The NFL was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in 2000 (ft. FivePoints Vids) 

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The NFL in 2000 was wild. Bigger Pads, astroturf, violent hits, fullbacks, and many other things that made this time period unique.
1:38 How we consumed content in 2000
3:26 Video game football
5:31 Playstyle
9:40 the 2000 season
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Feb 18, 2021




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KTO 14 days ago
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Chris Harry
Chris Harry 18 hours ago
@Harley Harvey i am trying it out right now. Seems promising :)
Harley Harvey
Harley Harvey 18 hours ago
dunno if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Just google for it xD
Dan O'Neall
Dan O'Neall 12 days ago
Why isn't J. Gibbs considered top 5 in coaching when he won 3 Super Bowls with 3 different QB's???
Eric S
Eric S 13 days ago
War damn eagle 🦅!
PrinceNJB 14 days ago
Welcome back with the video
pinkocommiee1 20 hours ago
Turf burn is real 😂
Mafia Void
Mafia Void Day ago
what is ur upload schedule dude?
Micah B.
Micah B. 2 days ago
If you missed out on 2000’s Sportscenter, you missed out on what was basically a classic reality show
Phil Johnigan
Phil Johnigan 2 days ago
My man talking like he’s 30 when his dad played football in 1994... wtf
Allan Hernandez
Allan Hernandez 3 days ago
Alstott needs to get in the HOF..one of the best at his position in his time..has a ring...so0o why not??
Allan Hernandez
Allan Hernandez 3 days ago
Skazellino 3 days ago
Tecmo Super Bowl was and still is legendary! Also you missed NFL Quarterback Club '98 for the N64 which was the first game that really started to bring realism including the rumble pak on hits and names on the back of the jersey which was the first game I ever saw to have that.
Ed Pierce
Ed Pierce 3 days ago
Love the subtle reference to the hardest hittingest safety in the league. F U GUMBY
Jordan Ward
Jordan Ward 3 days ago
Vinny Gaudino
Vinny Gaudino 3 days ago
Hey KTO you should make a video doing a deeper dive on EA’s exclusive rights contract with the NFL
Thomas Paiva
Thomas Paiva 3 days ago
Earnest graham was another good full back the bucs had
Arcade Slum
Arcade Slum 3 days ago
How dare you not mention the NFL xbox game.
Spenser Madden
Spenser Madden 4 days ago
Mike Alstott is my favorite player of all time. I grew up 60 miles from Tampa so Bucs games were all we got and I was a kid when he was in his prime. I'd kill to see him in his prime again.
David 4 days ago
Alstott was the total definition of a fullback. I loved Bettis, Riggins, Czonka, Rathman, just to name a few. However, Alstott (A-Train) was the greatest. He was poetry in motion as he plowed into defenders and just kept going.
Paul Blair
Paul Blair 4 days ago
2:24 - A T1 line was much faster than that weird speed you cited there, but yeah, the internet sucked back then. Most people were still on dial-up. Streaming sports in high quality was still a Star Trek / 2001 Space Odyssey fantasy.
Logan Townsend
Logan Townsend 4 days ago
Man I still kill with full backs on madden. Full back runs and throw to the tight ends
Wired for Understanding
The only people to run similarly to Alstott was Mike Turner for the Falcons and Marshawn Lynch.
ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs
I miss the hell out of the league having a truly physical running game.
LordBarros 4 days ago
Mike Alstott, the definition of 99 Trucking.
Tinbro 55
Tinbro 55 4 days ago
Video Idea... your list of the top college qb’s of the 2000’s
daniel erickson
daniel erickson 4 days ago
2000...AH YES back when the NFL, players, coaches, and broadcasters cared more a bout football than politics and activism!
FSUscar 4 days ago
A-Train was a beast, I remember watching a game in the early 2000's when Alstott had a clear path to the end zone, but a defender foolishly stomped at him acting as if he was going to hit him. Alstott changed course and ran his ass over in route to a touchdown. Perfect example of the saying "you mess with the bull you get the horns".
Ashanti Anisha
Ashanti Anisha 5 days ago
The cagey beautician univariably coil because stew locally satisfy before a macabre buffer. uncovered, overjoyed refund
Spencer The realist
That was the best time. Defenses should be able to hit and hit hard.
Havok TheUndeadGeneral
Anyone know the riff at 5:40?
MGoBlue 93
MGoBlue 93 5 days ago
Wtf is a horse collar?
mattc941 5 days ago
Alstott was absolutely awesome back then.
vids2002 5 days ago
So now I wonder how young KTO is now..
zew 1
zew 1 5 days ago
And back in the early 2000's, only white guys would cut over the middle and usually get hung out to dry and thus a lot of injuries and early retirements. Wayne Chrebet and a very young Wes Welker are 2 that pop into my head right away, Especially Chrebet. ...actually this really hasn't changed at all come to think of it.
zew 1
zew 1 5 days ago
You should have just titled this video how the NFL was different by Allstot and the utilized fullback. Could have probably doubled the run time if you covered absolutely everything that was different but love the video as always anyway. Cheers! 🥂 🏈 🏈 🏈
Matthew Good
Matthew Good 5 days ago
John Lynch is like, I guess you never heard of me.
ZEZ 5 days ago
Playing NFL2K1 while watching this. It is a lot for fun & definitely makes me wish there are current NFL 2K games
Booma 5 days ago
Can you please make a video on L’Jarius Sneed and how he wasn’t talked about enough at all this year since he was a rookie?
Black Behemoth
Black Behemoth 5 days ago
The bouden hit at 6:00 was clean today
thsllsaturate 6 days ago
Dumb video
Matt 6 days ago
Mike Alstott would be a badass in today’s NFL. Miss sports center way to political now. Might as well combine CNN and ESPN together. Loved the hard hitting plays back then. Understand the need to evolve but ignorance was bliss.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 6 days ago
Mike Alstote was the dive back in the buccaneers veer offense. The pitch back was warrick Dunn.
James Gentry
James Gentry 6 days ago
I'd love to see a Mike Alstot play in today's game. He would dominate
James Gentry
James Gentry 6 days ago
I remember the Patriots Rams SuperBowl was the first one to have special streaming cams
Kaque Burlington
Kaque Burlington 6 days ago
Mike Alstott, the cinder block w legs
Adrian 6 days ago
2005 madden with ray Lewis on the cover was my favorite of all madden introduction of the hit stick
Adrian 6 days ago
I loved Alstott he was a real beast ! first tackler never tacked him last fullback to really impact games
nito209 6 days ago
I was a sophomore in High School 2000..
Chris Bove
Chris Bove 6 days ago
today's rookies QB will not hold a candle from past QB's in 2000's it had little bit for everything even in 2010's the was drama every game we do not have it now if you older QB's away lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes even with Trevor Lawrence and Joe burrow win not set the world on fire in NFL in this new Generation i see the NFL end up like flag football and fade away
Matthew Hardinger
I miss these days. Such a better game.
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 6 days ago
I wonder how many murderers are in the hall of fame?
Brenner Pieszak
Brenner Pieszak 6 days ago
Was good then, now it sucks.
Karol Zab
Karol Zab 6 days ago
Joe Montana 👍
Karol Zab
Karol Zab 6 days ago
I played the old school nfl games too😛
patrick aguilar
patrick aguilar 6 days ago
Completely agree. The positions have changed alot on both side of the balls. I wish the fullback were used like they were then.
ChildOfThe1970s 6 days ago
Watching those highlights of Mike Alstott gives me chills. I miss that old school football.
Prairie Hawker
Prairie Hawker 6 days ago
You are making me feel old. I was 35 in 2000. lol. I would like to see somebody do a video of when the Cowboys brought the Shotgun formation back to the NFL in 1975. I remember it was quite the talk of the Sports world being it had been all but abandoned in the 50's
Ben Leavitt
Ben Leavitt 6 days ago
Young Slime
Young Slime 6 days ago
Tim Moschini
Tim Moschini 6 days ago
Astroturf shreds your skin, man.
Brett Nesbitt
Brett Nesbitt 6 days ago
That hit on Bettis immediately gets flagged with a leading with the crown and taunting call in today’s game.
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 6 days ago
I surprisingly learned A LOT in this video
paysonfox88 7 days ago
That 2000 Superbowl will go down as the only time there was back to back TD kick returns in a playoff game. I don't see that happening ever again.
C R A S H 7 days ago
2000s nfl was different
Buckfly 97
Buckfly 97 7 days ago
Im so glad you showed how bad as Mike Alstott was lets just say iv been a bucs fan since 1996 and was 21 when they won 1st superbowl and now again
Milidiru Daetenium
I love that 2000 Ravens Defense. A thing of beauty.
Jim Knowlton
Jim Knowlton 7 days ago
NFL wanted to get NBA scores, they succeeded, and no one really cares anymore.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 7 days ago
that was my first superbowl I remember clearly! :)
Random Salmon
Random Salmon 7 days ago
You got a 👍 for the Alstott nod; he's my all-time favorite player
Alphonse Blackwood
30 seconds in. He was 4th string
William Biddle
William Biddle 7 days ago
When football was FOOTBALL
Tyler Nero
Tyler Nero 7 days ago
The earliest football play I remember is the Bus stiffarmming an Oiler in to oblivion around the year 96
Rob J
Rob J 7 days ago
Awesome video cant believe how different it really is!
J3rsey devil1228
J3rsey devil1228 7 days ago
Mike alstot used to wear a vest that was attached to 2 big ass chains that he would attach to his F450 and he would straight walk around his property just pulling a fucking truck. Lol.
g Wood
g Wood 7 days ago
I played full back and wore 49 because Richardson was the man on Madden he was your all around back and to be honest would of played halfback or a 3rd down back in today’s game Lorenzo Neal was your big blocker pancake hits and another one of my idols and A Train was your bowling ball who was a slobber knocker also another one of my idols and another reason why I had a big ass neck roll lol
g Wood
g Wood 7 days ago
2k5 on Dreamcast Damn I miss that shit
g Wood
g Wood 7 days ago
What’s sad is Madden back in like 93 had a deeper dynasty mode then they do now a days I remember me and my dad used to doit and build our team up and play every single game it was a grind you could do trades and all sorts of shit
Oroperion Gaming
Oroperion Gaming 7 days ago
That highlight reel from Alstott sure looked like another #40 that played a decade later in Cleveland for one season...
Dont forget about nfl fever for the xbox , nfl quarterback club , nfl xtreme , for ps1 , and , konamis nfl full contact...
Greg Gioia
Greg Gioia 7 days ago
I'll always wonder what the Rams would have done had Warner not been hurt. They were 6-0 and looked even better than they'd looked the year prior, and then Warner hurt his hand. They went 2-4, and looked really average, after Trent Green took over, but those first 6 games were amazing to watch.
montblanc noland
montblanc noland 7 days ago
Nice sharper classic lol one of the hardest hitting safeties in the llleeeeeeuuggeee
arturalexma 7 days ago
It still was men's sport then. And before the "ThE SaFEtY OF tHe PLeYerz" Eat shit, if you don't want risks, don't play, just like all of you, the whiners.
JMRSplatt 7 days ago
Devlin for the Patriots was a pretty good fullback there for a while... oh well
Justin Stockett
Justin Stockett 7 days ago
2000 was the year I became a football and Ravens fan at 10 years old. First super bowl where I actually watched the game. It was incredible.
Curly Que
Curly Que 7 days ago
Alstott up the gut!!!!!
Hans Rubjerg
Hans Rubjerg 7 days ago
Yea it was still football instead of this political ballet where everyone's soft as fuck
Christopher MC Renner
Yeah football got super soft it's like flag football out there anymore hard for me to watch I used to love football I still love contact if I want to see flag football go down to the playground
Tom & Rachelles First Dance
I miss real grass fields and the games in the mud just not the same on the fake fields
Clayton Tellier
Clayton Tellier 7 days ago
Pat Ricard is literally todays version of Mike Alstott
Ben 7 days ago
Shout out for mentioning the sass master. Love me some Jimmy. We kinda split him between FB and TE
Bismillah Wesley
Bismillah Wesley 8 days ago
Yup I’m old 🥴
Matthew Massullo
Matthew Massullo 8 days ago
Don't really understand this video. How old is this kid 10. It was not that long ago. First, the way people took in entertainment speaks to the evolution of technology not sports. People still did the same thing back then though. betting on sports, playing along, and watching it 24/7. In terms of video games, yes it was a big deal from 1996 through 2000 it did change a lot. But EA was king back then, the other ones were a joke. Madden was the king since 1993. And it again just speaks to technology not football. Lastly and the most off base was the play. Yes the game was physical but that did not change until years later. Also the best teams even in 2021 still have the old guard players. Defense is still the most important part of the game. And TE, HB, and RBs may be used differently but big formations are still used. And the change to Running QBs is old school, maybe not 2000 but the change is not new. To speak to Black Qbs which was not spoken of in this video in the AFC central alone in 2000 they had 3 starting QBs that were black. The highlight, the super bowl at the end, was probably the worst and most boring super bowl of all time.
its me
its me 8 days ago
Alstott was a beast ..man he just ran threw people ..miss that style of football
RobDog 8 days ago
I wish we were still in the year 2000...
SirLangsalot 8 days ago
NFL was better in 2000 than today. More physical, more magical, more special.
Macabree 8 days ago
Perfectly said. More physical.....more "magical" and def more special in energy and entertainment
tom d
tom d 8 days ago
Tbh I would play techno bowl over this years madden.
SoulFly 8 days ago
i built a dock and boatlift for mike alstott in florida. the a train and little speedy warrick dunn were a duo. before the age of rbs ended. now rbs are a dime a dozen and noone should blow money on a huge name rb
Mawile M
Mawile M 8 days ago
My Chargers were historically awful. And in hindsight, they were literally 1 point away from 0-16.
Mr. Fuzzyflippers
My first experience with NFL gaming was actually 2K on the Dreamcast. Since I didn't really use the internet until a few years later, I memorized a lot of the rosters entirely with that game lol.
Tommy Wolmart
Tommy Wolmart 8 days ago
They forgot quarterback club
Bolt in a bottle
Bolt in a bottle 8 days ago
How did you not put in Gene Deckerhoff audio for the Alstott segment? That's criminal.
Taqeem Hilton
Taqeem Hilton 8 days ago
Randy Moss was amazing back in the day.
boseefus macmurphy
I still see mike alstott when I watch shameless in kevin. I thought gruden was bringing back the fb. Could work against the 3-4 fronts of today..
boseefus macmurphy
I thought in the year 2000 football was played between cyborgs and aliens.