The Start to the ULTIMATE Rock Crawler!! 

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The beginning of Paul's Ultimate Rock Crawler is finally in the works. In this video he begins the process by starting on the rearend that he will put in his '86 Toyota Pickup that will be turned inti a Truggy.
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!
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May 2, 2021




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Fab Rats
Fab Rats 11 days ago
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MOTO 809
MOTO 809 10 days ago
@Bull Dozer I hear ya, the price difference is a hard pill to swallow. I’m not trying to turn you away from the detroit by any means, the only negative reviews I’ve read are about chirping tires on pavement. I don’t get the impression they break or anything like that. I just love the on/off switch on my ARB. That was worth the extra to me, plus I T’d in an air chuck to the pressure switch on the compressor so now I can pump my tires back up too. Nice benefit for sure.
Lance Miller
Lance Miller 10 days ago
Paul can't wait for the next video on your rock crawler/jumper
Bull Dozer
Bull Dozer 10 days ago
@MOTO 809 thanks for the Intel.. Still on the fence a bit. Detroit is $650 installed, ARB is over $1200 w/ air and gadgets
MOTO 809
MOTO 809 11 days ago
@Bull Dozer Yeah the Detroit is supposed to remain unlocked until it sees a certain amount of difference in wheel speed. A lot of people seem to like them but I read a lot of negative reviews also. I was in a major dilemma on which to buy last year. I couldn’t find any negative reviews on the ARB other than the price so I bit the bullet and ordered one up. My impression is a that Detroit style is best for a local trails rig, or something that goes on a trailer for long trips. The ARB seems, to me, to be better suited for highway driving. Either one will perform in the hills, but just my 2 cents, it is SO nice being able to flip a switch to go from a 300 mile road trip to crawling up a rock ledge, then flip it back and hit the interstate knowing it’s unlocked completely. I might be a little bias 😆
Bull Dozer
Bull Dozer 11 days ago
@MOTO 809 but isn't that the point of a Detroit? I'm in Michigan and a few times a year go visit family in Colorado Springs, CO for mountain trails... I can go either way, but air locker seams way more expense w/all the other stuff. I just want to do it right.
The Hungry Hunter
The Hungry Hunter 6 hours ago
You have an amazing amount of knowledge with this stuff !
N Mac
N Mac 14 hours ago
Just found this channel. So much binge to catch up on. Awesome stuff thank you
jcnpresser Day ago
I know Paul said he’d probably never have to go into that rearend for broken parts, the only part in that rear end that’d probably fail is the seals on the air locker. Bet you’ll have to replace those stupid things at the worst possible time, lol. Pattern looked good from where I’m sitting. 😜
Charlie Day ago
Damn I wish I had a shop and your skills to go with it.
DVC me
DVC me Day ago
15 years only. I have underwear that’s older. :)
Life with Lilah Marie
Decent build
Off Road Stuff
Off Road Stuff 3 days ago
love the shop,
Christopher Alvarado
Perfect timing. Matt finished his MORRVAIR. Now the FRURC!
J dennis
J dennis 5 days ago
and another great video Thanks
Dustin Meier
Dustin Meier 5 days ago
Foreshadowing a new Fab Rats t-shirt: "Matt made a call..."
mark sommer
mark sommer 5 days ago
Philip Anderson
Philip Anderson 5 days ago
Paul, it was guys like you, rolling with General Patton, that kept those tanks moving and won WWII.
Philip Anderson
Philip Anderson 5 days ago
Between Fab Rats, Matt’s Off Road Recovery and Vice Grip Garage, the weekend is covered. Just sayin’.
rolling edges
rolling edges 6 days ago
He chose.... wisely. 🤘🤘🤘new sub! Great vid dude!
john1deere 7 days ago
looks like a benchmade osborne knife. great knife if it is
Kolby White
Kolby White 7 days ago
so that dang squeaky door noise had me looking behind me! ya got me!
tmurray12 7 days ago
I remember when yeah had 25k subscribers. Over 100k now, that's pretty awesome!
You Me
You Me 7 days ago
throw a magnet in there
Legacy 4x4 and Off-Road
maybe I'm just simple but that drill bit was butter for getting through the axle... nice
wbball15 7 days ago
"Great Paul the Merciless"
Phillip Cave
Phillip Cave 7 days ago
Are those diff breathers any good for river crossings? All I’ve seen in Australia is running a hose to the engine bay to raise breather height.
Garage Projects anything to everything
Just subscribe really enjoying the videos Paul enjoying seeing different methods and approaches love the shop keep the videos coming Cheers
thomas taylor
thomas taylor 8 days ago
Anyone have the link for the black Milwaukee serial # covers?
Charles Perks
Charles Perks 8 days ago
I really like your workshop, just the right amount of space and tools for one to tackle anything 🙆
Tracks'n'Wheels 8 days ago
Love to see you using TMR. 🇨🇦
Cliff Cross
Cliff Cross 8 days ago
Absolutely love your channel.
gerald rife
gerald rife 8 days ago
You tell him Dad! Never use anything but a closed end / line wrench on pressure fittings lol. That comes from years of snapping.....I mean “experience”. 😂
William Murphy
William Murphy 8 days ago
Paul how will you fill or check the gear oil?
barry mueller
barry mueller 8 days ago
On another note.... Call Matt, tell him Trevor needs a raise... (please) :)
Ken Francisco
Ken Francisco 8 days ago
Diff breather in the cover.......might spew oil out all the time.
mariodesmo 8 days ago
When I saw that gear pattern I thought, "Dang, that's a good pattern, I'd go with that!" lol
chance simpson
chance simpson 8 days ago
Rear ends, woman, and crawling rocks.just another day in Paradise
Christopher Gwaltney
... you shoulda just sold it to some son of some young boy...
irench 9 days ago
better the contact closer to the inside than out, especially when you're planning the thrash it. the inside is stronger than the outer edge at resistance to shear.
benritchsmith 9 days ago
When is your son going into his own project? You know that’s coming😊
benritchsmith 9 days ago
I already know the answer to my question. I am just harassing you now. You’re great parents and your oldest seems adamant. Learning the differentials of a rear end is math. Just make sure he gets educational credit for it. It’s the most beneficial and applied math that’s out there! High hopes!
Jacob Godfrey
Jacob Godfrey 9 days ago
also my favorite thing to do is rear it all back apart
Jacob Godfrey
Jacob Godfrey 9 days ago
just became my favorite channel yotalife
DirtyChemist 9 days ago
You used an impact to thread the fitting for the ARB 🤭
Larry Freeman
Larry Freeman 9 days ago
never done what Paul does. kinda lost, but love it . He makes everything so darn interesting to watch.
benritchsmith 9 days ago
Paul, you are a wizard with rear ends! But you are also an everyman sort of feller. You are just like everyone else, walking around in society. You got all this talent. A gem!
The one in my profile pic is my old '86 turbo pickup
Marc Downing
Marc Downing 9 days ago
No! Please restore that old Toyota pickup!
DNDZONED 9 days ago
Pumped for this built your channel drove me back into wheeling I went out bought a yj to start building and my buddy dusted off his cj7 in 40s time to get the wheels turning keep your videos coming !
Kmr Da Yota
Kmr Da Yota 9 days ago
Bad ass love the Yota s! When my 22r dies I got a 4.3 waiting hahahahaha it been 5yrs and it’s still going strong for my daily driver
Leslie Cadwsllader
You do he’ll of a job wish I could do all you know how to do pretty sharp guy
Larry Mulalley
Larry Mulalley 9 days ago
YEA A new Build !!!!
Steveindajeep 9 days ago
Glad to see youre finally doing something for yourself for a change. Looking forward to this build.
audiomaster 9 days ago
Why did you decide to use an air locker instead of a mechanical, OX or e locker on the rear?
SubvertedWorld 9 days ago
Paul wheeling the bags of chips closer was smart.
Jim Herrmann
Jim Herrmann 9 days ago
I got the "rona". I love it!!
Ruub Guus
Ruub Guus 9 days ago
Vermont Paint n Photo
congrats on your 100k. well deserved. great channel to watch
Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
what a cool project!!
Max Jacobd
Max Jacobd 9 days ago
Nice job paul
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 9 days ago
nibs on first ride!!
David Cooper
David Cooper 9 days ago
I'm sure someone already mentioned this, but I'm going to post it again just in case. You'll need a breather that can let air in for the ARB air locker. I learned the hard way with one of my ARBs when I swapped to an expansion breather like the one you used in the video. It ended up getting fluid from the diff all the way through the air line and into the solenoid by my compressor. I had to pull the locker, clean everything out and put a normal breather tube on. Totally sucked.
JMD Outdoors
JMD Outdoors 9 days ago
Paul you are amazing.
Chris Norris
Chris Norris 9 days ago
With all that cutting, grinding and welding there must be lots of nice hot surfaces for Matt to touch, but where is he?
John McMickle
John McMickle 9 days ago
Yuo could spend months getting it perfect, or a few minutes getting it close enough for it to work for twenty years.
Giovanni Rodriguez
It usually takes me about 5 round trips to my tool box before I realize it would be easier to move my box near the job 😂👍
Christopher Payan
Is that a solid front axle yota? If so, what are you doing with the axles? I got a suzuki sidekick those would look good on. Next project?
Vaughn Maurt
Vaughn Maurt 9 days ago
Really enjoyed watching !
S Tj
S Tj 9 days ago
I like that pattern, the contact point will move up under load.
Scarface 39
Scarface 39 10 days ago
She should be heck for stout 👍🇺🇸
Dustin Meier
Dustin Meier 10 days ago
Just remember, if you forget to put gear oil in it, the pinion seal won't matter. 😂 There. I told you that you were doing it wrong. Where's my cookie?
D Carr
D Carr 10 days ago
Rheo Bartels
Rheo Bartels 10 days ago
I hope I can teach my son as much as you have taught yours. This channel needs a mill subs. If anyones watching and not subbed, shame on you.
Rheo Bartels
Rheo Bartels 10 days ago
sick!! I was waiting for this!
Bruce McGuire
Bruce McGuire 10 days ago
Do you have stock in Milwaukee tape measures? Hahahahaha
tradbowyer1975 10 days ago
great vid cant wait for the rest of them
Justin Mills
Justin Mills 10 days ago
That why you wear earplugs when welding and cutting metal. Save your ears 👂I have lost hearing in both ears working sheet metal for years. It is frustrating not being able to hear things when people are talking to me.
Arizona Kid
Arizona Kid 10 days ago
I gotta go check out your merch
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 10 days ago
About time you did a personal build series.
Bradzuzu 10 days ago
Saving junk to reuse is what it's all about !! I had a 14 bolt sitting around for about the same amount of years lol I think you done good buddy !! boo on the haters they're probly stuck on the couch eating cheeto's playin internet warrior .... I so enjoy your channel , keep up the good work !!
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen 10 days ago
Kool shirt!
Mr. Name Last Name
Mr. Name Last Name 10 days ago
finally paul gets to work on his own rig! good on you brother
David Blalock
David Blalock 10 days ago
How do you build the ultimate rock crawler, start with the ultimate off roader.
Gary Miller
Gary Miller 10 days ago
I thought I had a lot of tape measures. Lol
Next Adventure
Next Adventure 10 days ago
Very cool!
Carsten Grove
Carsten Grove 10 days ago
Paul are you a mechanic for your mon-Friday job?
Garrett Harper
Garrett Harper 10 days ago
Grandpa's wrecker seemed to be the ultimate rock crawler to me!
Tim T
Tim T 10 days ago
Congrats on 100k subscribers!!
Doug Rees
Doug Rees 10 days ago
They had internet back then lol
Richard Brooks
Richard Brooks 10 days ago
If you were going to do lockers on only one set of axles, would you do front or back? Stock 13 Wrangler Unlimited.
Todd 10 days ago
Dude where is Matt’s to help
Terry Austin
Terry Austin 10 days ago
Look out morrvair the fabrats are building a beast crawler definately following along for this one. Love how your showing the details of when things dont quite fit
Justin Childress
Justin Childress 10 days ago
That's awesome. I'm new to the channel thanks to Matt off road Recovery
Justin Childress
Justin Childress 10 days ago
That's awesome. I'm new to the channel thanks to Matt off road.
anthony 10 days ago
benchmade 940
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier 10 days ago
Love it. I had a 1985 Toyota four runner. Detroit lockers front and back 8 inch oversize rear springs, Land Cruiser front brakes, marlin crawler, full roll cage, Custom skids and everything, gear shaft 35s blah blah. A lot of FourXdoctor stuff. Can’t wait to see what you do with this. :)
Derek Boberg
Derek Boberg 10 days ago
Man I wish I could have Paul make 2 of every part so I can use them in my 85! Looking forward to watching all of this build!
jasonjavelin 10 days ago
Much love for that Benchmade 940 😍
jampot20000 10 days ago
Will it be better than the mighty Corvair?
donald oryall
donald oryall 10 days ago
Good call That the ARB carrier solved the problem.I wan'ted to go from my 4.56 to 4.11 in one of my dana 60 to drop rpm with a big block and could not find a carrier Thanx man
donald oryall
donald oryall 10 days ago
hey Paul I thought the houseing were different betwene 4.11 and 4.56 the Arb must be set up for that being you said that houseing had tall gears. Love you giving your son real time eductation. I had my sons helping me build motors at age 10. Both now 40 41 and good wrench hands. One day they will apreaciate there dad
Fab Rats
Fab Rats 10 days ago
The housings are the same the carriers are different
Rich 10 days ago
Nice work Paul, as usual. Best part.....working with your son.
Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker 10 days ago
Paul, you perform some great work in your shop with all of your builds.
Murphy 10 days ago
Awesome Video's Paul is the Fab Rats King......
TheOldaz1 10 days ago
Nice job Paul.