These Shrimp Could All Go Extinct #shrimp 

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Save the Shrimp #shorts

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May 1, 2021




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kitty cashier
kitty cashier 3 hours ago
Shhhhhhh asmr
No name Needed
No name Needed 4 hours ago
BEGON BLOOD SUCKING PARASITES (also what'd the shrimp do to them)
Veronika Kubošová
Aj lov Dolfinc
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 5 hours ago
I feel so bad I was just eating shrimp
Roy King
Roy King 6 hours ago
I love water so technically I love the thing that are in it
Victoria Dominguez
Victoria Dominguez 12 hours ago
Last night I went to the beach I helped a stingray baby and a octopus it was basic eating snail things because there’s like things on the ground that are super tasty and then I helped a baby well and then I wI went back home and then we came another day
killacam knox
killacam knox 13 hours ago
I love how you care about the sea
Veronika Kubošová
Veronika Kubošová 15 hours ago
Jojn tí oušin femlí
Ruby O'hara
Ruby O'hara 17 hours ago
I love animals save the world
Kaden Daniel Stumbo
Kaden Daniel Stumbo 18 hours ago
Eat a parasite
my vong
my vong 19 hours ago
what about you make a website for the shrimp
Rush Rayla
Rush Rayla Day ago
I care i'll join then 😇
maisnam priyojit
Save the ocean
ellen dadula
ellen dadula Day ago
Ultra Monkey
Ultra Monkey Day ago
Where is birdman blood bug thing eater
ellen dadula
ellen dadula Day ago
Cabbage Patch
I want to join
Mariah Snow
Mariah Snow Day ago
Awww poor babies
Linda Lowe
Linda Lowe Day ago
I wish I lived somewhere that I could help the shrimpies!! I use to play with "Rollie Pollies" when I was a kid. Lol
Tahnyia Jackson
Tahnyia Jackson 2 days ago
What was on the side of the stream it was big
RulerRock1 2 days ago
I'm in no dought sign up
Anna Jacobs
Anna Jacobs 2 days ago
How is this guy 31? He looks 17! Also I love your channel! Hope you are doing well in the pandemic!
safaa zanati
safaa zanati 2 days ago
I love sea animals
Wilfred Hamilton-Dalgleish
This is the best guy because he cares bout ocean life
KYLIE D CEREGAL 3 days ago
I eat shrips 🥺
gamer girl DaZe
gamer girl DaZe 3 days ago
I do
gamer girl DaZe
gamer girl DaZe 3 days ago
Siamese Kat
Siamese Kat 3 days ago
My name is Katie so when I watched this I was like 🙂 yay a shrimp is named after me 🙂
woodchips 3 days ago
Because it's a US-firstr he probably makes quite a bit of money so we should try and hire people
Emmanuel Batalla
Emmanuel Batalla 3 days ago
I want to be like you
Bennett gaming
Bennett gaming 3 days ago
Today I got 100 parasite
Mano Todoroki👻
I actually did pull a parasite out of a little shrimp it did pinch me a little lol
Nate Bolt
Nate Bolt 3 days ago
I do care about them
Ma-Sa- Ha-Mo
Ma-Sa- Ha-Mo 3 days ago
The shrimps and and ocean is alive bc of u🥺🥰
rochelle marquez
rochelle marquez 3 days ago
im a big fan im just using my moms acount
Link Up With D'lo
Because there cute and they do not deserve to de
Link Up With D'lo
I care about all the sea animals
Willow Payne
Willow Payne 4 days ago
Hi just asking! Do you know where's the community? Just asking cuz I want to be a part of it.
・ !! drexmr__crafts !! ・
You so nice❤
weird2gaming 4 days ago
Where do you find these? I always loved the sea and would like to help
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmen Rodriguez 4 days ago
I have a sister name keyri too
Chelsea Lopez
Chelsea Lopez 4 days ago
I care of the sea
Maria Delgado
Maria Delgado 4 days ago
I feel bad for this dude cause he's helping shrimp, but I eat shrimp
Ari 4 days ago
I has a question is this your job or do you just do it to protect ocean critters?
Sachi Mochi
Sachi Mochi 4 days ago
If he does build the community to save these shrimps, I'm joining immediately
Gavin Keeren
Gavin Keeren 5 days ago
Srry im can help you bc my home its not in pool
Jhon Nickleson
Jhon Nickleson 5 days ago
Me still continuing to eat shrimp The shrimp: am I a joke to u?
Gaby Henandez
Gaby Henandez 5 days ago
Oh my gosh another person who cares about the wildness so far I'm the only one out of my friends that care about it but I do have two or three friends that actually do care about the wildness you are my new friend because I love the Wild and I do care about shrimp and poor Katie
Moon Stone
Moon Stone 5 days ago
I'd burn all shrimp parasites
Laci Hill
Laci Hill 5 days ago
I’m going to the beach today hopefully I can find shrimp to rescue 😋
Bettina Michael
Bettina Michael 5 days ago
Jude Gabriel M. Brosas
I am scared i dont relly see bad healt animals and trhee i want to help water animals
fire bird
fire bird 6 days ago
Yeah save the ocean no more parasites no more trash
K. D.
K. D. 6 days ago
From Katie's everywhere, we thank you, good sir.
I did that like 100 times #savethesea
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter 6 days ago
I'm not a smart boi but i'd say if you're finding so many they probably arent that endangered
sprained ankle
sprained ankle 6 days ago
poor babies :( they deserve better
ismaiL playz10
ismaiL playz10 6 days ago
I want to join your squad I want to help ocean animals
Hanif Folami
Hanif Folami 6 days ago
Love this Dw why but mans high 💨😬
gaming is my life
He is Aquaman 2.0
Adam 6 days ago
Breaking news! ( kids save the extinan of shrimp! ) English is not my native language
drekthepro 6 days ago
Im going ro the beach very soon. Ill do the best I can there. 🍤
Gegeen Huslen
Gegeen Huslen 7 days ago
I love pets but I’m kinda scared of ocean animals and bugs especially spiders 😱
Levana MA
Levana MA 7 days ago
I'm wacthing this like its a documentery from national geography
Levana MA
Levana MA 7 days ago
Why dont you work on national geography documentary you're so great at this
Cluster Waffles
Cluster Waffles 7 days ago
Are u vegan Jacob colvin I'm curious
Sean Gabriel Trinidad
How to save shrimps: 1. Go to near ocean with mud 2. Use an item that can dig mud and get the shrimps 3. Save the shrimps using hands if they had parasites
Anthony Calderon
Anthony Calderon 7 days ago
I want to help you I feel bad for them I want them to be alive👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Landon’s Life
Landon’s Life 7 days ago
Dude I’m so on your side that’s why I’m a vegetarian in a meet a Terian all animals are just like humans and all animals deserve to live
Bernard Murphy
Bernard Murphy 7 days ago
How dose the parasite getting the girls to begin with
vb9 7 days ago
We should make a group that's kind of like visco girls but instead of save the turtles its save the shrimp
Marisela Jimenez
Marisela Jimenez 7 days ago
He is the bast!!!!!!!!
*Wolfie Furry*
*Wolfie Furry* 7 days ago
We’re is the location
• a k a r i •
Dude earned my respect
Tucker Bone
Tucker Bone 7 days ago
Sea army
Stephanie Thibodeaux
I love your shrimp videos the shrimp are cute
Pål helge Opheim
I love ojen
Kritika Saxena
Kritika Saxena 7 days ago
If any one abuse him every sea animals will come
Margarita Williams
I would love to join your ocean family. I have a question though. How did you make or where did you get the thingy that sucks up dirt to find Shrimp?
INB JAG 7 days ago
The guys who disliked this video accidentally did it
Livia 7 days ago
I thought your name is jack.pnw
blue berry pumpkin
I love helping animals
Rameez Asino
Rameez Asino 8 days ago
I like sea
Gloria Pamilar
Gloria Pamilar 8 days ago
I called him ocean savior.
the nerd 1
the nerd 1 8 days ago
Were Do these shrimp mostly hang out at?
Alex Ponce
Alex Ponce 8 days ago
The only man that knows the names of every shrimp on earth
Cory Reid
Cory Reid 8 days ago
#shrimp guy
jordany Downing
jordany Downing 8 days ago
Patricia Leal
Patricia Leal 8 days ago
I saved a cute little shrimpy and cooked the parasite and eat it and i did not like it but it was filling😊✨✨
Buruberi Chan
Buruberi Chan 8 days ago
He such an angel
Comical beam
Comical beam 8 days ago
Not the shrimp
Luca Pointer
Luca Pointer 8 days ago
I’m in the ocean 🌊 fam
David Kilduff
David Kilduff 8 days ago
Oh no
That lesbian_softie
:0 my name is katy
lorgo 8 days ago
I love your videos
the dog
the dog 8 days ago
It's time we help him save these shrimp
Sadia Afrin Snaha
I don't believe he is a dad of two kids 😂😂😂
Joy Tanezaki
Joy Tanezaki 8 days ago
Colum Lee
Colum Lee 8 days ago
What is the secret to immortality?
I IQ Tested My Cats