The Most INTENSE Playoffs Game Yet... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #33 

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"when will we be able to go to the playoffs like you, father?" ezekiel elliot asks papa meags. meags smiles, knowing that his son may one day want to be like his old man. "just keep eating your veggies sport, and dont juul, not cuul! if you can do that, you just might have a chance to make the playoffs like me." Ezekiel nodded, smiling, hoping that one day might come...
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wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!
#mmg #madden21
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Jan 20, 2021




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Lorenzo Lopez
Lorenzo Lopez 11 days ago
Who else was vihing to X at like 9:20 but then the "sharing the love" backfired and X disappearedπŸ₯ΊπŸ€¦β€β™‚️
Alan Anzaroot
Alan Anzaroot 13 days ago
How much did you pay him
Mike Gideon
Mike Gideon 18 days ago
You can only throw 40 yards with dashing deadeye if you would've let go of turbo then threw it he could've made it
Target Zeal
Target Zeal 20 days ago
Bruh papa said β€œusing this sharingan” and was acting like he was using a kamehameha ☠️🀣
Mosier Productions
Mosier Productions 22 days ago
when we dosnt know that dashing deadeye dosnt work on passing plays less than 40 yards
beasy boo
beasy boo 26 days ago
He said sharingan doing rasengan motion he prolly heard that somewhere🀣
Cole Maseto
Cole Maseto 28 days ago
Mmg power up a 91 Vick he has good throw power
snipez 29 days ago
I only get dubs in the playoffs so how do u get to the playoffs πŸ˜‚
Unbalanced 29 days ago
I’m triggered he just called the rasagon the shanigon
Melo Month ago
banger everytime 🐐
YoBoiCamm Month ago
Ayy papa meags with the Naruto reference
nzalkin Month ago
All the yoboy pizza fans:😱😱😱πŸ˜₯🀧
Jake Feeney
Jake Feeney Month ago
Juju ain’t even the top receiver on his team lmao
John Braskett
John Braskett Month ago
A new challenge wheel idea only play at night
Aren Quintero
Aren Quintero Month ago
@yoboypizza do another rematch
Green Freak679
Green Freak679 Month ago
1v1 me noob
Nathan Krietlow
Nathan Krietlow Month ago
he definitely payed him to do that lateral
Montage City Gaming
Will Clap Jersey Back?!
SpeedyMarco25 Month ago
No that’s not the Sharigan😭😭😭
Subleaf Gaming
Subleaf Gaming Month ago
3:27 song name?
Brendan Alessi
Brendan Alessi Month ago
He gave you a chance and you win like that? Hella disappointed
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Month ago
Real Russell Wilson could throw that far js.
Seth Thibeau
Seth Thibeau Month ago
Great video bro
Brandon Henley
Brandon Henley Month ago
Lookin good n the black n gold
jza Month ago
Those jerseys with the fake chains lmaooo
Notre Dame Prime
You ass literally got saved
Ethan Graham
Ethan Graham Month ago
That middle Hi lo fade route on that play is cheesy
ImPlanett Month ago
papa is fried lol
Lyx YT
Lyx YT Month ago
This was a banger
Raheem Faulkner
Raheem Faulkner Month ago
Is this next gen or nah
Jacob Malloy
Jacob Malloy Month ago
Can you please shut up so loud like Morgz
Aden Month ago
bro this random stuff at the beginning is getting old...
YT_GoodGamez Month ago
next wheel spin get a qb
YT_GoodGamez Month ago
also 12-4😬😬😬😬😬
YT_GoodGamez Month ago
josh allen specifially i want them to win it all
Larry Leos
Larry Leos Month ago
Aidan Prado
Aidan Prado Month ago
I see you are running a little bi of strong close
The Daredevils 69
Bailed out πŸ˜‚
Trevor Simons
Trevor Simons Month ago
Russell Wilson is dog water
Juggles The Jokester
Get josh Allen the goat
IsaucyJ 13
IsaucyJ 13 Month ago
Mmg in strong close and 335 wide wat in the world πŸ˜‚
Michael Procopio
I think that guy knew who you were and gave you the win!
michael oduro
michael oduro Month ago
He literally gave u the tie game to win itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Carson Feeback
Carson Feeback Month ago
Very annoying I like pizza way more
Seth Mullins
Seth Mullins Month ago
when you blame everything on russ yet every qb in this broken game underthrows those sometimes
Scraply Month ago
The playmaker passing is so scuffed. It’s not russ’ fault there it’s just the game makes him throw somewhere else
Shay White
Shay White Month ago
USE JOSH ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nico Erbschloe
Nico Erbschloe Month ago
The Will Clapp jersey. You love to see it
Fabo Rincon
Fabo Rincon Month ago
The staking deadline bioinformatically moan because brain systemically notice afore a obeisant price. busy, coordinated harp
AyeeDae Month ago
play next gen
James_b170 Month ago
Hold on is mmg zooted 🀯😳
BigL 17
BigL 17 Month ago
He couldn’t of deserved to lose anymore LOL kid threw the game away
Gavin Nagel
Gavin Nagel Month ago
Yo you should do a position jackpot, u land on that and it takes u to another wheel where it has every position whatever one u land on u get the player of ur choice from that position
Zachary Moreno
Zachary Moreno Month ago
ruggs will be missed πŸ˜”
Kloso 2k
Kloso 2k Month ago
Matthew (however you spell his last name) Gaming
Griffin LeMaster
You’re gonna blur out the score in overtime... think about it mmg
david beasley2
david beasley2 Month ago
Wilson’s freer than a dollar off coupon at dollar tree
AJ Bolt
AJ Bolt Month ago
If adhd was a person
Brendan Cridge
Brendan Cridge Month ago
absolute banger, gonna have to watch more wheel of mut
Brendan Cridge
Brendan Cridge Month ago
damn i havent been keeping up w wheel of nut its already episode 33🀯
fps pro
fps pro Month ago
Hey I made the playoffs Already better than your real team πŸ˜‚
Aidan Angland
Aidan Angland Month ago
Did he just ignore the challenge he was supposed to do?
Gorb Month ago
is MMG ok???? lol tf is happening
trillpapi Month ago
Just get a new qb and most of your problems will go away
Patrick Iadereste
Gotta try that 94 deshaun Watson card is dirty
Elyzer Galindo
Elyzer Galindo Month ago
When you realize mmgs channel took off after he beat yoboypizza
Orange Friend
Orange Friend Month ago
As a seahawks fan I was really excited when he got that 95 DK, then he starts saying how much he hates Russel Wilson πŸ₯²
radicalzz Month ago
I was really in the flow of the video and then I saw... that water bottle 😳
Drk22 Month ago
This was the luckiest win Mmg ever had
Jonathan Huff
Jonathan Huff Month ago
@MMG You still forgot the challenge wheel pack from last episode
Kale Decuir
Kale Decuir Month ago
lions fan with a saints jersey???
Big Yeet
Big Yeet Month ago
When you start a new season get 90 overall A.J Terrell I have him he is a stud. Or if you need a receiver get 90 overall Brandon Aiyuk he is a stud i have him he is very fast.
Danny Baran
Danny Baran Month ago
Why wait til next season to get a new QB?
sStrived Month ago
If you prestige DK, you can also use his Strong Safety card ;)
LeBlox James Von Pillar MelBlox Anthony
where is delted post
David Sanders
David Sanders Month ago
It’s been taken down before I could watch it
David Sanders
David Sanders Month ago
Was it US-first or him
David Sanders
David Sanders Month ago
What happened to his video he just posted
Caden Hechtman
Caden Hechtman Month ago
This made my heart beat SO fast
Sara Fast
Sara Fast Month ago
jt sportz
jt sportz Month ago
Mans never gonna open the challenge pack from last video πŸ˜ͺ
Danny Barrett
Danny Barrett Month ago
New post deletedπŸ₯Ί
Colby Brown
Colby Brown Month ago
Ayyyyyyy love the fuzzy birks poppa, I got some for Christmas this year too
YouTube Guy7
YouTube Guy7 Month ago
Day 121 of asking papa to reboot his messing with scammers series
Hydration Nation
Yo why did he take his new video”testing out the new abilities” down
Harder See
Harder See Month ago
I’m pretty sure πŸ˜‚
Zenic Is poor
Zenic Is poor Month ago
Zaiah Cole
Zaiah Cole Month ago
C.I. Blazing R Games
When MMG uploads a video and then takes it down 10 mins after its uploaded
anthonyD1784 !!!!
Haywood Jablomi
Haywood Jablomi Month ago
His new vid got taken down
Zenic Is poor
Zenic Is poor Month ago
@Haywood Jablomi idk
Haywood Jablomi
Haywood Jablomi Month ago
@Zenic Is poor why
Zenic Is poor
Zenic Is poor Month ago
He removed it
AJ Perdue
AJ Perdue Month ago
OG’s know that a video was posted today
Brodie Coffey
Brodie Coffey Month ago
U look like @Ryan Trahan
Poop Guy
Poop Guy Month ago
Day one of 😩
dustin Month ago
bro what’s the new abilities 😭
Simeon Month ago
who just saw the video he deleted?
Zenic Is poor
Zenic Is poor Month ago
I was literally gonna watch it but I played Xbox instead bruh I could’ve been exclusive
aidan wong
aidan wong Month ago
Bruh I didn’t get to watch it
Why’d you delete the new vid
Bubba Month ago
Why he delete the video
Bubba Month ago
@THE supersayiangamers Oh ok
THE supersayiangamers
It wasn’t the whole video.
Xb0X GAM3R Month ago
But why he delete his upload :/
Parker Month ago
Why did you delete the video I f you trying out the new abilities ?
caleb_ marks_vlogs
Papa why did you take down the other vid that you posted it was good
David Gillespie
David Gillespie Month ago
Ju- Only early squad know
Jeremy Suarez
Jeremy Suarez Month ago
Why did papa remove the new vid
Jeremy Suarez
Jeremy Suarez Month ago
@ryan martin alr
ryan martin
ryan martin Month ago
The video ended halfway through the game
Aedan Layton
Aedan Layton Month ago
Why remove the latest video as I was watching papa
ryan martin
ryan martin Month ago
The video randomly ended during the game
Too Saucey
Too Saucey Month ago
It finished in like the 3rd qur
Joey Corbo
Joey Corbo Month ago
put the vid back up