This is very difficult 

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Something a little different today. Very personal and hopefully inspiring. Thank you for being a part of it.
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Apr 6, 2021




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Roman Atwood Vlogs
Roman Atwood Vlogs 14 days ago
Thanks for listening to our personal story. We love you
ETC KILL 2 days ago
Thank u ... But it's not that easy dude.
Live Silkies
Live Silkies 4 days ago
I'm stopping smoking, cigarettes, RiGhT NoW👍🏼 I have COPD from an Airbag explosion, Thank You 😇👍🏼💚
TheHazeyGamer 5 days ago
Congrats guys stopping anything is super hard I'm going threw a same struggle right now of trying to stop something that I am sadly addicted to and it's been the hardest journey of my life that I've ever had to go threw and am still fighting it and going threw it everyday and this just gives me more hope so thanks for sharing this
TTV CurtTuna
TTV CurtTuna 5 days ago
Roman you’ve out done yourself so many times we really appreciate your work and your time that is put into making content for us to watch we all love you so very much and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of your time on this planet ❤️ tell the family I said hi!
shaun fo
shaun fo 7 days ago
Roman it does get a lot easier
Courtney Richwine
Courtney Richwine 3 hours ago
Not embarrassing at all! Good for you!! This is a conversation and decision so many need to think about. 💕. There have been very good conversations around these topics as of late and a lightness to these personal struggles for so many.
Darcy Livingston
Darcy Livingston 4 hours ago
already smiling more
Daniel Honoré
Daniel Honoré 9 hours ago
I stoped smoking last November after 20years as a smoker 🙂 to be honest I don’t miss the smoking, but I do miss the “smoking breaks” as a non smoker you can’t really go out to get some air 😋 I do miss the daily vlogs, it was like being along for the ride a part of your family.. Best wishes from Denmark 🙂
Paige19 zen
Paige19 zen 10 hours ago
February this year made 3 years tobacco free Greate change in my life!! 👍❤️ Love The Atwood Family 😇
Paige19 zen
Paige19 zen 10 hours ago
Hull Kickerz
Hull Kickerz 18 hours ago
Americans just can’t drink
BUTTERBEAN 2019 20 hours ago
I'm 28 and my family always try to get me to drink and I'm like nope I'm good
Playboy Mare
Playboy Mare 22 hours ago
How do you even dislike this video some people are just weird
Jeffrey Tyler
1,648 days alcohol free for me. Keep it up guys. And you're so spot on with the way people act when you tell them you don't drink. It's always the same response, "you don't take this really hard drug?! You're crazy bro!". It's insane how ingrained in our society one of the absolute strongest drugs there is is. No one does that with other drugs. No one is like "bro you don't want a shot of this heroin? What are you a pussy?" "You can't handle this rail of coke dude?! Snort snort snort snort!". Having done copious amounts of just about every drug known to man for over 15 years of my life, and now having almost 5 years clean, I can easily say without any hesitation that alcohol is by far and away one of the strongest and worst drugs there is.
This family has helped me so much over the last 4-5 years like yall don't even know. LOVE THIS FAMILY KEEP IT UP
Aquatic builds lrp
Being sober from alchohol opened up a love for fishtanks 2yrs ago I just made my first saltwater tank with a clownfish named bo bo and it represents sobriety and love for myself and that's something I didn't have when I was drinking everyday
Positive T Man
That’s what my latest videos are about it’s just uplifting people feel good straight from the heart staying true to yourself and being real and positive
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny Day ago
15 million subscribers? This guy must be a millionaire. So awesome. I pray I can find a way to make good money. $60,000 in student loans. $10,000 in other debts
Scorpion Day ago
You can’t just leave us then come back bro 😪
mazy rupert
mazy rupert Day ago
Jesus set me free from a 5 year meth and cocaine addiction. On May 1st I will celebrate 2 years of sobriety!!!!
twoDRs Day ago
don't worry about not drinking guys. bottom line is you're getting healthier and will remain healthy and active. you can tell that hanging around with your kids raising them, living with all the friends and family that you do is what truly make you happy. every adventure you guys take the first things you think about is to bring your kids friends and family. booze isn't there for you like they are. not drinking today is admirable. it takes a strong mind to see what's going wrong and an even stronger one to actually do something about it, you guys and all of your family truly deserve everything good in the world. thank you for continuing to be here :)
priit mogilenko
Over 12 years sober and that is a best Lifestyle of them all!
L 2 days ago
Love this video. Thank you for sharing♥️
Hash Info Show Live Stream Gamer COD Beast
I don't drink alcohol its poison
Redpill Crypto Shark
I started drinking at high school, i'm a once i start i can't stop type of binge drinker. (The bad kind) I used to wake up the morning after and cringe at the drunk texts i had sent people and regret the douchebag & offensive things I used to do & say under the influence. Alcohol has caused me to lose a lot of friendships and relationships throughout my life. This year I decided things had to change so I quit drinking, 60 days sober as of today and so glad i've moved on from the destructive relationship I used to have with alcohol. Thanks for sharing.
Silvy Care
Silvy Care 2 days ago
Shoutout to all the muslims ✌🏻
Barbara Lance
Barbara Lance 2 days ago
I stopped drinking in 2009
EmilyGetsReal 2 days ago
I’ve don’t drink, I only drink water. Nothing else.. JUST WATER. And I’m the odd ball out.. lol. The most powerful you can say is NO!
lil Riddle 2
lil Riddle 2 2 days ago
thank you for this♥️
Kostya Karpushkin
My man 👌🏻
Lil Bro yeah
Lil Bro yeah 3 days ago
I been watching u for 4 years now I smoke weed now😂😂🛑
JaredMichaelT 3 days ago
203 days
Angryminor 3 days ago
Does Covid even live where they do
Matt Wihlen
Matt Wihlen 3 days ago
Congrats guys Ik what it’s like to be the one not drinking. I’ve always been the one that didn’t drink or hardly drank it’s never been something that I ever really did
Kat Davis
Kat Davis 3 days ago
I think this is amazing and great for your future & really be an example to your children. I’m 34 years old & don’t drink I have never had a desire for it & that’s ok. Don’t be ashamed be proud of your journey cause you don’t follow what everyone else is doing. People say things I know but you guys are soooo lucky to have a family and love. Happy for you both!! ♥️👍
Shimonka 3 days ago
I also don't consume the hydroxyl group
MJ 3 days ago
Good for you guys! Everyone is struggling with something and we all have our little battles. Congratulations on the life change.
Sky Achiczy
Sky Achiczy 3 days ago
This comment section passes the vibe check
grisss 3 days ago
I pray that they continue with that self control. Being different is hard, I don’t drink. It can really be anything tho , I pray that we all conquer 🙏💪
itsyourgamer 4 days ago
wheres flash
cw fuller
cw fuller 4 days ago
Congrats guys I live the struggle daily my last drink was 2014 you both in my thoughts and prayers keep going and never be embarrassed about your past it led you to where you're ment to be
Aliyahh 4 days ago
I know how y’all feel. I feel like a complete out cast in society because I can’t drink because of religion. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by it. Y’all are strong for giving up something like that. 💗
Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac 4 days ago
2920 days since I last touched alcohol
CR_Fox 4 days ago
Much respect! I came across your vlogs a while ago and saw how you treat each other and your kids. I immediately knew you are good people. You guys are an inspiration to families. Thanks for being positive and spreading smiles around the world.
meg han
meg han 4 days ago
Mine was/is alcohol and opiates. Just being honest, as you stated I KNOW what mine is. It's something I've worked on since 2019. I've been stagnant in my recovery, it's in the back of my mind and know what I need to do.
A Gorin
A Gorin 4 days ago
I just wanted to say thank you your saying “smile more” has helped me through my depression and thank you for everything and congrats on staying sober
Alina Aghaj
Alina Aghaj 5 days ago
So proud of you two, love you both very very much. God bless you two and families 🌷🌼🌻
William Karsten
William Karsten 5 days ago
U da man roman. U notice your position with us and u truly put urself out..for us. Means alot bro. Best youtuber since the gate.
Nisarg Venu
Nisarg Venu 5 days ago
You guys are fricken awesome, keep up the good work.
Cierra Youngs
Cierra Youngs 5 days ago
feel like growing up to a whole grown ass adult watching y’all , I just bonded with y’all on a whole nother level
Marilee T
Marilee T 5 days ago
I love how you guys are making a positive impact in your lives to make a healthier relationship not only for now but for your future as well. I just find it so cool that this is something you both also decided to do as a unit and I am so happy for you guys!
Raul Lucio
Raul Lucio 5 days ago
Roman you never disappoint ❤
Angeline Shalyn
Angeline Shalyn 5 days ago
I’ve had an extreme vape habit for the last year, like literally it spends all day everyday in my hand and never leaves my sight, I decided today to quit so I can breathe better, feel better and save money , so here’s to quitting ! This video helped so much and will be my motivation so stay away from nicotine 🙌🏻
Preston Day ago
Don’t let anyone say otherwise, vaping is EXTREMELY addictive. As I have been vaping since 13 I am now 16. It’s modern day cigarettes and to be quite honest is more addicting then cigarettes. YOU GOT THIS. reach out to resources that can help you quit, set up with quit coaching. :) best wishes
mike jones
mike jones 3 days ago
lol “an extreme vape habit” gtfo of here
Peachpit 15
Peachpit 15 5 days ago
👏yes you got this! Don't give up!
Ethan Bayne
Ethan Bayne 5 days ago
I am super proud of you guys!!! You two, and your family, are so ridiculously inspirational! You guys make it look so easy, but I know it was a struggle to get in the groove of things. I really needed to hear this, you do not understand lol. Love you guys!
christina myers
christina myers 5 days ago
Love you guys! 🙃❤️
Anna 5 days ago
You set a good example for your family. Be in Christ. God bless you and your family. 🙏
Myles Kettle
Myles Kettle 5 days ago
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Proud of you including everyone seeing this!
Danny Fisher
Danny Fisher 5 days ago
Well done guy's that's so good!!!
Henrik j ackerman
That’s wonderful❤️ I’m so happy for you guys😇
Gavin Lane
Gavin Lane 5 days ago
That’s not embarrassing! That is a huge accomplishment for you two! I’m happy for you guys, keep going!!
Sheikh Farhan
Sheikh Farhan 5 days ago
This honestly made me cry ❤️
Relaxing Mind
Relaxing Mind 5 days ago
So proud of you guys. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to do it as well. Especially when they’re wrong. I am a firm believer that alcohol not only bad for your health but also source of many relationship problem. Great job. God Bless :)
Dylan Wolff
Dylan Wolff 5 days ago
you definitely shouldn't be embarrassed
LuminaPearl 5 days ago
Classes is taking so much of my time that I missed this video when it was released, But I am so happy that I saw it now. I am trying so hard to not take a ciggarette again, it´s very hard, but you motivated me to keep fighting to be free! Thank you so much!
PLAZAPLAY 5 days ago
Kushan Pathak
Kushan Pathak 5 days ago
You guys making the effort to be better for yourselves and your family is beautiful
Dan Zeiler
Dan Zeiler 5 days ago
Wow that is amazing. You guys are so inspiring
K.C.R 5 days ago
I'm 19 and avoided and will avoid alcohol forever because how my dad and my step dad treated my brothers and my mum and me. To the point where I'm happy non of us took their life because it was a close thought many times. I deeply believe alcohol should be restricted
Eye Of Venture
Eye Of Venture 6 days ago
Damn y’all are looking very old
Hector Leonides
Hector Leonides 6 days ago
Im going to stop drinking alcohol i fell down the stairs 🤯
Lance Beasley
Lance Beasley 6 days ago
I don’t drink I’m 22 and I’ve had one drink and said nah I’m good fam
Drew Heff
Drew Heff 6 days ago
Amen, keep going !
Norbert Böröczk
Régóta nézem őket de nem értem mit monanak, de imádom őket azt ne kérdezétek miért nem tudok választ adni rá
Beastly94 6 days ago
Not embarrassing man! I don't drink. I'm only 18 but kids now days always drink but not me. And I'm glad
Y'all just make my heart happy! AND I'M SOO FREAKING HAPPY UR BACK!
kristin ruttler
kristin ruttler 6 days ago
Love you
Devin Alheit
Devin Alheit 6 days ago
Alright but if you just dont even care anymore like it is what it man one person can only take so many Ls until they just stop caring i mean i not gonna stop doing what im doing but what ever happen happen at this point
Steven Rickenbacker
3:19 Let me save you 3 whole minutes of just complete rambling. Good God guys! Just get the point. Congratulations by the way!
A1x G1anden
A1x G1anden 6 days ago
Congrats on almost 2 years without alcohol
Velocity 6 days ago
Bro I rember your fist ever vid it was the best I have been a og for years I love you guys so much❤❤
Lee Maxwell TV
Lee Maxwell TV 6 days ago
Why he sounding like ellen degeneres and shit
Emily Jensen
Emily Jensen 6 days ago
Thank you so much for sharing this. ❤️
Karla M.O
Karla M.O 6 days ago
Congratulations on your 641 days without alcohol!! 🥰
Karla M.O
Karla M.O 6 days ago
I love that you guys are real and you're my favorite US-firstrs
Jenny 6 days ago
Why does Roman look like he has cancer
Torontovibe 6 days ago
I don't drink, does that make me a loser So be it
Kristen Perez
Kristen Perez 6 days ago
Ya know, I told myself I should completely stop something. It was only a few hours ago. This is my sign.
jack dechellis
jack dechellis 6 days ago
I love u Roman I wanna get my gf to watch u
jack dechellis
jack dechellis 6 days ago
Buddy I just wanna say one or 2 a while is k but to get drunk all the time is not that good
jack dechellis
jack dechellis 6 days ago
I will bring my gf into it
Jennelle Vanderkooy
ThanK GOD Fir D.a.r.e. speCiaLLY aT suCh an EarLY AGe baCK beTween LaTe GraDe sChooL 3rD 4Th 5Th 6ThGraDe Than Jr HiGh 7Th&8Th
Hyder Zulfiqar
Hyder Zulfiqar 6 days ago
Day 6: Where is Flash?
Michael Stone
Michael Stone 6 days ago
That is something that yall should be proud of keep it up no matter what people say
Anda Gail Andreu
Anda Gail Andreu 6 days ago
James Boggis
James Boggis 6 days ago
Roman is the father fatherless kids look up to
Dylan 6 days ago
Dam yall made it through the Rona with out Alcohol. Truly congrats, bc everyone else there consumption increased during that time. Or states where its legal did some weed
mbm_cutie mbm4life
Thank u ... u have a beautiful family... HAPPY TO BE HERE....SMILE MORE
Kate Gwynn
Kate Gwynn 6 days ago
This is so inspiring! Quitting something shouldn’t be an awkward thing to talk about. Just cuz your friends do it doesn’t mean you have to! I love that you guys have come so far! ❤️❤️💯
michelle sayadian
Congratulations ❤ what a huge hurdle to accomplish!! Love you guys and all your videos!
iAldo 6 days ago
I hate how it took 3 and a half minutes to get to the point but I love you Roman
Zœ wilson
Zœ wilson 6 days ago
Thank you for being real with your viewers, I have a lot of respect for you guys because of that
Lilmiss Moe
Lilmiss Moe 6 days ago
165 days without alcohol today
i_toxicity_i 6 days ago
Congrats !!! ❣️❣️ (It's not embarrassing btw)
Ry mac
Ry mac 6 days ago
Thanks Atwood Fam, Perfect Vid
Rodney Thompson
Rodney Thompson 6 days ago
im 14,965 days alcohol free,drug free, and tobacco free . So im proud for you bro
Sean Royer
Sean Royer Day ago
I’m like 8,500 days old.. that’s impressive
OneFool Day ago
Proud of you bro
Immawatch YT
Immawatch YT 2 days ago
@Wizo Wack how long did it take u to figure that out 😂
Wizo Wack
Wizo Wack 4 days ago
That’s 41 years
Wizo Wack
Wizo Wack 4 days ago
How old are you?