The RTX 3080 Launch can't get any worse... Right? Wrong... 

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The RTX 3080 is the most controversial launch we have seen in a long time... and it continues to spiral out of control. Here is the Article we reference in this video - www.igorslab.de/en/what-real-what-can-be-investigative-within-the-crashes-and-instabilities-of-the-force-rtx-3080-andrtx-3090/
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Sep 25, 2020




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Comments 16 031   
Kevin Gaukel
Kevin Gaukel Month ago
@JayzTwoCents - I am a radio-frequency engineer specializing in RF filter design, and your observation makes total sense. One of things may computer users is that when you have computers with high frequencies, you have radio waves (aka EMC/Noise). The reason the MTCC is that they are capacitors all the way to 10,000 MHz! Those MTCC capacitors are formed to a very controlled RF Filter to keep the noise out of rest of the video card. If you use those larger capacitors, you have no filtering above it's self-resonating frequency, which may be as low as 1200 MHz! As a result, the higher frequency clock signal - and its noise - will get right into the system and that filter is invisible to it. Therefore, that "Boost Clock" is the problem.
ThreepE0 9 hours ago
@Yuuji 9029 people are just being dicks. He literally just said “huh?” Like the shit flew over his head. No request for him to understand or explanation, maybe he doesn’t care to understand or isn’t interested. Just saying that it flew by him. No problem there. When people start piling on about reading comprehension and laziness in that scenario, it’s ironic
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson 3 days ago
Doesn't the FCC require electronic devices to accept certain amounts of interferance and still function poperly?
Vannesa Ried
Vannesa Ried 3 days ago
@JayzTwoCents cani plz buy a graphics card from you im having a hard time buying one
Unreal: Phaselands
i could tell, and i surmised this would happen just based on my knowledge of PHYSICS alone.
Chris Marler
Chris Marler 5 days ago
@Lerzide never stop asking question. Just walked on this video. Did not understand a single thing the original poster said. Glad someone answer your question. Thanks for asking it :)
John Walker II
2:36 You've JUST described the problem with the #metoo movement... "You'll get someone report something, then you'll get others who are just not fans of the brand like yea it's happening to me too but they don't really have the card they'yre just regurgitating things they heard..." Here's the #metoo translation: "You'll get someone file a lawsuit/accusation then you'll get others who do not like the accused saying me too, even though they're just regurgitating things they heard..." Thankfully, this is a case where the ACTUAL proof is coming out behind those claims, so no it's not a #metoo thing. This time.
ken tucky
ken tucky 4 hours ago
laughs in 2080ti
N I 4 hours ago
This is why you wait. Retards rushing out to get the newest and greatest just to find out it's garbage. Be temperate
kyeong lee
kyeong lee 5 hours ago
That bit about the wireless mic causing GPU crashes... holy shit. I did not know it was THAT sensitive! Very fascinating.
stratos konstantoudakis
we have a saying here in greece who ever is on rush will fall, so dont rush to buy something before its tested..
Evan Romeu
Evan Romeu 7 hours ago
HA! Imagine how the people who used bots to scalp these cards feel now
EXcentriX 8 hours ago
if this is worse, wait for to 4080. it will explode.
Andy Chow
Andy Chow 10 hours ago
I got an idea. Why not put 6 of those small arrays and eliminate the cheaper caps? Would that allow even higher boost?
thecount25 13 hours ago
On AliExpress you can get a PCIe card that cleans up power distribution in your computer using an array of filter capacitors . It might be able to stabilize your system. Normally these cards are used by audiophiles to avoid noise inside the system from affecting the sound card output.
Midori-Fox 15 hours ago
Everything on launch day sucks,lol. Also,the corner for people that can't afford it is full,is there another?
Tristan Bond
Tristan Bond 15 hours ago
I’m not interested in overclocking, do I have to worry about any of this?
Lio 17 hours ago
So the 3080 MSI Gaming X Trio is safe to buy?
Tek Legion
Tek Legion 23 hours ago
I'm looking forward to my new AMD card :)
yourleftnut1 23 hours ago
might go amd after 15 yrs
Napoleon Blownapart
The cheap comes as expensive at the end.
thai phan
thai phan Day ago
Looking into info on the rtx 2080....now the rtx3080 is out already.....🤦‍♂️
That’s it, I’m investing stocks in AMD asap
Shawn Day ago
Still waiting to buy a 3080..
Creatip Day ago
The fix for this problem: - firmware update to dial down the boost frequency - order those small capacitors from ebay or something, and replace the cheap ones yourself..... *In case it wasn't clear, it's a joke....
I really wanted a 3090 even though I’d lose some performance with my 8700k, a huge upgrade over my 1080ti....but now I’m not sure. I was looking at the MSi, seems like they did it right but still want to wait and see what happens.
Thomas P
Thomas P Day ago
Think the RTX technology is the problem. I had three RTX cards two 2080ti and one 2070 all three defective. Probably why I'm still running a 1080ti. Everybody had problems with the 20 series that's why the 30 series is such a big deal. I think alot of people are going to jump ship and go AMD. Considering Nvidia's going to hell!
See I'm rocking a GTX 980 in mine and have been thinking of upgrading it. However I'm not getting a brand new GPU that comes out, though AMD's Radeon 6000 series is looking good same power as the 3080 but lower power draw? Count me in Anyway maybe upgrading my current to a 2660
D H Day ago
You are a moron JayzTwoCents... Hardware Unboxed DEBUNKED your idiotic claims of nonsense!
armagedon georgiev
it might be a driver related ,I had very similar things happening to my 1070,8G after the last driver update fro Nvidia,never had issues before !
omg people are so dumb, despite the drivers it's still an issue regarding hardware, it solves "stability issues" but at the same time you have an underclocked GPU lol :-P
j money l
j money l 2 days ago
Those are really bad graphics cards. Just look how fast they caused Linus to age.
Stephen Burchill
Stephen Burchill 2 days ago
The sad part is, those extra capacitors cost a manufacturer like 2$ for all 6. No idea why they think we won't pay that 2$ more for a better product. So much stupidity over greed. Bad reviews cost them more money than they gain by trying to save 2$ per card rather than passing that cost on to us.
Rexxington 2 days ago
I have to say the comment section in this is fascinating, some are saying it was just the drivers causing and how incorrect he is and how he should be thrown into a dumpsters. Others are saying the update lowered the voltage and downed the clocking speed, not a computer expert by any means FYI. I guess at the end of the day though this just shows the fact that companies don't give a fuck about the consumer. Given how readily they released something like this and how broken it really was, with potential band-aid fixes that downgrade the potential of the card. Given they didn't build it properly to be able to handle what they promised it could potentially.
Vasst Official
Vasst Official 2 days ago
haha u clicc because 6 smol blacc box
Donald Trump 2020
can someone tell me why can't nvidia and the partners send more cards to the stock market? do they have components shortage or what?
Valkrys 2 days ago
The point of this is......wait.
irongoatrocky 3 days ago
3080 cards....HOLD MY BEER!
e asaa
e asaa 3 days ago
so for someone who doesn't understand teraflops and wat and others think like that what are you saying is if you don't overclock your 30s card you should have np with the capacitor right?
SL 27
SL 27 3 days ago
I sit at my chair looking at new graphic cards, wishing I had money to blow for an upgrade and here's someone that rips them apart for views. Haha.
Jan Černicki
Jan Černicki 3 days ago
Is this an issue if you dont overclock?
Meme Connect
Meme Connect 3 days ago
we will hear the exact same story about AMD
James J Hargreaves
SHIT ...I just ordered a 3090 to be installed in my Alien Aurora 11. Did I screw up??? If so ...what do you recommend?
jon beane
jon beane 3 days ago
5:22 😂😂
Kchy Park
Kchy Park 3 days ago
Well I’m guessing because of those chips that’s why they’re making a 3070 ti which are just 3080’s with the cheap chips
Unreal: Phaselands
he's so right, if it crashes, try again. :D get that record!~
Unreal: Phaselands
i could tell, and i surmised this would happen just based on my knowledge of PHYSICS, alone.
Unreal: Phaselands
ya 3070 for me, for now.
Yannic Best
Yannic Best 4 days ago
JayzTwoCents if you're gonna quote Igor's lab, please don't fuck it up. In his source he clearly states that NVIDIA leaves it open to the partners whether they use full POSCAPs, MLCCs or a mixture of those. It's NOT that Nvidia said in the first place that they will need one MLCC and it's "The bare minimum." So your statement of not wanting to unjustified defend Nvidia is not just not true, it's blatantly false. You do. And you do while quoting a source that says otherwise. What is this and how is this allowed to pass through your quality management? I'm just dissapointed. Will go somewhere a little more controlled to look for news in the future.
Matthew Vopat
Matthew Vopat 4 days ago
I understand i am a little late watching this video, But people have the time to read through posts and shit talk "brands they dont like" to "regurgitate" similar experiences? ::mind blown::
newns9649 5 days ago
Anyone know what the msi have.
PineRidgeAIM_CA 5 days ago
wow man i'm so glad I wasn't able to but my card yet.
Ron Pedraza
Ron Pedraza 5 days ago
No wonder i see alot of these on sale. Glad I held off and saw this 1st
Nathan Brazil
Nathan Brazil 5 days ago
02:00 IIRC the RTX 2080 had some issues on launch as well and they ended up tracking it down to some cheap chinese memory modules being the problems. They identified which cards had the issues and then replaced them with good models which cleared up the issue. ASUS isn't what it used to be. I had always ran ASUS MB's for like 15+ years but for the last few years I have had stability issues with their MB's. I ended up switching to Gigabyte and have had no issues so far.
Kash Pelfrey
Kash Pelfrey 5 days ago
Asus never let me down, I've always been putting as much ASUS and Corsair in every rig I've built since 2010, and never had a rig fail within two years. Just another small time pc builder in Seattle here to say, Asus is the shit.
Lucas Piehl
Lucas Piehl 6 days ago
Ahh, so this is why this series is so cheap.
FlightBytes 6 days ago
I'm so glad I missed the bolt for these cards. Think its going to be MSI or Founders edition when I do buy one..... Great video!
Kurskayaduga 6 days ago
Yeah. but there is a thing: why ever mention POSCAP (made of tantalum) when in videocards they use only 1.SP-CAP made of aluminum and 2.MLCC which are ceramic. Statement that using any of those can lead to failure is false.
ilusions4Random 6 days ago
AIBs cheaped out. epic.
Colinator4321 6 days ago
Well, Asus it is when I get one
Emmanuel Houle
Emmanuel Houle 6 days ago
You know your'e a fuking genius of finance when you start cheaping it down.
XenoContact 7 days ago
It's funny how you pick on colorful which is china-based
Nathaniel Van Dyke
Soooo essentially you get what you pay for
Tom McD
Tom McD 8 days ago
When it comes to "next gen" tech or components. Don't be the first one to buy it, or you're just going to be the first one to have issues. Wait a production cycle until the creases get ironed out.
BISHOOPLAYS 8 days ago
Bro i just ordered a good pc that has the 3080 graphics card but idk if its the founders edition or the gigabyte one... what should i do any1 help?
HAL900032 8 days ago
lines going crazy on screen is a lot of times the memory overheating
Peter B.
Peter B. 8 days ago
One of the major reasons I've never bought 'cutting edge' stuff....the second is of course budget. lol
Orlando O
Orlando O 9 days ago
Maybe we've reached the theoretical limit of silicon based circuitry and are dealing with quantum tunneling failures?
L J Thomson
L J Thomson 9 days ago
I have basically the equal to self made all AMD Parts Computer similar to most modern consoles but the software for the AMD Graphics unit has an issue after certain update normally mass updates mainly by Windows Updates or Similar as it resets certain software but also trick GPU Fan and other settings in to resetting software to 0 operation Default wise as a result as well not to bad if you have a computer atleast as you can just manually go in to graphics software and set it back to normal (desired set up configurations), probably my issue is down to a software conflict between OS software, Mainboard software or other driver software against the graphics software that could also be able to create problems as well if Nvidia have a Simlar problem to what I have experienced with my computer at least I know how to fix it fairly easily with AMD Unsure personally how Nvidia are with Graphic software UI's are but hope if they also have this problem that it is easy to fix if they have that problem as well of course.
Lace Sensor
Lace Sensor 9 days ago
those caps cost pennies, lol
PsychoticEwok 9 days ago
This just reinforces my opinion of adopting the latest GPUs wait a year has always been my approach I just want to game and video edit with no hassles. And on that note thank you to everyone that does get the new cards and find all the bullcrap with em
nikos loukopoulos
thank you very, very much!!!
alpan 10 days ago
this to show that scalpers almost destroyed a company
None Of Your Business
Are you sure the TUF card has all expensive array? In the pictures it looks like they're all cheap
Bloom HD
Bloom HD 10 days ago
Price scalpers on suicide watch. And we couldn't be happier.
Adrian Tether
Adrian Tether 10 days ago
rtx 2070 super windforce oc 3x , lights don't come on, card crashes to desktop often so its all the cards.
Code ijblk
Code ijblk 10 days ago
imagine making bots to buy a chunk and metal and try and sell it and get screwed over LMAO
Mtjeeves 10 days ago
Everybody always tells me I'm cheap. It's because I usually wait at least a year before buying a new product. I think they always figure that it's cheaper when I buy it or something to that effect. Sometimes that can be true. What a year gives you is time to see how something has performed in the real world. I find that a solid 85% of all products that come out and people are really excited about, don't do well at the 1 year mark.
Meme Notyou
Meme Notyou 10 days ago
It actually is NOT Nvidia's fault that 3rd party companies are using CHEAP arrays....shut up people, you bought a card from a shit company and got burned like anyone that ever buys something from a cheap shit company.
WTFMAN 10 days ago
Asus have always been number 1 in the business! Destroys all the other cheaper brands like msi etc etc! People are dumb to buy anything else 😂
KinGzeDK 4 days ago
WTFMAN 4 days ago
Coil whine is perfectly fine. Good luck to people who bought anything other than asus 😂
KinGzeDK 6 days ago
Sure. The Asus has coil whine and due to jays false claims they are the ones people are buying. Good luck with that.
Noises 11 days ago
Early adopters, thank you. Or thank you to your parents who bankroll your bad life choices, as they case may be.
KinGzeDK 6 days ago
No problem! It was fixed two days after this video with a new driver and without performance loss. But of course you don't know that since... well since you don't own one....
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 10 days ago
Yep I'd rather sit on my money for 3 months.
GamingSoul 11 days ago
Glad I waited. Thanks, Jay.
St. Rosen
St. Rosen 11 days ago
Wait, you guys can boost GPUs?
Wayne Diffin
Wayne Diffin 11 days ago
you do realise and understand that these manufacturers know for a fact that these problems exist right ?? surely you are not that naive! they are selling these cards with the knowledge that these overclock problems exist.. ofcourse they do.. think about.. they are the ones making the decision for the 2 arrays on their founder's cards... yea!!! because it gives better results.. and they are keeping it quiet because a broken card means more sales.. I would put out a disclaimer too, pretending I was unaware once I was caught red-handed.. for a better of a word. this is a massive con. you are totally defending these brands because they send you product to make your channel valid.. you only care about your channel and subscriptions not the fact the card manufacturers are knowingly ripping everyone off not by making shoddy cards but by putting a system in that breaks them.. they are knowingly breaking their own products to force more sales. that's what I think anyway
KinGzeDK 6 days ago
@Dan Kelly There were no performance loss. Check other souces. Jay is not reliable in this matter. Hardware Unboxed even made a video regarding these false claims. But the video makes Jay money so he does not care.
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 10 days ago
@terrablade boss From what he said it's a driver issue in the sense that the clock limits have to be reduced because of manufacturers going cheap with the components. ie. if he is correct an over built card won't need any driver parameter adjustments.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
lol this guy is an idiot its a driver issue and he wont delete the video
honigbrai 11 days ago
Can u solder the better Things on it?
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 10 days ago
@terrablade boss From what he said it's a driver issue in the sense that the clock limits have to be reduced because of manufacturers going cheap with the components. ie. if he is correct an over built card won't need any driver parameter adjustments.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
@honigbrai 30 MHz isn't that much but they're cheap what did you expect at least it didn't cost a lot
honigbrai 11 days ago
@terrablade boss yes but its 30 MHz thats missing and the cards are cheap made
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
@honigbrai by 30 MHz that's like 1%
honigbrai 11 days ago
@terrablade boss its a fix that down clocks your gpu
Cody Reber
Cody Reber 11 days ago
Unoccupied pegboard is cringy. I have a full toolkit for spfx hanging there plus some electrical stuff hanging out.
amtpdb1 11 days ago
It appears from what I see on your video that there are pads under the cheap caps. Is it possible to remove the cheap caps and install the others? Thanks for the video.
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 10 days ago
@terrablade boss He explained the electronics theory of the likely cause and if he is correct it's because the cheaper versions of the cards can't do the higher clock speeds. If it was purely a driver issue the problem would be the same on both cheap and expensive cards.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb
KelbenBlack 12 days ago
Dont pre-pay for games and dont buy the first edition of anything pc related, because u r basicly paying to be a product tester. On a side note i wonder what the mil.spec. components would enable you to do with these advanced cards
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb
3 12 days ago
Thanks for beta testing, consoomers lmao
John Lupo
John Lupo 12 days ago
PLEASE STOP STARTING SENTENCES WITH THE WORD "SO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fynn Martin
Fynn Martin 12 days ago
Msi 3080 has one, if anyone cares
Devil Dawg
Devil Dawg 12 days ago
This video is so bad, it should be pulled down. In fact, I wonder if the company has seen it so they can sue you for misinformation?
im aika
im aika 12 days ago
would be nice to delete or unlist this video now that this stuff is relatively debunked
im aika
im aika 10 days ago
@Dan Kelly the crashing had nothing to do with capacitors, driver updates fixed the problem.
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 10 days ago
In what sense is it debunked?
jef 13 days ago
soo.. best advise is ask your money back?
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb
Jason Ash
Jason Ash 13 days ago
Pretty much a public service announcement. I figured it would probably be a v-bios update that would fix them. You're still getting a really fast card for your money that costs less than the 20 series, so I don't think that people should whine that much if a very minor underclock and under-volt will do the trick.
Cao Kha Bao Khanh
Cao Kha Bao Khanh 13 days ago
Here's my take on the problem: go on Mouser/Farnell/DigiKey... and you can see that MLCC are not usually more expensive than tantalums capacitors. Even the high end RF graded X7R MLCC are not dramatically more expensive than the cheapest tantalums so probably not that much of save. Ofc it depends on the exact components they are using, but I suppose the difference is minimal. However the key difference is in their characteristics: MLCC has a more acute frequency response, meaning they can efficiently filter out a precise frequency. Tantalums on the other hands are more like charge reservoirs and its frequency response is quite flat, meaning its not great at filtering noise but act more like the power source close to the IC power input. So, when a sudden power spike arrive, without the fast response of MLCC, the card probably will detect an undervoltage/overvoltage condition and shuts itself down in defense. An excellent combination would be tantalum caps followed by an array of MLCC with multiple values to filter out a broad frequency band for EACH IC power input. Therefore, I feel like the FE cards have the best design (I suppose the 2 MLCC arrays are for the 2 power rails), the reference design a bit meh (only 1 MLCC array?), and no MLCC at all is quite bad since nothing is filtered. And the ones with only MLCC could work, but if the power draw is too dramatic they could be starved of charge.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 9 days ago
@Cao Kha Bao Khanh i agree 100%
Cao Kha Bao Khanh
@terrablade boss Well from what Ive read new driver kinda caps the clock in at 2GHz. At high frequencies, if the filter is bad, higher harmonics can be created which can intefere stuffs. Im not the designer of the board but I can assure u can in electronics design its generally not good practice to only put tantalums to power pins, you need both. What I can agree tho is that Jay doesn't have any electronics background and a lot of information in this video is crap, just like the article he pulled it from. But I would still recommend people go out and buy cards that have the mix of both, because electronics dont fail after u use it once, it fails after u use it a thousand times even if drivers prevent them from crashing (the hardware silently taking its toll. Tbh they can just adjust the undervolt/overvolt limit to be more tolerant at the cost of hardware endurance to please the crowd). In the long run a better design is preferable.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
@Cao Kha Bao Khanh it only drops clock speed by 30 MHz
Cao Kha Bao Khanh
Cao Kha Bao Khanh 11 days ago
@terrablade boss Well since the new drivers limits the boost clock speed, these high frequency problems disappear. So you could say that it can be solved via drivers, but what I said on the hardware side still holds true. Its just a not a great design to only use tantalum without the MLCCs to filter things out on power rails.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb
Uxchiha 13 days ago
I was here since 50k
Cronyx Ravage
Cronyx Ravage 13 days ago
That's not what "AIB" means. www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/4s5sbf/stop_using_the_term_aib_wrongly_please/
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher 13 days ago
Ok then which one should we buy? Would be useful that you summarise the op in the description to tell which one has cheap vs premium builds...
WTFMAN 10 days ago
1080ti seems to be holding up well!
Razzupaltuff 13 days ago
You talk too much. Seriously. Learn to cut to the chase more quickly. I am listening to tec channels to get information, not be more or less eloquently told a fairy tale. Off to reading the arcticle at Igor's lab. I could get at least that information quickly.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 10 days ago
@Dan Kelly still can be fixed with a driver update
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 10 days ago
@terrablade boss Maybe if you take an electronics course you will get the gist of what he is saying in this video.
Razzupaltuff 11 days ago
@terrablade boss You are totally clueless person. Igor is an expert for hardware and electro technical issues. He has an article about the capacitor problem. I recommend you go and read it before posting more nonsense here and making more of a fool of yourself.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
@Razzupaltuff I never said that I'm just saying that he was wrong and its a driver problem
Razzupaltuff 11 days ago
@terrablade boss Ok. You know better than Igor. I wonder why nobody knows you then.
jeff labute
jeff labute 13 days ago
I wonder if any of the problems are due to marginal power supplies. Power supplies that have difficulty driving a large load tend to have higher levels of noise and ripple as do cheaper power supplies. Switching power supplies are one of the largest source of electrical noise. Of course the reference design is correct and appropriate power filtering is needed especially for power hungry components further away from the power-supply. Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors paired with other capacitors or various values help to filter various frequencies of noise. Following the reference design with capacitors and ferrite beads is essential. Example: Notice the various values of capacitors meant to filter various frequencies of ripple and noise. electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/9873/would-pictured-circuit-be-good-enough-to-power-atmega162
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 10 days ago
@terrablade boss A driver patch can fix the issue on >cheap< cards but that does not mean it's purely a driver issue. Are you saying there is a bug in the driver?
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb
user537 14 days ago
Thumbs up to Asus, EVGA, KF2: wccftech.com/nvidia-official-response-geforce-rtx-30-series-crashes-issues-sp-cap-vs-mlcc-groupings/ Thumbs down to Gigabyte statement for using buzzwords like integrity while using reference design card. So yes caps do matter, liars. Product should work out of the box - imagine people with linux distribution that uses generic driver - then the card will crash because it overclock itself into instability, really, that's supposed to be my problem ? If it says clock boost, then do proper clock boost. It's not advertized "free crash anytime"
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb
OMGABananaLol 14 days ago
Very informative! thank you! I will now look at arrays before purchasing a card!
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb
Ineedmoney 14 days ago
This is the main reason I don’t buy cards, consoles, smartphones or tv, and even cars when they first release cause usually the company rush toward the end to get it out when they said or testing was great at first but then slacks a little as it gets closer to release. We have seen this time and again with all kinds of products. Smartphones, consoles, cards now and so on. It takes a few months for all the kinks to be worked out or something was messed when making whatever and it isn’t noticed until customers get there hands on the product and they have to recall and refund the product and then fix the problem and the future products made and shipped.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb
Brenden O'Sullivan
Brenden O'Sullivan 14 days ago
Any similar concerns with the 3070 construction? I've been waiting so long to put together a PC for the new gen to come out, and a 3070 is more than sufficient to run everything I want for the foreseeable future as it's rated better than even a 2080TI.
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 11 days ago
its a driver issue lol hes just dumb