THE NIGHT SHIFT: i'm in a sticky situation... 

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on today's episode, we stop by casa de corinna for a quickie of a house tour, meet the up-and-coming prince of los angeles, have a candid chat with the sole survivor of the call her daddy debacle, crown a new burger champion, and end with some less-happy news. yeah, it's a crazy one.
EDITOR'S NOTE: adin ross' ig is not @adin as shown in the video, it's @adinross also go follow his youtube @Adin Ross
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so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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Feb 22, 2021




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Reid jacobz
Reid jacobz 46 minutes ago
You’re my fav Mike :)
Pang Nguyen kieu
Pang Nguyen kieu 11 hours ago
EPIC WINS AT 5:47!!! 4:5 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from 𝕗𝕟𝕓𝕠𝕩.𝕦𝕤 ପାଇଁ
TheErickmil 16 hours ago
Umami is like going to Ramsey’s burgers cant compare to shake shack or in n out
Enrique Valdez
Enrique Valdez 16 hours ago
Why you delete my reply mikey???😂😂
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa 16 hours ago
This one didn't hit the same 😭
Mr. Funk
Mr. Funk 12 minutes ago
God these people make me cringe. Yet I’m still watching it 😂
José Sérgio Tostes
José Sérgio Tostes 25 minutes ago
Shyan Funny
Shyan Funny 45 minutes ago
I read your book and thought it was very good I cried I laughed! Ty
Kyle Lazenka
Kyle Lazenka 57 minutes ago
Mike I'm sorry you split with Lana But...its time 4 U 2 start tapping the call her Daddy Girl😀🔥🥊
Ghost Soldier
Ghost Soldier Hour ago
Bet they broke up before this was uploaded, gotta get them last couple million views in while you can. RIP views.
NIKOTINS // LV 2 hours ago
Is Logan a Cave man now??
chaouz 2 hours ago
that ain’t the first time I’ve seen Lana make that face
Fish n Chips
Fish n Chips 2 hours ago
9:34 reminds me of the Rick and Morty when Rick tricked Beth into getting a divorce with Jerry and at the end of the episode Rick told Morty
A B 2 hours ago
When you need the clout sooo bad that you couldn’t film a different 3️⃣ mins of a 🔟 min vlog that included your ex girlfriend. Who’s stated publicly that she didn’t want to be included. L.A is fuckin undefeated haha That city will consume even someone who claims to be a strong mind.
martin coronel
martin coronel 3 hours ago
Arjun Jaiswal
Arjun Jaiswal 3 hours ago
why logan paul is not vloging or not making videos
Emanuel Z
Emanuel Z 3 hours ago
damn . nomnomnom
Sooraj Nair
Sooraj Nair 3 hours ago
Lana lookin dull
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav 4 hours ago
RIP your views
Leroy sosa
Leroy sosa 4 hours ago
Mike I just subscribed to your Channel I don't know why y'all a bunch of crazy asses I'm 56 years old I don't think I can keep up you guys have some amazing beautiful women there even though I'm here in Spain with a bunch of sexy women but the virus is not everybody lockdown 6 in the evening everything is closed here you're not allowed to cross to another County or you will be arrested and fined but screw that get back to your Channel is amazing God bless each and everyone of you guys and I'm here to support your channel as much as I can by watching sharing and liking this video and leaving a comment God bless you guys watching all the way from Spain peace out💯💯💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸😁😁😎😎
Gameing Krusty
Gameing Krusty 6 hours ago
lana was not having it when mike was tasting the burgers with the other chick
techtonics Beats
techtonics Beats 7 hours ago
9:41 When the roids kick in..
RX I 7 hours ago
6:00 Imagine Lana Rhoades, a urine enthusiast, saying that.
Skylar Martin
Skylar Martin 7 hours ago
Caleb Dickson
Caleb Dickson 7 hours ago
The wanting honey intriguingly compete because plate steadily flood out a unaccountable crayfish. tough, courageous digestion
Matt N
Matt N 7 hours ago
I was one of the first subscribers to this channel, I unsubbed a couple episodes after Lana got here but I’m back now baby. Me and you mike!
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 7 hours ago
Good for my boy Mike, Lana was holding him back.
geremia perron
geremia perron 7 hours ago
Well now we now what he was talking about when he said “there’s going to be some staffing changes”😳
Melvin Almario
Melvin Almario 8 hours ago
damn Mike didnt deserve Lana fr. He trynna live like a 21 year old when in reality, he's 42.
Name 8 hours ago
lmao the big staffing change is the star of the show, Lana Rhoades, dumped your manboy ass. imagine trying to entice people to join the overtime club or whatever that scam club is without having any Lana content rofl
Amy 3D
Amy 3D 8 hours ago
if you edit for this dude's channel PLEASE relax the cut time I'm getting a headache and kids are degenerating for christ's sake
Dman1st 8 hours ago
And there you have ladies and gentlemen this is the last video you will ever see them together :/
Ruben Duron
Ruben Duron 8 hours ago
You the shits man
Claudia Hernandez
Claudia Hernandez 9 hours ago
I agree with her in and out is nasty their was a time that it was good but that’s a long time ago now is 🤮
LORD ZAFRA 9 hours ago
What truck does Logan have
ghost 9 hours ago
9:00 Bro tell me he is not referring to his break up with Lana as staffing changes LMAOO
P W 9 hours ago
Dude the camera work makes me motion sick
Caleb Dickson
Caleb Dickson 9 hours ago
The black-and-white place spectacularly reply because character jelly unpack through a deserted jason. hideous high, arrogant east
Aidan Romanoski
Aidan Romanoski 9 hours ago
If I win the sign I’m burning it yuck
numbze 10 hours ago
Just move tf in with her, mans is in he’s late thirty’s and still wants to live life like a frat kid
Blake Kelley
Blake Kelley 10 hours ago
Mike you need to go to Meriden Ct and do a video at Teddys.
anna james
anna james 11 hours ago
Jason Papadopoulos
Jason Papadopoulos 11 hours ago
you are here ONLY for this part 7:32
Jacky Tran
Jacky Tran 11 hours ago
Lana here a lot?
Mcdonald's Big Mac
Mcdonald's Big Mac 11 hours ago
Any girl that pressures you into prematurely marrying her like lana with Mike is a ticking Time bomb 💣
Lost Zesty
Lost Zesty 11 hours ago
been watching for so long but only subscribed today, idk why i guess becasue i started streaming on twitch on ''jestino00'', so i can apreciate other peoples content alot better tahn b4
Jįmmÿ 12 hours ago
watching cars 3 rn
Rafael Calvillo Jr.
Rafael Calvillo Jr. 13 hours ago
Fucking corinna being the sugar mama for all this guys lol
Jackofn 13 hours ago
Call it the new group "little big people" because your all big content creators
Jarid Rudebusch
Jarid Rudebusch 14 hours ago
Lol so end of this he basically confirms they are done and Logan wants go get his shit lol that’s funny love it
Hillary Love
Hillary Love 14 hours ago
Mike just isnt the kind of guy that will be satisfied with being with one woman for the rest of his life. I think he gets all he needs from having conversations with different people and women. Like even if he finds someone who mentally stimulates him, it wont be long before he is going to need someone different that has new things to talk about. I think he thrives off of new and exciting things/experiences that challenge the way he thinks every day. Lana wants to settle down and wants something stable and comfortable and that's how she can thrive is having someone who has a solid routine and direction in life. Shes an interesting girl it seems like but the only thing wrong with her in his eyes is that shes the same girl. It seems like he always wants the new shiny thing and wants to move from shiny thing to shiny thing before it isnt new anymore. His brain needs constant stimulation in every aspect of his life and those kinds of people never really settle down
Matthew Carroll
Matthew Carroll 14 hours ago
You can tell Lana and mike don’t really have that connection and energy for each other that they used to
Card Collectors123
Card Collectors123 14 hours ago
I relieze you wasted you’re money like. 8. Days before the break up on her
TTVKing_G439 15 hours ago
6:14 got me DEAD ASF😂😂😂
Victor HugoTL
Victor HugoTL 15 hours ago
Yeah I’m wait till like 2025 or 2030 cause this dude don’t know what happened between him and Lana but mike your really are starting to get into the whole crazy Hollywood high life style that’s leads you to well deep down hole of wreckage but you know what good luck and may you be happy with whatever you do so peace out and to Lana may you find the right person who won’t keep avoiding marriage nor the right path to a good future✌🏻🙏🏻. and in the words of sergeant TF2” you were real good son real good maybe even the best!
noobtraymaster E
noobtraymaster E 15 hours ago
Had to unsub from Mike honestly just dont like him now that I see how he is
Shiny RPG
Shiny RPG 15 hours ago
Here goes another awkward week of seeing Lana Thumbnails. Next Stage in Life Mike excited to See what your next Moves are G.
Francisco Alfonso Salguero
Is logan really moving?
Corey Byrd
Corey Byrd 15 hours ago
Corrina caps she's definitely blew all those dudes......
Jonathan Rees
Jonathan Rees 15 hours ago
This channel is now over
Harambe’s Step Brother
Wannabe Pornstar giving the Career Pornstar advice 🤣🤣🤣
Harambe’s Step Brother
And they Broke up a day later... wtf
Ulises Maldonado sanchez
Thank god hopefully he wont use her for views for the next time
Chris Qian
Chris Qian 15 hours ago
I'm now convinced Mike has a crush on Banks.
Xolary 15 hours ago
Mike majlak is insanely talented at manipulating people into thinking he likes them, a true leecher at his finest
JizmoPlaysPC 16 hours ago
love it to see AC doing well
Ben Powell
Ben Powell 16 hours ago
Take off travis merch fake fan
NBZ 121
NBZ 121 16 hours ago
Yo why is lana so pissed and jelious of her
Mcpic 16 hours ago
Aint you in a sticky situation every night dating her?
Aidan Bond
Aidan Bond 16 hours ago
Mike come to DFW. I’ll host you and you should try a local place called rodeo goat. Best burgers I’ve had
SapzZ 16 hours ago
good decision to drop lana. How tf you don't like in n out
Haakon Sorensen
Haakon Sorensen 16 hours ago
If you’re working the night shift and working late... wouldn’t you be working early? Or is it like some worked a normal shift then also the night shift so they’re working late?
The Best
The Best 17 hours ago
Get a Galley boy from Swensons
Rory Spicer
Rory Spicer 17 hours ago
Lost Lana and he’s talking about fried pickles 🤦🏻‍♂️
Samuel Flores
Samuel Flores 17 hours ago
Lana hasn’t said a word you know it’s tense 😬 😂
Ugo Ekwueme
Ugo Ekwueme 17 hours ago
she’s more Lana Rhoades than Lana Rhoades 😂
Ugo Ekwueme
Ugo Ekwueme 17 hours ago
that’s not Abby Rao
JoKeem NoaH
JoKeem NoaH 17 hours ago
Saw the podcast before this mike you sold out😂
Meat Cleav
Meat Cleav 17 hours ago
Broken up w Lana yesterday... still using her as clickvait the day before... fake you tubers all over
gunnar gillen
gunnar gillen 18 hours ago
Yo Mike try the new wawa burger
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali 18 hours ago
this score should be discarded
IceWallowCome 18 hours ago
I could tell Lanna felt uncomfortable with that girl eating with them
Luciano Ramos
Luciano Ramos 18 hours ago
Do sonic muck bang
I can’t think Of a name
Tik tok talent 😐
I hate He hers and he him be normal
Y’all saying mike is gonna fail but genuily he’s pretty entertaining more then Logan Paul in my opinion 🤷🏾‍♂️
WillisIsAwesome 18 hours ago
I fucking loved Logan at the end.
Murki 19 hours ago
Damn I’m curious bruh y’all looked so chill I thought things were coolin
anand davaa
anand davaa 19 hours ago
Damn where faze banks buy the pants
Parth Rajpal
Parth Rajpal 19 hours ago
Amazing vlog👍❤️
TheStoned Pig
TheStoned Pig 19 hours ago
I swear to fucking god I hope this isn’t true have you both Broken up holy shit Mike & Lana hope you both have a great future no matter what ☝️🙏🙏
Colton Hubbard
Colton Hubbard 19 hours ago
Adin looks 4’11 in this vid💀
Jessica Bushnell
Jessica Bushnell 19 hours ago
Wicked vid, love the energy!!
Cameron Beckwith
Cameron Beckwith 19 hours ago
That girl is flirting with Mike so much lol
Parwinder singh sahmey
Mike bro you like vin diesel👌.love you bro.😁❤👌
Travel Diaries
Travel Diaries 19 hours ago
Buy yes bank ...next target 35 !
Harrison McConnell
Harrison McConnell 20 hours ago
Whos here after they broke up
abhishek ramabhadran
All the best...all the way from India
Gary Winthorpe
Gary Winthorpe 20 hours ago
No Lana No Logan sheesh Mikes boutta be down bad😔😔
Ty Davies
Ty Davies 20 hours ago
Whos here after the breakup? Lol
Ty Davies
Ty Davies 20 hours ago
Just finished the video and apparently we're all here after the breakup haha
x Midge
x Midge 20 hours ago
The way Corrina said hi to David 😂 something definitely happened between them. That's the one night stand and never spoke again type of "hi" moment
Alex montoya
Alex montoya 20 hours ago
The Earth is round
Alan Tv
Alan Tv 20 hours ago
Clout chaser
LOUAI100 20 hours ago
I’m so confused did Mike and Lana break up again?
Hasany 21 hour ago
The burger was squirting 🤝