The Night Princess Diana Died: What Really Happened?! 

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Published on


Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
JUMP MELO Hour ago
We all know that they killed her. We will never know the details because we’re not in the Royal bracket of “Power” however we are not stupid either. We’ve all seen a set up before... That’s why we should not judge Meghan. People are so brainwashed into believing the people who are in power of this world are kindred souls. Princess Diana had a great heart and soul need I say more.. Rip to the true and only Princess the world has ever had but didn’t deserve.
Holly Postert
Holly Postert Hour ago
The murder is so rigged. And I hate to say that, but I just know someone caused her heart attack. She was murdered. 36-year-old women rarely have heart attacks even when under the stress she was under. We’re used to being done with trash men at that age. I hate this.
Sunshine Gal
Sunshine Gal 2 hours ago
Diana having an affair? Yes. Him being the father of Harry I definitely don’t think so. Harry looks just like his grandpa, Prince Phillip. Compare pictures side to side on Google. His red hair could come through the Spencer line. His uncle, Diana’s brother has red hair! I believe she was taken out. Charles wanted to move on and merry Camilla. Also of course Paparazzi had a huge hand in it. And why did it take nearly 2 hours to get her to the hospital? Too many odd circumstances! But I hate the Paparazzi taking photos of her right in her face as she’s dying! Definitely a cover up was involved in the investigation.
Gerard Collins
Gerard Collins 3 hours ago
Small correction. The reason the flag did not fly at half mast after Diana's murder was because originally, no flag other than the Royal Standard flies over Royal Palaces. The Royal Standard represents the Sovereign, thus it only flies when the Queen is in residence and is never flown at half mast as there is always a Sovereign. Since she was not in residence because she was on holiday in Scotland, the flag didn't fly. A compromise was eventually reached whereby the Queen agreed the union flag would fly at half mast on the day of the funeral, and ever since it has done so to morun the deaths of other Royals and high profile individuals, as well as to signal when the Queen is not in residence.
Cathy Honeycutt
Cathy Honeycutt 4 hours ago
💔I believe Princess Diana was killed, her death probably caused by MI6. Who was behind it? Charles. This is just my opinion. Don't come for me.
Marisel Brautman
Marisel Brautman 4 hours ago
Ugh I love Princess Diana. As sad as her death is, I like to think that she knew what she was doing. She only wanted to do good and spread love. She’s forever an icon and for all of the right reasons.
K Kech
K Kech 7 hours ago
Couldnt believe when this happened. I remember i was a little girl crying, just bawling. It was so sad. That family (royals) had it in for her. Disgusting family. Thats why a lot of Americans dont care for them.
Carol Fyall
Carol Fyall 8 hours ago
I remember there was a Suicide yip at the morgue so could be switched samples.
Fwteinaki 9 hours ago
It's not a coincidence that when Charles got divorced camila did the same, and we all know they couldn't get merry until the ex dies. Either its a evil coincidence or....
Just Me
Just Me 10 hours ago
Kate and William will make a WONDERFUL king and queen. Love them! ❤️
WhyHelloThere 10 hours ago
That home video of the family watching the news report REALLY pisses me off.... they're LAUGHING at people losing their lives? THE AUDACITY of them! >:(
Robin Healey
Robin Healey 11 hours ago
weird how prince philip died 4 days after this video was released
Marissa 11 hours ago
I was 3 months old and getting Christian when she died. Bless her soul. She didn't deserve this shit that she got from the royals. I believe she was murdered by the paparazzi and royals
kayla i love daniel
kayla i love daniel 13 hours ago
I feel so bad for Diana. I feel like she truly loved Princes Charles, he was such a jerk though.
A 1
A 1 15 hours ago
That dog pillow gets me every time. So darn cute. Excellent video. Thank you.
Jez Babe
Jez Babe 16 hours ago
She was murdered!
smarts 20 hours ago
Diana was one of a kind. I'm thankfult Prince William takes after her, he will be a brilliant king one day
abigail inferno
abigail inferno 22 hours ago
wow. the similarities between diana and meghan’s treatment by the royals is insane
The Macabre Rational
21:15 Seriously? He tormented Diana in favor of that Big Bird looking thing? Still can't believe it to this day.
Leah Carrier
Leah Carrier 22 hours ago
I think it was the paparazzi I think one drove ahead on a bike or in a car to try and stop Diana's car. Or cause minor accident. So others can take pics of them.
Lilah Horn
Lilah Horn 22 hours ago
they killed her and harry knows it
Tymia Ashala
Tymia Ashala 23 hours ago
I believe the sex trafficking situation too a lot of people in the royals and Hollyweird do it unfortunately 😢
Tymia Ashala
Tymia Ashala 23 hours ago
She was murdered !! You guys can make all the reasons up in the world, this woman was murdered because the royals are evil people!!
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith Day ago
Diana was such an angel. She had a heart of gold and she was beautiful both inside and out. ❤
macy Blackwell
in my opinion, Charles never deserved Diana.. he didn’t marry her because he loved her, she was such a beautiful, caring woman. she was a wonderful mother, the royal family basically hated her for being a sweet human being & telling it how it is
Wendy O'dell
Wendy O'dell Day ago
I think the royals had something to do with it.
Amelia DeLong
we could’ve had her as a queen thas all imma say
Mom Survival
Mom Survival Day ago
It was definitely the royal family and as hard as they have been going at Megan, Harry knows she was next and that’s why they moved.
lady bug
lady bug Day ago
It was no accident. We might never know who ordered Diana but blaming it on paparazzi or the security guy is silly at least. The security guy was captured by security cameras around the hotel. he walked, tied his shoes, talked to people like a totally sober individual. I do not believe a second that Diana and Dodi would allow a severely drank person to drive them. Diana was terrified for her safety and she was found not wearing her seat belt. Also, she was not drunk. Dodi was Muslim - they don't drink alcohol.
Kat pinksherry
First time I saw my father cry was when Diana’s death was announced.
Paris Vaughan
100% murdered! There’s just to many strange things that happened! Hopefully one day the truth will be brought to light% RIP Princess Diana x
Lena DeGroff
Lena DeGroff Day ago
I that this whole thing was planned because there is so much evidence that shows us that it os true I personally don't know but it is a HUGE HUGE HUGE possibility. But you never know.
Seerat Saini
Seerat Saini Day ago
"The Firm" couldn't stand the future king having a Muslim half-sibling. So Diana needed to be eliminated. I don't know how people still think this was an accident...
Vanessa Celis
Nothing of her death adds up because she’s still alive
Carol Fyall
Carol Fyall Day ago
I loved Diana! I’m from the U.K. as in Scotland! Weirdly we class the Royal Family as English mainly. But we liked Diana.
Catalina Day ago
I dont think it was the queen or prince Philip, or anyone in the royal family who planned this, I think it was the people who work/worked for the royal family. like yeah Diana was an inconvenience to the royal family but I heard a lot of people say that the queen and prince Philip actually liked Diana and that they preferred her over Camilla, and as a grandmother, I don't think the queen would've done anything to hurt the mother of his grandchildren
Alli Cassiday
Prince Charles didnt deserve her. she also is strong and bold for not following the rules she did it how she planned and did it and raised her boys the correct way she was taught before but imagine how sad harry was at that youngish age having to walk behind his moms casket
Will forever loathe the royal family entirely for how they treated Diana. And now how they are treating Harry further shows they are disgusting
Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard Day ago
Everyone here in the uk and around the world loved Princess Diana, She was a lovely, Amazing, thoughtful, Generous lady that wanted to help all charities around the world, Everyone knows she was Murdered 100% come on all that evidence its bullshit it was a accident, Not one person believes that rubbish. And look what is happening to Megan and Harry now hope nothing happens to her xx
Joanna77 Day ago
Harry looks JUST LIKE Prince Philip when he was a child
fxntasyland Day ago
all my life I have tried to convince myself that it was just an extremely unfortunate accident, but no, she was definitely 100% murdered, there is no other explanation, may she rest in peace🙏🏻💔
Chris Humphreys
Henri Paul’s blood sample also shown carbon monoxide and all blood samples were destroyed it’s thought the blood sample was switched with a suicide victim who died from excessive blood and carbon monoxide levels 🤔
Morven Anne Stewart
Also look at young photos of Prince Phillip Harry looked exactly like him so
Kayla Hill
Kayla Hill Day ago
She sadly passed away the year I was born.
Morven Anne Stewart
Charles is awful he cheated on her with horseface(camilla) I’m so glad Prince Phillip and queen backed her not their son, she will forever be loved by the UK ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Morven Anne Stewart
I’m 15 and just came here out of curiosity. I am absolutely devastated and at half of these things you were saying, my jaw dropped so quickly and wide that I heard a couple cracks. Absolutely devastating.
Karolina Day ago
I was very serious and focused watching Kendall's video until Kanye's clip showed up 😭I couldn't stop laughing for 3 minutes straight.
DsnyLuv Day ago
Wow this was good. If Harry is not Charles son makes sense why he left. Now the picture fits
Aiysha Younis
She admitted the affair and I’m pretty sure James wrote a book about it so it wasn’t alleged. It was confirmed.
M Rucci
M Rucci Day ago
Off topic but baby in the back looks so peaceful sleeping
Sakiko Senpai
personally I think this is some kind of Barbra Streisand effect. Like people, maybe even the royals, trying to not let any footage or information become public out of respect for her but it only made people speculate and twist it into a conspiracy. While I think there are some odd things happening I don't think the queen or prince philipp were involved. I don't know about prince charles though. And I do believe the paparazzi were at fault.
Goda Motiejauskaite
am i the only one who saw the cute doggo
Becca F
Becca F Day ago
I live in England and I still know jack shit about the Royal Family 😂
Johnathan Williams
Anushka Day ago
Royals are fake and toxic. She just wanted a normal real life and people took away from her. I hope she is at ease in heaven.
SidneySouls Day ago
Diana definitely didn’t deserve her fate, being in a royal family can be extremely hard and there’s so many rules with being in one. I don’t find the royals good people anymore nor have I had any interest in them. Not just because I’m American but because of what happened to Diana. May she Rest In Peace. We love you Diana! Also, Notice how all the paparazzi that could’ve been involved were men? 😀
Vera Day ago
I was just a teen back then but I knew she was different. She was nice and loved. I was living in France when I heard about the accident, the way it happened, I was mortified and so sad. Thought about her kids. I never doubted she was killed.
Ana Alexzandria
Ana Alexzandria 2 days ago
This really upsets me
How ironic Prince Philip died 4 days after this
baby couture
baby couture 2 days ago
Harry doesn’t look like that guy at all so stupid.
baby couture
baby couture 2 days ago
She had a belly ring and took her kids to McDonald’s.....she was amazing!! Just a working mom like everyone else. I also Didn’t know at all she grew up rich
Casey Redesigned
Casey Redesigned 2 days ago
I would like to know who the members of the "royal establishment are. Who are the royal puppet masters?
Monica Johnson
Monica Johnson 2 days ago
The thing about it being a planned "accident" that I can't figure out... Diana and Dodi decided to leave the hotel randomly, which would mean that the driver would have had to be in on coordinating what time they would be going through the tunnel which would mean he was willing to conduct a suicide mission. if it's true about the ambulance workers being in on it, how did they coordinate having those specific ambulance workers arrive to the scene when Diana and Dodi randomly decided to leave in the middle of the night? Also, in general the way the car accident happened seemed to be a terrible way to ensure someone's death. Like if I saw a blinding light while I was driving, I would just slam on the brakes. There was really no guarantee that he would have slammed in to the pillar and that it would be bad enough to be deadly.
luv loop
luv loop 2 days ago
paparazzi disgusts me, they are stalkers following people when 99% of the time they hate it. It can cause seizures and it's so annoying . I don't know why it's still around or why it was ever around
Ariel Mendoza
Ariel Mendoza 2 days ago
Thank goodness for Diana. She paved the way for Harry to marry Megan and leave the Royal Family. I don’t think he would have even thought of it as an option had it not been for Diana. She lives on 🧡
kk6787 2 days ago
amazing content keep it up kendall
Nicki Winward
Nicki Winward 2 days ago
right when i heard about all the cameras not working i knew it was premeditated
Michelle Bolieiro
She died because she was queen of hearts and not queen of the head ... I feel so sad everytime I watch anything on her. Literally everytime I hear her talk and see a clip with what she did , wheater approved by royals or not, it all makes me so sad because I truly think she was an amazing person, unfortunately higher ups, it's all about money and power and they raise the nannies to raise their children the same way. It blows because their is enough land on earth and enough food and money to go around. Everyone should be able to live comfortably. Another sad thing about this World. Is when you go in vacation to " poor 3rd world countires" it cost lots of money and it makes me think... that's fine but how come everyone there is starving ,or can't get education ....that is where my problem comes in
Michelle Bolieiro
6:43 wow. Prince Charles has some huge ass ears .. daaaam! I feel bad for princess diana. . Also I feel bad for Prince Philip that just passed away. To know who his mom was and how awesome she was and how much she loved him. They even say she came in her nun attire and was there at her sons Prince Philipd wedding to queen Elizabeth. And Princess Diana , I feel bad for what they traumatized her with. And even how it took "6hours " to get her to hospital. If you research deeper , you will find out the name of the tunnel her accident was in and what the name actually meant, and they wanted her to die was there in the tunnel. This blows my my mind... to know one of Princess diana's boyfriend was murdered on his motorcycle. Ahhhhhh why is anyone evil there is enough of everything to go around...no one needs to kill others for power or. Money. This makes me want to throw up . This was deeper than most people even think
Annyeonghaseyo -
Annyeonghaseyo - 2 days ago
Paparazzis are literally stalkers, they follow underage kids and Celebs around so they can get some money, “Well their famous so it’s not really stalking!” But their still human, if paparazzi wasn’t around guess how many deaths would have been prevented, Like the guy from BTS k!lled himself bc he had to live up to others expectations. Jessie from little mix left because she didn’t fit the media’s expectations. Sulli & Goo-Hara k!lled themselves bc they couldn’t fit their expectations either! RIP all who died from these stalkers
Claire Fruge
Claire Fruge 2 days ago
If you have Disney+ there is a documentary called Diana: in her own words. 10/10 do recommend, it has all of these interviews with other information.
Midnightt Wolf
Midnightt Wolf 2 days ago
I subscribed to you today
Shelby McKinney
Shelby McKinney 2 days ago
Can we stop turning Diana's death a conspiracy. It was caused by the paparazzi plain and simple. Show some respect for the sake of her children.
Michael Scott paper company
The people’s princess 😫❤️
Indigo Johnson
Indigo Johnson 2 days ago
Also, the Queen said to Paul Burrel "there are dark forces at work in this country of which we have no knowledge" 😕😕
Timeless Travel
Perhaps you might want to note that a former head of MI5, Andrew Parker, has just been appointed in a leading role to the royal household. He works directly for the Queen. She regularly is in communication with people from the military and the government. And of course she would never ever know or discuss those 'dark forces'!
Service Dog Rummi
I’m 38 minutes into this one and I’m already convinced Princess Diana’s death was murder.
Philip Strachan
Philip Strachan 2 days ago
No matter what, couldn't one person hold this old ladies hand?
m xx
m xx 2 days ago
from the bottom my guts: it was philip.
Nikki II
Nikki II 2 days ago
when the dislikes are exactly 666 - not kidding
Christina Tuttle
Christina Tuttle 2 days ago
Princess Diana was absolutely beautiful and her integrity shone from inside, she was an amazing woman that was most definitely murdered. It breaks my heart. 💔
Atika Shami
Atika Shami 2 days ago
Govt. officials were involved, it seems very clear!!
Yadira Medrano
Yadira Medrano 2 days ago
I'm not British but it feels like she's the princess they didn't ask for.... but she was everything they needed.
Tally Fitzpatrick
Its devastating that history is being repeated with Meghan, breaks my heart
Si Jo
Si Jo 2 days ago
You HAVE TO do a video about Shelley Miscavige!! She's the wife of David Miscavige, leader of Scientology Church who was last seen in 2007 and her whereabouts are unknown!! It's an insane case that needs attention! Her parents died under mysterious circumstances and she is believed to be held captive somewhere or worse.
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 2 days ago
She is amazing :)
Grace 2 days ago
Bruh what is it with all celebrities dying in car Accidents grace kelly AKA the person I was named after She died in a car Accident Princess Diana died in a car Accident now I’m scared to be A Celebrity
Ab B
Ab B 2 days ago
Just bad journalism on this. Showing footage of their honeymoon and refer to the footage as this is from they started dating.. is like girl no. This is their honeymoon!!! Do your homework babe
Lucia Sosa
Lucia Sosa 2 days ago
Megan wants to be her so bad 😕 it’s uncanny and feels uncomfortable
John Rey Ayag
John Rey Ayag 3 days ago
HELLO KENDALL - Im from the Philippines and been watching your videos and i can say that you are one of the best on telling stories. I hope you can also talk about THE CHONG SISTER MURDER CASE from the Philippines . I know mostnof your viewers are from USA but i think they may get interested in that story - HOPE YOU notice me . And hope to see your video telling that story . Godbless and more power to you ❤️❤️
Ingrid Aguero
Ingrid Aguero 3 days ago
I say combine 2 of the theories. The royal family told the pops where Diana will be so they can cause an “accident” that causes the crash
Remy Ledue
Remy Ledue 3 days ago
I still felt so sad what happened to princess Diana shoul be still alive if not because of that bad !prince !
Sal 3 days ago
I remember watching their wedding as a kid. And I still remember where I was when I found out she died. Everyone was completely shocked.
under the seafoam
The Papparazzi is just as disgusting. Absolutely no remoree as they take pictures of the dying Princess and thinking nothing but the bank they're about to make with those photos.
Ruby Black
Ruby Black 3 days ago
I think the royals and the government did this. It was absolutely planned. I bet whoever was behind it started to announcment rumor and made sure the paparazzi knew where they would be and how they were leaving so it could be blamed on them this was a well executed murder.
Psychic Reader Healer
Everybody I know think they're Harry is not Charles child
Hannah Hitchner
Hannah Hitchner 3 days ago
can you please do a story on The expressionless! It’s such an interesting story and would be so cool to learn more about it! I love your videos btw💕
Little Bean
Little Bean 3 days ago
Tavia Crumpton
Tavia Crumpton 3 days ago
somebody turned all the cameras off smh!!!!! how in the hell there is 14 cameras and all of them is not working , and all of a sudden 15 mins after accident somebody were on there with a speeding ticket....
Sharla Johnson
Sharla Johnson 3 days ago
Charles hated Diana that's why he had an affair