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Well guys, here she is after a whole year of waiting. Shes back and better than ever! Let me know if what we should title this project.
Sideways Performance: sidewaysperformance
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Submit here: drewpeacock.clips@gmail.com
Rice or nice part 19: us-first.info/player/video/aJ2draBkio6eoJM.html
insta: @___drewpeacock
Discord: discord.com/invite/M7AZgu6
Music: Chris Hallinan on Spotify
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May 2, 2021




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that5.0 15 hours ago
Godamnnn a gen 3 sheesh
doubleoazn03 Day ago
I recognize the area in this video. Didn't know you live around there. Thats cool
James Geddes
James Geddes Day ago
I live so close to drew and still haven’t seen him on the streets 😔
Joey Day ago
I thought this guy was 15 years old for the longest time
Me More me
Me More me 4 days ago
I’m not a mustang guy but god damn she looks and sounds so sexy
Toasty taco 727
Toasty taco 727 4 days ago
Looks like the devastator is back lmao
TxX_Ghost_Xx T
TxX_Ghost_Xx T 4 days ago
Joseph Trey Dunn
Joseph Trey Dunn 5 days ago
this is one of the best sounding mustangs I've ever heard
be dd
be dd 5 days ago
call it the 32v.
why -
why - 5 days ago
Best quote from this man “ who wants to race” 8:21
horrible.media 5 days ago
Holy shit it’s gorgeous
Cameron Horton 506
Bro you look so happy
Hella-High 5 days ago
Mfr looks like jesse from nelk
5ThGeaRedLined 5 days ago
Your girl is a keeper bud
93_forceboy 5 days ago
Drew: This car revs to 7700 and I’ve never revved a car that high before! Integra 🙃👍
Louis Sanchez
Louis Sanchez 5 days ago
Why is ur girlfriend so insecure about her teeth? like bruh drew get her sum braces or sum
Dung Shute
Dung Shute 5 days ago
Your gf seems like she sucks when you give her any good news. Her: 👁👄👁
Los Lostbread
Los Lostbread 5 days ago
His face after every pull🤣🤣hes shook as hell
Jn Doirin
Jn Doirin 5 days ago
We should all appreciate Drew’s girl for agreeing to go along for his videos
Chief 5 days ago
Fuckin rad bro
Markus Mendives
Markus Mendives 6 days ago
Drew lies about his videos
Reliction 2 days ago
Wes Williams
Wes Williams 6 days ago
Wes Williams
Wes Williams 6 days ago
Aw man thought she was going to have a chop chop can.
wesley Manning
wesley Manning 6 days ago
I've got a 4 vale swapped crown Vic
Jordan Carr
Jordan Carr 6 days ago
project name: The Blue Baddie
Atharva Bhambure
Atharva Bhambure 6 days ago
The whiner
Carlos Mojica-Escobedo
Yooo, your girls mustang wouldn't look bad with some matte black stripes to kinda match your stripes
CrazyNeZz 6 days ago
his girlfriend looks like ally lotti
Mx Idaho
Mx Idaho 6 days ago
bro best build ever👍 also the wine though I like it
ItsMudd 6 days ago
Whipple 3rd gen makes 850wheel when fbo
Warren Flb
Warren Flb 6 days ago
This is freaking awesome drew makes me want to go ahead and get my next project working 👀👏🏼
rishiabuhh 6 days ago
why it sound like a 350 or a IS200
Angel68iou1 7 days ago
Project Blue Devil?
Neo Blackjack thee enraged
To bad it's blue.
God Father
God Father 7 days ago
Damn I want to do this with my 3v now
Kayleb Phillips
Kayleb Phillips 7 days ago
I’m getting some need for speed vibes movie vibes with those sounds
Blackbird 7 days ago
Drew seems the happiest when he is driving
itsanother86 7 days ago
How much was the whole build, I would love to see a video on how much it cost to get to that point, coming from someone who doesn’t know shit about mustangs, I’m now interested
SWIISH 7 days ago
Lmaoo shes so insecure about her teeth
Fadedin Thebooth
Fadedin Thebooth 7 days ago
I wish my mustang was that fast
Junior Cerritos
Junior Cerritos 7 days ago
Bro when you turn on your mustang it literally sound like my moms 2008 ford expedition and not to be rude I rather drive a lexus gs 300 than a mustang but I really like the color tho
Kam Freed
Kam Freed 7 days ago
I was ready for drew to say LETS GOOOOOOOOO
erijon rudi
erijon rudi 7 days ago
You should do a racecar look, like a clk amg Type a look
Daveyy 8 days ago
Why does drew sound like hes running out of breath when he talks
Gameless 8 days ago
Your GF is cute is she single?
Drift0dile 8 days ago
Drews gf looksnlike a cosplayer
BKkillaz 8 days ago
Every time he downshifts sounds like the car is about to sneeze lmao
David Logan
David Logan 8 days ago
Once it lined out, got to call it the CoyG.O.A.T.a
Aymane Oubad
Aymane Oubad 8 days ago
Project STORM BREAKER ! Tuned in Asgard ! ;)
Traptor 8 days ago
7:14 is my favorite part of this video 😂
M 8 days ago
You should race mike mykes SC
lord thick nipples
my car also recently was fixed. it doesn't have that much power but it's a good feeling being able to drive a car that's been sitting in the driveway for a month due to some bullshit part they don't make anymore (AFM). I ended up soldering the connections back together, turned it one notch and my car instantly started right up tried to buy one before all that but had to send it back because that one was also broken
Joe Schlong
Joe Schlong 8 days ago
Red with white stripes would look better than the blue with grey
Savo Markez
Savo Markez 8 days ago
Lets do wheeles Drew
Eric Rojasvelez
Eric Rojasvelez 8 days ago
Ricer mustang sound.....
Joel JT Warawa
Joel JT Warawa 8 days ago
such a long pull... SHiiiiit
wahid mustafa
wahid mustafa 8 days ago
jo i tought you would go for the barra
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 5 days ago
parts too scarce
DareToBeDeviant 8 days ago
"Freeze, mister! Big. Toe." - Patrick Star. Aye, even after getting the gauges set up you'll have to big toe it. It's a monster! :D
Barry Farmer
Barry Farmer 8 days ago
My son has a 2008 with a Gen2/MT82 swap- we have AC, speedo and all factory gauges working.
Stephane Hamel-Laroche
glad the stang is back I love it
Sharkyboy Sizable
it is a flat plain crank so it sounds more like Italian supercar
Justin kyle Magaling
Its a great idea if the foglight slot can be turned into a pipe that cools the engine
The_Cammed_Beast 8 days ago
Damn it why did I have to find this build now I'm so torn between doing this swap or stroke my 4.6 to a 5.2 😅 fudddddggggggeeeeeee my life
The_Cammed_Beast 8 days ago
Okay we need a price break down cause u may have really just changed my whole build plans 🤦👀👀👀
Nico Wallace
Nico Wallace 8 days ago
The blue looks better imo
KingHD 8 days ago
Drew you need a new steering wheel
Fortnite pros
Fortnite pros 9 days ago
I have a v6 and I want more power
Fortnite pros
Fortnite pros 9 days ago
Shit tell me how much that was to make
Ronnie B
Ronnie B 9 days ago
What’s your wheel and tire size setup? Thanks 🙏🏼
RealSteveBuscemi 9 days ago
Servers 9 days ago
Big ass meats on the back
Christopher Castaneda
That thing is nasty 🔥 can't wait for what else you got for it
KTEAMK 9 days ago
Crowd hunting 😋
Fatman 21981
Fatman 21981 9 days ago
He honked at me just killed me
I don't Reply to ignorants
9:56 where’s her seatbelt???
I don't Reply to ignorants
@Drew Peacock just don’t crash
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 5 days ago
shes wearing it but put it to the side to hold the camera i think?
Chris Matthew
Chris Matthew 9 days ago
10:58 when you take them to gapplebees
killerzoid 88
killerzoid 88 9 days ago
Damn, if I was Drew's gf I'd at least put the seatbelt strap over my chest just out of pure fear for riding in that beast
B Flores
B Flores 9 days ago
Roots?? Your supercharger is “rooted” Lol, and “you haven’t RODEN in my car” haha…bro, you’re way smarter than that-your fresh build makes you SO high that you can’t talk! It’s kinda cool- I miss that feeling. I used to have an ‘08 Shelby w/a 3.8L Whipple supercharger and small pulley and making 1,196 bwhp and she was SO “unstreetable”. The first turn I made out of the sales lot, I hit the gas as I normally would in my other vehicle and the car did a 360 I. The intersection and when I tried to drive it off in the hurry I was in to get outta there and all my car did was smoke the tires all the way down the road in front of the dealership (those dudes I know must’ve just been like,”oh that guy just bought the wrong car🤣😂it was hilarious and then the next week I took it to DynoComp to have her tuned down to about 645 hp…cut it in 1/2 and it was much smoother on the road
Colin Clarke
Colin Clarke 9 days ago
my guy you need a harness bar. looks sketchy going that fast w stock seatbelts 😂
Colin Clarke
Colin Clarke 9 days ago
800 wheel? she narstty
The Competitor
The Competitor 9 days ago
I'm waiting for the bead locks and parachute 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
George Jemuel DOMINGUEZ
Tbh i like the color scheme of the Mustang blue and wheels😎👌🏻 also the exhaust sound its so sicckk
Zyaire Joseph
Zyaire Joseph 9 days ago
Is it. Faster Dan. My. Dads dargbike 9000,000hp😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Trollfessor 9 days ago
Day 35 of asking drew to react to other youtubers cars
Levy Libert
Levy Libert 9 days ago
So good to see drew being so exited oh and maybe we can call this project "project quad" bc it has 4 valves
Alessio Anania
Alessio Anania 9 days ago
those tail lights look so bad
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 5 days ago
i know, my girl stole mine
William Coleman
William Coleman 9 days ago
you are missing a front left lugnit
Emilio Alfonso jr
dude has a cheat code
FrogLeg 9 days ago
call it a yotee
Mello 9 days ago
I'm calling it rn that thing has 1000 plus hp god bless america that thing sounds and is beautiful
Hayden Yanchek
Hayden Yanchek 9 days ago
Damn I missed that car.
This YouTubers Neighbor
"Sadly, In today's news local US-first Vlogger dies with pregnant girlfriend" Don't let that be your public Epitaph. fucking sick car; RIP IT!
Big Pimpin
Big Pimpin 9 days ago
I wonder how it’d do against itsjusta6’s twin turbo’d gt350
Allen Hyun
Allen Hyun 9 days ago
That’s a FAST car.
skylinecollector 9 days ago
I actually rode in a coyote swapped mustang like yours and even just a stock Coyote is pretty fun in those. We were sideways AF
Luke Masters
Luke Masters 9 days ago
ngl the best part "holy Fuck"
Hector Gutierrez
Hector Gutierrez 9 days ago
Who's your tuner?
HookYew 9 days ago
HookYew 9 days ago
damn she cute
HookYew 9 days ago
Blue makes your car look like a man