the rest of the truth 

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this video means to clear everything up so we can all move on from that situation.
again sorry for my english i hope everything's can be understood well.

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Feb 17, 2021




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هانبوك. دوبي القميل.
ابي افهم..😭
هانبوك. دوبي القميل.
abby is the probelm😭sorry for my eg.
Azalea Azhar
Azalea Azhar Hour ago
im glad this comment section is more mature than the ones on tiktok, it's okay that it took u a long time. it takes time to recollect ur thoughts especially after getting tons of death threats :( thank u for talking from ur perspective, take care of urself and it's okay to learn from past mistakes and grow to become a better person. i believe in u
Gustina 2008
Gustina 2008 2 hours ago
yall are so supportive and im happy that u guys are:) but u have to listen to what benji was saying "dont hate on jorge" so please dont because he really is sorry and cares about him
Animal lover boy
Animal lover boy 7 hours ago
scarlett 7 hours ago
Animal lover boy
Animal lover boy 7 hours ago
pp 5 hours ago
mxrwa 9 hours ago
Aria Weiss
Aria Weiss 10 hours ago
I don’t care how long it took you to say this. It’s okay. I can tell how wharf you’re trying. It’s not your fault, you can tell how hard he’s trying to speak English you can tell he really cares.
Genesis Espinoza
Genesis Espinoza 10 hours ago
vxmpire xor
vxmpire xor 11 hours ago
Lamento que hayas tenido que pasar por todo esto, todos cometemos errores y si, hiciste mal, pero, nadie tiene derecho a juzgarte, nadie es perfecto. De corazón espero que Benji y tú puedan arreglarse algún día, ya que en serio eran una pareja divina, pero, si no regresan...tampoco es el fin del mundo, lo que intento decir es que, juntos o no, espero que ambos sean muy felices y puedan seguir adelante. Ánimo! Espero verte pronto en tiktok. Te adoroo.
sophia 12 hours ago
Oh my baby I’m so sorry
sophia 12 hours ago
wow I’m late
JustBunny 14 hours ago
People be like in tiktok: why r u here, get a life, I forgot u exists WHY TF R U GETTING IN PEOPLE'S BUSINESS, THEY BROKE UP OK, STOP HATING ON THIS AMAZING DUDE HE DID NOTHING!
KC uwu
KC uwu 14 hours ago
its hard to put yourself out again after a situation like this n after many threats so even if people say it took long for him to address it, for me, i appreciate this, ty jey jey.
Jessica Cruz
Jessica Cruz 14 hours ago
T amo
blue hydrangea
blue hydrangea 14 hours ago
baby we all did really fucked up mistakes once in our lifes, we´re not perfect and we will never be, however WE REALISE WHAT WAS OR IS WRONG ABOUT US and WE TRY TO CHANGE, regret is a good sign of how you wanna change your imperfections as a human being and its such a good thing, i hope you take your time to heal from inside to out, and no matter what people thinks you always have to look straight to the future and know theres a better jeyjey right there, theres mistakes behind me too and its a hard thing forgiving ourselves but its not impossible, jeyjey i hope, honestly hope and wish the joy for you and forgiveness. keep trying every single day and never give up, and one day youre gonna forgive yourself good luck
chris 17 hours ago
i forgive you now :)
shyann hodge
shyann hodge 19 hours ago
I never hated you buddy :( but I did blame alot on you because I knew benji from musically it took you awhile to talk about this but that's okay I'm so sorry for never trusting you and I hope the hate stops towards you
Syed Zaidi
Syed Zaidi 20 hours ago
Odk what to say u love him and left hjm in the hospital was the worst part u couldve made him feel better by his side
YM 20 hours ago
Ameera Maddison
Ameera Maddison 22 hours ago
I feel so bad it just broke my heart you can clearly see he is so upset
its sarah
its sarah 23 hours ago
Paula CS
Paula CS Day ago
Te amo. Y te extrañé muy horrible.
Ewer Day ago
the only thing that hurts me so bad is for JeyJey to envolve and expose Benji that way to a random guy. He was your boyfriend...
annalee marsh
this is so sad omg. i’m literally crying. the poor thing was so naive. he never had any intentions to hurt anyone. people make mistakes guys please leave them alone. this is why cancel culture is so toxic because one misunderstanding and a persons life is ruined.
Intan Fateehah Natrah Bt Ishak
Aw my heart ache seeing you so anxious jeyjey. I hope both you and benji will move on and get better. Crazy how that sick pervert ruin someone else relationship without care and pretended to be someone friend.
Richie Tozier
You guys have to remember BENJI WAS 16 HES 21 NOW AND JEY JEY WAS 17 IM ORETTY SURE HES 22 NOW they didn’t do anything wrong!!!
Richie Tozier
Benji is 21 now so he’s probably different
pL1nky Day ago
Both of the apologies show immense maturity and I'm honestly so impressed by the way they both dealt with the situation.
dreamless insomnia
you're a good person
Anahli Winters
I am VERY proud of you for coming to youtube and stating the truth, that is sometimes the HARDEST thing to do.
caturz 15
caturz 15 Day ago
I understand your english very well
H t t p s . L i f e
I thought that you would put have done it and it was false but I watched the apology vid from genii and he said that he sorta harassed him and asked for n*des so it’s not your fault hope your ok post on all media and make everyone laugh like you used too 🥸
Ellie Willicombe
at this point in time i dont hate him or dislike him every one makes mistakes i get it but im just wondering if benji knew what they were talking about usually but did he cheat on benji im just wondering absolutely no hate i just generally dk
Matilde Matilde
I honestly feel bad for jeyjey
Destinie Maestas
i miss benji and jeyjey...
Tiktok Trends
I feel bad for him
Sevde Day ago
me to
Lena Day ago
Please stop throwing hate! We all know it took a long time for him to make this video, but he probably needed time to heal as well! He was 17/18 when all of that happen so basically a child, I wouldn't know how to react in that situation either! Cancel culture is wrong! Let's all move on from this situation! Let's give him another chance! He is not a bad person!
Traveling With Lexi!
Ok I thought that u lied about being 16 and u were 15 I understand a lot more now
kukita serey
kukita serey Day ago
im so proud of u.
Dumb Otaku_Zi
It's ok jeyjey I'm rlly sorry of how we were so harsh on you without knowing your side. I hope you get better and create more creative content for us we'll be there for you🥺🖤
Aisha 2 days ago
99% of the comments saying “stop saying it’s late! he’s healing me: *not seeing a single comment that says it*
Rozara! 2 days ago
I got this while searching for people on youtube does anyone know what happened????
amadis milagros ramirez diaz
basically is jeyjey and him and his ex boyfriend were accused of grooming
Oriel Chapman
Oriel Chapman 2 days ago
he’s dealt with this really well. it’s no “too late” pls he must have been so unstable and his emotional health could have gotten so bad. imagine being in his situation: you would want to stay off the media as much as you could. he’s done well with the whole situation and i feel so bad for him that he’s had to go through this all.
Kayson Wright
Kayson Wright 2 days ago
There is a dude privet chating me
Kayson Wright
Kayson Wright 2 days ago
Your not even jeyjey
Kayson Wright
Kayson Wright 2 days ago
Kayson Wright
Kayson Wright 2 days ago
Is you and benji getting back together
Daniel Ruttledge
Daniel Ruttledge 2 days ago
Amalija 2 days ago
It’s okay jeyjey we’re so sorry about how ruthlessly you got cancelled cancel cancel-culture
Stéphanie Choron
Jorge... Me gustaría que volvieras con Tik Tok, pero primero quiero que estés bien 😉
samzn 2 days ago
Didnt see the video yet but yall treat minors like they brainless.... they can think by themselves they know right from wrong, but the difference is that they dont think of the consequences as much and that comes with maturity. However they are still responsible with the choices they make
penkunn :3
penkunn :3 2 days ago
LMAO some of you guys are acting like the hero here as if you didnt hate on him before
penkunn :3
penkunn :3 21 hour ago
@Ruthiee ikr LOL
Ruthiee Day ago
The switch was sooo quick lol
Kye 2 days ago
I hate the internet...
Jane Yuson
Jane Yuson 2 days ago
Its okay Jorge :)) Nobody's Perfect everyone
Itz Lala
Itz Lala 2 days ago
Ashleigh kershaw
Ashleigh kershaw 2 days ago
we need to leave everyone in this situation alone except for the guy but both benji and jeyjey were lied to
vkook Isshook
vkook Isshook 2 days ago
LMFAO STOP not some of y’all switching up all of a sudden 💀
Dijotul 2 days ago
Lol you guys cancel the Lopez brothers but will turn a blind eye to this
Kake Rice
Kake Rice 2 days ago
Gracias por disculparte Jey, estamos aquí:(
Migs 2 days ago
I actually feel bad
Kake Rice
Kake Rice 2 days ago
This is why we should not idolize people because it is what they are, we all have mistakes and they should also know that not because Benji has uploaded his part of the story before does not make it less guilty Please stop idolizing people, each one decides the moment in which they feel safe and can speak in the same way, both have apologized and must understand that it is a process deconstruction nobody is perfect. Es por esto que no debemos idolatrar personas porque es lo que son, todos tenemos errores y también deberían saber que no porque Benji haya subido su parte de la historia antes no lo hace menos culpable, por favor dejen de idolatrar personas, cada quien decide el momento en el que se sienta seguro y poder hablar u.u de igual forma los dos se han disculpado y deben de entender que es un proceso de deconstrucción, nadie es perfecto okei😡
Salami !
Salami ! 2 days ago
the accent makes this way better ngl
Salami !
Salami ! 2 days ago
wait they remind me of sangwoo and yoonbum but why (benji and jeyjey)
Valentina Rose
Valentina Rose 2 days ago
I honestly forgive him. I feel he is truly sorry. I can hear the pain in his voice and he sound worried. So Jeyjey I forgive you☺️
Syed Zaidi
Syed Zaidi 2 days ago
Danny DeViToes
Danny DeViToes 2 days ago
I think we also owe you an apology Jeyjey.Sorry for believing the first thing we see.Sorry you got manipulated.Thank you for coming out and explaining.I hope you are doing well and i hope your mental health is stable. Edit was a spelling mistake.
Adrianna Salgado
Adrianna Salgado 2 days ago
yall hear something?
poor 2 days ago
Ali 2 days ago
JoJo Kun
JoJo Kun 2 days ago
you are young but you learned from this, sadly at the bad way. take all the time you need to heal up from this and everything you went through, i can imagine it must have been so much.
xXSadBoiCamiXx 2 days ago
People in the comments are delusional yes apologies are for the person giving them it’s not for the other person to accept however there is a difference between apologizing and atonement you can say sorry 700 times and I won’t care unless you atone say I punch you in your nose and break it your nose is now broken if I say sorry that makes me feel better about hitting you but it doesn’t fix your broken nose does it however if I pay for the surgery to fix it as well as help the pain go away the I have atoned the pain is gone and the situation has been reversed JeyJey has apologized to ease his consciousness he hasn’t atoned yet learn the difference.
aeobiie 2 days ago
benji forgave him and benji is the only person he’s apologizing to and needs to apologize to, we don’t have a place to forgive him and the only reason we hated on him was to defend benji, and benji’s basically begging us to stop being like this to jorge, so yeah stop
sickbxtchh 2 days ago
just take care. we understand, I hope you get better
Anzai :D
Anzai :D 2 days ago
Thank you I'm glad you took time and got better thank you for explaining xox
this make SOO much more sense.
Stanley Thin
Stanley Thin 2 days ago
I remember he would talk about his declining mental health leading up to the situation and how he wasn’t really feeling himself right before that happened and after that it just ruined it so yeah I’m not surprised it took him this long to address his side of the story
BC Crew
BC Crew 2 days ago
Good for you for making this video
blobby fish
blobby fish 2 days ago
I saw a comment like this but notice he isn’t cry like the many manyyyy other Influencers when saying sorry. Idk I agree with that comment so I wanted to comment the same thing
wee wee
wee wee 2 days ago
Uhmm..so "instgrammer" and i spoke to eachother i mean not SPOKE spoke but we replied to eacheothers stories couple of times in 2019 i-??????? (Like when I saw the screenshots I was like that's familiar and I remembered..I WAS CHECKING MY OLD DMS AND FOUND THEM 3 HOURS AGO??!.)
marie idk
marie idk 2 days ago
'this came so late, its been like a year' omg does he like owe y'all an apology or sumn? the only person he owes an apology is benji. point blank. period.
Samantha Duff I love u
They broke up 😕😕
Jacob B
Jacob B 3 days ago
Just because the consent in Spain is 16 doesn’t mean you’re allowed to receive or give nudes to someone who is 16. It is illegal to receive nudes and to give to nudes to someone who is under 18 even if you are both minors. It’s a worldwide law that posting nudes when you’re under 18 is CP. receiving nudes from someone under 18 is CP.
Jacob B
Jacob B 3 days ago
I don’t understand why my generation fails to understand this. You should not be taking or giving nudes if you’re a minor. You and the person you’re giving the nudes to can face jail time because it is CP.
Samantha Ross
Samantha Ross 3 days ago
Bless him 🥺
Zoe Monserrat cruz
jellie Candies
jellie Candies 3 days ago
Did y’all hear something
poor 2 days ago
JustMark 3 days ago
Took this long wow
JJLikesToDraw 。
@Basic.Jacob • I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to make an excuse for what he has done, I was just simply trying to imply the he was most likely in a bad mental state at the time this all started and wasn’t ready to make an apology video.
Basic.Jacob •
Basic.Jacob • 2 days ago
@JJLikesToDraw 。 it’s toxic when it effects people you support. Also it’s still illegal to send stuff to minors even if you don’t know they’re a minor. It’s literally a minor getting sent nudes from an adult. Stop making excuses it’s gross
Masdoe 3 days ago
They should’ve been held accountable as well as much as it’s your fault it’s theirs too and benjis
rene 3 days ago
i love u 💗🤲🏻
Coke Robloxi
Coke Robloxi 3 days ago
Can somebody summarise this I cant be bothered to watch it
Team uwu Chocolate
Ya lo tradujeron xd?
im rory
im rory 3 days ago
bruh everyone will try to cancel ppl without even knowing their side of the story yet smh, and do not tell me that it took him a yr to speak abt it, he was obviously not ready and was still healing.
_ fokova
_ fokova 3 days ago
James Herrera
James Herrera 3 days ago
I believe you and I believe in your truth because you were missing from being able to finish this. Nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes and get up ✌🏼
emma aaa
emma aaa 3 days ago
disgosting uboob
disgosting uboob 3 days ago
Edgar De La Rosa
Edgar De La Rosa 3 days ago
D B 3 days ago
Can someone please explain this to me I have no clue who he is and it keeps popping up on my home screen
Sapir Benlulu
Sapir Benlulu 3 days ago
I hope he still post
Sapir Benlulu
Sapir Benlulu 3 days ago
I was about to cry 😭
Nbabyy 3 days ago
shut up
Sophie Gill
Sophie Gill 3 days ago
And where was you when you left benji at the hospital? I do belive you manipulated benji especially when getting him todo ft stuff. But the grooming is definitely is fake. But at the end of the day you knew he was underage and honestly. It’s fine just please use common sense when noticing the signs. Especially when somones speaking like that’s about you bf to you. I hope you grow as a person x
Abigail Richter
Abigail Richter 3 days ago
My Miscarriage
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