The Most WHOLESOME Omegle Moment - #Shorts 

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One of the most WHOLESOME magic Omegle moments. Enjoy!
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Thank you so much for watching friends!


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Feb 21, 2021




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SeanDoesMagic Month ago
Ken Maddox
Ken Maddox 21 day ago
At first idk wut she said cause idk sign language
Unicorn sweetiee
Unicorn sweetiee 24 days ago
I feel bad
Kenny Smith
Kenny Smith Month ago
I love you too Sean I hope you can achieve your goals in life and gave a great day
CoolAvery andGreg
Am 6 years old
CoolAvery andGreg
I love you too
She's death:((((((((
Goon lol
Goon lol 2 days ago
it makes me feel so happy for them because even tho they have something wrong with them he still makes them happy
Lil’ Jadiiッ
Lil’ Jadiiッ 5 days ago
How he reacted when she was deaf was so heartwarming
Dulia Reyes
Dulia Reyes 8 days ago
My teacher lost her voice too 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Took me a few seconds all night she's not talking and I did know she was deaf
Ermin Sejdic Majid Sejdic
He Looks Like Miranda Cosgrove
Kiano Sorrelhorse
Kiano Sorrelhorse 11 days ago
Poor girl I fill bad for her
Ren Veteran
Ren Veteran 11 days ago
Jeth Loyola
Jeth Loyola 13 days ago
I think she can't talk becuz she signed with Hand
Jecarl Soliven
Jecarl Soliven 14 days ago
U male him happy
Gowtham Manubrolu
Gowtham Manubrolu 16 days ago
who is she ??? her name ?
You make a big smile on her face
Rodrigues 16 days ago
She's soo beatiful, and the music, comon Sean
Andi Lopez
Andi Lopez 18 days ago
Is She Deaf?
Neta Hahn
Neta Hahn 21 day ago
When they make random symbols he acts like he actually knows what shes saying
Neta Hahn
Neta Hahn 21 day ago
Also thats sad, dude i would love a friend with no voice then i wouldn't have a headache. Btw im sorry if you thot i was making fun of them, its actually really sad
_. MoNsTeR._
_. MoNsTeR._ 21 day ago
her smile made my day brooo😍
Devious dmdnls dal
I feel bad for her:(
Dona Benny
Dona Benny 22 days ago
l was so sad when l realize that she couldnt talk
Bryanunique Reese
Bryanunique Reese 22 days ago
You can say a bad word I don’t mind
It's sweet man. Love it
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 25 days ago
He did a magic trick for a mute person, that’s why it’s wholesome
Among Liwanag
Among Liwanag 25 days ago
Abigail LeFebvre
Abigail LeFebvre 25 days ago
I love you all
Abigail LeFebvre
Abigail LeFebvre 25 days ago
Poor girl
Bob the brick
Bob the brick 26 days ago
What do the signs mean
Goofy ay non
Goofy ay non 27 days ago
Scripted af
Zema Vargas
Zema Vargas 27 days ago
What did she mean that in the first place
ramz El kouaiy
ramz El kouaiy 27 days ago
Guess what I will say I will be the first person to .......
Zyon Taylor
Zyon Taylor 27 days ago
adoptre 28 days ago
That girl is georges
Joyo Wibowo
Joyo Wibowo 28 days ago
She can,t talk poor women 😦😞😩
Alex Dawn
Alex Dawn 29 days ago
Is she mute?
Santana579 29 days ago
Awwwwwee 😍😍😍
Sharifa Khan
Sharifa Khan Month ago
Malinda Mauai
Malinda Mauai Month ago
Alex Land
Alex Land Month ago
So is she a mute?
Nieves Amo
Nieves Amo Month ago
How does she hear u if she's deaf
Trinity TT Dalton 129
So sad but coll
Kitty dream
Kitty dream Month ago
Why wasn't that girl talkin
Alexia Martinez
Alexia Martinez Month ago
Michayla Wilson star
Also, if you want to later in sign language.then do the peace sign, but put it to your stomach, and that's how you say later
Pear avi
Pear avi Month ago
He really did said *dog toy sound effect*
Daniel Hedgecock
I feel so bad for the lady could you say her hair is cute
Matthew Shark
Matthew Shark Month ago
Guys I hate to say it but it’s fake. There is a cut
Serien Tremaine
Serien Tremaine Month ago
She is so pretty🤗😍
Ilijah Fields
Ilijah Fields Month ago
she's so cute she should never judge herself by the way she talks or does sign language it doesn't really matter just love yourself the Way you are
Aaron Lòpez
Aaron Lòpez Month ago
I love her
Criselda Rebenque
Sean: what's poppin! Caylus: no steal my intro word!
Multick YT
Multick YT Month ago
That smile and I think shes mute
Renata Barrios
Renata Barrios Month ago
Saiross Ember Garzon
Why can't you talk to sri have microphone off?
I feel so bad for her
Gaming With Juniper
What's that music called? I need it for my video
Kuldeep Singh Rajput
I love this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bobo gaming
Bobo gaming Month ago
Im going to cry hard like I CANT😭😭😭😭😭😭🧡💓🧡💓🧡💜💞💓
Tenley Thompson
Tenley Thompson Month ago
Is she mute OH NO..... poor girl
Alfie Dean12
Alfie Dean12 Month ago
Is she deaf?
Gg Player
Gg Player Month ago
Sara Sanchez
Sara Sanchez Month ago
Aww so cute
Bella Boo
Bella Boo Month ago
Amyah Roblox
Amyah Roblox Month ago
What happend to her voice 🥺🥺🥺
Janidu Pathirana
She is so nice bro 🥺❤️
Sho simp
Sho simp Month ago
Ok this made me so happy she was smiling throughout the whole video :( my friend was mute and I had to learn hand signals to understand her my cousin was death so I had to write or text her all the time if I wanted to talk to her :/ it took me a while to understand the hand signals because sometimes I would stay up all night learning it and I would always fall asleep in class
Nancy Villanueva
Bro that is so f god
angelic voice
angelic voice Month ago
i love those smiles 😊
its domo
its domo Month ago
What did he say
William Ong
William Ong Month ago
Sis and sis
Sis and sis Month ago
Was she a mute??
Lee Vuncannon
Lee Vuncannon Month ago
Lee Vuncannon
Lee Vuncannon Month ago
Aw ima share this cus we love ppl who can’t talk we wish one day thay will be Abel to talk
psycho mantis
psycho mantis Month ago
People with serious conditions are still happy and remember this its not whats on the outside that matters its whats on the inside
Yingyang and fluffy
She lost her voice😭
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh Month ago
What is the sign the girl make can someone plz explain
MehNameIsDezarae !!!
Awwwww, I love her she is so wholesome 💕
She is mute omg🥺😱🤭😢
Andrew- Month ago
She looks so sweet
Skylar Ashmountain
I am pretty sure that you made her day🥰🥰
idk Month ago
I feel like this is wrong but, if she mouth “thank you” when Sean said I like your led lights it basically means she can hear Sean as if she isn’t deaf..
Evora The Sylvurr
She could also be unable to speak... deaf people aren’t the only ones who speak sign language
idk Month ago
I feel like this is wrong but, if she mouth “thank you” when Sean said I like your led lights it basically means she can hear Sean as if she isn’t deaf..
Evora The Sylvurr
idk if you saw this bc on my screen there was a double comment but you know there are people who are unable to talk, right? edit: aaa sorry for replying twice fhdhdb I was confused since you double commented (likely by accident)
Bread Month ago
She signed you’re cute
Joel Clemente
Joel Clemente Month ago
I feel bad for that girl well shes happy tho
Sathya Prasad
Sathya Prasad Month ago
She could not talk
Abida Bibi
Abida Bibi Month ago
adane luimes
adane luimes Month ago
Whats here name
Angelica Madera
Angelica Madera Month ago
She was deaf :(
Goes to my heart even though I was the one watching the happiness she showed and the respect he showed for her we need more people like you making others smile and happy in your own way and making someone’s day better :)
I like how he put a rubber duck noise over the word instead of bleep lol
roblox gaamer girl mum
I' feel so bad she has deaf And what does deaf mean I thught it meaned you can't hear But I would do anything so she could talk 👄😔🙄
Eternal Wolf
Eternal Wolf Month ago
Like when u try to cover your mouth but then remember you're mute
mazeyar suluki
mazeyar suluki Month ago
Anushri Srivastava
Awwww that's so cute Her smile made me smile😍☺️❤️
Crissalyn Abad
Crissalyn Abad Month ago
Awww... This melt my heart.. the fact that she kept smiling thru her condition... 🥺 Is just great..
Kurger Bing
Kurger Bing Month ago
Is she deaf or mute?
Skyelle Month ago
I genuinely love her. She seems so sweet, her smile is so beautiful 😢
Undunlant tuna 632
The most wholesome also the only video he cussed
She kept smiling to this day.....
Balan Wonderworld
Balan Wonderworld
SML Movie: SuperPowers