The Toxic Sludge Monster! - Hermitcraft 7: #62 

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Its time to expand Toon Towers! Today on Hermitcraft we finish the slime farm, give birth to a toxic monster, and take on Etho in 1v1 Sticky Bombs! My game is a ton of fun now!
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Outro Music: Underwaterbeats - Delete


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Nov 27, 2020




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Rafael Martins
Rafael Martins 4 days ago
the room isnt a little op? maybe add a cooldown on it might balance it a litle bit more
Lukraniom 5 days ago
Tango: Here's how to get more snowballs Etho: So you have chosen death....
xLaraLeex 6 days ago
Did the bees die from the TNT blasts? 😢
Chriswer82 7 days ago
Look, a Spanish tube
Mr_Misty 20 days ago
The names should be slug and slip
my45acp1911 Month ago
This is awesome. I've built this in my survival world with the spawn platforms enclosed in glass on display. I have it completed except for the last few iron golems on the sides. I need to build an iron farm first. :)
KainusGulch Month ago
Did I miss this season's version of the tangler?
Katie Diehr
Katie Diehr Month ago
You should make the entry hole look like a splash like when they fall in the make the water splash up around it in a dramatic geyser sort of thing
charity Oseii-Bonnah
l like mumbo jumbo maybe watch is episodes on the hemicraft server so you're farms will be more easier with redstone
Steven Weyhrich
Steven Weyhrich Month ago
Love your creativity!
Fisch37 Month ago
27:30 It's called the "Etho Effect". It is where you fail the first round and after the second round you have achieved complete mastery
Captain_Jeknan Month ago
I would name the eyeballs Sludge and Slim
Bartosz Starski
Bartosz Starski Month ago
Tango: i don't know how you're so accurate Etho: *smiles in sharingan*
A Finney
A Finney Month ago
You could make the hole a big straw going into it
Day KT
Day KT Month ago
Hey Impulse you should think about adding a lid for that barrel leaned up against the barrel!
Tango Tek
Tango Tek Month ago
Sunny_boy 69
Sunny_boy 69 Month ago
Tango your a child In an a adults body
Craze Banana
Craze Banana Month ago
Could you put repeaters on the crying obsidian next to the lava therefore if your not careful you will fall in
Puff Puff
Puff Puff Month ago
Jerry and Terry?
Paul Month ago
Lol I feel like an idiot! I thought the music playing during sticky bombs was noteblocks. I was like “damn check out tangos skills!”
Semaze Month ago
For that piping, I think you should have a holding cell/airlock sort of section hooked up to a clock, so it builds up loads of slime before shooting them out in big bursts.
Won Hyuk Do
Won Hyuk Do Month ago
You should encourage the players to be able to fish each other to pull them into any TNT
Samuel Kellogg
Samuel Kellogg Month ago
What if you put a big mouth that eats all the slime up, kinda like the mouth of the kraken from POTC or the sand monster from star wars, but less scary and more "ificator" :) ❤️
C and me
C and me Month ago
What would have been a good idea is having the monsters eye be the tube down to the collection system and make it so its looking up the pipe
Lougehrig10 Month ago
If you havent named the eyes yet, I think Ill and Ick are good ones
Austin Henry
Austin Henry Month ago
For the 2 sludge eye monsters I think you should name them Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons
Pr1sm_ Month ago
Tango should make a meter in the coward rooms where if your opponent throws 5 snowballs to a second target, you lose access to the coward room for a bit.
J Brenneman
J Brenneman Month ago
May I suggest a system to detect when someone is in their hidey-hole? You could then replace the back wall of the hole with pistons, have the pistons forcibly shove someone out if they spend to much time in it, and have the pistons will only retract after a cooldown. Make the hole more of a strategic use option that will punish you if abused, like tilting in pinball.
Sarah Ruff
Sarah Ruff Month ago
Hey Tango. I'm sure you already know about the showdown between HEP and the Mycelium Resistance, right? Apparently each member is encourage to challenge another person (on the opposing side) with a bet. Wouldn't it be cool if you did something with Decked Out and challenged Etho? He won Decked Out and you built it, so that would be a pretty cool showdown. (And yes, I know that it's unlikely that you'll even see this, let alone go with the suggestion. But I wanted to try anyway).
Night Harvest
Night Harvest Month ago
bruhhh i was hoping sooo much that you build the flower from mario into the red pot
Logan Foels
Logan Foels Month ago
Everyone the war is over and you have to make a Mini-Game Tango you need to have them play Decked Out
Fireheart318 Month ago
Tango, waterlogged blocks can’t be blown up by TNT. If you want to make Sticky Bomb arena out of something other than obsidian, that’s a thing you can do.
Congele Month ago
TIL you can repair Iron Golems with iron! There really isn't any Hermitcraft episode that doesn't show me anything new or interesting!
23Alejandro Weldon
do more what if videos
ToxicWhisper Month ago
Icky and sticky for the monsters names
SironNFuries Month ago
Etho masters every game so quickly.
Floris vd Velde
Floris vd Velde Month ago
You should put a sludge monster's mouth under the pipe to make the collection look better
Astro Month ago
My god the how to kil a tango event in s6 was 2 years ago
dragonstalker21 Month ago
The toxic sludge looks like a Numemon
thokk10289 Month ago
I wonder if when the golem swings at the slimes they hit the lava and get burnt
Add a mouth inside the slime farm part of the toxic goo bucket so it looks like the slime monster is eating and absorbing the slimes
Kati Livingood
Kati Livingood Month ago
Tango you should make a hand coming out of the rim of the tan
GoruMordes Month ago
where the slimes fall in, you could instead of just a hole put a leather shoe in that place
Jellomutt Month ago
The first few seconds in the slime pit before the massacre are me whenever I open minecraft
Danbearpig Month ago
Sticky Bombs looks like a ton of fun! Also, I must admit I was skeptical of the base design at the beginning, but it is really working well. That slime pipe is fantastic, I may have to borrow that idea in the future!
Shaveen Arunod
Shaveen Arunod Month ago
Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips Month ago
I see two game "cheats" being quickly discovered by the Hermits as they play. 1. Pull you opponent toward a live TNT with the fishing rod. 2. Throw the TNT items that they collect across the divide into their opponent's water collection stream or just onto the other side of the honey block wall.
DarkGengar94 Month ago
Etho is The King Of Games
FROGM4N27 Month ago
i had the same problem with my farm when i was making it all i had was glass to surround the golem but the slimes could reach him because it was a transparent block
Liam Drysdale
Liam Drysdale Month ago
you should definitely do the Teen Titans Tower.
MrTreeman1979 Month ago
need to add tentacles over sides
Mc Naw
Mc Naw Month ago
You should connect your road to the shopping district with a bridge
Stephanie Broxton
I love the improvements to Sticky Bombs! Maybe a future addition could be a secondary use for snowballs. Maybe you have to choose between dropping tnt on your opponent or blocking it from raining on your own head. There could be another target (maybe behind you, where the tnt drops) that, if you hit it with a snowball, you can temporarily block tnt from coming through the holes. To prevent someone from hitting both the opponent's tnt-triggering target and the safety target in the same instance, the trapdoor could close for both targets when either one is hit.
korkeys world!
korkeys world! Month ago
Do you play terraria?
Cameron Potter
Cameron Potter Month ago
I ordered one of your shirts and it is way to small. I ordered an adult medium (my size) and it was way to small.
jpaugh64 Month ago
Awesome game! Please add a divider on the honey wall so we can tell which side the TNT is coming down on.
Mitchell Kelley
Mitchell Kelley Month ago
You could put a giant toxic symbol on the side of the waste bucket. And maybe some banners with different symbols to indicate "SDS" safety info.
George Vidalis
George Vidalis Month ago
You should but some caution signs on the side of the barrel ⚠️☢️☣️
Adam Kaufman
Adam Kaufman Month ago
You should put power ups on the wall like health potions and blast resistance armor!
Click "Read More" if you want the HEP's secrets to be given(This will spoil the video) WARNING ABOUT THE MYCYLIUM RESISTANCE HQ!: Bdubs trapped the Emergency Meeting button, and he moved the ender pearl underneath the Mycelium HQ. The ones next to the table are Bdub's pearls.
fred chris
fred chris Month ago
Can you add a game like pokemon in the gaming district (challenge )
antiisocial Month ago
Lol. Cool
Dalton Scott
Dalton Scott Month ago
Make the entrance have Ancient Debris so that you can make a door with it.
Todd Bastidas
Todd Bastidas Month ago
I see ways to potentially make this game even more aggressive. You're getting tnt blocks, could you place them and light them in the slot between the two players? Could you use the fishing rod to pull each other into explosions? Great job Tango!
Strip The Cat
Strip The Cat Month ago
I want to see how Etho strikes two balls in a row and the tnt on the left explode shoving the one on the right straight into Tango's safe chamber. Oh it would be lovely!
spooch89 Month ago
Why does it make me slightly uncomfortable when he says that the slimes are "processed" and "refined."
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell Month ago
Jesus loves you brochachos.
History and Gaming with Kraken
what is the time lapse music called
Uday Chaudhari
Uday Chaudhari Month ago
Maybe make another sludge monster with mouth this time eating all the slimes falling and hoppers can be placed inside the mouth.
Jelle Vries
Jelle Vries Month ago
Make a cartoon mouth from the monster that catches the balls so that you dont break the affect
Jack Urquhart
Jack Urquhart Month ago
i think you need two changes to this, first is that alot of the tnt is coming from items in the middle, cuz nobody thinks its on their side, so maybe make the ones in the middle just get sent back up and not activate tnt, second you need a reason to not just hide in the bunker, there needs to be a form of point system to keep you out in the game and not just hiding
Slapoda the Upbeat
I have just Realized I watched you before hermitcraft, I used to watch the improved villagers.
LoLme Aburro
LoLme Aburro Month ago
Love the spanish flag🇪🇸
Layla Sanchez
Layla Sanchez Month ago
Zarus & Ceebee
Zarus & Ceebee Month ago
Leray Month ago
gotcha intro song
mindofTJ Month ago
Tango mate... You can hit target bloocks eith fishing rods.
Chummie Month ago
you could make the slime tube look like a leaky faucet!
TheDShowwer Month ago
Hey tango maybe a good idea for the slime tube u should go from bright glass to darker glass so it looks like it is filled to a certain point.
Darren Mead
Darren Mead Month ago
Tango please put a tap handle on top of the slime pipe! 👍
UK Minecraft
UK Minecraft Month ago
I wondered if He was even going to make a collection system
davit kldiashvili
Make one of the eyes jacksepticeye's sam
Vixy Lix
Vixy Lix Month ago
I am loving Toon Towers!!! You’re so creative 💜
Dylan Merritt
Dylan Merritt Month ago
You should put a toxic symbol on the side de of the bucket
winning Streaker
Tango i have a great idea... make the nozzle for the slime double and make the tower like a nose and face such that slime shoot out from nosrils of that face yuk but awesome at the same time
Stephano Month ago
Name for the eyes? How about... "Chog" and "Sizzle"
J.M Barlow
J.M Barlow Month ago
the TNT block you grab, you should be able to place them on their side, through the wall, and cause more boom booms
Steven Leonard
Steven Leonard Month ago
Gotta name them Kang and Kodos
George Lampropoulos
Tango did u use commands block in sticky bombs
Alexander Torrent
name the monsters itchy and scratchy
Giovanni Rocket
Giovanni Rocket Month ago
It might be too late to suggest a name for the two slime eye ball things, but in reference MIB, Bweryang and Bob should be their names!
Forest VandenLangenberg
Tango you should add a monster that the slimes fall into so it isn’t just a hole
snipebog1 Month ago
Santa Claus is @ TheBrettBurnz Free shout-outs to the first 3 comments Great exposure to you, Brett & Santa
Brick Penguin
Brick Penguin Month ago
I feel like the cubby hole is too overpowered and takes away from the game. Maybe add a negative aspect such as a dispenser which shoots an arrow every time you enter, so that way you would take some damage for protection
Måns Dahlström
A good way to combat the hiding mechanic would be to have a magma block as the floor in the camber. Adding a penalty to hiding
Colton Bryan
Colton Bryan Month ago
Name it Slugemonster101
al355andr0 jaja
al355andr0 jaja Month ago
The slime farm= SPAIN 🇪🇸
Matt Sweeney
Matt Sweeney Month ago
If he's swinging at them his arms are probably hitting the lava?
Rhett Swamp
Rhett Swamp Month ago
you have to put a biohazard sign on the giant slime barrel.
Fuzzy Moore
Fuzzy Moore Month ago
Name the slime monsters jam and jelly
skyblade bloodheart
berry and jerry.