The ULTIMATE back scabbard / shabbard 

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Because my functional back scabbard design worked so well it's high time we see if we can improve it, and make it look as awesome as it's fundamental design!
This new and improved shabbard was made by Blades and Blazers, please go check out his website if you're interested in his work: bladesandblazers.com/
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Apr 3, 2021




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MonteMind 17 days ago
"Look, there be adventurers." "But how do you know they're adventurers?" "They're wearing their weapons on their back son, with all the running, climbing, jumping and crawling they have to do. It's far more convenient."
Eluem 4 days ago
@J L I think it's just really well made and he likes the look and feel, if I recall correctly?
AlexSDU 4 days ago
@Emizaquel aye, agree with ya. Have the sword/scabbard attach to the side of the backpack just like they did back in WW1 & WW2. archives.starbulletin.com/2000/06/21/special/artv.jpg
gamerdude535 13 days ago
@Sergio Leonardo Cornejo I like how the legend of Zelda cartoon did it. Magic pouches that shrink the items. Or maybe the items themselves are enchanted to be able to shrink and fit into normal pouches. Idk lol
Nightfall89 z
Nightfall89 z 14 days ago
@Glimmlampe1982 according to my internet search, several results said sheath simply is a term meant for a covering. And that scabbards were made of hardened, rigid materials, commonly wood or leather. So I concede that point to you as, apparently both are legitimate scabbards. The cloak thing probably does depend on the materials used in its construction as you stated.
Glimmlampe1982 14 days ago
@Nightfall89 z this one, yes. Which makes it a sheath, if I'm not wrong here. But historical scabbards were made with a wooden core. Depends on the cloak. I did some light sparring in my rectangular cloak, not wet though. Did work ok. But in case of a battle quick access isn't really necessary. That's more a ambush situation and depending on the cloak it might take to long to take it off.
Johnny From Georgia
Johnny From Georgia 26 minutes ago
Shad is a big inspiration dude, he's come so far and he's such a nice person
mastercraftgaming 5
Wow!! I remember seeing your wooden version! Glad you got this one!
brandon smith
brandon smith 8 hours ago
what is the thing in the tree
Captain OverThinker
1- go back in time 2- sell shabbard 3- profit
Captain OverThinker
I love you as a fan and neighbor bro. A lot. You're cool and passionate.
Nate Wright
Nate Wright 9 hours ago
Shad looks like me when I'm describing some RPG I'm really into, pacing around and going stupidly in-depth on everything. Love it.
deCode666 13 hours ago
Please, get in touch with Todd and make this a reality for the Season 3 of The Witcher.
Morrigan Mhor
Morrigan Mhor 15 hours ago
Its warsword. Greatsword = twohander.
Andrei Moroianu
Andrei Moroianu 18 hours ago
It would be great if someone would make a Skyrim/Oblivion mod adding this 😁
Carlos Sanchez
Now hear me Out...katana shabbard
Call Me Professor Neegus Phd.
Sword? Shabbard. Hotel? Trivago.
Great one - one of my rpg-characters has a sword of exact that size (1.4m) so thats the solution for him;-)
KhadaArt Day ago
8:42 most asked question by women after quarantine
Janine Cat
Janine Cat 2 days ago
The flap looks like it can be made to fold over and tie into place easily. Perhaps stiff boiled leather joints 'springs' can be applied that keep it open so it doesn't flap around when open, in such a design.
Misha Morozov
Misha Morozov 2 days ago
I love greatswords so much, they're like longswords but objectively better in every conceivable way
P.R Wolf
P.R Wolf 2 days ago
This is amazing!
HeWhoBitesFirst 2 days ago
I wonder if he will talk about Guts's sheath from the band of the hawk story arc in Berserk. It has a similar design philosophy
adrenochrome25 2 days ago
seriously ... i was suggesting a modern alternative seen in a 3d animated short but my comment keeps on being deleted, even when removing externals contents. no suggestions allowed ?
Marco-Apollo 3 days ago
I wonder how secure it is if your riding on horseback
Darren Koyle
Darren Koyle 3 days ago
Also looks like you might want to make it slightly more vertical, I understand you don't want to hit your legs, your balance just seems to be thrown off a bit. It is new so a bit of getting used to the weight distribution makes sense. Maybe tinker with the idea of a center vertical shabbard tho, just for fun.
Darren Koyle
Darren Koyle 3 days ago
You should use belt clips with the clacks or whatever you called them on the tips. Slides through and holds the weight and then clips on the other side so it doesn't go back up through the loops.
roemi roemi
roemi roemi 3 days ago
mh i will see how that work on a horse :P
Nicholas Canada
Nicholas Canada 3 days ago
Double back scabbard like Donatello
Erografos 3 days ago
is it in? (thats what she said)
John Johnson
John Johnson 3 days ago
Shad could you fit your previous favourite sword in that scabbard? Or would it fall out? Cause if it doesn't.. You have a scabbard for two swords.
Scottie McGrath
Scottie McGrath 3 days ago
You're not going to be able to draw the sword indoors.
Rose Heart
Rose Heart 3 days ago
Nintendo, just make him a Zelda blacksmith already.
Godzilla Enthusiast
the shad-dard
James LaFayette
James LaFayette 4 days ago
Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive
iamnuff1992 4 days ago
Would it not be more convenient to put the buckles for the main strap over your chest instead of behind your shoulder? That way you wouldn't need to be able to detach the scabbard from the Baldric(?) because you could just unbuckle the whole baldric and take it off when you go to sit down. Maybe... a buckle that when undone doesn't actually unclasp the whole thing, but instead just loosens it enough to slip over your head? Take it off, hang it on the back of your chair, then when you're standing back up you just throw it over your shoulder and tighten it back up again. Edit: there might also be some modification doable to the locking mechanism to actually lock it into place, so the sword cannot be removed from the sheathe. It'd take some brainstorming, and you might need to modify the sword a little bit, but you could probably get it to lock into place enough that you could hold it upsidedown and shake it and it wouldn't come out, but can be undone fairly quickly with one hand so you can draw it with a minimum of fiddling.
Jakub Piteľ
Jakub Piteľ 4 days ago
The Landsknechte Zweihander is also a sword but that does not mean that it HAS to be worn in scabbard on your hip.... It was carried on your shoulder
Leon from Kingdom Hearts
Whenever I see one of those "swordfighter reacts to video game" type videos and they explain how scabbards on back make no sense, I just chuckle to myself.
Luckiller 01
Luckiller 01 4 days ago
>and why exactly do you want wear your sword on your back? >you see, when you are running from loosing battles, most man throws away their weapons. They tend to obstructs you in running. The think is, I really like my sword and dont want to throw away it
Wyrden 5 days ago
The amount of "Heea" in this video is just adorable!
Hanshotfirst 5 days ago
Maybe I am dumb but could some one explain to me the blue yellow reflections towards the end of the video.
Judess 69er
Judess 69er 5 days ago
or you just oil the blade and shabbard to make it hydrophobic 🤨 back in the medieval days rubbing lard on the blade would give it a temporary water resistance for very little cost, like you wouldn't need to much lard to rub a thin layer on whenever it was raining so swordsman could carry some in a small leather pouch and every time they eat they could refill it with animal fats from their meal
WARGASM180X 5 days ago
Something I only just considered. If you are squaring off with someone and they draw your sword, a standard scabbard has it already in the right place for them to stab you. Would love to see someone try to draw from someone else's back scabbard.
Jerico Hellsangel
Just as a small idea towards unrealistic (or maybe semi realistic) fantasy ideas for your shabbard: Make it sturdier and the flat guiding part into an axe head.
nadias04 6 days ago
I have been looking for someone to do this sense you made your first video about this topic thank you so much.
Louis Brown
Louis Brown 6 days ago
might help to have a magnet built into it to hold things in.
Rabbit Hodge
Rabbit Hodge 6 days ago
Sir the best way (in my opinion) of having a sword on your back is not a long one. I have a custom sword from my wrist to my armpit that i wear on my back (the handle keeps going) with the small sword ive also picked up on using a smaller forearm shield. Completely my opinion but maybe give it a try with a sword from your wrist to your armpit. You can draw it and put it back quite easily without that protrusion from your back scabbard.
Rabbit Hodge
Rabbit Hodge 6 days ago
Then again im small so i kinda use the smaller weaponry to my advantage
Noah Stevens
Noah Stevens 6 days ago
How does your pauldrons effect drawing the sword ? I noticed you didn't have them this time around. Because wouldn't that have to be taken into account ?
Jo Da
Jo Da 6 days ago
I can see that being able to run, climb and stuff is beneficial to an adventurer, but for weather protection what can you actually do to keep the sword sharp and rust-free? I mean, at night you can take it off of course, but as an adventurer, you need to access the sword at all waking times, so it's stuck in the "shabbard" the whole day long. Any advice?
Could this work with curved swords?
Mateo Suvelza
Mateo Suvelza 6 days ago
I always imagine that in the past soilders carried this big swords with a sling in the back like a rifle, then un sling and use them
sergent popoy
sergent popoy 6 days ago
When will we raid the vatican city?
Robbie Ward
Robbie Ward 7 days ago
Well done Sir 👏👏👏👏👏
427Arbok 7 days ago
Hmm... I wonder if there's a way to solve the weather protection issue via some kind of quick-release cover. Essentially, something that you could put on perhaps with the scabbard off or with a partner/friend's assistance, but that would be held loosely enough to come off with little effort when the sword was drawn, getting it out of the way. Maybe some kind of flap so it wouldn't just fall to the ground and get lost. Taking the scabbard off or getting help would be inconvenient, but it'd be something you'd only do when travelling and/or in inclement weather, so I don't think it'd defeat the purpose of the back scabbard overall. Though, with period technology, I wonder how you'd do something like that without the risk of it getting stuck...
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul 7 days ago
The only problem that this would bring is if you got into a rain .. you really have to go deep into the scabbad to get it dry again. Of course it is not a complete issue because you can do that but that might be a disadvantage
-Avalon -
-Avalon - 7 days ago
If I make a anime, this will be in it!
Whimsical Wibbs
Whimsical Wibbs 7 days ago
Didn't realise until now that shadiversity was Australian. The bird calls in the background are rainbow lorikeets which are an australian native. (edit: The call at 6:32 is that of a gang-gang which means he most likely lives in sydney)
Dakota Cline
Dakota Cline 8 days ago
love all the dark souls references lately shad haha
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 8 days ago
18:58 Heeah,heeah,here,and heeah.
dig_ dug
dig_ dug 8 days ago
You should see if you can sell both at the same time
lol 8 days ago
Would carrying ur sword on ur back ever be done in say the 5 century?
PhoenixKnight74 8 days ago
That is just genuinely super awesome
Barry Retmanski
Barry Retmanski 8 days ago
Why not stick some magnets in to keep it from falling out when you bend over? Don't have to be particularly strong ones.
A Random Lifestyle
Im waiting for skallagrim's response hit like if you are tooooooooooo!
Kevin R
Kevin R 8 days ago
That's so cool
napolien 1
napolien 1 8 days ago
15:05 Oof that was clean
Ray3D 8 days ago
During the intro my GF walked in and gave me a weird look wondering what the hell I was watching cuz of the sounds you made LOL. Awesome video and very inspirational as always. Great Stuff.
wilowhisp 8 days ago
Really cool solution! This is a great contribution to sword history. I'd love to get a "Shabbard" for my Albion Sheriff arming sword and practice some sword and buckler draws.
Tom Forrest
Tom Forrest 9 days ago
I'm wondering if a brass chape and throat might not be improvements. The Throat piece could be a split design along the side to allow the blade to pass through which would give the throat of the scabbard a bit more rigidity for sheathing the sword. As for the tabs, my idea for improvement would be to move the D-rings closer to the front of the baldric towards the chest so that removal is less awkward. potentially using 2 D-rings per strap to keep said strap from moving around. It would also give you more points of contact which would increase the load bearing capability of the snaps while using the wide baldric to distribute the weight. The brass throat would also help with structure, and I really liked the idea of using the metal bands to add structure. I'm wondering if boiled leather might help add even more structure, if it's not already made of boiled leather. Boiled leather seems to be a bit stiffer and harder. Just some ideas that my limited knowledge of swords and scabbards, but plentiful knowledge of load bearing equipment came up with. Hope it helps for ver 2.1.
Sir_Djack 9 days ago
For those who only want the new look: 8:26
Haksaw 9 days ago
What always bothered me with swords on the back is the fact that you don't see your weapon at all. What if someone just yanks it out and run away or better yet just run you through with your own sword? Walking like that in urban areas (where using swords makes the most sense) will be pretty scary.
BloodandLatex FX
BloodandLatex FX 9 days ago
I want one
Skeletor 9 days ago
20:56 ‘shad, you’re a good man...thank you!’
Bun Helsing
Bun Helsing 9 days ago
I'm impressed that it looks like you can still sit on a stool or armless chair without taking it off :)
Das BrettImKopp
Das BrettImKopp 9 days ago
Looks beautiful. I would love to have this as a mod for Skyrim. Would fit my Executioner Character very well.
Globert Seigle
Globert Seigle 9 days ago
If Shad was born in the medieval ages he would've made back scabbards historically accurate
Human Isomer
Human Isomer 9 days ago
nice piece, I like it. I just would add a simple buckle over the shoulder-sided part of the hand guard to keep it from slipping.
Alan Hughes
Alan Hughes 9 days ago
Dude, you should have trademarked that design. It's pretty solid. Pretty sure there's improvements that can be made but there is definite money to be made selling them ,for sure man. Regardless, nice work to you Shad and of coarse Blades and Blazers also. Impressive that they pulled off such an awesome design that well without even having the sword to test it with. Major kudo's. Also, loving how giddy you are while demonstrating its functionality. Like a kid at a candy store. lol
Max Loew
Max Loew 9 days ago
I am hoping to make a fantasy video game with semi-realism and your videos have really helped
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen 10 days ago
This has been in Monster Hunter for ages
jared batt
jared batt 10 days ago
That intro was pure gold!!
Sorcerersupreme007 10 days ago
No words. Just nerdiness. Love it!
Vikingknight2012 10 days ago
Are we all overlooking perhaps its greatest benefit, drawing while seated. And of course if its on your back you now have room for more swords, and who doesn't want more swords!
jack rak
jack rak 10 days ago
It has a potential fantasy designs to go with, especially to Wing that can act a sort of flag to a kingdom. But but personally I'm do what was done in bloodborne without the wing
ljlk 10 days ago
Ever try putting a Shabbard on your hip so that you can draw larger swords more easily? Just a thought.
Honest Citizen
Honest Citizen 10 days ago
Brother your happy-go-lucky. Good to see.
Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray 10 days ago
Curious. I thought you didn't like nunchaku, but you're wearing 2 sheaths for expandable nunchaku on your belt.
SirSilco 10 days ago
I want to see how it would work if you were to wear plate armour.
Ha Thim
Ha Thim 10 days ago
Do you can wear the sword with the handle on your hip and your blade rising in the air? The draw point is low and if you want to draw your sword you let the sword fall down and draw it.
M North
M North 10 days ago
I love the fact that this is a legitimate technological advancement on a weapon that stopped being popularly used at least 300 years ago.
Kevin Bihari
Kevin Bihari 10 days ago
@15:05 That looked awesome. Like It looked so confident I wouldn't even want to attack you, and the sword is really big. Most blades on the back are shorter than your arm If you want to draw them from there (wakizashi for instance) This looked epic
Gustav Trads
Gustav Trads 10 days ago
It looks really cool. I want that 😎👍
ChrisLustarian 10 days ago
I LOVE how excited you got over this XD its moments like this where you truly see peoples passion for the things they are into. keep up the good work!
raptor10118 10 days ago
Just like the monster hunter long sword scabbard
1701EarlGrey 10 days ago
Can you ride a horse with this scabbard ?
Kyler Moore
Kyler Moore 10 days ago
That sword looks about the same length as geralt's sword from the Witcher three because when it is in the scabbard it goes down to the pit of his knee just like yours
Kyler Moore
Kyler Moore 10 days ago
Golden Boy
Golden Boy 10 days ago
could you do the same with like a Kriegsmesser or would that be difficult ?
Scott Phillips
Scott Phillips 10 days ago
Have you considered using horse hair on the side to somewhat protect the blade without affecting drawing it or sheathing it?
danshyu 11 days ago
Works great when it's not raining. But otherwise it's gonna gather water.
Dick Gozinya
Dick Gozinya 11 days ago
I said, "That's what she said..." about 87 times while watching this video.
Myke Ensminger
Myke Ensminger 11 days ago
I’d like to see you use it on the hip. Seems like it could work well there too. Obviously there are more advantages to it being on the back. However it would make sheathing and drawing easier regardless of placement on the body. In my opinion I think you invented a wearable long sword scabbard
Alanolex 11 days ago
Stephen Tomsky
Stephen Tomsky 11 days ago
Does anyone know a Skyrim modder who could make this a thing in Skyrim?
nyuki187 11 days ago
8:43 - the Red baron from the witcher 3