The WORST Player in Among Us Twin Role Mod Must Shave Their Head - Zamfam Gaming 

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Since Rebecca lost in the game master network gaming video she has to compete with Matt's best friend to see if she has to shave her head. This time the mod is a twin role which is high level sus. Last time Rebecca played every time she died she had to lose a layer of clothes. It was extreme but this is next level. Who do you think will have to shave their head? Hopefully we can avoid getting in a battle royale? Maybe someone will have an imposter iq play of 999.
Watch - GAME MASTER NETWORK - LOSE and SHAVE Your Head in AMONG US us-first.info/player/video/frGtqm-IpKyeqIk.html
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Feb 22, 2021




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Game Master Network
Its not over yet, the jester mod will decide who has to shave your head. us-first.info/player/video/frGtqm-IpKyeqIk.html
Hansa Patel
Hansa Patel Day ago
@Sanjeev Gupta l
Rosa Beltran
Rosa Beltran Day ago
Love you
Rosa Beltran
Rosa Beltran Day ago
Jbdcwi@ Ded rhefvgujcgf hey Google say I love you I am not he Rosa he’s already
Leighanne Lloyd
Khloe Crawley 🦋🦄🐶💍👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Lana B
Lana B Day ago
@Ashley Ozburn ya every time like omg. :)
Chinika Lamb
Chinika Lamb 6 minutes ago
That not fair Matt cheated in among us the whole time so Matt and Rick Noah need and must shave their hair off
sadhya n.
sadhya n. 51 minute ago
Matt cheated
Zhenny Jame Soliva
Matt cheated so bad you cant do that in among us
tony moore
tony moore 2 hours ago
Rile Matt why your wife?
Britney ebanks
Britney ebanks 3 hours ago
Rick Noah or Matt should shave there head
Britney ebanks
Britney ebanks 3 hours ago
Matt was cheating
Maria Medina
Maria Medina 3 hours ago
matt y did you do that
Inderjeet Shergill
Inderjeet Shergill 3 hours ago
Matt sabotogt rebeca
Rage Official
Rage Official 6 hours ago
Matt is cheating
Crazy Fidgets
Crazy Fidgets 7 hours ago
Matt cheated he should have to shave his head
Gabriel Downton
Gabriel Downton 7 hours ago
matt is cheating!!!
Marwah Hussain
Marwah Hussain 7 hours ago
can you do among us hide and seek and my sister is to a Biggs fan
Nicole Mitchell
Nicole Mitchell 8 hours ago
Matt cheated he told Mike to kill you
Khalisha Jones
Khalisha Jones 10 hours ago
Pj Wiley
Pj Wiley 10 hours ago
how do you put mods
Nelly toca Boca
Nelly toca Boca 10 hours ago
ItsblackPlayzBG 11 hours ago
ItsblackPlayzBG 11 hours ago
Wow lolllllll
scarlett bradley
scarlett bradley 12 hours ago
It doesn’t really matter if Rebecca got sabotaged I still think she would’ve of got voted out because Matt would vote Rebecca so would her brother probably so would Rick Noah and I think Daniel to so I think she would’ve lost
Curtis Curtis
Curtis Curtis 12 hours ago
Luna PLays Roblox
Luna PLays Roblox 12 hours ago
Matt us cheating
not Bunny fortnite 2
Please play fornite
Just here for fun
Just here for fun 13 hours ago
Matt cheted
Nitin Sharma
Nitin Sharma 14 hours ago
Matt really I can't let my wife beat me really he should shave his head 😋😋
Reda Narkuniene
Reda Narkuniene 15 hours ago
Roxanne Thornton
Roxanne Thornton 15 hours ago
Rick noah
Balvinder Chauhan
Balvinder Chauhan 16 hours ago
Rebecca Matt sabotage you
Paige Greene
Paige Greene 16 hours ago
matt cheated but rebecca killed him before he sell you out
Elsie Jayne
Elsie Jayne 16 hours ago
Matt has to shave his head because he cheated
Nathania regina
Nathania regina 16 hours ago
Matt is going to cheat
Saleita Smith
Saleita Smith 17 hours ago
Rebecca Matt cheat on the game tell your brother to kill you he was listen 👂 to you when you said you was the ip
Cally Holmes
Cally Holmes 17 hours ago
Rebecca is not actually gonna shave her head
Isabella Deutekom
Isabella Deutekom 17 hours ago
Matt wis
Lashini De silva
Lashini De silva 18 hours ago
Matt cheated
Paige MELLOW 18 hours ago
So Rick Noah’s hair instead PLEASE
Niall O Hagan O Hagan
Go guys you are all great at amoug us even rick Noah lol 😂
Asmitha Vimalathasan
I think Rebecca has the worst player Among Us
Maria Freeman
Maria Freeman 20 hours ago
Rick is the worst Among Us player
Ninfa Tapiculin
Ninfa Tapiculin 22 hours ago
Matt cheated😡
Rhiyanna Elise Recoco
matt is sabotoging rebecca he spyies on her
Elena Galvan
Elena Galvan Day ago
Wow 😳
final minecraft pro Khan
Matt was cheating
Brandee Richards
I hope Rebecca hair grows back
Brandee Richards
Matt was cheating and trying to see if Rebecca the imposter
Mayra Ramirez
Instead of rebecca or rick noa shaving theyre heads matt should
Heidi Ng
Heidi Ng Day ago
matt you cheat
Linisha Rekha
Soo mean matt you give up Rebecca for your best friend sooo mean
Victoria Quintero
Matt cheated do not shave your HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dina Does stuff
Matt should be the one that shaves his hair its so unfair and why would he do it to his own wife its very disrespectful
Em Day ago
Em Day ago
matt... your so rude sometimes
Letty Santibanez
Among us is getting old
Lovely Toca
Lovely Toca Day ago
Rocky said “what did I ever do to u” it remained me of frozen lol
stephanie sanders
Laxmi Tamang
Laxmi Tamang Day ago
Matt is spying on you rebaca. And he playing bad
Ava Negrelli
Ava Negrelli Day ago
why was danial wereing a mask 🤨
Sumayyah Samad
matt was cheating so he come to the room and heard that your the imposter and they won that is so sad 😔
GamingWith Alexis
Mean paj
GamingWith Alexis
Prank him for 30 hours hahahah
Allison Ipina
You guys are meen besides Mady
Precious Ferguson
From Matt was spying on you and your gaming room that's so he know that you're the imposter
infero plays
infero plays Day ago
Madie: I'm the best imposter Me:but you just killed in front of someone
Annistyn Hair
Rick Noah
Hansa Patel
Hansa Patel Day ago
Matt was cheating he text your brother rebecca to kill you if he was the imposter he also went at your door to listen if you we're the imposter or not he should shave his head U
Robert Heindl
Matt was chetting. He told your brother to kill you first.
Michaela Chidester
I am sorry Rebecca, Matt cheated in Among Us.
Mat is a cheater
Fun Family Of Four
Mya Rich
Mya Rich Day ago
LA Vibes
LA Vibes Day ago
Jana 127
Jana 127 Day ago
🤩 😯 😳 wow
Alexandra Garcia
I love you guys❤
Gabriella Guyadeen
Woah matt you tried to play her and lied and then you always say you don't have any secret this is why I just always wanted to hit him
Meliton Hernandez
and that is not fair
Meliton Hernandez
Rebecca matt cheating in the game
Lacey Wilson
Lacey Wilson Day ago
Matt cheated
Dolla 071
Dolla 071 Day ago
Gang gang
vinolia moyo
vinolia moyo Day ago
Aracely L
Aracely L Day ago
Matt is a cheater he heard you when you was the imposter.
Kristin Delgado
Ashley Ortiz
Ashley Ortiz Day ago
kaktaboy Awesome
Matt cheatet Rebecca he spy at you and tell rockey who u are and he did it beacuse he dint want you to beat him its unfair 😠
Camila Garcia
love it
Scottie Wallace
Hi Rebecca Zamolo
Flower Day ago
Matts a cheater!
naz chaudhry
naz chaudhry Day ago
matt cheated i want rick now
laura Enonchong
coz i have to pay or bye a xbox game card
laura Enonchong
i can not play on my taptop
Anro Stephan
Anro Stephan Day ago
Tianna Mcintyre
Matt can you don’t minute she is hate you
Lara Kayaleh
Lara Kayaleh Day ago
it’s not fair because matt sabotaged rebecca
m r
m r Day ago
Zamm Pham lip gloss
m r
m r Day ago
I love your videos can you make a video going to Vidcon another one going to Kyles house it’s another US-first I know he hunt clowns I haven’t watched in a long time though and I love your videos can I get a shout out please shout outs from anyone my name is Erica Dos amigos and I like your lip glass of them
Aniyah Conyers
mat needs to shave his head becuse him and mike sabtage you
Egipso Disoza
Matt I hate u for this u were cheating the whole time and never want Rebecca your wife to win soooooooo unfair
Haneen Ail
Haneen Ail Day ago
That was not a fair game because matt sneak to rebecca and he keeps sabotaging rebecca
Lyriq Williams
Well rebbeca and Maddie are teaming up on matt so we can't complain when he soes it to her no offence to anyone because 2 wrongs don't make a right
Zainab Ahmed
Zainab Ahmed Day ago
I love how in the thumbnail maddie has a halo around her head but she is still holding a knife. 😂😂😂😂😂