The WORST Academy Awards Of All Time (2021 Oscars) 

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The ratings for this years’ Academy Awards dropped to a record low of 9.85M total viewers, which is down from 23.6M total viewers in 2020. This comes after the ratings for The Oscars have been steadily declining for years now. The reason this has happened is self-evident and needs no further explanation, so let’s just revisit this years’ lowlights and have a good laugh!
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Apr 27, 2021




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Postanak1 2 hours ago
Sam Rees
Sam Rees 4 hours ago
I’m a conservative and a loyal listener to Mr. Shapiro and there’s a lot here with which I agree. The politics of Hollywood are disgusting, the celebrities are noxious, spouting off about privilege when they're the biggest beneficiaries, the Black Panther/police/race crap etc. Totally agreed. But man, conservatives can be way off when it comes to art and entertainment. Firstly, awards should be a meritocracy - whether the films have made money or been widely seen is irrelevant. If anything, the Oscars should prop up great movies that WOULDN’T otherwise be seen. We don't need Avengers: Endgame winning Best Picture. Secondly, I get the point about his lack of interest in the movies, but surely the baseline for criticism is that you've actually SEEN them. It all comes down to personal opinion, of course, but just to highlight a couple of examples: Minari has nothing to do with the evils of the system - every American in that film is incredibly welcoming of the Korean family. And Trial of the Chicago 7 is absolutely not a movie about how America is deeply racist. I can't stand the glitter elite but unfair criticism tarnishes fair criticism.
Nunya Bidnis
Nunya Bidnis 6 hours ago
I haven't watched an awards show, of any kind, for many years.
wordwan 8 hours ago
I would sit through three hours of Ben REACTING to the Academy awards. But I don't think I can watch the Academy awards anymore. I have too many memories of real ones. And that Black Panther stuff? Holy shit. roo
Joshua Lara
Joshua Lara 20 hours ago
I love Ben so much dude 😂😂
Jim Watson
Jim Watson 21 hour ago
Thinking,!! stupid is as stupid does!!!! My hat is off to Anthony Hopkins!!! A true American patriot !!!!
Betty Boop
Betty Boop Day ago
Who watches these shows? Nothing but a bunch of entertainers applauding each other for being entitled, privileged & better than the regular people.
Trace E
Trace E Day ago
Celebrities quickly finding out that they are irrelevant !
dick strong
dick strong Day ago
Im an older dud just got a fancy android tv and netflex - its ok but why all the over board on moxing race ect ? I just dont get it .
We give this one to our wolf......what the...😫😫
I’m done with the Oscars show
Raygunner 2 days ago
What do you mean there were no highlights? The part where it was finally over was a huge highlight.
John P
John P 2 days ago
I thought they preach about letting everyone in don't build the wall let them in. Then why don't they let everyone in the Oscars ?
CaptainWillard 2 days ago
This is getting close to the e3 gaming conferences wich is amazing more cringe compilations!!!
Young Mok Jeon
Young Mok Jeon 2 days ago
At what point does Minari talk about the evils of the American system? The only negative experiences they encounter are due to natural disasters.
Storm Ryder
Storm Ryder 2 days ago
I'm eager for another record low rating for this year award. Well done, Hollywood. Keep driving away your audience with your red carpet and wall of ego.
christine sandilands
Bahahaha, that was so ridiculously hilarious 👍 those helliwood fools have really lost it now they're not getting any attention or children's blood, may they all ROT in HELL with there father the 😈👹 devil!!!!
Allah is SATAN the DEVIL
Oscars the place where all the rich and wealthy speaks about how oppressed they are, and how bad the conservative are.. Meanwhile putting money into their pockets
Lurvy1963 2 days ago
Cancel the Oscars. They aren't worth the viewership. I miss Hollywood's golden era. They did movies that entertained us, not lectured us.
a saw a oppressed black woman in a 200k+ car wearing a 5k outfit telling to me to check my white privilege i must say her words touched me deep
Aveasta 2 days ago
It's funny how Hollywood elites are so eager to advertise their support for the poor and homeless, when they kick them out to host a boring award show.
Steel Chainz
Steel Chainz 3 days ago
I loathe Hollywood just like everyone else, but come on man, Glenn Close doing the butt dance was amazing for a 74 year old white woman. And I'm sorry but Angela Bassett can do no wrong lol
Ruth Anne
Ruth Anne 3 days ago
Ben, you are so scathingly on...woe to these morons in hollyrude trying to bolster their own selves. The more we listen to Ben, the better we too can SEE the actuality of the garbage media tries to offer their audiences.
warcry 3 days ago
I watched both minari and nomadland and they are good movies especially nomadland and I'm from India
Strike King 305
Strike King 305 3 days ago
I saw the black panther movie and honestly just laughed threw the movie, it's so full of shit. Just proves how blm and black panther can't even trust there own kind so I don't understand how they where better then anyone 🤷🏽‍♂️
Strike King 305
Strike King 305 3 days ago
No one cares about the Oscar's anymore, I stopped watching decades ago
L B 3 days ago
I enjoyed your commentary but watching the clips was painful. I was actually embarrassed for all of those actors. 😩
Kevin Pereira
Kevin Pereira 3 days ago
I agree with everything Ben says but I just hope that, and I feel that they do it’s just not brought up enough, that there is a problem with American police, race has nothing to do with it but in every other modern country the fatality rate of police and civilian encounters is extremely Low compared to America. And that’s inspire of the circumstances. I do feel police in america are extremely poorly trained and as much as you defend the blue you have to hold them accountable for when and if they suck
Daltira 3 days ago
America is a third world country.
Is it just me or are all their clothes kinda ugly
Liheng Wang
Liheng Wang 3 days ago
black messiah box office 6 million what still got oscar????
Torah Love
Torah Love 3 days ago
These are people that constantly tell us to donate to causes when they don’t.
CCJ TV 3 days ago
First off dude don’t half ass your explanations, they are called the black panther party of self defense and they clothes fed and educated the youth about their rights and law classes was one of their biggest classes and they did not say Martin Luther king jr. was the enemy they simply did not agree with his methods. And you were implying that the black panther party and Malcolm X were the bad guys shows your ignorance the only bad guys during the civil rights were the white people that were not giving people their God-given rights
CCJ TV 3 days ago
Actually Judas and the black messiah was not bad
fly 13
fly 13 3 days ago
F'n Oscars, good riddance. Hey, and NBC just cancelled the 2022 Golden Globes, good riddance as well. Take your private billions and go bitch and complain on Twatter, the people are waking up, including waking up to you.
Jemand Jemand
Jemand Jemand 3 days ago
is this photo with the gifts for real? so bahlsen sponsored this mess too? as a german... i am offended.
Okelidokeli 3 days ago
These people are wastes of space...money...and just precious lives.
Deep River
Deep River 4 days ago
It was a joke!!! The whole show off in the twilight zone. It was more like the gong show
Bambina 31
Bambina 31 4 days ago
His face 🤣🤣🤣🤣
hamsandwichlover 4 days ago
idk why the Don Cheadle meme made me laugh so much i was not expecting that lmaoo
Louan Baker
Louan Baker 4 days ago
The secret is not to not hate others but love yourself, the despicable one within. Now, that is much more complicated because you cannot be oh so glorious and radiant upon humanity's stage.
wordwan 8 hours ago
You know, in a soupçon, you've defined why these actors can't do that. And why they are so filled with plastic hatred. roo
SuperNovaSirius 4 days ago
Hahahaa funniest segment ever.
mike muschik
mike muschik 4 days ago
Wakeupzombies 4 days ago
“My voice is in my sword”...........fall on the fucking thing then !!!
Manuel E. Itriago M.
Does anyone else feel that Ben Shapiro is the guy you kinda liked, but always remainded the teacher the homework that he/she/it send the day before? He is so burnt out hahaha. BTW. before you shit on my English, please learn 3 languages before judging.
jaime esquivel
jaime esquivel 4 days ago
I would to see the no movie about the seracha story,he started out making the hot sauce in a bucket now that's a story.
Charles P. Adams
Charles P. Adams 4 days ago
Here is great line from a movie to for you Hollywood and all you "Actors.": "The time for honoring yourselves has come to an end!"
Charles P. Adams
Charles P. Adams 4 days ago
Wait a minute! I thought Californians believe that homelessness is a right?
Ruxandra Mihaela Iancu
This award ceremony I once loved,has become what looks like a Sunday bingo special at the insane asylum...but where the patients are loaded
Krissy My
Krissy My 4 days ago
“U are seen” ..well I can see yr eyes ..
Andy Chiu
Andy Chiu 4 days ago
If you haven’t seen Minari, yet you make a claim that it’s about the evils of American system. The movie has nothing of the sort. It’s literally a movie about an immigration family. That’s it. You’re full of shit Ben, you used to be about factual evidence. Now you’re a propaganda outlet not much far behind Fox.
Peppa Pig xD
Peppa Pig xD 4 days ago
The Oscars got destroyed with facts and logic
Michal Studynka
Michal Studynka 4 days ago
Remember when Oscars used to be fun like this? us-first.info/player/video/isqnm6FqnZ-Cq4k.html
Rigel Bellatrix
Rigel Bellatrix 4 days ago
Interesting that Shapiro spends the entire time trashing the Oscars, but then in his very last sentence, he argues the point to go support those folks anyways. Funny.
vidath Dilshan
vidath Dilshan 5 days ago
I think Ben shepiro should understand that if you talking to your fan base you should not critsizes good movies like nomaland. It is a award winning movie not only in acadamy awards in also vanice films festival. And also it is based on a book written by american journalist. It is not a just a film directed by chinese woman. I think ben should stick to his knowledge on politics not to movies.
MsPoshlife 5 days ago
If ya think the o-ratings were bad just wait till the cinemas and theatres open back up. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Disrespect our presid3nt Trump, will ya?? No one but no one cares about hollow-wood. Looks fing good on ya....
Lucas Tecchio
Lucas Tecchio 5 days ago
Horrible video omg, why did I lose my time
Lucas Tecchio
Lucas Tecchio 5 days ago
The man can't even research why the howl happened and where Frances' last speech came from
Biser does
Biser does 5 days ago
And the best thing was that they removed all the homeless, just pushed them out of the way and the best picture that won Nomansland is about homelesness and how its hard.... Its unreal how much these people are out of touch with reality ......
TallCoolDrink 5 days ago
8:45 - First Jimmy Kimmel, now Glenn Close... white people must make a fool of themselves on tv? [Otherwise, you are a racist... when a person of color is egging you on to do something awkward...]
gabriel771100 5 days ago
What a disgusting pretentious freakshow!
भक्त 5 days ago
@8:55 that's the culture of africa and united states...that's the cheapest soft power. I hate such thing
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson 5 days ago
biden came in saying “LOOK WHAT I’VE DONE TO *S A V E* AMERICA” when in reality taking credit for President Trump’s work.
Janice Pollard
Janice Pollard 5 days ago
I meant but these people are actually something's wrong with their mind I can see that
Psycho Logical
Psycho Logical 5 days ago
I am not a conservative. I disagree with much of what you say Mr. Shapiro. But sir, you are absolutely correct here!
Death Become You
Death Become You 5 days ago
You got to be kidding. Shit in a bucket,
Amyante 5 days ago
Police are weeaboos confirmed :P
Pauly 5 days ago
Ben should have watched some of the movies. The Father and Nomadland are actually good movies.
Natural Relaxation
Yes I didn't watch any of these movies! boring propaganda movies, why would I watch them! About the masks though they are still necessary cause not the whole population has been vaccinated and whoever has been vaccinated can still be a spreader and pass it around! Just the way she said it though, it was like in Kindergarten!
Ujjwal Jyoti
Ujjwal Jyoti 6 days ago
Trial of the Chicago 7 has been watched a lot... It was on Netflix and not lot of movies were around that time... The father is also good
Caroline Corman
Caroline Corman 6 days ago
Since Covid hit not many people saw movies. I guess Ben doesn’t talk about that.
Dungeon TV
Dungeon TV 6 days ago
😅😅😅 feel my pain
CaNNeD CRaZy 6 days ago
You mean the Pander to Brown People Awards!? Everyone gets a prize - if you've got a tan
indy indigo
indy indigo 6 days ago
the father is actually a really good movie that highlights a struggle amongst the elderly. Anthony hopkins also had an incredible performance.
Md Junaid
Md Junaid 6 days ago
Md Junaid
Md Junaid 6 days ago
I don't believe that a sane person watches the Oscars not in search for new content. The rating will keep going down until they stop with this woke stuff. It has killed Hollywood and it's gonna kill the Oscars too.
Eric Rapp
Eric Rapp 6 days ago
When does this shit show end?? Like, can communism just take over already? Can I just get ahead of the line at the gulag? Can this just happen already?! Or can Freedom win already? Like whatever happens, can it just happen? I'm tired of the suspense!!!
lonesomebayou 6 days ago
no one i know cares not about the leftist, child trafficking snowflakes in Hollywood. Ben was right...i haven't watched one of those movies. not one.
Joe Whittle
Joe Whittle 6 days ago
It's getting to the point where people are getting "awards" based on their ethnicity or sexual preferences, gender identity, etc. Nobody gets them on merit any more.
Nick Gurr
Nick Gurr 6 days ago
Damn some very awkward moment
Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews 6 days ago
Everytime one of these Hollyweird people get up there at the Oscars and make a rant there voice gets all shaky and nervous. They know they shouldn't be doing that.
FaultyTwo 6 days ago
Wait.. Oscar is still a thing?
Sanele Sifiso Pesane
Lol “putting up barricades to shield themselves from the crimes they fostered” did anyone hear that?
Amanda Meyers
Amanda Meyers 6 days ago
“The Black Panther party was awesome!” *said no one ever*
Tim - The Moon Laser Engineer
Ok... now I am starting to think that these Hollywood celebs are really alien lizard people that don't understand how humans work.
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez 6 days ago
Love your site. But I couldn't watch all of it without cringing.
Jonathan Schneider
If the Oscars were depicted truthfully in a movie we would call it an absurdly overt social message condemning the rich
Mr. Perfect 1%er
Mr. Perfect 1%er 6 days ago
Wow, I thought this all ended when color tv came out and ended the old black and white TV's.... I had no idea this oscar thing still happens.... Oh well....when is Jerry's next telethon?
Sammy Lee
Sammy Lee 6 days ago
I honestly didn't watch any of those movies. Hollywood is putting out the bare minimum and I have nothing good to say about 2020 and 2021. extremely crappy and ruined my life plans.
She Doesn't Even GoHere
"I have no words; my voice is in my sword: thou bloodier villain than terms can give thee out!" This is a quote from Macduff to Macbeth at the end of Macbeth. Macduff is alluding to the fact that Macbeth had killed so many people at this point that there was no point in talking, only in avenging them. Honestly she made a mess of the scenario but I think Frances' heart was in the right place.
GL64 3 days ago
I don’t blame Frances. When she won, it looked like she was thinking, “oh god, I won another one. Alright let’s get this over with.”
Zen Nixjoen
Zen Nixjoen 6 days ago
it was THIS bad??? my goodness, i’m working on producing films in the future and i have absolutely no intention of getting my work sub,opted for the oscars, elitism at its best
S B 6 days ago
Better yet don't watch the Oscar's at all. Save yourself the gringe.
Silver Capricorn
Silver Capricorn 6 days ago
All of this looks like Hunger Games
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm 6 days ago
Holly woke (fake as 🤬)
Youtube channel
Youtube channel 6 days ago
The West is slowly destroying itself from the inside. China can’t believe its luck, global leadership is being handed to it on plate.Where is the strong confident America we grew up with?
Dragoon 1762
Dragoon 1762 6 days ago
The only time I cared about the Oscar's was when Ricky Gervais eas there to roast the shit out those people.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 6 days ago
In 2020 457 white people were shot to death by police and 241 black people were shot by police.
Warren Adshead
Warren Adshead 6 days ago
The oscars are just a joke
Bebeflapula 6 days ago
Ben raising awareness about the homeless and criticising how much wealth those celebrities accumulate? Almost made me think for a second that capitalism is a bad thing!
Nancy Romencia
Nancy Romencia 7 days ago
Ben's show way better than the oscars😂
Иван Быков
"Nomadland" and "Father" are great movies though, i've seen them in the theatres and i wasn't disappointed.