The SIDE BY SIDE SWING (Redneck Rollercoaster) 

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Test that can easily find the worlds bravest man 😂😂😂 We built a 13’ tall RZR swing that mounts to the hubs to do a full 360. #GOODCONTENTGANG

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Feb 20, 2021




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WhistlinDiesel 7 days ago
I KNOW I KNOW we need a counterweight so we have free spin. Well do that with the truck one :)
Rueh Saunders
Rueh Saunders Hour ago
Spray paint haters on one of your trucks then shoot it with a 50 cal then blow it up
Alberto Marquez
Alberto Marquez 16 hours ago
Whisidisel I like Reno Polaris go to chapala Guadalajara Mexico for motorcycle s
James Crabill
James Crabill 20 hours ago
Whistlindiesel. I have always enjoyed your content. I'm pretty sure I've seen every video 🤙🤙
Mask-up Mafia
Love how haters have nothing better to do with their lives so they throw hate at you for having fun lol
Speedy Snowmobiler
@WhistlinDiesel the first time I saw one of your vids, I was kinda upset that you were beating on a 99-06 chevy because I love that body style. But then I realized that you are actually a good guy just having fun with his his toys and this is America and you can do what you want. I love the videos man. Keep up the good work. I like the videos, they just keep getting better. I'd love to see you destroy some things in person but I'm from up here in Maine. Like I said, keep up the good work and screw all of the haters out there. "YEAH BUDDY"!!!!
Michael C
Michael C 12 minutes ago
Wtf did i just watch? A 20 minute long fail video. Gtfoh. PussC
Chris Sutherland
Chris Sutherland 40 minutes ago
When you make a better version with a truck, run it on PROPANE!
Rob Rahmlow
Rob Rahmlow Hour ago
a good shout out to Gabriel for copying your content
Team Googan
Team Googan 2 hours ago
By a Tesla and shoot it with a 50 BMG
Evan Langreck
Evan Langreck 2 hours ago
Bro I love the content you should make more videos with the jenraly
FieryTacoSupreme 3 hours ago
I'd love to see an engine breakdown on the rzr. It was sounding a little...not good
BB 572
BB 572 3 hours ago
Love this guy I watched dukes of Hazzard as a kid your the 2021 version. So please tell us your going to beat the sh$t Out of a Tesla or pull it in half or water test it just some thoughts.
rick coats
rick coats 3 hours ago
Ya engines like oil when there upside down
Jackson Collins
Jackson Collins 3 hours ago
Help my broke ass make rent :( Venmo jacksoncollins143
Survivor central
Survivor central 4 hours ago
Like your shirt sorry about stupid people
A Dude And His Dog
A Dude And His Dog 5 hours ago
You’re ugly!
Nils Andersson
Nils Andersson 6 hours ago
Whistlindisel can you please please please destroy a Fiat multipla.
Michael Diamantino
Michael Diamantino 7 hours ago
New to your channel but ifuckin love it.. you funny as fuck
Quadzeh 10 hours ago
*2 Years ago* WD: Well im not sure if I should invest in 4 batteries for the truck *Now* WD: im glad i didnt buy this few thousand dollar buggy for long term
Mr. Butterbuns
Mr. Butterbuns 11 hours ago
That rzr took a beating lol
Delco Dex
Delco Dex 12 hours ago
I'm so glad this idiot with (Daddy's money) has never gotten his disgusting hands on a First gen Ford Explorer
Mason Semmler
Mason Semmler 12 hours ago
So this man is like a grown up Sid from toy story always coming up with crazy stuff to ruin is toys with
Deacon Adkins
Deacon Adkins 13 hours ago
Lemme get da second gen I love it
Silent Strength
Silent Strength 13 hours ago
Fuck bill gates
Caden Watson
Caden Watson 13 hours ago
Yo whistling u should let me come pick that 2nd gen up to get the ugly junk out of ur way
Lifted_Above 14 hours ago
Oh look! Something functional and nice! MUST KILL IT
Christopher Tucker
Christopher Tucker 14 hours ago
Now you need to get SxS Blog to help you rebuild it.
Jacob Banana
Jacob Banana 15 hours ago
Please buy a G wagon and destroy it
Samuel Moyseyuk
Samuel Moyseyuk 16 hours ago
Destroy your bobcat
Omar Brah
Omar Brah 16 hours ago
Major overstep
Philippe Blondeau
Philippe Blondeau 16 hours ago
yeah 3 month???, the vid on this second gen is only a month old. But it has been 6 month since you started the backhoe, just go and start it in the next vid pls
Nicholas Childress
Nicholas Childress 16 hours ago
Well and we wait another 2-3 week's
Spencer Guy
Spencer Guy 16 hours ago
Love the vid and the Polaris
John OBryan
John OBryan 16 hours ago
Video Idea: Make that junk red truck into a dog house for Macey! and give it a "better use"
Simply Beautiful Landscaping services
Awesome video as usual
I want that swing set.....
Wyatt Toups
Wyatt Toups 18 hours ago
In the next video you should buy lipo battery chargers and batteries and put them in a truck while they're charging let them charge and till they explode and make the trucks Explode
Wyatt Toups
Wyatt Toups 18 hours ago
You should buy lipo battery chargers and batteries and said I'm in a truck and while they're charging and left them just go on and On so they exploded truck In the next video
Garrett Bybee-Mullins
Any letter from the lawyer?
DJ Combs
DJ Combs 18 hours ago
For sure bunch of copy cats, lil girls 🤣
DJ Combs
DJ Combs 18 hours ago
Where you at man
Alisson Mauro
Alisson Mauro 18 hours ago
This guy need´s a psyquiatric help. Now!!
shawn walden
shawn walden 18 hours ago
love your vids. heading to pick up three shirts!
B Com
B Com 19 hours ago
Come in dude! I'm tired of watching the same video 4 or 5 times. Make a new video already! Show an update on monster max! I wanna see those big ass axles! Yes I'm watching all your ads everytime too to help you out!
Aiden Douglas
Aiden Douglas 19 hours ago
U should do some burnouts in all ur cars and trucks
Amin Mazooji
Amin Mazooji 19 hours ago
when I got a can am add right after he said how the Polaris had problems I laughed so hard
riley_rise57 19 hours ago
Screw the monster max we need this
jm Mentor
jm Mentor 20 hours ago
jason almost dies* “did u get da shot?”
Trenton Fisher
Trenton Fisher 20 hours ago
Who remembers mini max from 2018
Exi 20 hours ago
peak the can am
The Boondocks Full Episodes
Colin Furze has been real quiet lately...
James Crabill
James Crabill 20 hours ago
Best personality on youtube. Keep it up sir🤙🤙
TrueNorth2606 21 hour ago
I really don't want to enjoy wanton destruction, but, here I am!
Lelynn Pinkston
Lelynn Pinkston 21 hour ago
Will u buy me fourwheeler tires
Samuel Mee
Samuel Mee 22 hours ago
medieval catapult that side by side!!!
cody strickland
cody strickland 22 hours ago
Thats his name on tik tok
Kala Henney
Kala Henney 22 hours ago
Do a tug of war with the John deere tractor
cody strickland
cody strickland 22 hours ago
Yo this tiktoker was bet $10000 to let you brive his car... Check out the video. jetspeed_wrx
Mils Garage
Mils Garage 22 hours ago
LMFAO Your content is always awesome. 🤘
Colton Rouch
Colton Rouch 22 hours ago
Whistlin Diesel in 2050: Buying 50 red trucks and burning them all down
Justsendit 22 hours ago
Bet you wont buy a fire truck
Bill Murry
Bill Murry 23 hours ago
Wow this is beyond pointless.🤣👏
Kyle MacQueen
Kyle MacQueen 23 hours ago
Lmfao “where did we go wrong here ?”
tekodoraudor Day ago
What a fucking pussy!
Tj Hughes
Tj Hughes Day ago
You should get a lowrider
Relax33 Day ago
Your an Ass Whole!
Diesel Gibson
Can you do a update on monster max please
Having Fun
Having Fun Day ago
Also need a dry sump oil system so you can run engine at weird angles without it drowning itself.
Why don't you put bicycle wheels on the four wheeler or a truck
Sometimes Igoback
You need to fight Logan paul in a boxing match I bet you could knock him out!!!💪💪💪💪😎💰💰💰💰💪💪💪
Will Thornsbury
One day we'll look back on this and realize this was one in a long line of ways Diesel probably could have killed himself and however he does kill himself eventually, should not be a shock.
501 N 503
501 N 503 Day ago
love how he rips on the piecer RZR and two Can-Am adds pop up during the video..
Electric Uprise
Where's the new farm
Jason Popeck
Jason Popeck Day ago
Think you US-first
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Day ago
I'd put a counter weight on the other end so it's easier for the engine to make it around.
John Dee
John Dee Day ago
The fuel was angled to where it was able to flow out of the tank when it was swinging
The Outdoor Kid
YOU NEED TO GET A MAVERICK X3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dustin Townsend
I'll come over u can call me a idiot lol
Alex jeff
Alex jeff Day ago
what a waste of my time watching these guys
FLORES Day ago
I really want that to work get an electric one
Patrick R
Patrick R Day ago
A tesla would be prefect
Bernd Maier
Bernd Maier Day ago
Dummkopf 3000
mike james
mike james Day ago
You need to somehow get in touch with software developers and come out with your own xbox or playstation game! Just roll around the farm in one of them coal rollers, tearing sh!t up and ramping barns....woooooo
mike james
mike james Day ago
My son now wants to try this with his power wheels utv
Anish Patel
Anish Patel Day ago
When we getting a monster max update??
Mike Thompson
In response to the end part of your video... Man the fuck up. "it wasn't working right before we mounted it"... really?... Really?.... And you nearly killed your friend. DAMN lucky it got stuck in the snow. "No reason my accounts got locked"... no. Plenty of bullshit reason. Censorship. If you need to sell merch, sell fucking merch. US-first isn't paying like it used to. "I'd never call my fans idiots".... you're a bad liar. Grow up. Call them idiots if they are idiots and don't apologize for it. But do apologize for being an idiot and nearly getting your friend killed. You keep up your attitude, you or your friends are gunna die. I've watched enough of your videos, you've been DAMN lucky. Luck runs out.
MrFixit NC
MrFixit NC Day ago
I love the "epic suspense horror" music you got going on there when you're bringing out the swing frame. Nice touch!
Eric Martinez
Hi everyone I just moved my wife an 2 kids from California to texas an we just pack up what we could an went on our way. I’m trying to get a job but no luck so far an We are running low on cash to pay month of March rent. I hate to ask but can anyone help us out in this tuff time please anything will help I only got Venmo @Eric-Rathjenmartinez
JD Clark
JD Clark Day ago
Make it electric and forget the ICE woes!
Patrick R
Patrick R Day ago
A tesla would be prefect
Max Hammontree
sgt haggis
sgt haggis Day ago
4:48 the dog's like '' fuck this man im outta here''
Janne Kokko
Janne Kokko Day ago
shame that rzr wasnt cut out for it
Red eyed Patriot1
I know that 50 accident was an eye opener for you...Go Harder But Smarter Cody...Do you want a free Blue Merle Pitbull puppy...be weined in 5weeks Delivered with 1st shots and wormer from Kentucky
Steph Krause
Steph Krause Day ago
Did you get Matt’s raptor yet
R B Day ago
.... while the oil runs to one side the engine! 😂
Jordan Shoemaker
Polaris=what a pile of shit
Patriot SicOfLibs
Prime candidate for a Darwin Award
Hunter Davidson
It’s a Polaris for ya
patrick bohannon
I want to try this
Jamey Mote
Jamey Mote Day ago
CN Gaming
CN Gaming Day ago
Bro you are like the older version of a kid at my school lmao
Chicken Man 123
Hey whistlin diesel wanna buy my 1981 yamaha enticer it's a snowmobile the one thing that you dont have on your channel it is for sale 30,000 firm I would meet you at unity saskatchewan (canada) meet me at the co op if you want to buy it
Carson O'Keefe
New idea, two people, electric pedal, passenger controls throttle
Mechanics are like this is the ultimate engine torture test. He’s gonna need an dry sump engine oil accumulator to pull this off at best.
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