The Video of the N.R.A.’s Leader and His Wife Shooting Elephants | The New Yorker 

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The footage of Wayne and Susan LaPierre was originally intended for a TV series sponsored by the gun-rights group, but was never aired. Warning: This video contains graphic content.

Read more at www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-secret-footage-of-nra-chief-wayne-lapierres-botched-elephant-hunt
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The Video of the N.R.A.’s Leader and His Wife Shooting Elephants | The New Yorker

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Apr 27, 2021




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Jimmy Newz
Jimmy Newz 5 hours ago
Total losers , all with high powered weapons loom like the three stooges , killing a beautiful elephant, what scumbags
John Fox
John Fox 7 hours ago
The fact that as a hunter, he couldn’t give the animal a quick and clean death is infuriating. Instead it was slow and painful death thanks to his awful aim. How about instead of spending thousands of dollars on exotic animal hunting, maybe you should use that money to learn how to shoot better. Honestly you make Stevie Wonder look like Chris Kyle.
Joe Blue
Joe Blue 8 hours ago
According to depositions made public at a National Rifle Association (NRA) bankruptcy hearing last week, NRA President Wayne LaPierre hid on a 108-foot yacht after school children died in mass shootings. The boat’s owner is tied to a fundraising firm paid $11.5 million by the NRA in 2019. LaPierre said he thought to himself: “Thank God I’m safe, nobody can get me here.” What hypocrisy for a man who raised hundreds of millions by telling conservatives to buy lots of guns to be safe. Despite an endless gun supply, he fled to sea for safety.
Leorin 8 hours ago
Please...give me a weapon like this and let Wayne and Susan run....I don't shoot people...I would just shoot on the greatest and dumbest animal on this planet Susan: "This is amazing"....no it's not you dumb one....let this animals alive...this breaks my heart
Esther Chidinma Chinweuba
No!!! This is wicked and gruesome
Johnny Stone
Johnny Stone 17 hours ago
When I die I can say I never killed an elephant or any other beautifulcreatures and that within itself it’s more of a trophy id like to showcase
JK 18 hours ago
Im a hunter myself and i would never hunt exotic african animals. Only hunt over populated animals.
Katie Acomb
Katie Acomb 18 hours ago
This is disgusting!!!!!
The Zubeck
The Zubeck 21 hour ago
Wrong animals were killed in this video.
J Kermit
J Kermit 21 hour ago
Sick murdering idiots, hope the other Elephants trample on them to their deaths.
Brokkolibomber 21 hour ago
Now try to kill it the old way with spears or something like, but with out a firearm, let's see who will win nowadays. The whole video and the person's who does such things are disgusting!
a bierenbroodspot
a bierenbroodspot 23 hours ago
This NRA man is a monster !!!
verena lotspeich
verena lotspeich 23 hours ago
one of the most cruel and sick proofes of human abnormality i have ever seen , and her claiming , i feel awesome is a true shame for all female motherhood and shows all the unworthiness humanity holds for walking on this planet , i am so ashamed of my own species - i have so totally nothing in common with , may the animal kingdom be able to forgive us one time
Luigi Ruggieri
What a shame, this is not a human being
Chris Lose
Chris Lose Day ago
Bernhard Schmid
What a disgusting couple!
Alexander Pohl
It just makes me sad that something like this is still possible today...
June B
June B Day ago
That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time. Two beautiful creatures killed for sport. Makes me sick. These people are evil.
Ian Graham
Ian Graham Day ago
Disgusting and utterly abhorrent. The "hunters" are the one's that need shooting. First the knees,feet,groin and elbows, then leave the vile scumbags to die by whatever means. Bleeding out, or becoming lunch. It's what they deserve. I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION.
alex ojideagu
Native Amazon tribes are upset when they have to kill an animal for food and clothing. These morons kill for fun.
UFerno Day ago
I am sooooo sorry for these poor animals. All these people should go to jail. 😡🤬🤢🤮
Sherry Allen
Sherry Allen Day ago
The gentle soul looks you in the eyes and you still shoot it. You and your husband should be ashamed to have killed one of gods creatures. I hope you are punished for what you have done.
M Donovan
M Donovan Day ago
Defund the NRA
Efo Abgbeli
Efo Abgbeli Day ago
It's wrong habits shoot elephant 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹 historical animal
A Sneaker
A Sneaker 2 days ago
These are the people obsessed with hyper-masculinity, by the way; the same people that think trophy hunting is some rite of passage every boy needs to go through to be a real man. This video is horrific, but it is valuable in showing just how much of a facade that obsession is.
Learn Write
Learn Write 2 days ago
Why tf are they congratulating her?! This is disgusting
Kevin2382 2 days ago
That was an incredibly horrible display of how to handle a gun by the president of the NRA
Trent Rumba
Trent Rumba 2 days ago
Dead elephants =money for more elephants. Conservation can be tricky. Glad im not a liberal doof. Elephant hunting isnt for me but if its not for you at least you can take heart in the fact that the money goes into making sure there will never be no elephants.
Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro 3 days ago
Look at the ratings, 1/4 of who watched this video should have the same fate as the poor elephants!
R.K. RocketKnight
Maybe they meant "thumbs up" because that this video is shown ... so that we become aware how stupid organizations like the NRA are. I mean the New Yorker did a good job in uploading this video.
Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro 3 days ago
...and they vote to elect presidents and lead other senseless stupids to do so, what a shame for humanity, do you want a fight to show your manhood?, give the opponent a way to fight you....SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME....
Don Brown
Don Brown 3 days ago
WTF is wrong with these people?!
John Mc
John Mc 3 days ago
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 3 days ago
id like to think that this will haunt that man for the rest of his life. unfortunately, many people are evil.
Marc 3 days ago
M Acc
M Acc 4 days ago
The average gestation period for a female elephant is a whopping 22 months. That's a long time! Female elephants must have a thing for the older man, as males do not come into their prime until they are between 30-35 years of age.
India Jewel Barlock
I'm not a hunter. I was on "Share your story @ howtohunt.com". You should take a look at it. It's on US-first. You probably won't understand it, you didn't understand my email.
Rob Roy
Rob Roy 5 days ago
Horrible, horrible, horrible. Disgraceful! Inhumane. I am beyond appalled.
Gohlt 5 days ago
Bee Bee
Bee Bee 5 days ago
Gyilkosok !!
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 6 days ago
Unless and until the ratio of animals killed by hunters to hunters killed by animals is 1:1, this is not a sport; this is murder. I'll say the same thing about animals raised for meat.
muteb T
muteb T 6 days ago
They better seek mental treatment. What is the point of killing an innocent animal while it’s looking at you? Defenseless animals should have rights more than human rights, people can talk and defend themselves, animals can’t! Extremely disturbing video! And thumb down
NimpThePimp 6 days ago
Nothing would have been more satisfying than to see those elephants trample those fuckheads to a bloody mash
Vidar Mathisen
Vidar Mathisen 6 days ago
Elephants life is worth more then human lives. Leave them be
Duc Vuong
Duc Vuong 6 days ago
i ve never met any pro butcher who say " awesome" "fantastic" after kill an animal, those people are more that that
Daniel H
Daniel H 6 days ago
(vomits in mouth)
Former El Chupacabra
These people should be eaten by crocs! Disturbing to watch.
Gregory Anderson
Gregory Anderson 7 days ago
"I can hit there..." right on the spot indeed. That man is the pride of the NRA and gun-fanatics anywhere in the USA. As one who has owned automatic weapons even, muzzle-loader, survival rifle, hunted with bolt and lever action, I'm embarrassed this man thinks he is qualified to lead anything but a trip to the bathroom. Yet there again, he probably misses all the time too.
Kim 7 days ago
Where's a hungry lion when you need one?
john mcbride
john mcbride 7 days ago
this is one of the ugliest things I've ever witnessed. congratulations Wayne.
P Lebrun
P Lebrun 7 days ago
Fing a**hole. Like most of the NRA is.
Rip 7 days ago
Yes, the villagers actually call people over there to kill these animals.. they will get the meat
OIO 7 days ago
I'm sure poor NRA members paid for the lavish trip....
Allen 7 days ago
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 7 days ago
They say “well done” Lack of self knowledge “Perfect” they say, which is disgusting and makes me ashamed
Greg Speth
Greg Speth 8 days ago
JERIN MATHEW 8 days ago
Fuc*****ssss..... Assholes....... 😡😡
India Jewel Barlock
Who kills elephants in 2021???
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 7 days ago
you where and how to shoot. Also, a photo of an elephant looking you right in the face is a better souvenir than a piece of a tail that's been ripped off.
What exactly about that pathetic display of cruelty deserves a "Well Done" or "Congratulations"?
Pethello 8 days ago
This is all wrong. Come on NRA, you must do something about this.
Frank M
Frank M 8 days ago
I don't like it, but it's a legal hunt. Nothing to see here.
White Face
White Face 8 days ago
Beautiful kill
Aaron Yoder
Aaron Yoder 8 days ago
This isn't hunting. Hunting involves fair chase where a person pursues an animal at the extent of their abilities. Hike ten miles into the back country and stalk an animal where he's used to being hunted. Absolutely ridiculous.
christina _X_
christina _X_ 8 days ago
speechless...i wish they start chasing & shooting each other so elephants get a chance to live on this cruel heartless planet! My heart is out to the innocent elephant that died for nothing! This makes me wonder..."God do you really exist?" Mercy!
Emmanuel Quinones
They don't even know the anatomy of the animal they are hunting. "What chest?" Furthering a prolonged death for the animal. I don't understand the jubilation in these freaks when they kill them. "lots of wrinkles" sounds like an idiot. Evil people
Qutaiba Ali
Qutaiba Ali 8 days ago
Some americans enjoyed hunting people!
gamebred26 8 days ago
What a magnificent beautiful creature....I think I'll blow it's brains out.
loro7lenguas 8 days ago
I´m a pacifist, but...please kill this people. They don´t deserve to live among us.
Denise Johansson
Denise Johansson 8 days ago
All animal's trophyhunters should be hanged! They are all sadists and cowards.
aola wili
aola wili 8 days ago
Despicable. Every one of them. Monstrous people.
Max 8 days ago
Susan's insincerity is why Wayne passive-aggressively married her.
Max 8 days ago
If there's anything respectable about hunting, it's the ability to make your own decisions. I don't get the impulse to be led around like a toddler by a patronizing tour guide telling you where and how to shoot. Also, a photo of an elephant looking you right in the face is a better souvenir than a piece of a tail that's been ripped off.
Gene Newton
Gene Newton 8 days ago
The NRA just lost my membership!!!
David Holland
David Holland 8 days ago
"Well done my friend"? How disgusting and repulsive - killing a beautiful creature like this for the sake of racking up some fake "accomplishment", as if this elephant won't be missed by his herd. This truly makes me sick in body and soul.
aola wili
aola wili 8 days ago
Disgusting. Extremely Wicked people.
space 8 days ago
yes yes shoot more elephants and they will be next extinct species idiots
Brad Kunhardt
Brad Kunhardt 8 days ago
Thank you for posting this proof of the heartlessness of the NRA leader and his spouse.
Debbie Lee
Debbie Lee 8 days ago
Why are you sooo pleased with yourself 😡😡😡😡 the odds were always stacked against the elephant poor poor creature 😢😢😢
Malconten 8 days ago
Would be a nice time for karma to send someone hunting for the LaPierre and shoot them a dozen times without making any killing blows
Evan Campbell
Evan Campbell 8 days ago
"He's a beautiful bull!" - what? You couldn't tell before shooting the beasts dead? 🤦‍♂️
Mirko Tomasi
Mirko Tomasi 8 days ago
But how do you kill a pacific elephant ?????
Jan PAROBEK 8 days ago
Disgusting, womens killer.
pauline anderson
pauline anderson 8 days ago
W H Y ?????????
Lazuotut 8 days ago
Despicable and hollow, disgusting shells of rotting humans. Everyone involved in "sport" such as this.
daermon1000 8 days ago
Awesome shooting Susan, perfect!
Leorin 8 hours ago
Seriously? are you sick to cheer someone up like her? ....I hope once...once an animal will hurt you so badly...then think back to my words
lela corleone
lela corleone 9 days ago
If gun ownership is the ticket to citizen control over U.S. federales, it is time to be woke and see that this hypothesis has failed miserably.
Charlie Newman
Charlie Newman 9 days ago
imo The wrong animal got shot. imo
Sunrise 9 days ago
Disgusting. Extremely Wicked people.
Tamara Buckingham
I feel sick to my stomach Disgusting.
tscanus57 9 days ago
What a couple of douche bags!
Anthony 9 days ago
They both make me sick...
Andi Mallombasang
OMG how dobyou find this as a sport? Shooting a big and slow target??? You're really the man. Well done ass::;l. Congratulated for shooting a dying already on the ground target/not moving. That's not a sport. I don't see where's the satisfaction on shooting a closed big barely moving target except just being a COLD BLOODED KILLER.
Koffe Dasin
Koffe Dasin 9 days ago
Piece of shits
Leigh Warren
Leigh Warren 9 days ago
They are all pieces of s--t for participating in the killing of these majestic, endangered animals. How you can be so proud of killing an older elephant as she was is disgusting, like she was putting him out of his misery. He very well could have had many more years to live. He was likely an important leader and now he is gone. The laughing, giggling, and smiling were saddening to witness. Those animals were of no threat to them. When this species is non-existent we have them to blame. Sad what this world is coming to.
Deanna Delmar
Deanna Delmar 9 days ago
Steven Charles
Steven Charles 9 days ago
This is what you do when you're rich and bored and have no ethics.
Steven Charles
Steven Charles 9 days ago
Wayne LaPierre didn't do himself any favors by making this endangered elephant suffer. His lack of skills show and he showed himself and the wretched NRA in a bad light. Shame on him.
Moishy Goldberger
Those elephants are more human than the human scum that are the LaPierre's.
Ellenor Bovay
Ellenor Bovay 9 days ago
Its totally disgusting to learn there are people like her that get such a thrill out of putting a rifle on a tripod, with a scope, to shoot an innocent animal thats about 30 feet away, which is the size of a school bus. Words cannot describe what a loathsome human she is.
I adopted a cat.