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Things On Amazon You Actually Need tiktok shopwithkathleen
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May 1, 2021




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Resident Cryptid
Resident Cryptid 15 hours ago
Y’all... please tell me you don’t put chicken in the microwave
Mary J Flanagan
Years ago, I had one. I need another!
Lily Swenson
Lily Swenson 2 days ago
Don’t. Defrost. Chicken. In. Hot. Water. It will slowly cook the chicken and just ruin in when it comes time to cook it. Instead run it under a very light stream of cold water (ps I’m not some stupid 8 year old both my parents have culinary degrees and I have experience with this and that works best)
Elsa Westberg
Elsa Westberg 2 days ago
U can just put it on the stove
_Game boy_123
_Game boy_123 3 days ago
No one asked but ok
Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates 5 days ago
I've been a waitress for 20 years and I'm serve safe certified and this video gave me such bad anxiety!😳🤒.
Zhepard 6 days ago
For the love of all that is holy in food safety please do not fucking defrost your food by putting it in hot water. Put it in the fridge, running under cold water, or microwaving and then immediately cooking after are the only acceptable and safe ways to defrost your food.
Alex De La Pena
Alex De La Pena 6 days ago
Is an endothermic piece of metal or thing
Brayden Burgess
Brayden Burgess 6 days ago
You idiot. The defrosting trey is a plate of aluminum that just absorbs heat and spreads it to the meat. Literally a piece of metal, any piece will do. You done paid 5 times the price for a piece of junk
D Harmon
D Harmon 6 days ago
Well you never defrost in hot water.
I hate it here
I hate it here 7 days ago
Don’t try this!!! You’ll get sick.
James TheLaughingWitch
For those of you thinking this is a heated tray, it's not. It's just aluminum.
Alfiya Rahmania
Alfiya Rahmania 7 days ago
You actually might want to left the chicken in the bag and let it melt naturally. Or if you were not patient enough, Just chop it off and cook it immediately. you don't want your chicken looking like that. If you left it like that, it will dry when you fry it.
My Mini Blacklab
My Mini Blacklab 7 days ago
actualy you shouldnt do ang of those because then you are going to spoil your chicken
Asterius 8 days ago
Hot water and microwave you fucking freak omfg 😂
Justin Janie
Justin Janie 8 days ago
Your not supposed to defrost chicken in the microwave or hot water. You put in the fridge overnight or cold water only. Smh and you wonder y you get food poisoning..
Luke Kinsella
Luke Kinsella 8 days ago
There's chicken juice everywhere lol if that's what your after that tray is the one for you lol
BMB MusicGroup
BMB MusicGroup 9 days ago
Hot water?! Please don't do that just put it in the fridge the night b4🤦🏾‍♂️
Barbs 9 days ago
When yo mama is coming home and you forgot to defrost the chicken:
Kylee Caballero
Kylee Caballero 9 days ago
I just run hot water on it....
Silver E
Silver E 9 days ago
But now u got raw chicken juice on the counter
the big boi squad
You could just put it in room temperature water instead of cooking the chicken
David Holland
David Holland 9 days ago
Sure just leave it in direct sunlight, what could do wrong.
Wasteof_0xygen 9 days ago
I don’t think your supposed to put it in the microwave or hot water to thaw it 👁👄👁
Zurupup 9 days ago
Don't put it in hot water defrost it in your fridge, it is the safest way of defrosting meat.
ger had
ger had 9 days ago
This is all so wrong just plan to eat chicken the day before and leave it in the fridge or your gonna make somone sick never use hot water and never leave meat a room temp for more than 15 minutes
Andra-Raluca Scarlat
I need that for when i forgwt to take tge chicken out for my mom and she tells me she will be home in 5
Phoebe Atwill
Phoebe Atwill 9 days ago
The thing is I don’t actually need these :)
Evez Orebe
Evez Orebe 9 days ago
Can somebody send me candy pls
Dougie Fresh
Dougie Fresh 9 days ago
I thought when you defrost in water its either room temp or cold
jeremy rodriguez
jeremy rodriguez 9 days ago
Never defrost with hot water or microwave . Leave under running cold water or fill up your sink with cold water . Also I leave my meat in the zip lock
KPOP_ KAITLIN 9 days ago
thanks for this vid i just ordered it on Amazon :>
Bibiana Torres
Bibiana Torres 9 days ago
Please don't be defrosting your meat in hot water even in your mom's in the drive way and she told you too hours ago just don't
Ash 9 days ago
In the microwave? People do that?
Golden Fury
Golden Fury 9 days ago
If you defrost your chicken in a microwave and or hot water. You're growing pathogens and will probably die of salmonella
Somebody Call IXII
Good... now my mom won't whoop my ass for not taking the chicken out of the freezer in time
TheGinnnnnnger 9 days ago
Never defrost in hot water, use cold running water if you cant leave it in the fridge to defrost.
Smug Man
Smug Man 9 days ago
When you leave chicken or raw meat out like that in room temperature with a puddle of water around it, it's like, a huge bacteria breeding ground. Sorry you had to find out this way.
Smug Man
Smug Man 7 days ago
@SammieJam agreed
SammieJam 7 days ago
And cutting it on a wooden cutting board! ☠️ this is the most cringe video Ive seen in a long time. Omg
Jrezky 9 days ago
Do NOT put frozen meat in hot water!!! Cold water!!
Carrissa Stevens
Carrissa Stevens 9 days ago
People with a food handling certificate 😬
spacetape 9 days ago
What a stupid thing lol
knotzed 9 days ago
Too bad u got chicken juice all over the counter tops...
Mehdi Raza
Mehdi Raza 9 days ago
does the salmonella leakage come with the device?
Huhlijah Eihouse
Huhlijah Eihouse 9 days ago
Ew I hate everything about that product
Umair Javed
Umair Javed 9 days ago
But u gotta wait for 20 min to seperate
jweeze1 9 days ago
Never defrost in hot water! Kitchen 101
I bet this is super handy when you have children to cater for. Especially if your brood goes over 2 and don't forget yourself and your spouse (If they are still on the scene.
Bebi Yeosangii
Bebi Yeosangii 10 days ago
its easier to cut your chicken if its still frozen in the middle
The Iron Swede
The Iron Swede 10 days ago
Planning your cooking ahead of time is completely free and won't give you salmonella
Rave Biscuits
Rave Biscuits 10 days ago
I literally don't believe it works that fast.
Bobby Robbyn
Bobby Robbyn 10 days ago
Well I didn’t ask
Kelly Price
Kelly Price 10 days ago
I have one and you are right. It really works.
KING_ glokkz blangin
Or you could sit it in water
Luke Lascola
Luke Lascola 10 days ago
Nana u Believe
Nana u Believe 10 days ago
Did you say a bowl of hot 🔥 water?
Loren Loney
Loren Loney 10 days ago
leave the animals alone. #govegan stop the murder, stop the torture, save the planet. animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. get educated on the horrors you choose to silence: us-first.info/player/video/otanlJ2cqZqln58.html
kangaroo432 10 days ago
Okay this is great but please don't use a wooden chopping board for chicken 😢
Loren Loney
Loren Loney 10 days ago
leave the animals alone. #govegan stop the murder, stop the torture, save the planet. animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. get educated on the horrors you choose to silence: us-first.info/player/video/otanlJ2cqZqln58.html
Timmy Furgeouson
Timmy Furgeouson 10 days ago
And now you have samanila everywhere😂
IM_DJ 10 days ago
Ok WHO the FUCK uses a microwave to thaw their chicken
Emmarina 10 days ago
Just put it in the fridge ffs
- lexi -
- lexi - 10 days ago
All I need from Amazon is a L’manburg flag
Hi 10 days ago
I have this tray it is so terrible dont buy it. My wife bought it because of tic tok.
Wyatt Jamieson
Wyatt Jamieson 10 days ago
M6 mom got one of those for christmas and i have no clue how it does anything when you feel it its freezing
D og
D og 10 days ago
Um....defrost over night in the fridge or defrost in cold water. You must keep meat cold. Do not let it sit out this way or put it in the microwave or warm water. Idiots.
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 10 days ago
Who puts frozen chicken in hot water?
Quita & Koko
Quita & Koko 10 days ago
Hot water or microwave. Don’t eat from her house
LividLivie 10 days ago
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf 10 days ago
If you gonna defrost by putting the chicken in water, which is usually what my family does, use cold water. The hot water is gonna cook the chicken before you actually cook it, you don’t want that.
Qwanny 10 days ago
You never put frozen chicken under hot water it’s supposed to be cold water
Emma 10 days ago
Need or want? There’s a difference hunny.
Sergio - The Life Insurance Man
You’re not supposed to defrost in hot water lol... that starts to cook it
Jean Dugan
Jean Dugan 10 days ago
This is not safe to do and can cause food Bourne illness if meat is thawed not in water, microwave or cooked from frozen just btw I do not reccomend
Puneet singh, atheist, fight for good healthcare
Its just a price of alluminium.
LOL no my mother leaves it on the counter all day
Eliza Schuchman
Eliza Schuchman 10 days ago
what are you talking about we need everything on amazon
Ralphy Ralph. Gun's and Rod's
Gabriel Gallegos
Gabriel Gallegos 10 days ago
This doesn't work and defrosting meat at room temperature can cause serious problems
Camo Dino
Camo Dino 10 days ago
I just let my frozen food thaw out in my sink
Speedstack21 10 days ago
Those defrosting trays have been debunked. Unfortunately you were duped into buying an overpriced black plate.
Shaun Taey
Shaun Taey 10 days ago
I put it in a bowl with water and a lotta salt.. defrosts faster
Tenekai 10 days ago
Leave it in the plastic you doughnut
Ton Palacios
Ton Palacios 10 days ago
How to get salmonella everywhere. You can just put it in the fridge or in cold water, doesnt change the texture and alot cleaner
Alyssa Platero
Alyssa Platero 10 days ago
Your not supposed to defrost meat in hot waterrrr
Jankee Jumbalaya
Jankee Jumbalaya 10 days ago
Or ya know let it thaw in the fridge or on the counter ina bowl if its not to hot instead of flicking the meat
MayanMuscle 10 days ago
Putting meat I the micro wave or hot water to defrost??? Girl just putting the meat in room temp water for like an hour should do it...... that fuckkkkkk
Robert Hadow
Robert Hadow 10 days ago
Ooooh leaky chicken juice. Sign me up
Y/N 10 days ago
Or just put it in a microwave
Lily F
Lily F 10 days ago
Isn’t it recommended that you DON’T thaw raw meats on the counter?
Dylan Stankewicz
Dylan Stankewicz 10 days ago
Love how they said defrost in warm water. Dont do that, they don't know how to cook
Carter McDermott
Carter McDermott 10 days ago
Is salmonella one of them?
JonnyDarcko 10 days ago
It's two damn pieces of chicken, put it in a bowl of water or defrost in the microwave, takes like 20 minutes max.
* I z u m i - S a n *
Why did I think that was a dang sink for a second
Ghost Ball
Ghost Ball 10 days ago
Mmmm yummy taste like salmonella
Black Widow
Black Widow 10 days ago
So now you just have all the raw chicken juice all over your counter....just put your stuff in the fridge the night before or in a bowl of water
Viking Frog
Viking Frog 10 days ago
You should never do this, plan ahead and get it out the night before. Also never defrost without being in a container
Kaward T
Kaward T 10 days ago
Just put it in the fridge the night before you cook
Lucas D
Lucas D 10 days ago
That can bread bacteria on the food cold water or fridge only!!! Lol
elem- sike
elem- sike 10 days ago
If you need to defrost, use cold water or set in fridge overnight. Don’t risk bacteria growth or bad tasting chicken.
Miles Beck
Miles Beck 10 days ago
I’ve learned from culinary that it’s ok to defrost beef or pork in room temp but never chicken
ブランクさん MRBLANK
Don't put meat on a wooden cutting board you'll never get it clean and cross contaminate everything you cut on it.
SammieJam 7 days ago
Literally was scrolling for days in hopes of finding at least one other person who knew this! That was the most disturbing part of the video! 🤢