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Mark Calaway is the Undertaker-a 7x World Heavyweight Champion (in WWF and WWE), and one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. His five-part docuseries ‘The Last Ride’ is currently airing on the WWE Network. On November 22 he'll be giving his "Final Farewell" at ‘Survivor Series,’ the same event where he made his wrestling debut more than 30 years ago. How will Big Evil match up in this rumble with the wings of death? Find out how the trench coat-wearing Deadman fares in the scoville inferno known as Hot Ones while answering questions about his early days performing under the name Commando, backstage locker room beef, the zen of motorcycling, Mike Tyson’s impact on professional wrestling, and how he wants his fans to remember him. Will the Lord of Darkness ascend from hell and survive the hottest hot sauces to ever enter the ring, or will he be buried alive in the chicken bone graveyard? From Death Valley… The Undertaker!
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Nov 19, 2020




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First We Feast
First We Feast 11 days ago
What is your favorite Undertaker match?
John P
John P 20 hours ago
Hell in a Cell vs Mankind where he throws him off the top of the cage. My jaw dropped when I saw that. It was a moment where I remember exactly where I was when it happened.
Silverwood Capital
the cage match with Mankind that he not only slammed him through the cage, he threw him off the cage! How can anyone survive that?
Samuel Mcgraw
Samuel Mcgraw 5 days ago
500th comment
Murder Mitten Garage
If there’s anybody I’d want to have a beer with it’s definitely taker
Vanish Beats
Vanish Beats 17 minutes ago
never would of thought the undertaker was so nice
n_tha_middle W.
n_tha_middle W. 30 minutes ago
I’m still surprised at how his actual voice is😳😂😄
George Arokiam
George Arokiam 37 minutes ago
Never in a million years I would have guessed undertaker sounds like that in real life
PaleVoyager 43 minutes ago
This episode takes me all the way back to 1998 when the Undertaker threw Mankind off the Hell in a Cell into the Spanish announcer table.
Creamy Piss
Creamy Piss 54 minutes ago
I stopped watching wrestling in 2015 because I lost interest but Undertaker matches no matter who it was against I always enjoyed them
Beaver Cops
Beaver Cops Hour ago
better have poured that milk back into the jug
M. P. Rambeard
I legit teared up when he was talking about the fans.
TeKaMOTO Hour ago
I have to say I'm a bit disappointed there wasn't a shittymorph copypasta question in there.
Branden Freddy
I love the Undertaker. From when I was young till this day. LOVE YOU DEADMAN and also LOVE YOU SEAN!!!
Kr Br
Kr Br Hour ago
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Alex G
Alex G 2 hours ago
Damn I’m so happy he did this
Trish Turner
Trish Turner 2 hours ago
The Undertaker. What a awesome and nice down to earth guy.
Shandii Valentine
Shandii Valentine 2 hours ago
💪❤️ he looks young !
As Pooped By Anakin Skywalker
Wow, this is kinda dumb.
Kane's Cauldron
Kane's Cauldron 2 hours ago
Need way more old school guys. The ones who actually believe in their character and not a bunch of vanilla midgets playing video games.
Ian Meagher
Ian Meagher 2 hours ago
At 4:17, Undertaker gives super respect to Sean. Nice moment.
Tyler Wesley
Tyler Wesley 2 hours ago
We still never got Keanu Reeves.
Mehrab Sattar
Mehrab Sattar 3 hours ago
talk is Jerico helped me understand all the references xD
extreme handymen
extreme handymen 3 hours ago
Hulk Hogan I think is the best
Lautaro Martinez inter
us-first.info/player/video/mMqNrKtkZXZ3h2A.html 👍😍😘
David Slavico
David Slavico 3 hours ago
The episode with sasha was good
J Stu
J Stu 3 hours ago
This is the last thing I figured I would be watching on a Monday afternoon and couldnt turn away from! Fantastic vid man. 'Taker is the greatest
Kookies and Mochi
Kookies and Mochi 4 hours ago
When I use to think WWE was real (when i was a kid), this guy came in my nightmares
Sahil Gavthankar
Sahil Gavthankar 4 hours ago
"The Toes you step on the way to the top and connected to the asses you have to kiss to your way back down." He had me there
lmk lmk
lmk lmk 4 hours ago
Remember when we could go outside and play airsoft? :(
SoCalGaming HD
SoCalGaming HD 4 hours ago
It's enough to make a grown man cry..
Sean Poyser
Sean Poyser 4 hours ago
I'd love to just sit down with UT one day and have a big fat steak and talk. Such a wonderful guy!
Yuki Ukanami
Yuki Ukanami 4 hours ago
Kelly is better in the ring😁😁
Alltilt 4 hours ago
No one ever has a bad word to say about Mark. His career will never be outshined, truly the best to ever do it. 30 years on top.
Konrad Fesk
Konrad Fesk 4 hours ago
Ugly shoes
Aros 1997
Aros 1997 4 hours ago
Without undertaker I no longer have any significant reasons to watch WWE as I was mostly just in it for him... and as I felt from day one even beneath his character the man does have an amazing energy
John Johns
John Johns 4 hours ago
Eveil undertaker turns into big sweetheart when his mouth is burning
Kevin Sudbury
Kevin Sudbury 5 hours ago
Wooodogy by golly the undertakers awesome
Aros 1997
Aros 1997 5 hours ago
If Undertaker ever does see this... I’m avoiding the wrestling chestnut to connect with him on a more personal level but I know that a number of years ago I missed him at a Four Corners gem show that he visited in Tucson Arizona and I’d love to know how well he enjoyed the gem show on a scale of 1-10
Jeremy Cornwell
Jeremy Cornwell 5 hours ago
get vaccinated if you live\work with animals\dog. it is the law
Gr8 Boww
Gr8 Boww 5 hours ago
People who are still waiting for spiceking 👉👉👉
api functions
api functions 5 hours ago
He is such a warm hearted person with an amazing appreciative and healthy personality. Loved this. This guy is the real professional. The real star.
Iamthatkidcj 5 hours ago
Miguel Ruiz-Carpio
Miguel Ruiz-Carpio 5 hours ago
This man is a legend
Justin Lyttle
Justin Lyttle 6 hours ago
Nobody has taken it better.
Yusef Stewart
Yusef Stewart 6 hours ago
He sounds so wholesome
Bradley Simmons
Bradley Simmons 6 hours ago
Probably the most stupid rumour i heard about wwe is, when someone said it was scripted, i heard them say "when they're on the top rope, they switch with stunt men"
lil chris
lil chris 6 hours ago
Man the Brock Lesnar vs undertaker Rival Was one of the best rival matches ever in wwe history
roger rabbit
roger rabbit 6 hours ago
growing up watching Undertaker and Now learning he is so dang Cool!! Awesome!
Deveren Judon
Deveren Judon 7 hours ago
My favorite match was Undertaker v. Ultimate Warrior Body Bag Match
Dead Coolio
Dead Coolio 7 hours ago
I’ve been watching this guy for 25 years. Never heard him talk
Danielle Zepess
Danielle Zepess 7 hours ago
"The toes you step on on the way to the top are connected to the asses you'll have to kiss on the way back down." That's wisdom right there! Kudos to Calaway's dad for passing it along. ❤️❤️❤️
kornrokks25 7 hours ago
So we not gunna mention the sauses.. just saying some of us don't have good tech nor eyes haha
oatesi 7 hours ago
I would love to see an interview with nardwar
Scott Mcmillan
Scott Mcmillan 7 hours ago
The host is lucky no matter who’s on the show he still eats with them😂
roook88 7 hours ago
the music is to loud and annoying
mein lomeng
mein lomeng 8 hours ago
Undertaker is the type of wrestler that almost every single person knows thats 25+ years old. Even the non wrestling fans. Legendary status
Paul Dellenger
Paul Dellenger 8 hours ago
I can tell you one thing my butt is puckered 🤣🤣🤣
santiago breede
santiago breede 8 hours ago
The undertaker could kick anyone’s ass in wrestling history
Money# definesMAN
Money# definesMAN 8 hours ago
The Earthly part of The UT is even better than the Supernatural part.
Shawn M
Shawn M 8 hours ago
I loved Taker saying that his Mom "cut promos on just about everybody she didn't like" lmao. Taker will always be one of my absolute FAVORITE wrasslers of all time. Top 3 in order are Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker. May your WWE career rest in peace, Deadman!
exiledPostman 8 hours ago
Since I'm actually surprised to see Undertaker talk like a normal guy, that shows how well he played his character.
NefariousPorpoise 9 hours ago
Thanks for the 10 second clip of an old woman's mouth, probably none of us have mothers so we can't actually relate without visuals.
Sccatt Pacc
Sccatt Pacc 9 hours ago
I forgot about this man...
Aiden Pellerine
Aiden Pellerine 9 hours ago
Undertaker is like top 2 but no one is beating out hulk hogan
James Golden
James Golden 9 hours ago
Still one of my most favorite wrestlers ever. 🧡 It's amazing to know that I got to grow up, looking up to such a great wrestler. Even more so that when I turn 30, it would also mark his 30th year of wrestling, and the end of his chapter of wrestling. 🖤
Joanna 9 hours ago
30 years later he is finally Mark Calloway.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 10 hours ago
The Undertaker has been my favorite since I was a kid, his hell in a cell match with ManKind has got to be one of the best matches of all time.
thenumber 10 hours ago
Imagine being the guy that set the undertaker on fire...
Joanna 9 hours ago
Nice job guys?
Tyr Westerberg
Tyr Westerberg 10 hours ago
This is sooo cool 🔥🔥🔥
_Žach_ 10 hours ago
Best to ever step foot in the ring! #ThankYouTaker
Julio S
Julio S 10 hours ago
The Deadman !!!!
Kono Kringe meme da
Kono Kringe meme da 10 hours ago
Its hard to work with Shaun Michales and not look even a little bit out classes. Taker did that. He was a dominating monster when HBK took him on that fateful streak match at wrestlemania 25. The best david and goliath match Ive ever seen. Possibly the best piece of wrestling storytelling and performance Ill ever see. Now that hes retired it looks like Mark can finally... *REST. IN. PEACE!*
Lord Gains
Lord Gains 11 hours ago
I love undertaker, he is just such a cool dude both inside and outside the ring. Mad Respect
Ki11a TJ
Ki11a TJ 11 hours ago
Matthew S
Matthew S 11 hours ago
A true legend.....seems like a helluva guy too!
SoCalGaming HD
SoCalGaming HD 12 hours ago
What is your favorite Undertaker match?
aro jeim
aro jeim 12 hours ago
Okay now I know why undertaker promos didn't have many dialogue. Dude he's so friendly to be dead man 😅
Skinny Steve
Skinny Steve 12 hours ago
Takers the GOAT hands down
Seems like a nice guy, too bad he sold his soul for fame
Vik-toryyy 12 hours ago
It’s great to see someone like the Undertaker who has done thousands of interviews, actually keep complimenting the interviewer on how much research he did and how great a question that was :)
Till Eye
Till Eye 12 hours ago
A small part of me wanted to see him eat hot wings in character
Chris George
Chris George 12 hours ago
The guest we didn't ask for, but the guest we absolutely needed
APR Synyster
APR Synyster 12 hours ago
I believed that the Undertaker was a real deadman-voodoo-priest-wizard longer than I believed in Santa Claus
Lucasub 12 hours ago
I love the Undertaker!
ÆRITH LoveYou 13 hours ago
Now i hear the voice of undertaker because in the show he didn't speak
KALLI HYUN 13 hours ago
this is my fav ep ever
Malcolm Allison
Malcolm Allison 13 hours ago
Mark dude, I knew you'd get the hiccups at some stage while having all the hot and spicy sauces. I always get them when having hot and spicy foods. But my favourites out of all your matches were the hell in a cell with Mankind and also the hell in a cell with Randy Orton. I'll never forget you. Happy retirement dude.
Yeah Right
Yeah Right 13 hours ago
Never heard him speak before...😁👍
The Gamer Gaming
The Gamer Gaming 13 hours ago
OMG I just found this i love the undertaker
iammax 14 hours ago
Not a huge wrestling fan, but I remember watching matches with the undertaker at my cousin's. It's cool to see him outside of the persona.
Cn Lifetime
Cn Lifetime 14 hours ago
I love spicy hor food 🔥🌶🍜♥️ how many people like it spicy hot chicken 🐔 wings
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter 14 hours ago
My FAVORITE wrestler of all time.
ozzie seather
ozzie seather 15 hours ago
What is your favorite Undertaker match?
Jayson B
Jayson B 15 hours ago
I am not looking to make a speech, but to appreciate this, Is all I ask. Across months, I have been posting comment after comment and honestly, to say takers 30-33? year career was anything less that greatness is a brutal understatement, he is the single best, most handsome man, and one of the best wrestling legends there ever was. This legend inspired superstars to become legendary and and really him and Vince McMahon are two of the greatest minds that have ever walked the earth
iky _
iky _ 16 hours ago
Undertaker with script :😈monster on ring Undertaker with no script and real life:oh fuck mommy helppppp
ron de guzman
ron de guzman 16 hours ago
"Hot Ones" , i thought its the "Counts Kustoms" 😁
Caressa Cruz
Caressa Cruz 16 hours ago
Fuck ueah been watching wwe since it was wwf since i was 10 im 28 now still love it
Shantelle Glab
Shantelle Glab 16 hours ago
Undertaker is the GOAT. No argument.
Charles Gutierrez
Charles Gutierrez 16 hours ago
"It tastes like a yaks ass on fire" 😆😆😆
brandon mobley
brandon mobley 17 hours ago
*Takes a bite of da bomb* "That's stupid.." "Very stupid."
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 17 hours ago
Jesus #1 no cap all fax. Whatever we do we have to do it in the name of the Lord Jesus and give thanks at the same time. Verse: "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Colossians 3 17 God bless Websites: BibleGateway VerseOfTheDay
JB_XYZ 18 hours ago
I just love love love when the characters get excited because he did his homework
JB_XYZ 18 hours ago
I still remember when he saved Elizabeth became the good guy for a while
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Views 3.6M
This is heartbreaking.