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The Prince Family Kids Got Stuck In Snow Storm **They Froze**
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Feb 20, 2021




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This Was Filmed A Few Days Ago Before Our Pipe Busted & Power Went Out. Update: Our Power Is Back On But Our Pipe Is Still Busted. Thank You Guys For All The Prayers 🙏🏾 Subscribe & Turn On Post Notifications ❤️
Koolkidz Nick
Koolkidz Nick 4 days ago
Marissa Houston
Marissa Houston 4 days ago
Hi can u say it back and happy late bday damen
Trina Unicorn
Trina Unicorn 4 days ago
Of course Prince fam iam gald all our prayers worked
Dayshell Carr
Dayshell Carr 4 days ago
Cher John
Cher John 4 days ago
Stay safe and warm 💕
Future Girls
Future Girls 6 minutes ago
Shrimp Fasho!
Z vlogs I love
Z vlogs I love 9 minutes ago
I turned on my notifications and subscribe :) we are on a Roll we are on a roll
Donae RAMSAY 18 minutes ago
Come to Jamaica
Nehemiah at Cater
Nehemiah at Cater 26 minutes ago
Shrimp is better
Big38rd_cashdiss sd
Big38rd_cashdiss sd 34 minutes ago
The snow crazy at my place
Leah Quinones
Leah Quinones Hour ago
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Caprice Sussoho
I call those hair ballies lol
Niy’s Roblox
Niy’s Roblox 2 hours ago
Him talking the wind going like jsjusejhsdhjdneheuejeenneedh
Moriah Roberts
Moriah Roberts 2 hours ago
21:00 CORANAVIRUS!!!!!
sanaa harrington
sanaa harrington 2 hours ago
the one who got pegs is the second oldest
sanaa harrington
sanaa harrington 2 hours ago
my brother got pegs on the front of his bike and back he drove me and my lil brother im the oldest
Malachi Jacobs
Malachi Jacobs 2 hours ago
damien do you and b live in buffalo
Tiffany Mitchell
Tiffany Mitchell 3 hours ago
Weelei bars
lay lay
lay lay 3 hours ago
They are called pegs when u ride somebody on the back or front of the bike
Prank Wars!!!!!
Prank Wars!!!!! 3 hours ago
Tilapia is raised in a fish farm and can’t be found in the wild. It is really bad for you
SimpliiGalaxxy 4 hours ago
"Buckle the pizza up" BAHAHAHAHAHA
Ariel Marin
Ariel Marin 4 hours ago
as soon as i said peg u said it
Ariel Marin
Ariel Marin 4 hours ago
its called a peg
Michaela Bryant
Michaela Bryant 4 hours ago
Norbia Pough
Norbia Pough 7 hours ago
Norbia Pough
Norbia Pough 7 hours ago
Pumkinpie 8 hours ago
I love you guys but.. the bad songs and stuff is kinda making me concerned... I'm Christian, but u guys be you keep being amazing!
Emanuel Weldon
Emanuel Weldon 8 hours ago
Shawntae Hills
Shawntae Hills 8 hours ago
i call those hair ballies
carol rhomas
carol rhomas 9 hours ago
Ur mom
Khi Khi
Khi Khi 9 hours ago
carol rhomas
carol rhomas 9 hours ago
I like it wife
Crystal Gooding
Crystal Gooding 9 hours ago
XDrapp Coolest cuphead
Leave your brother alone
Deandre Major
Deandre Major 9 hours ago
biannca say its freezing but she has shorts
biannca cooking is a 100
AJ - 04CC 834333 Copeland PS
My fam call them bobbles
damarea Sims
damarea Sims 9 hours ago
They are called peds
Paige Duncan
Paige Duncan 10 hours ago
Hey prince 👑 family can you respond back
axcel Bailey
axcel Bailey 10 hours ago
Tilapia be bussin
damarea Sims
damarea Sims 10 hours ago
Praying for yall 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Tessica Johnston
Tessica Johnston 10 hours ago
I won’t one
Asia King
Asia King 10 hours ago
Jadin Rolling
Jadin Rolling 10 hours ago
Shellyann Wright
Shellyann Wright 10 hours ago
Mi would a want some right now😂😂😋
jan giles
jan giles 10 hours ago
I love your video
JaeTo Saucey
JaeTo Saucey 10 hours ago
They're called pegs
Ariel Bliss
Ariel Bliss 11 hours ago
Tilipia is man made
Vbies with dijahbankz Zz
Wait how you uploaded wit no power 🤔
Melanin Queen
Melanin Queen 11 hours ago
I love shrimp better
Shay Dukes
Shay Dukes 11 hours ago
I subscribed and liked and I turned on the bell
Sherry Rease
Sherry Rease 11 hours ago
Do you know any one can help us we are going to lose everything rv stuff in storage and pawn car truck
Shany Berry
Shany Berry 11 hours ago
Kyrie and Ayla are Bianca's twin and Dj and Nova are Damian's twin. There the cutest family ever 💖💖💞✌
24 Savage
24 Savage 6 hours ago
@Miyahh Mulan Naaaahhh cuhh kyrie and Ayla looks like Bianca and nova and dj looks like damien
Miyahh Mulan
Miyahh Mulan 10 hours ago
Other way around
Dasha Smith
Dasha Smith 11 hours ago
help him god and jess prayers for him
Ja.Tairrus Mooring
Ja.Tairrus Mooring 12 hours ago
Kenya Herring
Kenya Herring 12 hours ago
omg are they ok
Destynee Darns
Destynee Darns 12 hours ago
Tilapia come from fish ugly fish
kora blu and brooke
kora blu and brooke 12 hours ago
I can’t I subscribe I did
Courtlynn Jenkins
Courtlynn Jenkins 12 hours ago
10/10 shrimp 10/10 tilapia
Courtlynn Jenkins
Courtlynn Jenkins 12 hours ago
Callie Gaul
Callie Gaul 12 hours ago
there called peds
Courtlynn Jenkins
Courtlynn Jenkins 12 hours ago
lemon is yellow andlines is green Damian
Bubby Bowmam
Bubby Bowmam 12 hours ago
Damien: where does tilapia come from, I think it comes from Wales 😂😂😂
Callie Gaul
Callie Gaul 12 hours ago
love yall i want a sut out s
Litzy Caca
Litzy Caca 12 hours ago
Who else love their video
Krystal Mays
Krystal Mays 13 hours ago
i had tacos yesterday and i used the exact same tortilla's
Laneisha Webster
Laneisha Webster 13 hours ago
there called peges
Krystal Mays
Krystal Mays 13 hours ago
i like shrimp more
Tashi Harrison
Tashi Harrison 13 hours ago
Tashi Harrison
Tashi Harrison 13 hours ago
Asjad Mahmood
Asjad Mahmood 13 hours ago
Its from a tilapia
Gisella the chop queen 123
The first day of the year pool was very good days
Vibe With Montaee
Vibe With Montaee 14 hours ago
Carter Thompson
Carter Thompson 14 hours ago
The fact I know Biancas food taste good cuz it looks good 🤤 😋
Toriann Green
Toriann Green 14 hours ago
We called them bubbles in jamaica
AGTG Splacez
AGTG Splacez 14 hours ago
the tilapia comes from fish Lmaooooooo
Oneica Joshua
Oneica Joshua 14 hours ago
CLUB HOUSE GAMING 15 hours ago
the part when he was like halllll alhuh
De'zire world
De'zire world 15 hours ago
Damien- *whispering* "louder louder oop one fell out baby ok satasfying"😂😂
miesha brown
miesha brown 15 hours ago
Bro really you really just let your kid outside
Citygirltwin Plays
Citygirltwin Plays 15 hours ago
That’s what my mom make us do if we have no glove they better than glove tho
Girly Quice
Girly Quice 15 hours ago
That shrimp was over cooked... just saying lol
Khadisha Bateau
Khadisha Bateau 15 hours ago
Khadisha Bateau
Khadisha Bateau 15 hours ago
I call it pony tails
WaxestLowa732 R
WaxestLowa732 R 15 hours ago
Supreme 16 hours ago
Blood Damian I'm supreme too
Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith 16 hours ago
Omg he is a awesome dad ❤
BlxztFN 16 hours ago
Cooking with Shaneil
Jermisha Joseph
Jermisha Joseph 16 hours ago
Let's get lit with the prince family ah
JOHNNY BONILLA 16 hours ago
juice wrld
juice wrld 16 hours ago
Why do people say I died
OMAR mohammed jassim
You didn't
mrchi74 17 hours ago
We called them "stunt nuts" in Chicago.
Chidera Okafor
Chidera Okafor 17 hours ago
29:44 hahahahahahahahahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Faze Jahcere
Faze Jahcere 17 hours ago
Telling you guys move to Georgia it is still cold but it does not snow like that
Gloria Chapfika
Gloria Chapfika 17 hours ago
Lexi-Mae Douglas
Lexi-Mae Douglas 17 hours ago
I subscribed liked and turned post notifications on
E P 17 hours ago
Tilapia is less commonly found living in brackish water
royal mcbnaiels
royal mcbnaiels 17 hours ago
Miracle Mounter
Miracle Mounter 17 hours ago
I did it
Fortnite_king262 17 hours ago
This video cap
K Jackson
K Jackson 17 hours ago
They are called bows
my valentine :)
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