The Top 10 Picks from 2011. How Did Their Careers Turn Out? 

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The 2011 NFL Draft had so much talent in the top 10. There are multiple hall of famers that will come from it... but there are also big time busts.
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Apr 30, 2021




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KTO 6 days ago
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Harry Engel
Harry Engel Day ago
@Drew Byrd I thought it was Aldon, my bad
Drew Byrd
Drew Byrd Day ago
@Harry Engel he was amazing but destroyed his career because he was a fuck boi. Also it’s Aldo smith.
Harry Engel
Harry Engel Day ago
I’d call Alston Smith a “meh” pick more than a bust but that’s just my opinion. He had off field issues but seems like he helped the Niners defense, even if it ultimately amounted to two full seasons.
Drew Byrd
Drew Byrd 2 days ago
Great video man
Cole Jack
Cole Jack 4 days ago
@Mathias Avery Definitely, been using Flixzone for since november myself :)
Kotone Shiomi
Kotone Shiomi 27 minutes ago
Out of all the endings in your videos to date, I feel this one's the best
David Verderame
David Verderame 6 hours ago
This class was beyond elite. I truly think the 2021 class will be as good or better.
Pie 15 hours ago
I miss aj green
Daniel Naiman
Daniel Naiman 19 hours ago
So basically ever bust was either a character bust or a QB. Makes sense tbh. Top 10 picks are hella valuable i guess.
Analog A
Analog A 20 hours ago
Von Miller is such a monster
Rusty Raccon
Rusty Raccon 21 hour ago
i wait for this video every year
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 21 hour ago
Well done!
Matthew Multiplayer
Good year for my fellow Mizzou students with 2 of the top ten.
Matthew Multiplayer
Also Blaine Gabbert wasn’t even that amazing in college so we still question why he was ever considered that high.
David Day ago
Bruh how did aldon have 14 sacks and not make a pro bowl 😂
daa texans
daa texans Day ago
You made a texans fan very sad today....
EA Day ago
Mea Culpa
Mea Culpa Day ago
haters.... 🙄
Josh Animates
Man AJ Green and Addy Dalton were college teammates AND they were drafted in the same draft AND they both went to the Bengals???!!!! That’s crazy!!!
totally independent
They get a little bit of money and forget how to act
Neil Winter
Neil Winter Day ago
Dude, 2011 was stacked, holy shit
Oconnjp Day ago
Great timing on the ad after “the number two pick was von Miller.” My mind thinks “oh snap that super bowl they met...” And back to highlight
Greg E
Greg E Day ago
14:01 ... *again
Abe Bueno de Mesquita
there was one game a few years ago where Julio Jones almost scored more fantasy points than the entire team that I was facing
R D 2 days ago
Has a player like Watt ever changed an entire culture within the organization like he has? Seriously one the best picks the last decade.
Casey Blankenship
Damn I was shook when I saw that JJ Watt was #11 😳
Ava Van Pelt
Ava Van Pelt 2 days ago
Blaine gabbert at 10 makes me wanna puke.
Ava Van Pelt
Ava Van Pelt 2 days ago
To to mention J.J Watt went right after. Extra fuckin gross. I wanted JJ back then.
Ava Van Pelt
Ava Van Pelt 2 days ago
I hate Jaguars QB drafting ability. Its been sickening to watch as a Jag fan.
Sport Trending
Sport Trending 2 days ago
2011 drafts man. That's insane. Great work on the video love it!
Gee Mac72
Gee Mac72 2 days ago
Fans really hate Goodell. He's such a twerp.
Drew Byrd
Drew Byrd 2 days ago
Damn skip was looking old!
Squad 71
Squad 71 2 days ago
The top 10 picks of the 1997. How much dildos could fit in each mouth
Devan Elijah-Henry
Let the addicts play fuck sakes
C M 2 days ago
Character before talent
C M 2 days ago
Tyron Smith is a beast
Benjamin Voegele
Benjamin Voegele 2 days ago
Imagine someone telling you in 2011 that Rob Manfred would make Roger Goodell look like a great commissioner.
Brandon Burden
Brandon Burden 2 days ago
Commie slaves Back off!
Roger Godell is P.O.S.
Rivk L
Rivk L 2 days ago
That outro music along with those highlight clips at the end of each video 😌👌🏽 love it!
Justin 2 days ago
always love it when Goodell gets booed at the draft - literally the best part of the entire thing
Acejd1113 2 days ago
Do a vid on ugo chinasa
Joseph Roso
Joseph Roso 2 days ago
I always love how KTO ends his videos. He's perfected the ending clincher.
PARADOX SWIFT 2 days ago
Julio definitely the best from this class tho
Kyle Congleton
Kyle Congleton 3 days ago
Go figure, the only two guys on this list with a ring, are Miller and... Gabbert
cbrend22 3 days ago
Newton is the most overrated player of the last decade. He has only had a QBR above the league Avg (89) TWICE, and his 99 was in his unearned MVP season, making him the lowest rated MVP QB in history( he was 6th in the league that year!). His career QBR is 3 pts LOWER than avg ( and significantly lower than guys regularly getting blasted by the press like Garoppolo, Bridgewater, Mayfield, etc.) and his career td/int ration is the worst amongst starting QBs, unless Flacco or Bridgewater start this year. He had a great 1/2 of his rookie season( awful 2nd), very good 2015( but not MVP worthy) and a slightly above avg 2018. The rest of his career is below avg., with 8 seasons below 85. Yet, he is regularly talked about as a star, or at least former star and all of his horrible play is chalked up to everything except the fact that he just isn’t very good at reading defenses, making adjustments, putting touch in throws, accuracy decision making , or having poise in the pocket.
krackshot322 3 days ago
Cam is trash
desperado chrome
desperado chrome 3 days ago
We don't wanna know about your card shit
ace trainer52
ace trainer52 3 days ago
Blain Gabbert bares a striking resemblance to Trev Lawrence
Sekou 3000
Sekou 3000 3 days ago
I don’t consider Aldon Smith a bust. He was good when he was on the field
Brian Baker
Brian Baker 3 days ago
Blaine Gabbert Super bowl champion.
Logan D
Logan D 3 days ago
tHeRe hAsNt bEeN a bEtTer ReCieVer bruh Calvin was infinitely better than Julio get your facts right
anonymous user
anonymous user 3 days ago
Do 2012 nextttt fr
John Mayer’s
John Mayer’s 3 days ago
Do one for 2005-2006
Lestus Mitchell
Lestus Mitchell 3 days ago
Madden loves them some jj watt
Jawa 2
Jawa 2 3 days ago
If your a qb, in thw top 10......gotta have a slick name. Gabbert....is not a slick name. Locker is ok, but think about all the best....not something funky like gabbert. I think yo gabba, or gab for laugh
Jawa 2
Jawa 2 3 days ago
Kto is a mean pitbull
Justice Montoya
Justice Montoya 3 days ago
I was about to say something like "imagine being a jags fan and watching jj Watt becoming a hof while Gabbert didn't live up to the hype". Then I remembered that stuff like this has been clockwork for the jags ever since the Coughlin era and that jags fans are numb to this pain.
bred elevens
bred elevens 3 days ago
Did he say aldon smith was one of the best of the class and then call him a bust? Hard to be a bust when you held any decent record
Wazo 3 days ago
addicted to minis and loving it
Aldon Smith wasn't a bust... he was/is an idiot.
Michael Paiva
Michael Paiva 3 days ago
My Cleveland Browns i remember this like it was yesterday...I and ALL of Browns nation was thinking " Julio Jones we need to get him !! "...and then wth do the Browns do??? TRADE THE 6TH PICK LIKE IDIOTS!! Man o man my Browns. Thank God they are now a real deal team and have probably the best running back duo in all of the NFL . A Great WR squad and a Really Good young QB that in 3 years has great stats and has done something no other Brown QB's have done since 94'......win a playoff game!
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia 3 days ago
Wow what a loaded first round
Max Annis
Max Annis 3 days ago
Hold on, did this dude really say not a better receiver in the league and Julio Jones? Davante adams & Tyreek
Matthew Morkin
Matthew Morkin 3 days ago
JJ Watt was pic 11
Matthew Morkin
Matthew Morkin 3 days ago
Oh, I watched to the end of the video...my bad.
Revorg Z
Revorg Z 3 days ago
Damn these videos are so good. Appreciate it bro!
ItzDRT 3 days ago
Aldon Smith is finna be a star for the hawks GO HAWKS
Icy Cardinals
Icy Cardinals 3 days ago
Jus imagine the cardinals Wr Core if they had drafted Julio Jones at #5
David Buchanan
David Buchanan 3 days ago
Love this series
Tony Mooney
Tony Mooney 3 days ago
Your video’s are class kto 👌💪
Brandon Stanton
Brandon Stanton 3 days ago
So many guys get that 1st big contract and it all falls to shit
Pie 3 days ago
Your outros are unmatched
Upper Echelon
Upper Echelon 3 days ago
2011 might be one of the best classes I’ve ever seen
Awesome Firebro
Awesome Firebro 3 days ago
can you make a vid on the 2020 browns season
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker 3 days ago
The ending to a KTO video is one of my favorite things
X 3 days ago
DAY 4 of asking for what if Aaron Hernandez never went to prison.
X 2 days ago
@Amaze_Z Still be a great video.
Amaze_Z 3 days ago
That's just depressing
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 3 days ago
Hey, I have current too! I get paid up to 5 days early sometimes lol
Trey W-K
Trey W-K 3 days ago
Pat P taking a punt 99yds in overtime as a rookie is fucking crazy
nesquik 3 days ago
Marcel darius is a criminal
wayne Jele
wayne Jele 4 days ago
KTO can you a video of the worst nfl draft class ever
William November
William November 4 days ago
Jesus Christ cleveland 🤣
Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort 4 days ago
Ur vids are so much better then flemlos
Eddie Durkin
Eddie Durkin 4 days ago
This is one of the best classes of all time
fart butt
fart butt 4 days ago
I can't believe it's been ten years
thewrench01 4 days ago
The AJ green - Andy Dalton combo came right after the departure of the Carson Palmer - Chad Johnson duo as well. Crazy to think how that works. They had an amazing tandem of QB - WR for over a decade and yet had very little success in the playoffs
eric veneto
eric veneto 4 days ago
Locker hurt his shoulder. And retired rather than rehab. Safe to say injures are what seed the passion.
eric veneto
eric veneto 4 days ago
Browns fans may now set themselves on fire.
iNeverHad Mercy
iNeverHad Mercy 4 days ago
8:24 HOFs everywhere in this draft and this dude will be 1st ballot
AbleAnderson 4 days ago
Advertisement ends at 1:48 if anyone else wants to jump ahead
The Silent Underdog
Was von Miller…….ad
Billwe 4 days ago
Andy dalton doesn’t get enough credit the dude won in Cincinnati....
Tev Sports&Gaming
It’s funny how the draft works
Mark Andrew Wing
Mark Andrew Wing 4 days ago
Aldon wasn’t a bust! He was a beast he just couldn’t stay outta trouble.
Eric Hutterer
Eric Hutterer 4 days ago
Lol its funny but Blaine Gabbert does have a superbowl ring. Him and Von are the only two on this list that have one.
Leonard Young
Leonard Young 4 days ago
Stacked draft
jmeryllman 4 days ago
Gabbert beat our Karpernick and has a Superbowl ring.
Ben Becker
Ben Becker 4 days ago
AJ Green and Dalton weren't not anywhere the best QB-WR combo. So insulting to any competent QBs.
Trevor Katz
Trevor Katz 4 days ago
Pretty bold to say that Julio is better than AB
Nelli Makhoulian
Nelli Makhoulian 4 days ago
i truly feel bad for the browns for trading their 6th pick when they had the option to draft julio
BillyBop 4 days ago
I’m realizing how stacked this draft was sheesh
Mitusaa- 4 days ago
Wow the browns really just fucking up constantly in the drafts
Nick 4 days ago
Aldon woulda been the best def. Player of all time up there with LT and primetime
Tighty Whitey
Tighty Whitey 4 days ago
Harris Highlights has been pumping these same "top 10 in the draft videos" but they so lack the quality and effort that you put into these. I'm very okay with waiting longer for your uploads than any other Football US-firstr who has since followed in your footsteps. You are the OG storyteller when it comes to Football.
Gregory Delva
Gregory Delva 4 days ago
A part of me be feeling bad for rodger man 😂😂😂. Let the man talk 😂😂😂
Joe Spitler
Joe Spitler 4 days ago
JJ Watt went 11th, and Richard Sherman went in the 5th round. 2 future HOFers there. Also Jason Kelsey and Mike Pouncey also were drafted this year. Lot of talent in this draft.
Anthony Read
Anthony Read 4 days ago
Patrick Peterson's wife's a Doctor and she was on the front lines during covid in Arizona They both did at same time did quite a bit for the community So they are both complete boss
he 4 days ago
You should do a video on the greatest draft ever 1983