Thrifting For Profit | The Best Side Hustle Of 2021! 

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Thrifting for profit isn't for everyone. If you live in an area with crazy prices or just not many thrift stores, your opportunities will be a little limited. But, for a lot of folks, this can be a great source of income whether you choose to do it as a part time side hustle or as a full time job. It isn't easy, and you wont always find the best stuff, but it is possible to make several hundred or even thousands of dollars each week if you are willing to put in the work.
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Apr 4, 2021




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Panic Resale
Panic Resale 13 hours ago
Have you tried a hair dryer to get the shoes done quicker?
Kamel Benkada
Kamel Benkada 23 hours ago
What app you using for barcode scan compare prices .good work keep it up .
jack Webb
jack Webb 3 days ago
I love your channle
MF x
MF x 4 days ago
cassette player needs a new belt or belt adjustment
MF x
MF x 4 days ago
lot's of water there? I can't leave the water running like that in California
Brian 4 days ago
You're stretching at 40 you truly made like 10
Brian 4 days ago
This is basically a real life reseller not a ton of money to be made after time gas eBay taxes and shipping we make less than minimum wage
Brian 4 days ago
@Hairy Tornado not to be rude but just stating compared to a minimum 40 hour worker
Brian 4 days ago
@Hairy Tornado idk man I think your still behind
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 4 days ago
I make way more than minimum wage in reselling. Like $20-$30 an hour after all expenses. Not including youtube income.
Josh Valadao
Josh Valadao 4 days ago
should have grabbed that blaziken plush!
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 4 days ago
What was the app you used to check comps?
sandra graves
sandra graves 6 days ago
Y'all really need to stop posting this shit you're flooding your market.
Laurie 6 days ago
I could not leave a Bible! I love how you put the Bible in your bin cart carefully!
Jaritza Gonzalez
Jaritza Gonzalez 7 days ago
Oh my god I’m crying of laughter the way Dora the explorer flew @10:09 while sifting through the bins hahahah🤣🤣🤣 anyway cool video and thanks for the well needed laugh !!
Deb Nollette
Deb Nollette 7 days ago
Wow! The belts in a cassette deck are way more complicated than i ever knew. Thanks for the little rabbit hole I fell down in researching this one. Lol. Love this stuff.
mmartel99 8 days ago
Loving the hair btw
David Seter
David Seter 8 days ago
Josh, the issue with that tape player is likely one of the o-ring black belts behind the player. They are basically just like a rubber band only smaller in diameter so they wear out. I had to replace my technics bands on my old dual tape player and it still plays and records tape to tape with the new o-ring/bands, pretty fun.
John Bowne
John Bowne 8 days ago
You and prison2profit are both in SC and both have a good ❤️. You should team up and bless a ton of people! We can change this world,
Christian Covalsky
I love how much Huey Lewis & The News I hear playing at the thrift stores you visit. There's two songs from their Sports album in this video alone lol 😂🙌
Antoinette Wright
Do you miss getting the pallets?
Mike Pee
Mike Pee 10 days ago
What’s the name of the app that you look up what it sells for? Thank you
katt 10 days ago
Thanks for sharing your thirfting adventures! I picked up a new in package Elsa Williams once...it was rare and one had auctioned/sold on Ebay for about 150. I listed mine the same way starting the auction at $50..and it went for around $300! I thought they might not pay for it...lol. But they did and it was one of my best returns ...I think I might have paid $4 for it! Always looking for those now! Happy hunting!
Jackie AQ
Jackie AQ 10 days ago
OMG, the duck basket!! My mom has one in my room when I stay there on weekends 🤭😁. 👍🏾 from London. I would have bleached the laces on the golf shoes but you sold them so that’s a moot point 🤣
Dara Gentry
Dara Gentry 10 days ago
Hi, I believe in one of your previous videos you showed the thermal printer you use for printing your labels. I think it was one that would print any size label. Do you mind sharing the name/model of that label printer? Thanks.
Dara Gentry
Dara Gentry 9 days ago
@Hairy Tornado Thank you! 😊
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 10 days ago
I use the rollo printer.
chip Went
chip Went 10 days ago
Personal use items = saving money! I found a new pair of new balance sneakers for $12.99. Needed a new pair of shoes and they fit perfectly. $60-$80 new. Saved nearly $60!
Elizabeth Visciano
Elizabeth Visciano 10 days ago
I see now the magic eraser. Any other cleaning product?
Elizabeth Visciano
Elizabeth Visciano 10 days ago
How do you clean the shoes that you buy?
Cass Fonnesbeck
Cass Fonnesbeck 7 days ago
You can actually watch him clean them in the video.
Dustin Benge
Dustin Benge 11 days ago
you said shipping would be around $1 for the voice recorder? How do you ship that cheaply? I have never shipped for under $3 per USPS
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 11 days ago
Shipping to amazon. They have a deal with ups that allows you to ship items into amazon FBA for about $1 per pound or less.
Rancher4011 11 days ago
I also like how honest and forthright you are explaining how you will cut off now, then say I'm back after two hours...etc. It's REAL.
Rancher4011 11 days ago
Loved the longer video and your breakdown of everything including your time and gasoline was great. I like watching you tear into bins to find things. I enjoy how you explain your process - it helps me understand everything. Thanks and love you so much!
DirtyCarlton 11 days ago
I'd like to know more about golf clubs I ALWAYS see them.
Marsha Star
Marsha Star 11 days ago
I'm a new subscriber, but have been watching for awhile. I love everything but the music.
Raybo 12 days ago
if you can still find one!
Raybo 12 days ago
get a tape cleaner and it will work
Clair Tryon
Clair Tryon 12 days ago
I sold a pocket size India paper Bible recently for over $100 recently!
Raybo 12 days ago
prepping is a big and important part of it all.
Raybo 12 days ago
like the new sounds and picture with your new videos....awsome job
kam 12 days ago
You should get a shoe dryer rack. You can find them for super cheap. Not sure how well it will dry the outside but worth a shot.
hockeyzythebest 12 days ago
I laughed pretty hard when he yelled COPYRIGHT MUSIC!! 😅🤣
Christine Berry
Christine Berry 12 days ago
Duck basket! Cute with pine cones or such!
Christine Berry
Christine Berry 12 days ago
Liked Winnie the Pooh and other English tales for our twins!
Bob Lamb
Bob Lamb 13 days ago
Did Ebay complicate things further for sellers? Wanting Social security numbers etc. I'm in Mesa Az. You mentioned a farmer's tan. It was 99 degrees over the weekend. I contacted the local sell by the pound Goodwill in Phoenix asking them about mystery pallets. They have no clue what it is. I do know Goodwill and a large charity run by the LDS church Deseret landfills their overflow. The Pima tribe that runs our landfill's has them dump the roll off in a secluded part of the dump so they can dig through it. The load I saw last had probably 20 mountain and bmx bikes in it plus tons of clothes and misc. stuff. If they did sell by the pallet they could make a lot of money. Either they have never thought of doing so or don't want to waste the time.
William Matthew
William Matthew 13 days ago
My man! Saw you grab that pikachu man pretty cool stuff. You missed some BRAND NEW native kids shoes brother! 🤪 love the channel keep it up. Go Gamecocks
BYW Concerts
BYW Concerts 13 days ago
How do you lower your shipping costs on eBay? Personally I have been printing labels on eBay’s actual site. But I was wondering if there’s any way I can save a little bit more on shipping
BYW Concerts
BYW Concerts 13 days ago
@Hairy Tornado Thank you! By the way I love your content! You definitely give me a new perspective on things to look for! I have found a really good pair of shoes and a couple ping golf clubs. I would not normally look for these items. I mainly specialize in video games but I really appreciate it thank you!
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 13 days ago
@BYW Concerts www.pirateship.com
BYW Concerts
BYW Concerts 13 days ago
@Hairy Tornado How do I ship with pirate ship?
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 13 days ago
Thats pretty much the cheapest option unless the item is really small and heavy or really large. Small and heavy gets shipped with pirate ship and large boxes get shipped with ups ground.
NicholsAdventure 13 days ago
That flame stuff animal was Pokémon too lol
Jane Laster
Jane Laster 13 days ago
Hey Josh, I found some needlepoint and felt vintage Christmas stocking kits at a yard sale super cheap (like $3 ea) and 1 sold for $70 before Christmas. It was an oop one. Always pick up those kits!
Cass Fonnesbeck
Cass Fonnesbeck 7 days ago
Good to know. I didnt think they had any value.
Eugene Robinson
Eugene Robinson 13 days ago
Wow! They make YOU unload the containers? Smooth move by them to get free labor Lol. :) No used soda streams for me. Had a bad sale with the first one I bought. Tanks resell well though.
Kilo -9-
Kilo -9- 13 days ago
Here’s a question. Just started selling, had a auction going pretty well. At last moment this person won that was first time they bid on item. After winning hour or two goes by then they pay. I print out label and set it off to side to deliver to post office in morning. Few hours later 2am or so they send a large paragraph asking multiple questions about the item. Do ppl seriously bid on item last moment. Pay without reading... then want to ask important questions before they buy.. lol
Cass Fonnesbeck
Cass Fonnesbeck 7 days ago
First time or many less experienced bidders dont have a clue. Before going to the trouble to box up, check their feedback to see.
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 13 days ago
Yeah that's pretty common with auctions. It's awful
garebear ferguson
garebear ferguson 13 days ago
Lol was a good joke huh we don't have bins where I live everything is nicely placed and stickers on everything that's pretty awesome congrats
garebear ferguson
garebear ferguson 13 days ago
So isn't this giving away your secret have you seen any less buys on eBay because of this because now that I know how much you paid I don't think I want to buy anything from you !
Cass Fonnesbeck
Cass Fonnesbeck 7 days ago
His markups are actually very reasonable. In fact, less than some I've seen. Look at the time and work involved!!
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 13 days ago
What till you find out how much Walmart, Target and every other retail store in the world paid for the stuff you buy from them. Lol
Shoe people
Shoe people 13 days ago
Why did you buy brand new Nike golf shirt at Ross for 20$ when you find exactly same in thrifting store for 3-4$??? Please explain me You spend 15-16$ more to buy shirt for yourself and you could buy in trift store for 4$?Profit?? Profit would be if you would buy 2 shirt for 8$ and one of them sell for 20$,otherwise there is exchange not profit
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 13 days ago
Because you can't just walk into a thrift store and find a brand new nike shirt in your size.
Ana Ruth Jara
Ana Ruth Jara 13 days ago
Saludos en COSTA RICA
Kati Sugarbaker
Kati Sugarbaker 13 days ago
Is there a reason you can share with us about why we never got to see the completion of your 0$ to $1000 challenge?
Michael McConnon
Michael McConnon 13 days ago
Josh you are the best, thanks for being so transparent about everything involved
Sue Beard
Sue Beard 14 days ago
Please, please, please make a video about what shoes are worth flipping and how to clean them to get them ready to post.
Zenia Chirp
Zenia Chirp 14 days ago
Great deals as usual. Cleaning shoes in the kitchen sink? Might want to find a safer place to clean used items. Cross contamination. Don't know where those shoes been walking or running. Laundry room sink or bucket of water. When the warm weather hits could clean shoes with hose outside.
Ryan Weathers
Ryan Weathers 14 days ago
The equable sound dimensionally correct because daughter kelly unite after a nutty carbon. rude, humorous twine
Lynne de Lacy
Lynne de Lacy 14 days ago
Congrats on 100k subscribers!
Connor Himango
Connor Himango 14 days ago
Grabs pikachu, puts down Mega Blaziken :(
Randy Roberts Tsipper64
The way you break things down is amazing. I really enjoy watching and learning from you
Vickie Machen
Vickie Machen 14 days ago
Please Wear Gloves The Next Time! Omgoodness!
sahar15198 14 days ago
i got a very nice french pan today and iwas very happy when seeing it worth good money on the ebay then when iam trying to shiping it found out some crck on it. felt bad but because iam seeing your video now on april 4th.i felt i should be positive like you and deal with the everything positivly.thank you so much iam sahar from canada having seeing your videos for long time they really inspiring and alot of leasons ilearned from them.i wish i can meet one day iam just cross the border.
sahar15198 14 days ago
i am really like that you show as the good and the bad staff you picking. Like the vest with the zipper broken .also like your positive attitude about it.
egberts 14 days ago
LOVE the green back light!
egberts 14 days ago
u aren't supposed to look at clothes lmao
Randy Wesley
Randy Wesley 14 days ago
Red plush @ 8:27 is worth $30 if it had the voice box
CoffeeFreelancer 14 days ago
Sweet video.
Julia Collins
Julia Collins 14 days ago
Cool music intro!
Dennis Lewis
Dennis Lewis 14 days ago
Shipping would probably be a dollar???????????
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 14 days ago
To Amazon, yes.
mikelob6707 14 days ago
Lol when you said "clean up a little bit" to your dog, it looked down like F that
ray driver
ray driver 14 days ago
I’ve got a quick question hopefully you can help me with it. Got a product line banned from a eBay because he didn’t conform with their rules. However there are 1700 other items of the same stuff on eBay. How come they can sell them and I can’t? Any help would be appreciated
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 14 days ago
What was the product?
Patricia favela
Patricia favela 14 days ago
Glad we had a bit of thrifting haul video. Remember most of us aren't making you tube videos buying pallets or meeting people for a truckload of golf clubs or whatever. Missed your thrifting trips...and of course we love Mose.
Rancher4011 11 days ago
Agreed! Love Mose. Pat Mose more gently on the head? :)
pinkescape00 14 days ago
"Copyright music" 😂😂😂
Michelle Vill
Michelle Vill 14 days ago
Also, hold the shoes up so you can compare the back heels together. Some people walk ridiculously uneven and hard on one side, so the tread rubber is all worn down and messed up.
Michelle Vill
Michelle Vill 14 days ago
If the guy at 7:16 kept throwing stuff like that when I'm picking stuff up, I'd have to cut him down a size! Throwing stuff like he bought/ owns the place. Ugh people like that aggravate me.
goldtopsrock 14 days ago
Always enjoy your videos. Do you use an impulse sealer or resealable bags to store your items? Appreciate you👍
Affen handski
Affen handski 14 days ago
22:10 The strap is worn out
D C 14 days ago
Josh those are needlepoint kits!
Lisa Castle
Lisa Castle 14 days ago
Another informative and entertaining video 🙂.
Diane Mason
Diane Mason 14 days ago
I'm watching ebay for that Florida pillow. I love that retro artwork.
Hairy Tornado
Hairy Tornado 14 days ago
It sold already :(
Susan Guzzo
Susan Guzzo 14 days ago
I have the miracle thaw it is amazing and really works!
Susan Guzzo
Susan Guzzo 14 days ago
Bins look like a nightmare I give you credit!
Christy Linsday
Christy Linsday 14 days ago
Please don't put plush in the dryer it can ruin them.
Kryo Syns
Kryo Syns 14 days ago
@2:30 Those DirecTV usually have a hard drive in them that you can get out of it and resell for a decent price depending on the storage capacity.
Randy Wesley
Randy Wesley 14 days ago
When I see solds all over the place I sort by Buy It Now so I don't factor in dud auctions.
Jessica Boone
Jessica Boone 14 days ago
Patagonia has a great repair program called worn wear. Might be worth looking into!
John Davidson
John Davidson 14 days ago
Hey Josh.,...love your vids. As a new eBay seller I have a question. I looked through your store items and noticed some items you had a Best Offer option on and others you didn't. How do you decide which you will put a Best Offer option on and which you just have a set price on? Thanks in advance...
patrick water
patrick water 14 days ago
You can return the Patagonia to the store for trade on the value of the item or they will send it out to repair the zipper. Or you can choose to donate the item to them and they rework it or sell as wornwear. Super respectful company and very smart policy...
patrick water
patrick water 14 days ago
Baby Js are def not 3s... but at least they aren’t team Jordans! Your eye is improving bro 😎
Nancy Harriett
Nancy Harriett 14 days ago
Your videos are getting more and more artsy I like it!! All enjoy them but also like how you are filming nice use of the drone 👍👍
Stephanie Canada
Stephanie Canada 14 days ago
Patagonia does have a repair policy. I don’t know if yours would qualify for free repairs but it would be worth looking into.
SCarolina Sportsman
Dang got the production game at 100!!!!!
Ian Bullock
Ian Bullock 14 days ago
HT - Sorry if already suggested but normally when cassette machines don't work like this, it's the rubber drive belt which loses its elasticity and therefore grip. Cheap and (normally) easily replaced.
Be Heavy
Be Heavy 14 days ago
I almost got beheaded for cleaning shoes in the sink
Reseller Mom
Reseller Mom 14 days ago
Love your thrifting videos ! Thanks 😊
Denise Phillips
Denise Phillips 14 days ago
What were you using to clean the shoes that was in the roll up tube? 🙂
Susan 14 days ago
Josh, A hot hairdryer removes labels in no time, clean. But I am sure you know this ! LOL
Susan 14 days ago
Josh, Your thrifting and EBAY sales is what brought us here, so that can never stop ! LOL
Mattias Wicksell
Mattias Wicksell 14 days ago
Greetings from Sweden. Love your videos, keep up the good work :)
Nigga Productions
Nigga Productions 14 days ago
what's the best day to go to Goodwill? I was thinking Monday because most people go on the weekends?
Shawn Allexander
Shawn Allexander 15 days ago
You wife quit her job yet¿ Whenever I buy clothes ,plush, shoes . Etc. Everything goes in washer I have front end loader. Sometimes I wash clothes in bathtub. With oxy clean . Then the washer. Everything works out great
Laura Kneiss
Laura Kneiss 15 days ago
I found a vintage cross stitch at a local thrift store and I paid 50 cents for it. I was able to sell it on ebay for $30.