This Is How Two Harpy Eagles Nearly Destroyed an Entire Monkey Island 

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Apr 27, 2021




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WATOP 15 days ago
Enjoy the video friends!
Ruler of the world
that sabre tooth gopher is a rock hyrax and it's related to the elephant you can due to the tusks the hyrax have
Gamerz Slot
Gamerz Slot 10 days ago
Hay watop can create a video on biological springs
Gamerz Slot
Gamerz Slot 10 days ago
@Samples Lmao idut why are you saying like that to him
Amar N
Amar N 10 days ago
I love you brother
Levy Sanchez
Levy Sanchez 11 days ago
@J Lee y
8Bit Ninja
8Bit Ninja 4 hours ago
sadly ph *eagle is endangered species sad*
Captain Kid
Captain Kid 4 hours ago
greetings from Philippines 😊🤗✌️ thanks for featuring our national bird " Monkey Eating Eagle - Philippine Eagle
Theodore von Kármán
Good eagles, very good eagles
raymond saturnino
raymond saturnino 16 hours ago
Philippine Eagle FTW!
xZane BG
xZane BG 23 hours ago
HE said my country name philippines
steven wolfolk
Interesting video hampered by moronic commentary.
Prismo Day ago
I never would've clicked on this video if I never played The Witcher III 😆 Damn annoying ass harpy
Monkey see, monkey don't do...
Gsus Dayz
Gsus Dayz Day ago
Lmao We deadass just letting scientists mess around with animals for the sake of research 🤣 The Monkeys were living in Peace Bro 🤣🤣🤣
Dyxlanz 2 days ago
Philippine eagles are almost extinct so its up to the philippine eagle offsprings to stop exticntion from happening
daniel lavana
daniel lavana 2 days ago
I want to slaughter every one of those stinking monkeys
Joe 2 days ago
monkeys suck i love these eagles
The Holy Spirit Of GOD
Leave it up to some dumb ass scientists to fuck up a good thing.
lowbaider 2 days ago
7:17 hahahahahha WOW!!!
Mr LucKy
Mr LucKy 2 days ago
Stop talking too much in ur videos😤😕🙏
R A J vines
R A J vines 3 days ago
His is why human should not play with nature......
Amazon Associate
Amazon Associate 3 days ago
LOL! At 0:48, There's no such thing as American Harpy Eagles.
SANDMAN 2788 3 days ago
Good! They’re disgusting animals good on the eagles!!!
Jimmie Asoy
Jimmie Asoy 4 days ago
Eagle shows, monkey sings "Fuck oooffffff"
Neo OmaDar
Neo OmaDar 4 days ago
OK... I heard some stupid ignorant stuff coming out of your mouth, but this one is just too much. Today, I , will teach you something: Your story have some truth on it, but you made a terrible assumption that mislead your viewers. Harpy Eagles DO NOT COME FROM AMERICA . (North America...) Harpy Eagles, this majestic Beast are the largest Eagles in the entire world and they are specifically from VENEZUELA, although migration sometimes take them to the jungles of Brasil and Colombia. Before post your videos, educate yourself first please.
Aaron Brown Jr
Aaron Brown Jr 4 days ago
Well scientist and mankind are the leading cause and are best known for destroying the planet in our ecosystem!! ETC... SMH
Pling S
Pling S 4 days ago
Me: wakes up at 4am and checks yt feed Also me: I shall proceed to watch this at an instant
misterblob 4 days ago
at 1:32 sounds like some one is spamming me on discord
Jaleel Hull
Jaleel Hull 4 days ago
He started like a year ago and already hit 1mil
Gerald Allistair
Gerald Allistair 4 days ago
Other Eagles: What do you eat? Philippine Eagle: Mostly Monkeys.
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker 4 days ago
This narration over simplifies too much. Leaves out far too much detail.
Ahmd Z
Ahmd Z 4 days ago
Pleaselah pake subtitle
keinohrhasi79 4 days ago
Wait, did you say "american scientists brought that eagles to that island?? Oo
catyear75 4 days ago
“I can’t wait to eat that monkey “ - Abraham Simpson
Mari Posa vlog
Mari Posa vlog 4 days ago
I really admire our phil eagle..she sooooo beautiful
OwO 4 days ago
8:36 the monke was like "bitch where tf you think your going"
xaj154 5 days ago
Gibbons are not monkeys, they are apes. Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans and Gibbons are apes.
Shay Ogun
Shay Ogun 5 days ago
you have some Crowned eagle footage/pictures misidentified as Harpy eagles in this video.
cfwhitney 5 days ago
Hahahahaha.... I like coffee!
lindor lavender
lindor lavender 5 days ago
8:38 ma'am kindly let go of my tail-
joe buzz
joe buzz 5 days ago
The title is misleading
TheTinker6871 5 days ago
That is not what eagles sound like. Thats a hawk recording
Kazu Tama
Kazu Tama 5 days ago
Let me be harpy in next life time. It looks so much better than human society
Scorpio Mwaniki
Scorpio Mwaniki 5 days ago
Hey WATOP how about once in a while kindly bless us with a 45mins long video please 🙏🏾
Paulie TV
Paulie TV 5 days ago
So why would scientists add two large predators to that island, they just want to see animals get killed? Sick bastards.
Keirston Johnson
Keirston Johnson 5 days ago
This was a really good video
Maaike George
Maaike George 5 days ago
thanks for the video
Densil Grant
Densil Grant 6 days ago
So humans introduce a species to an island their not native too and watch them decimate the other species..And that's ok and a scientific study now..Human beings are truly a plague no wonder covid is balancing them out.
goerizal1 6 days ago
his video has a fake/dishonest content in relation to its title.
Zexa XIII 6 days ago
darkstreak Aia
darkstreak Aia 6 days ago
It seems to me like a lot of random information with no real definitive topic. I found the information interesting but overall the video unsatisfying.
ʍɾ. ՏԵɾɑղցҽ
Ken Burton
Ken Burton 6 days ago
There is so much wrong with this video, I don't even know where to start. As soon as I saw the thumbnail, a composite of New World eagles and Old World monkeys, I had a feeling it would be bad. I underestimated.
FUNNY TEST 6 days ago
monkey shouting voice to bird
Jack Riggs
Jack Riggs 6 days ago
Stop slurpping your coffee...Disgusting !!
Eternal Peace
Eternal Peace 6 days ago
This con add is back..don't be caught..it's bullshit........
Kristine Schilling
omg saber tooth gopher! love it.
Sentinel Gaming
Sentinel Gaming 6 days ago
Francois Blair
Francois Blair 6 days ago
Sigh another paradise spoiled by the interference of man, island of monkeys and you had to go there with predators to (F) things up...
Bernard McMahon
Bernard McMahon 6 days ago
Great presentation thanks 👍👍👍
Blake Wangler
Blake Wangler 6 days ago
0:55 to 1:02 crowned Eagles
Chris Snape
Chris Snape 6 days ago
I love your shows but a grizzly would never get killed by an eagle
Evan Wright
Evan Wright 6 days ago
Wtf were the scientists thinking?
The Ronin
The Ronin 6 days ago
Harpy a.k.a Evil bas***d.
Arman Ghasemi
Arman Ghasemi 6 days ago
Scientists?! Or a bunch of stupids interferring in everything which doesn't concern them!
Gareth Ifan
Gareth Ifan 6 days ago
Tobilike bacon
Tobilike bacon 6 days ago
teenage humans also "attack" inanimate objects to train
Pedagang Barang Antik
Relax , they not atack human
Mohdy Mwinyi
Mohdy Mwinyi 7 days ago
Still waiting for the island of monkeys to be destroyed
MetalHendrix 7 days ago
Imagine a giant prehistoric White Bell Bird Sound. Every time i see animal behavior and color like this i think of Ancient Giant Creatures with similar behavior and i feel overwhelmed.
James Hurtado
James Hurtado 7 days ago
Saber tooth gopher aka Hyrax
Nicole James Oracion
I'm from the Philippines and I confirm that Philippine Eagle eats monkeys back in the days when their size are almost the size of a person
dawolyan13 7 days ago
Well, except for the evolution nonsense with zero scientific proof, interesting video
Mia Fillene
Mia Fillene 7 days ago
Dead monkies everywhere? Sounds like heaven. Import them into Taiwan.
karl brea
karl brea 7 days ago
who's the asshole who put the monkey's there anyways! Get rid of them! give them the covid shot!
valentino Good Energy
I can't understand why... man wants to destroy everything
gramme parsons
gramme parsons 7 days ago
Anybody else here after reading about that rappers pet monkey who was sneaking out his cage at night, making trap/drill beats and posting them to youtube. Such an insane story..
gramme parsons
gramme parsons 7 days ago
Scientists say watching that we're front row seated to evolution at it's most advanced. In other words US a few million years ago
CreasedCord should get mod
Jhake Roxas
Jhake Roxas 7 days ago
6 most powerful eagle in the world 6. American Eagle 5.Golden Eagle 4.Harphy Eagle 3.Philippine Eagle 2.Steller Sea eagle 1.Desert Eagle
Clay Blasdel
Clay Blasdel 7 days ago
I like the subject matter but not the wise-gu y comments. Bye
Suhaimi Awang
Suhaimi Awang 7 days ago
0:31 Takpo doh tu de buleh anggukkk..sedap doh..🤣
Jesper Andersson
Jesper Andersson 7 days ago
Sans 7 days ago
Cool im from Philippines
Sarosh Bana
Sarosh Bana 7 days ago
Though it was interesting, switched off after 2 minutes as never seen such vulgarity of advertisements
I know I'm dumb when I say this but
Subscriber reveal please!
Philippine eagle is also known as monkey-eating-eagle.
Ben McReynolds
Ben McReynolds 7 days ago
That Bell bird is so loud and the type of sound is crazy unnatural sounding.....
Julie Herring
Julie Herring 7 days ago
They need a few of those in Cambodia
Julie Herring
Julie Herring 7 days ago
They need a few of those in Cambodia
Bill Hep
Bill Hep 7 days ago
Nearly but not...right....no integrity.
Bryan F
Bryan F 7 days ago
8:37 lmao
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson 8 days ago
I like eagles better than I like monkeys.
Kalo Arepo
Kalo Arepo 8 days ago
Harpy eagles are named after the ugly female flying monsters of Greek mythology -the word "harpy" comes from the Greek word "to pluck" as they pluck things from down on the ground -related to the harp -a musical instrument that you pluck(the strings)
Patrick Racusa
Patrick Racusa 8 days ago
The Philippine Eagle is very Majestic
Mayumi Hot Asian Step Sister
isn't Philippine Eagles are beautiful!!! or Eagles in general!!!
Orckid nasser
Orckid nasser 8 days ago
😂. Funny , hilarious and interesting. .. Love it. 🌿💐
Snakebitten 8 days ago
Lost me with the evolution nonsense and saying an eagle could kill a grizzly because it can have longer talons than a bears claws.
GawBil 8 days ago
This looks so interesting but it's almost 10 mins so I'm skipping.
the gaming channel
Humans did not evolve from apes monkeys or other primates. Humans were made in Gods image. Numb numb
Christian 8 days ago
Yes that’s why I’ve subscribed because of the informative content.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 8 days ago
Testing adaptation by sending in giant monkey eating birds. It’s kind of fucked up. But very interesting.
sandi sandii
sandi sandii 8 days ago
I cant stand seeing Any animal being killed or seriously hurt , i usually look away. Lions eating a buffalo alive or lions grabbing hyenas by the neck Ugh i know its all part of these animals lives, but i can't get use to seeing it..
Winnifred Forbes
Winnifred Forbes 8 days ago
Chris 112
Chris 112 8 days ago
The narrator makes me think of Foghorn Leghorn.