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Tiktok believes the band Tramp Stamps are an industry plant, but are they? Let's discuss this theory, their song I'd rather die, and their response to it all.
Id Rather Die- us-first.info/player/video/fth2oXyCY2aAZYk.html&ab_channel=TRAMPSTAMPS
Their tweet- trampstamps/status/1383542609851805700?s=20
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Apr 27, 2021




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donaldmcdonald 6 hours ago
I don't care cause they suck. Weeknd was a plant and look how godlike his whole his whole career was. Trampstamps music sucks and it's not funny either.
Keznen 11 hours ago
To the people comparing this group to t.A.T.u.: That's an unfair comparison. For one, t.A.T.u.'s music is actually good. But more importantly, the gіrls from t.A.T.u. were the viсtims of emotional and sеxuаl аbusе by their manager, Ivan Shapovalov, starting from when they were 14. That disgusting monster was a former сhild psychologist who fеtishizеd tееnаgе lеsbiаns, and it was him who made the gіrls out to be lеsbiаns when they really only supported lеsbiаns. Shapovalov criticized Lena Katina (the red-haired gіrl) about her weight, despite her not being overweight, and made her starve herself. This lead to her fainting after a concert, and later having to get her gallbladder removed. He also forced Yulia Volkova (the dark-haired gіrl) to scream because she couldn't naturally match Lena's vocal range, leading to permanent damage. And as if all this wasn't terrible enough, the t.A.T.u. gіrls were not his only viсtims. He also аbused several other yоung gіrls and bоуs, and do to his history as a сhild psychologist, there's no telling how many viсtims there are who haven't come forward. So don't compare t.A.T.u. to the industry plants in this video.
RoseByChoice Day ago
The way I found out that the shrimp stems or even a thing was that black TickTock was talking about the racist tweets and I was like who are these girls I tend to know punk chick fans I don’t know them who are they and then I just couldn’t bother to care enough to follow up.
Cass Day ago
they also caused a bit of a splash on tumblr, they were ran off the site in I think a day or two?
T&C Rogers
T&C Rogers Day ago
I have never heard of this group, but I don’t get the “really professionally done”‘criticism. I created a website on wix for free for a class a few semesters ago and it was amazing, very “professional” looking.
MC Day ago
What does it say about a person's idea of feminism when one of the first examples they give of something they don't like about men is them being bad in bed or not being able to get an erection? That's what grinds your gears? Not men pushing boundaries or not respecting consent? Not being harassed by men? Not being talked down to? It just screams of a misogynistic record label trying to cash in on mainstream feminism while also trying to avoid topics they perceive as being controversial.
MC Day ago
Also, like, there's only so much mileage you can get out of singing about bad relationships. How many memes are there about basement bands having no material other than "I hate my ex?" It was boring and repetitive when men were doing it, and it's still boring and repetitive when three career music industry millennial white women do it while trying to genz-ify themselves.
Connie Stephens
It's so weird for me to hear this talked about as a tiktok thing because it feels at least to me SO tumbr. They literally claim to be "Tumblr girls" but Tumblr culture at this point has devolved to be so fucking weird and uninhabitable to outsiders that they were bullied off of it in five hours with bug ass and the John Green cock monologue and carefully crafted messages tricking them into basically saying they were terfs and pro-map. I literally cannot stress enough that they lasted literally FIVE HOURS
snem Day ago
Why are we criticising women for their connection to abusers, rather than going after the abuser? If Dr. Luke is prominent in the industry and a woman needs to further her career, why are we still blaming her for his actions? 🙄🙄🙄
Circe Day ago
Everything about them is just... so... dated. That isn't an ageist dig, I'm an older millennial myself. But their sound and aesthetic is that kind of pop punk we all made fun of in the goth and punk scenes of the early 2000s. Maybe they're betting on everything coming back around in 20 year cycles and somehow being cool for nostalgia's sake? I don't know. I'm so confused by the whole thing. They don't seem to be trying to appeal to gen z, they seem to be trying to appeal to girls who worried about perfecting their AIM away message or getting a skinny tie from Hot Topic before the mall closed.
Sadirasite 2 days ago
the pink one actually seems alright i feel like if she wasnt a part of this garbagefire she could be cool
E R 2 days ago
“Feti-SIZE-ing” it’s clear Caro isn’t the “hot” one so she’s not the front woman. So feminist.
Punk Rock Poser
Punk Rock Poser 2 days ago
I wouldn't care if they were industry plants if they were good people/had good music, but unfortunately they are shite 💀 edit: they're so CONFIDENT, and I'm confused??? like I think their ultimate downfall is their absolute out of touchness. they put themselves into a position to be authentic, and it turns out that they're just crappy people. if they'd been put together as a pop band, they might have actually flown under the radar because people don't expect pop artists to be earnest in the same way. they might have just been another industry plant pop band, and I think that's fascinating in itself
Eric Ocasio
Eric Ocasio 2 days ago
I don't agree that "gen z is hung up on authenticity".
Eric Ocasio
Eric Ocasio 2 days ago
Just end tiktok. It wouldn't fix the world but it's better than nothing.
Eric Ocasio
Eric Ocasio 2 days ago
"We're not fetishizing POC" we're just racist!!!
João Mrtins
João Mrtins 2 days ago
I saw strange aeons video on Tumblr's reaction to then and it was insane. They deleted their account after some hours.
sportluver98 2 days ago
I just checked there song it has 3.6 likes and 36,000 dislikes lol and only have 6 k subs
Chloe Sibilla
Chloe Sibilla 2 days ago
oh there tumblr proves they don't even know the vocabulary.
Chris Bear
Chris Bear 3 days ago
When she said "cup of tea" my heart melted.
Emmanuel Sami
Emmanuel Sami 3 days ago
Bug Ass
Juno 3 days ago
Who's your favorite tramp stamps member: gatekeep, gaslight, or girlboss?
Tangerine *
Tangerine * 3 days ago
I don't know who these people are. I'm lost
Eleftheria Louiza Lagoudaki
You are thriving! I’m proud of you 👏
Fanimation 3 days ago
Tumblr flexed on TikTok by beating their "Bullying the Tramp Stamps off the Platform any %" speedrun. TikTok needed a week. Tumblr needed 5 hours & bug ass Also, they claim to be "Tumblr girls" in the first line of a song, but someone told them "I like your shoelaces" & they said "thanks😍😁😁"
L RX 3 days ago
no one else commenting on how they act around each other in such a way where it looks like they're trying super hard to avoid coming into contact with one another directly. very not punk imo lol.
muddi900 3 days ago
Omegaverse in Ramadan? Wtf.
Charles Dixon
Charles Dixon 4 days ago
TikTokers dunking on a group for being inauthentic is galaxyspanning irony.
Dennis Fang
Dennis Fang 4 days ago
Maybe it wouldn’t be suspicious that their website is professionally done if they had used Squarespace, link in the bio for one month free trial 😂
Chauny buck
Chauny buck 4 days ago
Dayum.....why they gotta do Ryan, Matthew & John like dat?!?!
Brianna E.
Brianna E. 4 days ago
One of their songs, "sex with me," popped up in my spotify suggestions, and I honestly thought it was funny and kind of liked it. Idk, it sounded kind of ironic to me on a first listen. But then again, I don't spend a lot of time on tik tok, I really only watch the ones that are sent to me and I only follow a few people, so I had heard nothing about them at all. Learning a little more about them makes me feel a little insulted. Like, come on, Spotify, you should know me better by now, we've been through so much, lol. Their music also has a very... early 2000s feel to it so I didn't even realize it was a new song. I thought it was something I had missed from like 20 years ago, which I think says a lot about their whole vibe.
Zanjelica 4 days ago
"feta sizing"
Chauny buck
Chauny buck 4 days ago
I knew I couldn't be the only one who caught that.
Potato Penguin
Potato Penguin 4 days ago
starting a band called "Trampz" where we're all dressed up as Charlie Chaplin's character and sing vaudeville
toyfruit 4 days ago
The generic colored hair look is also exactly like the industry plant girl group you meet in cyberpunk lol
nikkimouse555 4 days ago
I loved Carobae's music... hopefully she escapes from this god awful band
Amalgamous Goat
Amalgamous Goat 4 days ago
hi hello im here from strange aeons to see the tiktok side of this disaster
Margot Almanzar
Margot Almanzar 4 days ago
Honestly I think its ridiculous that people are going after these women bullying them off the internet and all their social media's because people don't like their music. Lets be real. There's a lot of "industry plants", but people have collectively decided to just hate these women for no reason other than they don't like their music and the women are around 30 years old. Its just internalised misogyny at its finest. You guys could have ignored them but instead decide to ruin their lives for having the audacity to try and be famous. Honestly this is the stupidest shit I've ever heard of. People saying "we hate them because they are fake punks" or "they say they're tumblr girls but deleted their tumblrs after I sent them death threats, what phonies" is ridiculous. Grow the fuck up and take a long look in the mirror and decide when and why you lot became so pathetic that you would bully women over the internet, accuse them of racism, homophobia for the most minor offence just because you don't like their music and don't think they are "authentic" enough for you. It is so immature and absolutely insane.
Moon Woolf
Moon Woolf 4 days ago
...ok wtf like I know this isn't my type of music I would actively go out to listen to but yikes on a bike. Also from everything I've watched of this group, especially that interview, the one thing I've noticed is that the pink hair and blue hair girls need to become a duo and go off and make music that really want to make because they seem to be much more chill and down to earth, and like they actually know each other.
Dave Slattery
Dave Slattery 5 days ago
Fantastic video as always!
Daniella H.
Daniella H. 5 days ago
People named Ryan, Matthew, and Josh:
Ingrid 5 days ago
This has got to be satire. The song is too awful for me to believe they aren't trolling. It seems like are mocking feminazis especially with the "make tampons free" in the bio.
my life, my rules
sadly, they are totally sincere in their message
MrGerrardify 5 days ago
"I rather die than have sex with another straight white guy" -BIDEN, Jill
Stella G
Stella G 5 days ago
this still kills me a week later bc... just hearing their cover of beverly hills makes it so clear to me they'd be so much better if they didn't take themselves so fucking seriously like. if they were honest about just goofing....
paulyk81 5 days ago
Kinda feel sorry for Caro, she could potentially have had a decent solo career, but may have fucked herself by getting involved with Tramp Stamps.
Copyright Home Run
In my headcanon, these three aren't plants, but just naturally extremely tone deaf and treat everything in life with the same fabricated, structured, completely off reactions they do with their instragram and music. Like, yelling 'go team!' at a tennis match, and 'pass the ball!' during a chess game.
Andrew Bianchi
Andrew Bianchi 6 days ago
Okay. I listened to I'd rather die and.... It's not the best song, but it does kinda go hard :/
itzy's girlfriend
it's just so weird and bizarre. there's nothing wrong with being formed by a company, hell i like kpop, but it's just weird how they're trying so hard to hide it. and it's even weirder that they're trying to be socially woke when they obviously aren't. punk is all about being authentic. how are you going to just label that you're a punk band, but don't even believe in the core principles of punk? It's honestly upsetting that they have this act of being socially aware but they don't believe in it. They just say it for brownie points and because they think it's aesthetic. I don't care whether they came from a company or not, it's just the fact that they're spewing shit they don't even believe. Activism is all about believing and fighting for what you think is right when something or someone is being wronged unjustly. This isn't something that you just get to say on the internet and then never believe in. It's just a shitty move. If you're going to be an activist, at least believe in what you preach.
Juliette Khan
Juliette Khan 6 days ago
I was enjoying this video until an anti trans ad came up
Marisa Courtney
Marisa Courtney 6 days ago
This is making me hate my name lmao
Kelly Revere
Kelly Revere 6 days ago
The group boys world is also an industry plant but they’re actually talented
bucket o’ fish
bucket o’ fish 6 days ago
makes a song about not liking straight white guys are straight white women ????
John Cracker
John Cracker 7 days ago
It sounds like they fucking love straight white guys TBH
milkshake 7 days ago
I love how they are trying to say they support poc when one of the members is literally racist...like, what a way to be contradictory
RA Key
RA Key 7 days ago
Dang I’ve been listening to 1-800-miss-your-guts without even knowing knowing it was them 🥲
Victoria Blake
Victoria Blake 7 days ago
Swell is to TikTok what StrangeEons is to tumblr
Logan Plonski
Logan Plonski 7 days ago
"I'd Rather Die" is very "your experiences are not universal"
sengislame 7 days ago
They are literally Taylor swift
Stephanie D
Stephanie D 7 days ago
Hey I subscribed to you a month ago or so when I found your channel and then I JUST clicked on this video and it said I was not subscribed...
Rayce Archer
Rayce Archer 7 days ago
I wish I was a lesbian and not a hetero I wouldn't have to mess with men, and all their come and go And all that yucky facial hair and machismo (ooh, I hate that machismo) I wish I was a lesbian and not a hetero!
BrianaLynn7 8 days ago
am i the only one who doesn't think the straight white guy lyric is that bad? Like the idea is straight white guys are the least marginalized group of people, that specific combination of people (add cis and its even more). So, if you're talking about it in that way, like you're over dating/dealing with people who are overly privileged and shit and don't admit it i get it. But in their case, if they only date straight men, then i guess the only part that can be changed is the white part and i guess that's weird? Like doesn't everyone commonly joke about hating straight white men?
Vadalia 8 days ago
I do not care about this drama in the slightest but I will say that I think they may have a small point with the sexism criticism. Because all things being equal, a group that's all female and/or a group that's unapologetically catering towards women by address women's experiences (particularly in a way that's not complimentary towards men) IS going to be facing an uphill battle. Women are more heavily scrutinized, held to a higher standard, and quicker to be criticized than men. I also didn't have a problem with at least the lyrics of I Would Rather Die read here as often men are selfish lovers and a criminal percentage of women still don't orgasm regularly during sex. I figured the 2nd verse addresses the kind of guy who basically gets his rocks off in an exaggeratedly unsatisfying (for his partner) way and doesn't even have the decency to offer to eat her out or something afterward.
BROCCOLIBOI 8 days ago
Why are for you pages The same LOL
QUEER VEE ART 8 days ago
this whole tramp stamp thing just makes me laugh tbh
J Berg
J Berg 8 days ago
Oh I just thought the second verse indicated the guy has ED.... in which case he shouldn't be shamed for that, and should instead seek medical help
J Berg
J Berg 8 days ago
Samantha Locklear
Your intro always makes me so happy 😊
sea crystal
sea crystal 8 days ago
This is off topic, but you have a lovely smile
tentative stagename
if i were an industry plant, i'd be attempting to cloud people's natural ways of how to spot an industry plant. redefining, setting out precepts and principles.
i_Little_Red 9 days ago
The fact we both have the same fyp is definitely interesting
justin spletzer
justin spletzer 9 days ago
iPhone recorded?
Bacall McElroy
Bacall McElroy 9 days ago
This is so interesting to me. We Stan kpop idols SO HARD knowing that they are fake and totally manufactured but we reject even the appearance of that in our own music. I wonder why? Is it because the kpop idols don’t pretend to be real?
Lena 5 days ago
the thing about kpop is that the fandom explicitly knows how manufactured it is. there are even types of fans who will say that they like kpop stars from this certain company or will exclusively only stan idols from one company. groups are known to the public before they even debut because their company releases promo before their debut song releases. most people who listen to kpop can name a company that any well known group is from. the whole process of idols being trainees and signing up to a company to train for years in order to be part of a group lineup is very well known and sometimes seen as a point of pride in the industry. tldr: kpop embraces the highly manufactured part about them. the industry is very transparent on how idols come to be in groups and thats why they dont get backlash over being manufactured. because industry plants are the ones who lie about being "indie" and "independent".
m00k 9 days ago
Lol @ them thinking they're so original. Every Riot Grrl band did what they're doing 25-30 years ago but better.
shayne nelson
shayne nelson 9 days ago
they dont even look like woman, gender-benders
Fiona Coffey
Fiona Coffey 9 days ago
I saw someone post a comment about them somewhere along the lines of: "they tried to pander to one of the communities that values authenticity more than anything and it massively backfired" which is so true. Whether they are industry plants or not they are clearly not authentic and it's honestly comical how quickly they were found out.
Kaylinn W
Kaylinn W 9 days ago
They just seem to be doing too much
t h e w a v e 1999
so BuzzFeed punk is finally a thing huh ?
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 9 days ago
Says you, shilling for Honey. Sad flag. :)
nicolefancy69 9 days ago
This band remind me of the girls in high school who were like "I'm not like other girls because I like pizza and sleeping all day XDDdd"
goblinmommy 9 days ago
Yeah, they just seem fake and pandering. They are clearly just a production of someone trying to make money off gen z tik tok... In the 90's we would just call them posers. 😛 It's like someone took a suburban mom group and produced them into a "band"..
Cryptic Corgi
Cryptic Corgi 9 days ago
They should stop blaming an entire race of people for their shared shit taste in men tbh.
David Fernandez
David Fernandez 9 days ago
This is just the opposite of G.L.O.S.S
kaylyn barajas
kaylyn barajas 10 days ago
You’ve got an ad attached to your video by Prageru. I don’t think they match your moral.
virtuale 10 days ago
so, them being blatantly racist and sexist against straight white males somehow turns into them fetishizing people of color? what's wrong with ya'll? there's no winning in any way, lmao
Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith 10 days ago
The for you page giveth and taketh away. Sometimes its great other times you get stuck in the worst parts of TikTok.
Mr. X Games
Mr. X Games 10 days ago
Y'all are getting trolled hard. They're GOOFING on the culture, not trying to embrace it.
Luneytunes 10 days ago
me: half tuned out, listening im background swell: ... the omegaverse, and how it may be affected by Ramadan (or something) me: the WHAT AND WHAT
Emma Lu
Emma Lu 10 days ago
I'm confused why them being signed is an issue? Did they claim somewhere to be independent? Why is being a professional singer suspicious?
kesha iz cute
kesha iz cute 10 days ago
so we rlly just glossed over the Dr Luke fact huh.....
Pandulse123 10 days ago
So I get not a good vibe from purple member. Like I get Delusion by Jinkx energy. Also, it's almost insulting to assume gen z is so simple minded that they'd respond to colorful hair and eDgY lyrics. You know who appeals to gen z and is older than the tramp stamps? Jhene Aiko. She makes music that is a reflection of her and is actually relatable. I feel like Caro and blue girl don't even want to be there. Someone please rescue them.
Anne O'Hara
Anne O'Hara 10 days ago
I am so so so happy you covered this as soon as I heard about it I was praying you would!
Artbug 10 days ago
I dont get it... If you dont like them, just dont watch them right? Why are people wasting their time hating them??
Artbug 10 days ago
Maybe this just speaks more to how unhealthy people are nowadays but... These look like 40 year old women
Teengaming 10 days ago
It’s funny how they have a problem with The Tramp Stamps working with Dr.Luke, but it’s all crickets when he wrote “Say So” for Doja Cat... 🌚🥴
some person
some person 10 days ago
I'm so jealous of your teeth.
Glorified Universe
Glorified Universe 10 days ago
I don’t get why people use their race or sexuality in their profession title. Like I’m not a African American x-ray technician, I’m just an x-ray technician lol.
becca 10 days ago
very irritating to see them being called a “queer band” when only 1/3 members are lgbtq
Anthony Simeone
Anthony Simeone 10 days ago
Anyone who portrays themselves on social media as being a "grassroots" movement or organization, but actually has major company/corporate backing, is "astroturfing."
equationat0r 10 days ago
good ass video. side note, you kinda look like aubrey plaza.
Samael 11
Samael 11 10 days ago
Everything I'm hearing described sounds like a more forced edgy, but also somehow sanitized and incredibly cringey, version of Vaj Halen or maybe Halestorm.
Collin Duncan
Collin Duncan 10 days ago
“The Quibi of industry plants” hahaha omg that’s great
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