The rise & fall of LiAngelo Ball!🔥👀 | #shorts 

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LiAngelo is the leading scorer on the best high school basketball team of All-Time. Right before he was about to start his college debut at UCLA he and one other team mate were caught shop lifting on a team trip to China. This may have ultimately ruined his chance at ever playing basketball at the professional level!😱😬
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Apr 14, 2021




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DohtainUndrWear Xx
DohtainUndrWear Xx 4 hours ago
That one mistake in China completely changed his future. He might have balled out at UCLA that year and gotten drafted. We'll never know.
Sarah Christian
Sarah Christian 5 hours ago
That's not the best HS team ever you can say one of but the best
Turn Chiraq to Chicago
As long as ball is his last name he'll always get a shot
Jiraiya Sama
Jiraiya Sama 8 hours ago
He isn't as good as the other 2. But put those 3 on a team together, it could be beautiful.
unofreaz 9 hours ago
How was this the best basketball team of all time u bugging bro.they didnt play defense n they cherry picked the whole game.the only one that actually played some defense was lonzo ball smh
gunkspirit 12 hours ago
it wont be over for him
Isriel Cane
Isriel Cane 12 hours ago
I mean if he actually puts in the work to he can still make the league but that’s all up to him
doloman77 17 hours ago
If you talented surround yourself with smart people , it only takes one dumb mistake and your career is ruined.
kalani castro
kalani castro 20 hours ago
play stupid games win stupid prizes. its never cool to steal and he doesnt deserve special treatment
Russell Pottenger
Nobody to blame but himself. A sure waste of talent and opportunity.
Kieran Hugles
Simple, don't do stupid shit like shop lift when you wanna chase your dream
Nino Marinkovic
I straight up forgot this dude existed
to day
to day Day ago
He could still go to the pros
Nolimitz Gw
Nolimitz Gw Day ago
Orrrr the simplest of explanations... his brothers were so good that he feasted on lesser competition during high school but now that he plays against pros his game does not translate well ans he is just not good enough...
Will Nye The Hockey Guy
Big brain
D34TH R3FL3X Day ago
bro should get a G league contract for redemption
Dallas Roberts
Hahahaa. Nope....can't find a smidgen of sympathy.
Viktor Morawitz
Best HS team of all-time? Oak Hill from 92/93 and Boys of Dunbar are not laughing in your face.
M Virg
M Virg Day ago
He shoplifted and had money it’s his fault no one goes to China and say hey let me break the law
spafro101 Day ago
I know he thinks about it every day.
Zeke Maverick
Because China owns and runs the NBA & he got caught stealing in China, Trump had to help get him free and he hasn't picked up a Spalding brand basketball since collegeor pro... Stop me when I'm wrong, don't worry I'll wait lol n I'm big fans of these brothers let's keep it 1000
david vickers
Hes not as good as the other two, hes not even playing in the g league or in australia or china, the nba dont give out passes because you might be good, you gotta prove it.
Vince Jones
Vince Jones Day ago
People still blame it on the sunglasses...🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ . Face facts, he simply isn’t good enough for the NBA level! There are plenty of guys much better than him that will never see the NBA as well. It’s just the facts of life.
A 4n'er
A 4n'er Day ago
35 n 0 wow just give the man the ball
Banana Man
Banana Man Day ago
Rich but throws his opportunity away to steal something yikes
Chris Klotz
Chris Klotz Day ago
Wow..... just couldn’t help themselves ..... China really??????
Hitthesky ツ
I live in Lithuania and i guess no one noes were it is
9thwonderboy Day ago
The moral of the story is: STOP STEALING!!
Satchel Paige
Satchel Paige 2 days ago
All I know is if a team don't pick him up shit nobody namely a note they do the 1st team at picking up the 1st team he gone ball out real topic topie 💯✍🏿
Angel Landeros
Angel Landeros 2 days ago
It’s sucks because you can tell gelo was way better then both of his brothers
Ben Ostiguy
Ben Ostiguy 2 days ago
He does not look as fit as his brothers... highest scorer does not necessarily mean best player or most talented-especially in high school.
Jason Ballenger
Jason Ballenger 2 days ago
BERT 2 days ago
Well..he wasn't as good as the rest. Chino was beating up on mediocre teams 2 years before the other schools got better. He shined in a B- high school league
jdaks 2 days ago
must be cool having brothers on the nba
victor johnson
victor johnson 2 days ago
He still needs a chance I hope he gets it soon.
Timotius Gunawan
Timotius Gunawan 2 days ago
Probs not good enough for nba anyway.
Tyky Foster
Tyky Foster 2 days ago
That didnt age well
Gaagii Baabii
Gaagii Baabii 2 days ago
Liangelo one of them dudes who be having scholarships but what to be a rapper instead
Larry Aitken
Larry Aitken 2 days ago
Look what happens kids . Star athlete privilege don’t kick in in China.
Bryan Veneracion
Bryan Veneracion 2 days ago
He stupid
Albert Garza
Albert Garza 3 days ago
Damn imagine yo brothers rich wit money for life in there accounts, cause they didn’t fuck up there opportunity😂
The Eccentric One!!
Shoplifting in China!? Dawg you could have gone to downtown LA for that bullshit!
Julius Belmont
Julius Belmont 3 days ago
Don't hate me but why their names are attached with La, Le and Li?
franco perrotta
franco perrotta 3 days ago
Best high school team of all time lol u kidding right ?
Dyna 3 days ago
Dont sleep on gelo
Enerio Edward
Enerio Edward 3 days ago
Ed Thomsen
Ed Thomsen 3 days ago
Hmmm....that’s the dude that....TRUMP got released from China
Gueye Gaming
Gueye Gaming 3 days ago
One mistake could ruin your entire future
Kobe Padilla
Kobe Padilla 3 days ago
Imagine believing this was the best HS basketball team of all time...
Big John Stud
Big John Stud 3 days ago
See kids, one stupid decision to break the law can have devastating consequences. Sad but he’s responsible for his own choices.
Maurice Brooks
Maurice Brooks 3 days ago
That's some BS if li'angelo don't get drafted in the NBA they hate the thought of his father saying all three of his sons were going to be in the league and it be true 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Xianegyツ 3 days ago
Damn can he get a W🤣
Nick Duke
Nick Duke 3 days ago
The rise, lol. That's something his father would say
Tanner Lebo
Tanner Lebo 3 days ago
I remember this. And trump pardoned them or whatever. Never knew who it was. Really sucks man. One simple mistake.
Mr. Watts
Mr. Watts 3 days ago
The game is much more than just scoring, kid.
Geez 420 Review
Geez 420 Review 3 days ago
He has below average foot speed. Hes not explosive vertically or have quick feet horizontally. All he did was cherry pick in highschool. No real iso highlights, even at the highschool level. Below average handles.
J25 Red
J25 Red 3 days ago
No defense, doesn't cross half court, not fast no bounce no handles one dimensional low IQ etc
TRMJ 3 days ago
Dont say that 😭, hes so talented! Theres till hope!
Donk Fish
Donk Fish 3 days ago
Easy answer,he is a Ball
The ball brothers are trash.
Mike B
Mike B 3 days ago
He would’ve been making enough bread to buy the whole sunglasses hut store by now lmao
Neil Alderman
Neil Alderman 4 days ago
This was not even remotely close to the best high school basketball team of all time. Do some research
Borne In Aus
Borne In Aus 4 days ago
Come to the NBL Gelo
a'london osby
a'london osby 4 days ago
Make history let three Ball brothers play u do everything else crooked in the big leads only fuckn minor shoplifting charge knock off give kid a break he realizes his mistake sure he want do it again thanks what makes it special to give him another chance.
a'london osby
a'london osby 4 days ago
Last but not least either, humans make mistakes you don't have a mind of thought if u don't make mistakes.
Coasty 4 days ago
Good maybe it will teach others not to steal... didn’t think that was hard but okay
InTheWild *
InTheWild * 4 days ago
Don’t forget China wanted to keep him in jail and Trump negotiated to bring him back home
1 2 3 Four Five
1 2 3 Four Five 4 days ago
Probably wouldn't have even been a big deal if he stole in America. But overseas? Cmon. You know that's gonna make headlines
Brent Blakely
Brent Blakely 4 days ago
Stealing is bad...mkay?
Timo Cruz sir
Timo Cruz sir 4 days ago
I don’t watch bball anymore but LaMelo seems like a real good kid tbh. Seems real humble and like he has a good respectful attitude. The youngest one seems to be doing good too
Renan Miura
Renan Miura Day ago
U still allergic to layups tho?
Chase G
Chase G 4 days ago
Morale of the story don't be stupid and shoplift when you're already a millionaire
Dujaun wagner best high school basketball player ever. Hands down
Think aboutit
Think aboutit 4 days ago
I guess the White Supremacists in China made him do it as the systemic racism follows poc wherever they go...NOT!!!
Think aboutit
Think aboutit 4 days ago
Just a side note, he'd still be rotting in a Chinese prison if President Trump didn't come to his rescue. Trump got him out of jail and the Left wing media still tried to vilify him as a racist. Remember that?
YSC Entertainment
Not gonna lie I couldn’t believe that about stealing in China when it happened that had to be top 10 dumbest things ever done EVER 🤣😂
Wapakelz Wapakelz
I think he's gonna sign up for the G league, not sure but I read some article about it.
kokolatte825 4 days ago
Don't commit a crime overseas!!! Has anyone seen Locked up Abroad or Broke Down Palace?
KEITH KEEFER 4 days ago
Fame got to your head too quick
Everett howton
Everett howton 4 days ago
He should of played football
Praiksan 4 days ago
Because he's a thief...
Meerkatin Dachshund
Thanks to Trump these knuckleheads didnt face charges. Failed to mention that in the video.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 4 days ago
Wow, interesting story. He must feel really crappy about himself. All over something as lame as shoplifting.
ransom 4 days ago
“Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!" - President Trump
Dwhytboi11 4 days ago
It all started with the lines in the eyebrows
Nicholas Cushing
Nicholas Cushing 4 days ago
His brothers are there & he helped them get there by competing with each other so I'm sure hes proud & happy
christopher yasus
@Jacob M nobody's happy watching their brothers do the dream w/out them.
Jacob M
Jacob M 2 days ago
Dude threw away MILLIONS of dollars for a pair of sunglasses yeah I’m sure he’s fucking stoked right now😂 you and Liamgelo got that smooth brain
Thomas Carlier
Thomas Carlier 4 days ago
Georgetown Ohio G-man as an undefeated season also division for never lost a game at deer
Kar -
Kar - 4 days ago
Pretty damn stupid, to shoplift, when you have all the integrity and athleticism built up. Like I’m sure they had enough money to buy whatever they wanted, and they’re basically young adults at this point. Really damn stupid.
Robert Daniels-lane
Chino hills was good… but definitely not the best high school basketball team of all time. 😅
Dash Cash
Dash Cash 4 days ago
Dunbar high from the 80s had the best hs basketball team of all time. But I think it could be debated
John Kills
John Kills 4 days ago
Seems like dad taught them ball bout couldn’t for the life of him teach this one COMMON FUCKING SENSE!!😭😭😭
Aruesx 4 days ago
For some reason I want to see them all on the same team. And not just play together, like dominate the league.
Tobias Powell
Tobias Powell 4 days ago
I still have no idea why he was stealing. His daddy been had money so I just dont get it.
Epic Klutch
Epic Klutch 4 days ago
Maybe he shouldn’t of stole in China 🤦🏼‍♂️
Sam M
Sam M 4 days ago
He has nothing else to his game though. Scouts were not impressed with him. He has no IQ, cant pass, and is a raw scorer, NOT a shooter. Big difference. The ceiling for the other two ball brothers was much higher
Felicity 4 days ago
he went overseas
Chosen One
Chosen One 4 days ago
Thanks president Trump for his ass to be released from China.
Cool Breeze 2.0
Cool Breeze 2.0 4 days ago
Started with the lines in his eyebrows.
Zed anide
Zed anide 5 days ago
Bet Lebron's high school school team could sweep Chino Hills 4-0
Addi Smith
Addi Smith 5 days ago
Its rough, even if you change your life. I'm cheering for him to make it to the NBA. China didn't warn us about covid19, so shoplifting there shouldn't be held over his head.
SeanB45 2 days ago
China didn't need to tell us. Our government officials knew with Intel but instead of preparing us they decided to sell and buy stocks first.
Dog Kaisher
Dog Kaisher 5 days ago
Fun fact: Lavar thought that liangelo was the best and lamelo was the weakest among the three
Austin Richard
Austin Richard 3 days ago
In addition skip brought him on undisputed and he even said it on there way before melo was even a lottery pick
Austin Richard
Austin Richard 3 days ago
Wrong, Lavar knew LaMelo was gonna be the best because he was the worst because he was the youngest but had talented brothers to challenge him. Thus, turning him into a great player.
Meta Lavish
Meta Lavish 5 days ago