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Almost 30 years later, the original "seven strangers" that paved the way for modern reality TV are moving back into the New York loft where it all began. Viewers will be reunited with the cast from the very first season of The Real World in a brand new multi-episode docu-series to find out, once again, what happens when they stop being polite...and start getting real. Start streaming with Paramount+ on March 4.


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Feb 26, 2021




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Walter Houghton
Walter Houghton 7 hours ago
Started watching it tonight. I still do not like Kevin, he's so Rist. I totally understand why Becky was upset. I agree she wasn't listening to him & appeared as though she kept cutting him off. I say it that way, to acknowledge it but also with the understanding that editing "might" have made it worse then it was. However, that aside ... Becky was getting picked on by Kevin. Go back and watch it again and you'll see ... Kevin kept saying YOU do what racists do. YOU do what white women do. Had Kevin had "listened" to Becky and kept his issues specific to her and what she was doing, behaving ... I think it would have played out differently. But Kevin can't see past race. That's a shame.
Chris Townsend
Boy did you make a asz of your self!!beckey!!!! Wtf I’d wrong with you!!!!💯🏈✊🎼🙏🍀🔨🎯🇺🇸🌍♥️
Collab Rehab
Collab Rehab 6 days ago
Episode 6 was amazing 🎬🍿✌🏿
Richard Kim
Richard Kim 6 days ago
It's just Kevin talking about racism 24/7 and how everybody doesn't know the plight of the black man...there... now u don't have to watch
Suni L.
Suni L. 9 days ago
Kevin, still the same whiny ass boy.
Jim Pesmark
Jim Pesmark 11 days ago
The show that ruined Television for ever. if this show had never happened we would not have had all the fake reality shows with all the fake Drama.
TheSpaceman332211 11 days ago
No millennials....... I'm in.
HABIB MUSIC TV 11 days ago
Beautiful upload like video sir
Tommy Parker
Tommy Parker 13 days ago
I'm 36 and do feel that the 90's where a great decade to be a teenager in pop culture. After 00 it went slowly downhill, even my younger friends who are in their early to mid twenties saying they would have loved to live in the 80's or 90's. Unfortunately the world has not gotten better since the 90's and it could have been. Hopefully people of my generation see that and make a change for our upcoming generation. We must connect more. In the REAL WORLD.
Axel Stone
Axel Stone 4 days ago
I was 20 when this came out....if I could go back in time and live in any decade, the 90s would be it. Was a great time and great memories for me. Not that now is terrible...but just not the same. Everyone's older, married, dead, more responsibilities and all that crap. I miss the 90s
Lisa Love Ministries
People who are aware of complicit biases have to explain it in a way that doesn’t charge the other person as a racist. Explaining in grace helps the one complicit understand with action to change or adjust their ways. Bigotry is a form of hatred towards another human being and is a serious allegation. Anyone can be a bigot because it’s a matter of the heart not power.
obito uchia
obito uchia 17 days ago
sh!!!tty reality TV shows Killed the real MTV. You suck!!! Reality TV!?????what reality??? Y'all are stupid!!!!
E C 17 days ago
Becky hasn't changed one bit. She embarassment
alejandromolinac 22 days ago
HA!..... I was about 13 when this came out..... This was a show the "older" teenagers watched......
EzMoney95 27 days ago
Ole boy kevin is still the problem he's the racist one he can't sit in a room with non black people and not turn it into racism it's a sad thing . Not everyone race gender think the same . If a white person has a different thought than a black person there racist
TheLavlishus 28 days ago
I’m really hoping they keep this going and do other seasons
Miss Lady
Miss Lady 28 days ago
They removed the full episode? It was up 2wks ago!
Mar Z
Mar Z 29 days ago
1,000th Like
Insane One
Insane One 29 days ago
I really do not want to watch these old people get together and talk. If I wanted that then I would hangout with my mom and her friends.
K. Wright
K. Wright Month ago
I was 9/10 when this came out. I remember being like what the heck is this? Lol My sisters and I watched every season since the first. Truly my childhood. So refreshing to watch.
Andy Appleton
Andy Appleton Month ago
Heather didn't change at all. Becky turned into Sarah McLachlan. Norman turned into Tom Green. Julie just got older. Kevin turned into a baked potato. Eric turned into your favorite youngish granddad. And Andre turned into a post-midlife, folk-singing woman.
Double Vision
Double Vision Month ago
This looks like everything that went wrong with society all wrapped up into one show. No thanks
Phayzyre105 Month ago
This silly scripted and staged show sowed the seeds of MTV's demise. Nowadays MTV is a ghost of it's former self and hardly anyone watches it anymore! Think about it: When you want to watch a music video you come here to US-first, right? Yeah, I thought so. R.I.P. MTV.
Ghost1823 Month ago
Go home Becky.
Paul Chang
Paul Chang Month ago
by them avoiding Eric in this trailer, looks like he may be the douche again. man i had such a crush on Julie back in the day.
Beach Bum
Beach Bum Month ago
When MTV was still watchable
Phayzyre105 Month ago
Make that semi-watchable. This show was the beginning of the end of MTV.
William Fink
William Fink Month ago
Their acting has gotten worse 🤮
C S Month ago
good song choice
Patrick Barnwell
I’d be 90 pounds heavier
Upson Pratt Jr.
Upson Pratt Jr. Month ago
MTV gave us 2 things: music videos (believe it or not) and the first reality show (real reality). Oh and Singled Out.
B S Month ago
Cool show, the black guy was an racist ass and wanted to be a victim all the time
Phayzyre105 Month ago
Name any black person who isn't'!
Texaschic79915 Month ago
Pass! Looks boring
Phayzyre105 Month ago
nkosish Month ago
Why did you turn off comments on the Twilight Zone tease? Lots of folks were unhappy with your actions, but you didn't want to hear it?
Totally Radical
Totally Radical Month ago
Those of us that were old enough to remember when this came out and watched it are wondering how TF it's been almost 30 years!???! Damn we old dude. 👀😮😢😉🤣😎👾🤷‍♂️
vikings844 Month ago
Great to see the old crew again! Shame about Eric getting Covid-19!😪 Becky aged well! So hot!
vikings844 Month ago
Where is Puck?
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble Month ago
The Original Reality Show
luv2eatpuss79 Month ago
Glad to see Kevin is still playing the race card
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble Month ago
@luv2eatpuss79 it would be easier for you to tell everyone where it doesn’t exist Tell everyone about the magical American places where whites don’t believe they’re on top of some made up social hierarchy
luv2eatpuss79 Month ago
@Dale Gribble where does it exist? Where's all this imaginary racism in this country?
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble Month ago
@luv2eatpuss79 why won’t you tell them now? Scared all of a sudden? Come on white man!!! Explain how racism doesn’t exist TEACH THEM!!!!
luv2eatpuss79 Month ago
@Dale Gribble go get em SJW white knighter. Show em that you are down with the struggle
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble Month ago
@luv2eatpuss79 yes my fellow white!!! Tell them!!!!
Ernie E
Ernie E Month ago
I was obsessed with this show when I was in the 6th grade, they’re old, I’m old, fuck nostalgia is the weirdest feeling ever. It really gets you in the bones!
Dylan B
Dylan B Month ago
This is amazing! Now THIS is reality TV. Well done MTV.
Phayzyre105 Month ago
Dylan, you are aware the "reality" on these shows is staged and scripted, right?
Peter Owens
Peter Owens Month ago
Smh like Chris Tucker said "why you bringing up old shit" lol let the past ride away. The second after some crap happened, just have to keep it moving. So reuniting grown a** people to kick off more drama and bulls**t.. tragic!
Nahshea Davis
Nahshea Davis Month ago
I was 13 when this premiered in 1992. They are right. Nothing has changed. The more things change, the more things stay the same! RACISM in AMERICA is here to stay.
K Posada
K Posada Month ago
I hope they do this to all seasons!
Teresa Month ago
I was born in 1992 & obviously never, ever had I watched the first season of The Real World. It's pretty cool how everything was back then.
N G Month ago
Can't wait!
RobbieSuede13 Month ago
My god i was only 11 years old when the first one aired back in 92 now im 39, not gonna lie im excited to watch this i hope they do the LA one next BTW Julie still looks good ! :)
Deron Reed
Deron Reed Month ago
where is Eric nees?
Nick Month ago
This was the only real reality show...the first few seasons anyway
The RusticHippie Witch
Cannot wait!!!
CaliDude Month ago
CaliDude Month ago
Xbox 360 Fat
Xbox 360 Fat Month ago
It's becuase of real world.. I can't wait the TV shows of today. It is not.. Real World.. "."..
InTheArmsOfGod Month ago
Kevin still crying about racism 30 years later.
P M Month ago
i mean can you blame him? things didn't get better, it got even WORSE
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble Month ago
I feel him. It’s gotten worse. 30 years gone and nobody learned anything
Jon Jukes
Jon Jukes Month ago
IDK ya'll. I liked season 2 better. David, Beth, Tammy..
Cheryl Blake
Cheryl Blake Month ago
Tuuuune 🇬🇧 shout out to Soul to Soul. Never watched the show but have fond memories of that song!!
kms1984 Month ago
So excited!!!
Tony Salami
Tony Salami Month ago
I remember watching this when it first aired ..think it was spring or summer...I was hooked
baby5968 Month ago
How has it been THIRTY years??!
Benny Dewey
Benny Dewey Month ago
Did Paramount buy the rights.... MTV really sucks now
Fano Boss
Fano Boss Month ago
Keith Alarie
Keith Alarie Month ago
Miami next!
R Rogers
R Rogers Month ago
In 1992 she said get off the white/black thing lol
A.A. V
A.A. V Month ago
This is cringe. Never look back.
Fano Boss
Fano Boss Month ago
Only for the laughs
Carl Freeman
Carl Freeman Month ago
I remember watching it...Nice they have a reunion
mopenstein's channel
None of his friends knew he was gay? What were they blind and deaf?
Fano Boss
Fano Boss Month ago
actually , yes
Matthew Schell
Matthew Schell Month ago
I'm surprised they got them all back after so long.
Shan Rock
Shan Rock Month ago
I love you!
Andrea Beech
Andrea Beech Month ago
Amanda Guevares
Amanda Guevares Month ago
Yasss! I hope they do this with the Puck season, too. Lord I'm old.
PACK MAN Month ago
Just read Eric Nies wasnt allowed to live with the rest of the cast for the week of the reunion, only Zoom calls, wonder why. He claims he wasnt given a reason
Tammy Stranger
Tammy Stranger Month ago
He said he tested positive for covid
silky johnson
silky johnson Month ago
These people desperately needed the $$$$.
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Month ago
I remember watching these at a young age. And now at 39yr I’m way excited for this. The nostalgia is real with this one.
silky johnson
silky johnson Month ago
Old ass.
Jay Shupp
Jay Shupp Month ago
This was not a group I ever cared to hear from again. I watched all The Real Worlds up until like 2010 and of all those groups, this is the one that I couldn't relate to any of them. They were all so boring and so liberal and displayed so many stereotypes. You have the stereotypical feminine gay guy, the stereotypical angry black man who calls everyone a racist, the stereotypical timid, country girl, the stereotypical jock, the stereotypical tortured artist, the stereotypical loud, black girl and the rock guy. It's just so cliche' and by the looks of it, nothing has changed. They are all caricatures of the "characters" MTV wanted them to play for this show.
msbond700 Month ago
OMG my youth lol
yeryang637 Month ago
Wow, I wanna watch it but I’m not paying for another subscription service. I’ll just stick to other peoples recap of the show on US-first or somethin.
Charles Mento
Charles Mento Month ago
boycott all these services until they combine some of them. don't watch anything on more than five services.
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse Month ago
Lorena bautista
Lorena bautista Month ago
Something tells me that this is going to be like, "The more things change, the more things stay the same". I'll still watch.
Frank Dux
Frank Dux Month ago
can't believe Andre came back
Trulli Dylan
Trulli Dylan Month ago
wait were is nick jr
Sergio J. Rodriguez
Love this!! Best cast ever! Tell me about yourself. I want to see if YOU were to be one of my roommates, just how different (or same) we'd be. My name is Sergio J. Rodriguez...I'm 45. Hispanic. Straight. Born and raised in AZ. Non-practicing Christian. Independent. Been in the mortgage industry over 25yrs, but an artist my whole life. Go...
Michelle Lekas
Michelle Lekas Month ago
They were the (almost) only decent human beings in reality tv.
Trust Valentino
Trust Valentino Month ago
Man this is great! I have their season on DVD. Nyc and Miami were my favorite seasons. Then sf, cuz who doesnt love to hate puck...i was a kid watching these. Cant believe it's 30 years later
Renee V
Renee V Month ago
Damn I'm old... I remember when this 1st came on MTV
Emilo lopez
Emilo lopez Month ago
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie Month ago
Not interested - I'd rather keep it where it was. These people are in their 40's and 50's now, so not sure why they'd want to rehash old wounds, and get themselves all riled up again, but whatever, some people think it's good tv.
Juan Miguels
Juan Miguels Month ago
So now they are old racist and homosexuals
C-light Month ago
Sooooo...they’re hanging for a night? A week? I know it’s not 4 months. Couldn’t be. I will say this though, Kevin had some major growth over the years and he realizes he’s still a work in progress. I can’t wait to see how the rest have progressed.
Southern Skeptic
Does Kevin still hate white people?
Andre E
Andre E Month ago
Damn I was just turning 2 when this was happening.
Matt Gregg
Matt Gregg Month ago
I'm just surprised Kevin Pollack agreed to do this.
Matt Gregg
Matt Gregg Month ago
@Tomekalove lol. yeah, you're right. don't know why i wrote pollack
Tomekalove Month ago
Kevin Powell
robertk2007 Month ago
They must have been paid a lot of money. Reality Tv has changed...
10 1977
10 1977 Month ago
This was the beginning of the downfall of MTV when it went from music to soap opera...ugh the 90s.
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime Month ago
Looks cool but...these are grown ass established people. This time around they can leave if they want to. Kevin is prolly still mad for nothin after all these years...😅
clipobserver Month ago
This isn't new, MTV had the first Vegas had a reunion season five years after the initial season.
Tomekalove Month ago
Yeah but that was after 5 years, big difference from 30 years. Plus the original first roommates at bat.
digitalbuzz Month ago
This looks like the local PTA meeting at Your neighbor’s house
Kriste Andrea Tujague
Gen X baby. We are and remain THE best. I am so glad this reunion is happening. 💞💞💞
Double Vision
Double Vision 18 days ago
@G. Devan Smith use ur brain , it wasn't a gen x if they came out in a later generation
G. Devan Smith
G. Devan Smith 18 days ago
@Double Vision and they were too young. This was Gen X, nab,
Double Vision
Double Vision Month ago
GEN X would.mean you was born between 1965 - 1980. Show came out in 1992 originally. So this Era was between Millenials and Gen Z. 1992 to 2017
Fano Boss
Fano Boss Month ago
HAHAHAHAHA ... the best of the worst
Eprahs Month ago
Gen X
Sage Valentine
Sage Valentine Month ago
I will be watching this.
BranBran Shenanigan
I’m so happy I could cry.
Teodoro Jr Cabardo
John:3 [16] For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. Whoever puts his trust in God’s Son will not perish but will have life that lasts forever. [17] For God did not send His Son into the world to say it is guilty. He sent His Son so the world might be saved from the punishment of sin by Him. Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth, and The Life
Psyclonus Month ago
God, how sad.