off the way he treats Princky/Princess.
Sandy Songe
Sandy Songe 14 days ago
I got my beats on sale at Target for $39.99!! Lol
Lillian Mann
Lillian Mann 14 days ago
dave chapelle was an obvious photoshop why did they put that in the segment?!
April Showerzz
April Showerzz 14 days ago
I hope the lady that's getting married, her friend or someone who knows them didn't see this show. She should have talked to her first.
danielle rutherford
😅🤣🤣🤣🤣Ray J can't lie straight😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I don't care what people say about Mrs. Wendy but she keeps you revenant. You might not like what she says about you but we will remember your name.
Zanele Mofikoe
Zanele Mofikoe 14 days ago
That photbomb segment seems like many people just photo shopped those pictures, especially the Dave Chappel picture😅
Thobo Motsumi
Thobo Motsumi 14 days ago
Why cant wendy say the african country that he is from, its many different cultures.
Cantatrice Chauve
Cantatrice Chauve 14 days ago
She's right about Bow Wow. He's trying to get a gig with Future!
theCurvyWatts 14 days ago
Periodt!! “ this is what I do if she can’t understand you need to explain it”
tee km
tee km 14 days ago
oprah photobomb is the best xoxo
Suzanne Vanderspiegel - Saryazdi
Missing Wendy so much, I can't believe I cried when she said she was leaving for 17 days. I'm watching lots of repeats though 😢😔💖
tatiboopx 14 days ago
Ray J was not trying to get dirty. 😂😂😂😂😂
shawnie barker
shawnie barker 14 days ago
Wig looks fabulous
Di Wi
Di Wi 14 days ago
It’s so funny that they cut his mic at the end and he still thought he was hamming it up
angelsarah79 15 days ago
Did Wendy mention if she wants to get vaccinated?
Jan Lo
Jan Lo 15 days ago
Ray J was high as hell 🥴
The Konversation with Kaleaf
Ray Jr has got to be high
thotess 15 days ago
wendy wants ray j to clap her cheeks like he did to kim k
The Konversation with Kaleaf
This dress is so pretty
Cesar Hernández
Cesar Hernández 14 days ago
thank you i appreciate it. would u like me to make u one too?
Joeann Joseph
Joeann Joseph 15 days ago
DJ Suss doesn’t agree with you auntie Wendy. You keep trying to get him to support your views. I like that he has a mind of his own. Good for you Suss.
Ruby SMITH 15 days ago
7 minutes & 7 pumps! wow! no she didn't!
gwen mayo
gwen mayo 15 days ago
I also have lymphedema. I was diagnosed in 2018.
Valencia Johnson
Valencia Johnson 15 days ago
Ray J got the nerve to throw Princess under the bus like that 😒 he’s a B.A.N for real
Loriella James
Loriella James 15 days ago
Dang Eddie Murphy did not age well.
yoloduran duran
yoloduran duran 15 days ago
Thank you Wendy for sharing your illness with us. It is important to be open so that others can benefit from it. Being ill is not a choice. God bless you.
Mary P
Mary P 15 days ago
I may be late to this question, but what happened to Wendy's old dj?
carmakazi84 15 days ago
Been watching Wendy for years have noticed she's dealing with a lot of physical ailments. I've also noticed she has one breast (her right) side's smaller than her left. I can't help but wonder if that implant's leaking & causing some of her ailments. Maybe she's had them recently replaced so no worries as most of us are a little bigger on one side of our bodies than the other, it's completely normal. If she hasn't had them redone she should look into it. I worry she might have more health issues if those implant's are leaking. They've been known to cause some odd ailments.
Aly Cat
Aly Cat 15 days ago
I didn’t know that Wendy had that issue with her feet. I noticed swollen lower legs and ankles but didn’t know it was medically related. Sorry to hear that, Wendy! Congratulations on your award!
M Duncan
M Duncan 15 days ago
In stead of recently aired shows. I would like to see vintage aired shows during the times when the show is on hiatus
Fi Rouz
Fi Rouz 15 days ago
It doesn't even make sense to ask Ray J something.
Donna Frazier
Donna Frazier 15 days ago
Don't tell people where you live get a P..O. Box.
Blackbeauty 15 days ago
Looking your best today, Wendy 👍🏾. Ray J is truly a mess. He jus talking junk about everything. Who could stand being in a marriage with him talkin all that junk
Lungi Adeshina
Lungi Adeshina 15 days ago
Took she 🙆🏽
London Peach
London Peach 16 days ago
Vanessa didn't have the voice for that song. It was for pebbles eventhough she robbed TLC. Ok bored with this old news. Moving on.
London Peach
London Peach 16 days ago
Wendy talking to the killer...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
London Peach
London Peach 16 days ago
Tamar we don't care. That's your karma. Bye🖐.
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez 16 days ago
I can’t with auntie “ I can’t be seen with you”😂😂😂
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell 16 days ago
Where is the Art 🖼 department dude aunty Wendy???
Ann Azealia
Ann Azealia 16 days ago
I want someone to look at me the way Wendy looks at Ray J😒
African Girl
African Girl 16 days ago
Wendy I think u meant demos singers lol Hahaha
Jay T
Jay T 16 days ago
mmmmhm liberty
Undaunted2012 16 days ago
I like the celebrity photo bomb segment 👏🏼👏🏼
Ice 16 days ago
My god this is so uncomfortable... is she really high every single episode????
belinda onya
belinda onya 16 days ago
It's amazing how Wendy is helping prison bae
kim kim
kim kim 16 days ago
Lol at Ray J love it
kim kim
kim kim 16 days ago
Queens NY thts how we do pack heat at the ankle real life
kim kim
kim kim 16 days ago
Always loved Bow Wow he's has grown up alot. I follow him like a aunt
kim kim
kim kim 16 days ago
Congrats on your award definitely deserved.
Louise Dost
Louise Dost 17 days ago
Great outfit!!!!!😄😄😄😄🙃😷😷
bugattifetish 17 days ago
He’s too old to be biting his lip like it’s cute
alisharo58 17 days ago
I’m a little upset those prison clothes don’t seem handmade. That’s what Wendy liked, no? That he sewed and made his clothes MacGyver style? Those look ordered and made online.
Sharon West
Sharon West 17 days ago
Wendy, you know you are hoping Ray J will ask you out. He is not into you Wendy. He is attracted to women to a special alluring type woman. Look at the women he has dated. He feeds off of your lust for him. This does not phase him but he like to see you drool over him. He laughs inside
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