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Apr 5, 2021




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THIS IS L&S 15 days ago
David Blanco
David Blanco 5 days ago
@Healing Goddess Hands ha
Healing Goddess Hands
Super sweet! Love when soul is grabbing eggs
David Blanco
David Blanco 6 days ago
@ChristineD Hhw
ChristineD 6 days ago
When Austin found the golden egg lol he didnt even know what he found till everyone started screaming lol then he did too 😂🤣 looks like such a fun Easter!+
David Blanco
David Blanco 7 days ago
@Kase Caiden hha
Kapoor Ravi
Kapoor Ravi 19 hours ago
Soo puree and rawww🥺🥺🥺i lovee this family ❤❤❤
Shade Assassin
This family needs to be on a reality show. They would be so entertaining to watch. I could listen to Austen and Momma Mcbroom laugh all day😂😂
Sina C
Sina C 2 days ago
Look at baby soul looking and laughing like she knows 🤣🤣
Valeria Ruby
Valeria Ruby 3 days ago
I love there whole family they are so close❤️🤍🤍
Brianna Sulsona
Brianna Sulsona 4 days ago
Lmao the little lizard was still on him
Elena W.
Elena W. 4 days ago
I'm so glad I watched this video! It made my day. All those smiles, it was so nice to see them enjoying Easter like this! And seeing all of them together!!
Shruti Diwan
Shruti Diwan 4 days ago
LOVED ITTTTT! So funny and cute🥺❤️
Dolly Dampman
Dolly Dampman 5 days ago
The two pervs in front running for the eggs like father like son
Maria Julie
Maria Julie 5 days ago
Michole's laugh is just so Mooddd🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
chris 5 days ago
Who’s that little girl at around 9:00 telling violet that ain’t the actual Easter bunny she shook 😂
F Randeree
F Randeree 5 days ago
It's so nice like they all so comfortable with each other like Austin and shyla were literally sitting next to each other so close
Yarisa Guzman
Yarisa Guzman 6 days ago
I thought Soul didn’t like to be in camera 🤦🏽‍♀️🤔🤔
MARY EXLEY 6 days ago
Very nice to see all the family again in one video!! Do more, the guys are hilarious.
ChristineD 6 days ago
This is the best Easter ever 😂🤣😂🤣 Wish I was there!! Austin didnt know what he found till everyone started screaming so then he screamed 😂🤣 love it
ChristineD 6 days ago
Lmao... " One Dollar!?!" Hilarious... I love Michole laugh lol it makes me wanna laugh too lol Happy Easter!!!
Charissa Vasquez
Charissa Vasquez 6 days ago
1. Joe is family. Period.
Chifania Sherali
Chifania Sherali 6 days ago
Shyla's makeup is so beautifull
Chifania Sherali
Chifania Sherali 6 days ago
Why is landons mom laughing so annoyingly😬😬😬😬it spoils the whole video
Parmeet Kaur
Parmeet Kaur 6 days ago
Landon and Austins mums laugh is everything 😂
Parmeet Kaur
Parmeet Kaur 6 days ago
Imagine landon joined the rat gang
Amber O'Brien
Amber O'Brien 6 days ago
Catherine definitely looked mad as HELLLLL during that adult Easter hunt!
Amber O'Brien
Amber O'Brien 6 days ago
Landon is legit the epitome of a great dad! It is so freaking cute watching how he is with Soul! So beautiful! 🤗🥰
Another Day With Natalia
lmao Catharines dad was not impressed
Elizabeth Cordero
I love Shyla’s and landon’s mom’s relationship. You can tell they really get along. And Shyla is glowing 😍
Kaeniya Mcclary
Kaeniya Mcclary 7 days ago
I know what was in the golden egg eww
K K 7 days ago
The little girl that was happy to see the Easter bunny has the cutest little laugh ever!!🥺💜
sammm w
sammm w 7 days ago
Her name is Bellamy I think 🥺
AmminaWith2M’s 7 days ago
Didn’t they “leave” yt
Francisca Gatica - Diaz
Im glad that your guys have a good time as a big family, and see you London , playing , laughing 😂 and enjoying your love ones was amazing ! You are blessed, May God continue blessings you guys ❤️
Yourstruly 09
Yourstruly 09 8 days ago
Shyla’s attitude in this video isn’t it
Sierra Reyes
Sierra Reyes 8 days ago
It’s so funny watching Austin run away with the lizard on his back hahahaha
Barbi 8 days ago
the constant cackling...shudders...
Laurentia Isaacs
Laurentia Isaacs 8 days ago
Pretty sure the Easter bunny Robert has a US-first Chanel?? Anyone know his account?
amyy judith
amyy judith 8 days ago
Where was Ryan??😐
Taylor Norris
Taylor Norris 9 days ago
You know it going to be a good video when you get l & S, Ryan and Leslie, and the ace family all in one video 😊
Sylvia Chen
Sylvia Chen 9 days ago
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Martinez Family
Martinez Family 9 days ago
At 1:29 Landon Almost says “here comes Shyla with another random baby😭 glad he corrected him self
Tatyana Gonzalez
Tatyana Gonzalez 7 days ago
Right 😭😭
Emma Mendez
Emma Mendez 9 days ago
Omg Soul is talking so much!! She's so precious 😍
sonia mendoza
sonia mendoza 9 days ago
Omg joe‘s Easter eggs😂🤦‍♀️ That’s something my brother would do haha I loved the whole video ❤️ Y’all are amazing! Much love🤍
Christina Andreou
The first most beautiful video they ever made better than Ace family i have to give it to them well done god bless your family 🙏
Shashwati Khadgi
Shashwati Khadgi 9 days ago
I LOVE Joe🥺❤
ish ika
ish ika 9 days ago
Shyla is so fuckinh beautiful. She shouldnt even put on makeup. Absolutely gorgeous. And her baby is like a princess tbh. Like those disney princesses
Evelyn Encalada
Evelyn Encalada 9 days ago
Love this video... all about the kids 🥰😍😘 Shyla you are beautiful and all the worked you did for the kid’s!!!
Amanda Cornelius
Amanda Cornelius 9 days ago
Had to watch both videos to get the full effect but I loved it!!!
N A 10 days ago
Once again SHYLA needs to get over herself saying you planned all of Easter. I don't believe you made the baskets yourself as you were commenting on them like you were just seeing them. You filled plastic eggs...and that was the entire event that YOU PLANNED? Austin and Catherine opened their home to their friends and family. They made Easter baskets for their own children so when they wake up in the morning the kids are so excited about the Easter Bunny coming to their house. No need to have the extravagant baskets that you DID NOT make. Instead of giving ACE family the credit for Easter, you took it right away from them. Did you cook and prepare all the food? Did you get your house in order to accommodate the guests? NO~ GET OFF YOUR FRIGGIN HIGH HORSE AND STOP PRAISING YOURSELF FOR THINGS YOU DID NOT DO. You don't have a clue how unbecoming and unlikeable you come across. If you do things for people stop throwing it back in their face. Just like Thanksgiving you go back to that vlog and SHYLA once again lies and said that she did all of the preparation and food. .Austin and especially Catherine has too much class to say anything about you taking Easter away from them. You both did at the ACE basketball tournament. You posted before the ACE family did and was babbling on like it was just as much your event. GO AWAY! Shyla 1 week was not quitting youtube. You'll never get it. Since you delete all the comments that don't tell you what you want to hear you delete them all. This will be deleted because you can't handle the truth.
Elena Perez
Elena Perez 10 days ago
Ahhh love seeing catherine dad there!!
Nubia Fulmer
Nubia Fulmer 10 days ago
I thought SHYLA doing that was fun For the adults. I seen some thinking it wasn’t all that. She did good. Props SHYLA
Sylvia Chen
Sylvia Chen 10 days ago
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Corinna Aguilera
Corinna Aguilera 10 days ago
Hey L&S Soul uncle Joe Ace♠ family Alaia Steel Through our eye's n others family's n friends!!! 𝔾𝕆𝕆𝔻 seeing the family spending time with each other LOL 😂🤣😹 funny 🤣😝😜when Landon prank Austin with lizard 🦎more video's keep update 👍✌🙏💙❤💜🧡💗
sparkles sparkling
sparkles sparkling 10 days ago
I can't believe l&s is still at 3M
dalila llantada
dalila llantada 10 days ago
Joe is so fine😂 oh happy Easter L&S😂
Fatma Ali
Fatma Ali 10 days ago
My fav part is when landon prank austin ,Shyle reaction is a whole vibe☄️💃😂😂🌺❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lovely Life
Lovely Life 10 days ago
guys when landon pranked austin, shyla and catherine were together 🙂
Yuky Channel 1
Yuky Channel 1 10 days ago
Wow is the Robert guy new ? Lol
Yuky Channel 1
Yuky Channel 1 10 days ago
Omg shyla mom so beautiful 😍
Streety85 10 days ago
"Im not even lying its a candle, its kinda cute, kinda a vibe" oh i love Shyla!!! 😂🥰🙌
its.chloebell 10 days ago
This family video was everything
Selena Sao
Selena Sao 10 days ago
Shula bad ashit 😍😍😍 and funny
Bleach 10 days ago
Damn Austin was filming. Why didnt he add that to his video.....?
Erica Godoy
Erica Godoy 10 days ago
Neisy Madrid
Neisy Madrid 10 days ago
“ one dollar they cheap “ 😹😹
Heather Perry
Heather Perry 11 days ago
I love you L&S fammm!
Hailie Rhaenys Paz
Hailie Rhaenys Paz 11 days ago
Steel was like man joe arms don’t compare to nun of y’all😂😂
Nicole___ 11 days ago
“I thought we were holding eachother “ 😂😂
Hayler Jessian Tut
Hayler Jessian Tut 11 days ago
Happy Easter l&s 🙂🙂🙄🤓😜😪😷😷
Lex Valencia
Lex Valencia 11 days ago
I love seeing the WHOLE family together it’s amazing 🥺
Ellie C
Ellie C 11 days ago
Jesus loves you turn to him before it’s too late!
Lia Nin pena
Lia Nin pena 11 days ago
Hi landon and souline
Sophia Carreiro
Sophia Carreiro 11 days ago
I love seeing all the family together lol I faithfully watch everyone’s videos 🤍🐰
Lily Her
Lily Her 11 days ago
Do y’all know what the song is? It’s so good 🥰
Beboo Aristilde
Beboo Aristilde 11 days ago
We love you guys
Gerardo Gaytan Espino
Easter was so much fun
TheBaddest Vu
TheBaddest Vu 11 days ago
Tbh I'm here to the Ace family lol
Amilia Valies
Amilia Valies 11 days ago
Alaïa is a mood 8:56
shar martin
shar martin 11 days ago
Awe, my family does money in the gold ones too! But back in the day, when there was only pastel-colored eggs, we'd wrap aluminum foil on the "money eggs" 😆😂 Edit: y'all done used the foil too!
Jaylyn Cortes
Jaylyn Cortes 11 days ago
Omg the kids looked so scared and confused when the saw the adult prizes 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Lilly _
Lilly _ 11 days ago
So no ones going talk bout Robert being the bunny lol
Mackenzie Doyle
Mackenzie Doyle 11 days ago
Koko Luv12
Koko Luv12 11 days ago
I thought Shyla was done posting 💀💀💀
Crystal Allen
Crystal Allen 11 days ago
Love the family vibes
Crystal Allen
Crystal Allen 11 days ago
Cool 💗
Nandini Mundra
Nandini Mundra 11 days ago
Family is something we all live for 💚✨ Thanks it made me realize something really precious ✨🌟
Dulce Maria Alcaraz
I mean i don't fw the ace family but im on Catherine's side "its not family friendly" and she has the right to be mad its her house and there's kids around...wasnt shyla just talking down on Catherine's skin care too wasnt this family exposed for only caring bout money so they exploit their daughter for views??
cutiee pie
cutiee pie 9 days ago
Really shyla talked down on Catherines skin care line?
Q Ki
Q Ki 11 days ago
Shyla is a real gold digger hate to see it
may smith
may smith 11 days ago
This is HOW YOU KNOW YOU KNOW you SOLD your SOUL to the ILLUMINATI, ...BAD VIBES.. Something is not right with this video.
Hannah Thomas
Hannah Thomas 11 days ago
Who sings the song? It’s so good!
Jangelina 11 days ago
Am I the only one who’s wondering what was in the silver “golden” egg?
Alex Nava
Alex Nava 11 days ago
Right eyebrow not matchin left sis
Mommy Tin
Mommy Tin 11 days ago
Oh here you go...another extravagant we are rich family. I have enoughhh of these channels!!! Omg do we have a family channels here without any lavishness and just laid back that we can relate with? Gezzzuz
Ernestine Balos
Ernestine Balos 11 days ago
Happy late Easter 💓🐣 n damn joe went all in dah shopping 😂🙌
MVM family
MVM family 11 days ago
Austin looks just like his mom 😊
La vida Loca
La vida Loca 11 days ago
Alaia has the same Smile like catherines dad 😍😍
Lorena Vergara
Lorena Vergara 11 days ago
Landons dad “is that a pocket whatcha ma call it?”😂😂
jasmine khadka
jasmine khadka 12 days ago
I like Landon and Austin's moms energy!
Cherise King
Cherise King 12 days ago
Love to see the family together Side note -Rob still looking like a whole meal
jubougie x
jubougie x 12 days ago
Catherine and Shyla in the same vlog is so cringe when Theyre in the same vlog the vibe is weird. Notice they never talk or in different parts of the house its like they avoid eachother
cutiee pie
cutiee pie 9 days ago
Queen Love
Queen Love 12 days ago
Queen Love
Queen Love 12 days ago
Ugh I wish I had family man:,( so fucken jealous I hate my life man so much
Queen Love
Queen Love 12 days ago
I wish I was shyla
Queen Love
Queen Love 12 days ago
Must be nice having a good life having everything you want :( I hate my life so much life is so unfair broken:,( wish my life would end not fair