This SKETCHY Old Truck Almost Killed Me, But Can It Beat a Ram TRX in a Drag Race? 

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( www.imimotorsports.com ) SCARIEST Drag Race EVER: Modded Turbo V8 Chevy with a 1954 Internation truck body vs the Ram TRX! Run What You Brung Ep.5
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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
George Arevalo
George Arevalo 16 days ago
muskoka roads
muskoka roads 23 hours ago
Rams gonna win
Sir Timothy's Piano Time
Best line of 2021: "It weighs as much as... a small planet." -Nathan
James Mancuso
James Mancuso 5 days ago
Wonder how the 1900hp 7sec 🌛 mile ford lightning would fair against the trx? I would take a hellcat engine in the harvester over the 7sec lightning even though that lightning would eat me for lunch everyday.
Stephany Brown
Stephany Brown 5 days ago
Will Rector
Will Rector 6 days ago
Shoulda let the kid that owns it drive! Great race guys
Mike 7 days ago
Tractor trailer sized turbo there.
Allegronaut 7 days ago
Ian Clancy
Ian Clancy 7 days ago
That’s an International like a NASCAR is a Ford Fusion. C’mon.
Don B
Don B 7 days ago
Roman couldn't race to save his life, and Nathan apparently has a bad sex life. Losers!
Cesar Arredondo
Cesar Arredondo 8 days ago
I would like to race that dodge i know i can beat it with a blazer no turbo supercharged or nitrous all motor will kill that
Rich Wood
Rich Wood 9 days ago
Absolutely love the old Z gate shifter. Simplicity at it's finest.
Andy Harman
Andy Harman 9 days ago
Yay, Nate! Black Sabbath t-shirt. I listen to Black Sabbath, too. That was a great race, and it was awesome that the homebuilt "Chevynational" proved to be a match for the TRX. And it only had the 5.3L. If it had a 6.0, the TRX would have gone down bad. The guys that built it knew what they were doing. It would be even more of a sleeper if they would replace the aluminum wheels with vintage-looking steelies.
Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut 9 days ago
Terrifying... LOL @7:58
Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut 9 days ago
Looks like F-150 wheels....:-)
D Bear
D Bear 10 days ago
They were not bragging about being undefeated this time lol I think he let the trx win at the end.
clooper man
clooper man 10 days ago
lnteresting race, for me the winner was always the lnternational just on looks alone!!!!!!!
Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett 10 days ago
I love racing in the morning too.
ktm crush
ktm crush 10 days ago
now imagine the trx heavily modified and tuned
Mister Pimlott
Mister Pimlott 10 days ago
I want a 1950s truck and I want a toyota tundra engine in it, or maybe a 4runner engine
Diego Alvarez
Diego Alvarez 11 days ago
You should race the TRX vs a camaro zl1
Pichardo Gabriel
Pichardo Gabriel 11 days ago
Shoulda let tge kid drive his truck
Eric 11 days ago
The Chevy needs ratty vintage wheels !!!
supperterofsanity 11 days ago
That International is awesome!
Vernon Bennett III
Vernon Bennett III 11 days ago
What a BLAST!!!
jayy QQQ
jayy QQQ 12 days ago
Nice cars and race
Greg Leap
Greg Leap 12 days ago
Very Cool old Truck!!!
Ivan Garate
Ivan Garate 12 days ago
Lol chevy lovers are happy!
meffer 12 days ago
Nathan nailed the idea...build a truck to beat the TRX in a drag race
KYoss68 12 days ago
Stubby Bob will beat that TRX
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 12 days ago
this video is a banger
Vinny Vin
Vinny Vin 12 days ago
Needs period looking wheels to finish the look
Clout 9
Clout 9 12 days ago
We cut the frame and made a truck best inspirational quote cuz damn these guys can make a truck
thalo215 12 days ago
You guys should drop a coyote in the F1
datapro007 12 days ago
Fun video, thanks guys. I was wondering if you could keep that ol' gal on the strip. It looked a little touch and go there. Eeek!
Spitdogger 13 days ago
Is Nathan the only one not scared to actually drive? You said in earlier videos the TRX is mid 4 second truck to 60 and the international was under 4 seconds so explain how it lost. Roman actually had to sit there for over half a second after the arm drop.
nolan white
nolan white 13 days ago
Try super snake sport single cab
Brock McKnight
Brock McKnight 13 days ago
Why wouldn’t they just have the owner drive it? Guarantee it would have beaten the TRX.
Nathan Church
Nathan Church 13 days ago
If they want a challenger, then bring someone like a C8 Vette
James Cherney
James Cherney 13 days ago
Why didn't the owner drive? I' m sure he could of done a better job.
dallas04 13 days ago
Thing has a huge turbo
Justin Cardenas
Justin Cardenas 13 days ago
I also bet that they made the kid sign a waiver saying that "we are going to drive your truck and if it breaks you can't sue us"
Justin Cardenas
Justin Cardenas 13 days ago
This was a stupid race, should have let the owner who knows the truck better race the TRX than Roman who just drove it that day!!!
steam ftwin
steam ftwin 14 days ago
@The Fast Lane Truck have your TRX looked at, many customers are receiving their TRX with loose, Missing or broken bolts
Rick james
Rick james 14 days ago
the international is hands down a quicker truck, even at that "track". Roman could not spool for the first run, fell asleep on the second and when he woke up he tried to run on the dirt track. The owner would have shown what that truck was capable of.
Michael Sylvester
Michael Sylvester 14 days ago
One the best racing!
Adiel Traslavina-Ortiz
2020 shelby f 150 vs trx
Wo Xie
Wo Xie 14 days ago
Marc Morin
Marc Morin 14 days ago
Can’t stop laugh at you reaction brother! Keep up the good work 🤟🏽 Peace out
Nick Roosevelt
Nick Roosevelt 14 days ago
Seems like that old truck probably gets better mileage too!?
Nick Roosevelt
Nick Roosevelt 14 days ago
I drove an international harvester with bad steering too!
Joe Medina
Joe Medina 14 days ago
what type of turbo does that 5.3l have I need one of those
MTPockets03 14 days ago
You should bring out an 2018 Audi s5 Sportback against the TRX.
T J 14 days ago
Haulin Harvester
Rutilio Torres
Rutilio Torres 14 days ago
LS is simply the best V8 engine. Too bad Chevy doesn’t make a fast truck from the factory.
Faisal Alhussayen
Faisal Alhussayen 14 days ago
Coitus!? Really?
Chris Smits
Chris Smits 14 days ago
Should of let the owner drive it ...would of rapped that trx
William 14 days ago
Good video! If they would have switched drivers, the old International would have won. Nathan always gets a jump on his launches.
donteadoss 14 days ago
That International is truly the ultimate sleeper - insanity! 🔥
Alex Myz
Alex Myz 14 days ago
I bet that kid would of drove the old truck better
causeimbatmaaan 14 days ago
Horrible looking wheels!
Imkwuzn 14 days ago
That old IH/GMC is freaking awesome! Love that it belonged to his grandfather.
causeimbatmaaan 14 days ago
At first glance you can tell it's an old body on a new truck. Not actually that cool.
Zach Even
Zach Even 14 days ago
They need to let the owner drive, or tell us why they can't.
David Wark
David Wark 14 days ago
Starting to look like this is driver vs driver not truck vs truck
John Bouldin
John Bouldin 14 days ago
For crissakes get a longer track and switch up the drivers every other run. Love what they did to the truck. What a sleeper.
Scott Wethington
Scott Wethington 14 days ago
Why didn't you let the owner drive?? I wont be watching anymore!
Yash Jani
Yash Jani 14 days ago
Yo stilll. TRX. Hahaha. Love it man. It has all the goodies plus the heavy airbags
keedoopop 14 days ago
Looked like roman let off in the side by side video that truck was pulling bigger then shit on the trx then right before they cut it, it stops pulling
Native 99
Native 99 14 days ago
What a sleeper!!! Image getting beat by that 19th century truck.
Tito 14 days ago
Was the chevy a single or extended cab? I have a extended cab and have been wanting to do something like this .
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez 14 days ago
By looks it could either be a single cab long bed or a extended cab with the regular bed.
Christopher Beddoe
Christopher Beddoe 14 days ago
That international is Awesome!
SOLAR SS 15 days ago
Best one by far. International LS swap took it hands down
Colby Bailey
Colby Bailey 15 days ago
the international body is different heavy then the 50 percent plastic ram
AGPro N8
AGPro N8 15 days ago
Awesome International!
Bryan Schneider
Bryan Schneider 15 days ago
Terrible start again let the guy that owns it run it. Lol great job guys
The Sociable Loner
The Sociable Loner 15 days ago
Love the show. Do you sell the Tfl jacket?, I want one
Oscar Walton
Oscar Walton 15 days ago
The trx would be faster if you use the launch control but the old IH is. Pretty cool
insouciant rambler
insouciant rambler 15 days ago
I was hoping you guys would have let the owner do a run as well; I mean, you guys already did it with the Tundra. This is more of a "WE (TFL) Run what YOU brung." Also, why didn't you guys show the 0-60 on the TRX as well?
Chris Barr
Chris Barr 15 days ago
TRX not using Launch Control!! It Launches way harder than this.
Edd_Lopezz 15 days ago
Looks similar to the Jeepers Creepers corpse truck lol and it looks like they have a similar powerplant
Filip Mastilovic
Filip Mastilovic 15 days ago
mariodesmo 15 days ago
Great Grandpa is smiling up in the big farm in the sky... lol
Nomad Wolf
Nomad Wolf 15 days ago
Dont see many chassis swapped 50s trucks that look straight. Nice work
SledOrFish 15 days ago
Haha, the look on Roman's face was perfect!
Shane Logan
Shane Logan 15 days ago
Let the owners drive it
GrinDiesel1969 15 days ago
Have the Owner Run it, he will beat the TRX No Doubt!!
Carlo V.
Carlo V. 15 days ago
Nathan's shirt - Listen to Black Sabbath! \m/
GrinDiesel1969 15 days ago
Once I saw the Rocky Mountain Race Week and the 1320 Video Stickers I knew this International is Legit!! 👍🏻🏁
Christian Jacinto
Christian Jacinto 15 days ago
Pink chese green Ghost
bo duke
bo duke 15 days ago
Watched either motor trend or car and driver video racing fastest new vehicles last week. They put the TRX agaisnt the slowest vehicle they brought. A Porsche Cayenne gapped it royally in the first round before getting destroyed in the second round. That was quarter mile non drag strip. They had a GT500, C8, Cayenne, and some Ferrari as the other vehicles. Point was the SUV smoked the truck then got smoked by a fast car next round.
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby 15 days ago
Every race the TRX jumped , red-lighted.
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby 15 days ago
TRX red lighted. What a sham.
William 15 days ago
Nice 👍🏽!
D-Base Rox
D-Base Rox 15 days ago
Wow HOW fun -
Family Hero Channel
Love you Nathan
eichler721 15 days ago
Towmater is great and a sleeper for sure.
Dkumar 15 days ago
Big Sho
Big Sho 15 days ago
Y’all still didn’t launch the truck right , should’ve let the owners drive it
Fred Bergeron
Fred Bergeron 15 days ago
Impressive that the TRX is that fast!