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The secret behind the door has finally been revealed to be a lot more than we expected. The fantasy faction update is here!
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Itro - Panda [NCS Release]


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Apr 1, 2021




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Akyro Atashi
Akyro Atashi 19 hours ago
Go to spooky 1 theres another unit and faction the fantasy evil at the spooky door same place
Aey Armenta
Aey Armenta 23 hours ago
I have a question are you calling the good faction s elephants light snuffy
Mr. A
Mr. A Day ago
Christopher Browne
Pic your on xbox ;(
Claudia Jimenez
Bring back the chicken man...
Jack Blade
Jack Blade Day ago
Bruhhh minecraft content bruhhhhh
Enchanted Tap
19:55 laughed so hard at this
Bechand Kids
Bechand Kids Day ago
Sacred elephant is what happens to snuffy when he or she goes to heaven
Jackson Donahoo
Jackson Donahoo 2 days ago
The butterfly effect has never been more literal
Tricia Achord
Tricia Achord 2 days ago
How could you get the update and I dont.
Matt Morin
Matt Morin 2 days ago
annoingmarshmello 11
U triked me da door wont open
Among Us
Among Us 2 days ago
The elephant was dumbo
the crafty creeper
i agree with cap on destroying the furry gods....wait...did he say the STATUES? aw man......i already got my shotgun
Shrek Jrs.
Shrek Jrs. 3 days ago
I’m playing on Xbox and it doesn’t work
Don’t starve Nick
It looks like the Elysian Fields from assassin’s creed odyssey
Michael Downing
Michael Downing 4 days ago
That elephant was dumbo
Cortez Garcia
Cortez Garcia 6 days ago
Love all the elephants trying to Dembow
Gerald Ballinger
Gerald Ballinger 6 days ago
the chronomancer's transformation looks like a power rangers transformation
James Burdian
James Burdian 6 days ago
D U M B O 19:54
Samuel Sturm
Samuel Sturm 6 days ago
8:17 Chidori
eggnog 6 days ago
Hammer Unit vs Knight epic battle
A game gaming
A game gaming 6 days ago
19:43 he can't hear you he's got airpods in
anum ness
anum ness 7 days ago
The cronomancer is based on time
anum ness
anum ness 7 days ago
Reece Hannon
Reece Hannon 7 days ago
The clothes are off
LoudClown 7 days ago
SaucyCap out here roasting each god
Therese Stewart
Therese Stewart 8 days ago
I’m sorry how did you get the door to open again because what you said was just looking at it right I’ve been staring at the thing for an hour so could you please tell me how to open it or tell us
first players 39
first players 39 8 days ago
17:00 snuffy gets hit with the hammer of dawn
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 8 days ago
12:32 it's been a hundred nine years but dude that's still too soon you don't make jokes like that especially since I almost never existed because of it my birth great-grandfather almost got on it but he realized he wouldn't have enough money once in America please don't make jokes like that I almost didn't exist because of the Titanic actually several people almost didn't exist because of the Titanic
Toxic Trash Panda Gaming
tbh the pe teacher thing has happened to me XD
The lumberjack King
13:32 so basically hi welcome to tabs time to die
olivier żurawski
theres also hell
Shirley Tanuwidjaya
Play formata
Fellow Engie
Fellow Engie 8 days ago
I hope they update Xbox version so I can do this stuff
Armand Wolfe
Armand Wolfe 8 days ago
Ancient Egypt: *Exists* Ah yes... Ancient furries...
Vitor Vale
Vitor Vale 8 days ago
The aegis doesent shot fireballs it shots Light magic
Vitor Vale
Vitor Vale 8 days ago
I didnt thing of the Statues as gods i Was Sure some were alpha units or/and canceled ones
hex the robot
hex the robot 9 days ago
BIG IDEA FOR VIDEO : The reverse reaper vs one punch man
the anonimityy
the anonimityy 9 days ago
Is this a joke?
The real Gooseboi
20:48 Dio:ZA WORLDO
ezinnneka 9 days ago
You had to say that here 4:56
Fallen Collin
Fallen Collin 9 days ago
4:16 is the chicken man!
Eoin Mcmahon
Eoin Mcmahon 9 days ago
“Ancient furrys” do you mean the Egyptians
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 9 days ago
I Believe I can fly
Ceatten Boi The dog god
When tf did the giant get frost breath the fuck
Horizon 9 days ago
19:55 *TO BRAZIL*
xenoman 9 days ago
Welp tabs has lore now
Horizon 9 days ago
Our Patron Saint! Yeetus III
Mujtaba Islam
Mujtaba Islam 9 days ago
19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15 19:15
Jacob Fruean
Jacob Fruean 10 days ago
Fun Fact: When you unlock Fantasy Good (the heaven map) you're supposed to be thrown in a campaign immediately. However Captain Sauce went straight to sandbox, meaning he had already unlocked it and faked the reaction. Fun Fact Ended!
Sabertooth 10 days ago
Is captainSauce a furry hater? Im unsubscribing. If hes isnt ill subscribe again.
James McGivern
James McGivern 10 days ago
I almost through up laughing when the elephant took of
Ech 10 days ago
My boi the Arbiter is op
Teresa Perry
Teresa Perry 10 days ago
Meme meme meme meme and key
Norville Rogers
Norville Rogers 10 days ago
Haven't watched tabs in two weeks: who got drunk at landfall?
Panzer26 10 days ago
I died of laughter
bentleyboo2010 10 days ago
when i saw the wolf suit i was thinking ancient furry god god of the furry's
Faceless 10 days ago
I miss the neon faction :C
ZeroGaming 10 days ago
14:08 Dark souls be like
Drag0n Emper0r
Drag0n Emper0r 10 days ago
Snuffy getting literally BEAMED in the face was the funniest thing to me. He gets hit with the glowing balls and is like,"im fine" but then his whole face disappears... Pure COMEDY
Cutie Cat
Cutie Cat 10 days ago
The god of lube a chicken i think is chicken man man or chicken man
Ravager676 10 days ago
I sad I don’t have the game in steam I have it on Microsoft store and have nothing
Ravager676 10 days ago
Lucas Cai
Lucas Cai 10 days ago
Sir the chronomancer’s clock will only count down when he attacks
Just a random ginger
“Ancient furries” Ancient Egypt:”sweats in Anubis”
Yoni Oz
Yoni Oz 10 days ago
the light hammer works on drag wight i think
Xd Xd
Xd Xd 10 days ago
19:55 aight imma head out
The Elemental Dragon
ive never laughed so hard
thunder hawk911
thunder hawk911 10 days ago
"If you're only magic is to spawn a bunch of neon sperm than you need to take your abilities off the battlefield and back to birthday parties." -Captain sauce 2021
Virtual Insanity
Virtual Insanity 10 days ago
21:28 I think he's ignoring the fact the chrono guy just got a pitchfork in the groin
Falcon Restoration
Falcon Restoration 10 days ago
7:42 look at there faces
Oskar Stern Nielsen
Is it fact or cap
shock doc gen jock
shock doc gen jock 11 days ago
19:55 I must go my people need me
ZERO.9 11 days ago
Coq N Lube 4:09
Yeetman The 4th
Yeetman The 4th 11 days ago
I am thy decent of Yeetus The 3rd
Valiquity 11 days ago
"ancient furries" did he just explain all Egyptian gods in 2 words?
Yuyu hernández
Yuyu hernández 11 days ago
19:54 Yo its dumbo in heaven
Jimmy Josh
Jimmy Josh 11 days ago
you lied.
General super heros
21:00 dude goes super sayian
XolHex 11 days ago
2:50 *e g y p t i a n g o d s*
Victor hjort
Victor hjort 11 days ago
I love The WoW references. Warms my heart!
Owen Patten
Owen Patten 11 days ago
TABS units are non binary
lars de dwerg
lars de dwerg 11 days ago
cant wait for this update to come to xbox
MimZikZ 11 days ago
I'm so glad at how this channel is still going, crazyyyyyy
Larry Leung
Larry Leung 11 days ago
At 14:08 HOW DID HE DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Shadow Beatboxer 1
Shadow Beatboxer 1 11 days ago
4;57 no it’s what the heaven
Engineer Playz
Engineer Playz 11 days ago
It won’t work it an April fools if he already used the special unit
ThatWeridAnimeDude 11 days ago
When the hotplate stabbed radioactive knuckles that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a tabs unit with a spear actually jab at someone and not just smack them with the stick.
Mememaster 11 days ago
custom units 2:05
Konki 11 days ago
12:15 ouch.
Kra Zy
Kra Zy 11 days ago
Its been awhile since i watched
Randy Walker
Randy Walker 11 days ago
You have the power to bring units here because you are also a god just probably the god of war and that's possibly the reason even heaven has war
Randy Walker
Randy Walker 11 days ago
Or your the one everyone warships
Loading Cat
Loading Cat 11 days ago
You are the person to open the door....
John Americh Riveral
1133 revers
W.D karma
W.D karma 11 days ago
When he said "some of them managed to find their way to the heavenly package" I laughed
Drake Thompson
Drake Thompson 11 days ago
In case anyone doesn't know what fubar means, it means effed up beyond all recognition
Healzyalater King
Healzyalater King 12 days ago
M8 they are angelic. You just saw his secret ability.
Jordan Pearson
Jordan Pearson 12 days ago
paliden is a military rank
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